Zhan Long

Chapter 546

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Chapter 546 The Nouveu Riche Gold Model

At noon we had a feast. Auntie’s skills had not regressed since before and Wan Er and Dong Cheng only had praises.

In the afternoon, I took Li Meng Yao downtown to buy game equipment. In the blink of an eye, it had already been 2 months since the game was released and the 17th batch of helmets was out. Nowadays, there were helmets for sale at various different stores, but we still decided to go to the most flourishing part of downtown to a Specialized Destiny Flagship store to buy the helmet. I took Meng Yao, Wan Er and Dong Cheng all into the store. The three breathtaking girls drew a lot of attention when we walked in.


Meng Yao tugged on my head as she looked at the dazzling gear. She couldn’t help but whisper, “This place is so high end… is the helmet you’re going to get me very expensive?”

I smiled, “It’s no problem. You don’t have to do anything but wait to enter into Destiny. Even though you’re late two months, but as long as you stick with me, I’ll prepare a set of equipment for you and catching up will be very easy.”


When we reached the counter, a 25 year old girl manned the front desk. Her black uniform was extremely pretty. Looks like the Destiny boss had a good eye.

“Good afternoon!”

I walked forward and smiled politely, “Excuse me, what types of helmets are for sale?”

The girl smiled back, “Hello handsome boy, at the moment we have all levels of helmets for sale. There’s the Regular Model which costs 10,000 RMB a set and gives a 95% realistic effect. We also have the Royal Blue Model for 50,000 RMB a set and gives a 97% realistic effect. Then we have the Nouveu Riche Gold Model for 100,000 RMB a set and 99% realistic effect. That is already the highest quality gear on the market. Furthermore, it comes with a battery, protection system for the user, and an emergency system. When you buy the VIP Helmet, you will also get a VIP activation code. Registering this activation code will allow you to obtain 1-10 points of charm…”

I widened my eyes, “Eh? Why didn’t the first wave of players get some kind of an activation code?”

The girl smiled, “That… Didn’t you get two more months in the game than the later waves? This is just a method to compensate for the players who entered in later. I hope that you understand!”

Wan Er leaned against the counter and mischievously smiled, “Pig, just buy the Nouveau Riche Model. That way it’ll be the same as mine. The only difference is that the first batch of helmets wasn’t gold.”

I nodded and pulled out my bank card and said, “Miss, can you give me a Nouveu Riche VIP helmet?”


Very soon we finished the transaction, and the girl handed an exquisite box to me with Meng Yao’s gaming gear in it. The girl was so happy that she nearly teared up. At the moment, was already an extremely popular game. A lot of her classmates were probably playing the game, leaving her alone. Yup, giving her a helmet was good compensation for being such an irresponsible brother!

“How is it, do you like this model?” I asked with a smile.

Meng Yao nodded vigorously, “Yup yup, I really like it… just, it’s too expensive. Brother, I let you spend more money…”

I smiled, “That’s no problem. Even if Auntie doesn’t know, shouldn’t you already? Brother now has the backing of a big guild like [Zhan Long]. Just increasing or decreasing our provisions creates tens of thousands of RMB difference. Don’t worry, I have the money to buy this….”

Meng Yao narrowed her eyes at me and then broke into a grin, “Yup yup, Brother is Xiao Yao Zi Zai, a Hero level player!”

At that moment the girl behind the counter stared at Wan Er and I and suddenly went “Ah!”. “You….. oh my gosh!”

Her small shoulders shook a little and her face was pale. She pointed at Wan Er and I and said, “You guys aren’t… You guys aren’t Ba Huang City’s Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Cang Tong are you? And the pretty girl to your left, you’re Cang Yue, right? You guys looks just like you do in the game…”

I looked at her and calmly said, “Yup, it’s me. Do the top twenty players on the CBN Rankings get a discount?”

The girl shook her head with a laugh, “That…. There’s no discount.. But, can I take a picture with you guys? Xiao Yao Zi Zai, do you know? You’re extremely reputable among the fans. Especially the female players. Many of them really like you a lot… there’s a ton of people who are crazy about you. There’s a girl in our sector that sleeps with your picture under her pillow. She said that if she doesn’t get you, she’ll never look for another boyfriend….”

“Eh….” I was dumbfounded.

Wan Er rubbed her lip, “Get him… what does that mean?”

“You understand….” The girl smiled embarrassingly. She pulled on her skirt and then took out a phone and walked over. She then leaned against me and said, “Hurry up and look at the camera and take a selfie…”

I didn’t say anything. “Ka Cha” The photo was taken and she happily looked at it, “Ho ho ho, now with this picture, that girl will be soo jealous of me! Now that I think about it, Destiny may be holding a player feast soon. All of the Guild Master level players of the big guilds and CBN Battlenet Ranked players will be invited. We might even see each other again.”

I nodded and smiled, “Eh, OK then. However, we have to leave soon. Meng Yao probably can’t wait any longer to try out her new gear, isn’t that right?”

Meng Yao’s face was red, “Brother, stop teasing me!”

Wan Er said, “Pig, then are we going back today, or…?”

I thought about it for a second, “Seeing as Auntie wants to keep us here so much, then we should stay at home for a night. We’ll head back to school tomorrow. Either way there aren’t any classes tomorrow, right? The hotel has Destiny’s data interface anyways, so we can play. We can head back to school now and get our gaming equipment and clothes.”

“En, OK….”

We quickly returned to the university and Wan Er and Dong Cheng went upstairs to get their things. I then took Meng Yao to the male dorms.

When we arrived at the bottom of the stairs, I had Meng Yao wait for me down there. My pretty sister cutely stood at the bottom of the stairs. Afterwards, one of the windows opened up and a male student looked out and said, “D*mn, a beauty is here! Is she from Liu Hua? She’s on the same level as Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue! How come I haven’t seen her before? Hi, beauty, how about we become friends?!”

Meng Yao’s face went completely red.

I was speechless and raised a fist at the window, “You wanna die? That’s my sister!”

At that moment, one boy who wasn’t afraid of death laughed, “Li Xiao Yao, why don’t you become my brother in law!”

“F*ck off!”

“Ha ha ha…”

Even Tang Gu looked out and said, “Li Xiao Yao, why do you have such a pretty sister when you have a face like that?”

I glared over, “A face like what? Glassed Bro, are you itching, do you want me to give you a beating?”

“Nevermind, I’m afraid I’ll beat you… then Wan Er will have to come and beat me up…”

“As if….”

I sprinted up the stairs. Once I got my helmet I immediately ran downstairs and made sure that my sister didn’t get hurt. There was no other way. My sister was just too pretty. Ever since I was a kid, I had to shield her from unwanted attention. I had beaten up quite a few evil perverted bastards back in the day…

Seeing my angry expression, Meng Yao touched my arm and softly smiled, “Brother, don’t be angry. Look at your expression, so not cool…”

I was speechless and retorted, “Meng Yao, is it the same for you in Xia University? Tell your brother the truth, do you have a boyfriend?”

Meng Yao giggled, “Nope!”

“But there has to be a lot of people who are chasing after you, right?”

“It’s OK…” Meng Yao fluttered her eyes and smiled, “Didn’t I tell you in high school? Unless a boy more handsome than brother appears, or a boy who gives me a more secure feeling than brother, then I won’t date anyone…”

I facepalmed and said, “That… will be hard. That sounds like the prelude to nunnery….”

Meng Yao lightly punched my shoulder and replied, “Brother’s too mean. All you do is make fun of me, you’re even cursing me!”

“Not at all, not at all…” I laughed, “I just hope that my sister can also meet a man who will make her feel secure and love her at all times. Even though there aren’t many boys like that, but you should understand the feeling. No matter how talented or handsome a guy is, as a brother I wouldn’t want to hand you over to him…”

Meng Yao rubbed her lips and then quietly said, “Brother, I got it. I’m still young… I’ll be at brother’s side for a long time still… That… just wait until I catch up on the levels. I’ll join [Zhan Long] too, then Brother can protect me….”

“Yup yup, no problem. I’m not doing anything else tonight. We’re going to focus on grinding your levels!”

“Yes brother… mwah” Meng Yao stood on her tiptoes and then softly kissed my cheek. This little girl’s relationship with me seems just like it had been a few years ago, and nothing seemed to have changed.

We walked over to the bottom of the girls dorm and went to pick up Wan Er and Dong Cheng. Afterwards we left and went back to the hotel that Auntie owned.

We had another feast for dinner. But, by the time dinner started, there were already continuous lovers coming in to rent rooms. Most of them were students from the universities around us. Auntie didn’t have a chance to settle down and eat. But, as long as the business was doing good, she was happy. However, today, Meng Yao, Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I took up 4 rooms, losing out on four rooms of rent for her.

In Wan Er’s room, I expertly replaced her bedsheets and patted the bed and smiled, “Even though this isn’t on par with a five star restaurant, but it’s at least a four star. Auntie is a kind owner, and so this place is always cleaned and sanitized. Wan Er, you do not need to worry.”

Wan Er grinned, “I got it, idiot. What are you worrying about…”

“No, nothing….”

I smiled, “Then… I’ll be next door. If you need anything just call for me in the game. I can get here in minutes. Do you have any plans for the night?”

“I’m going to take a shower first. Then I’ll go grind levels and finish quests with Dong Cheng.”


I stiffly stood in the room and said, “Then, I’ll be going?”

“Ok.” Wan Er smiled sweetly at me, “You’re going to take Meng Yao to grind levels right? Are you OK on your own? If you need anything, you can call for me too. Dong Cheng and I will happily come at any time to help your sister.”

“Got it!”

I pulled open the door and stepped out. I seemed to have forgotten something and I turned around and walked back in.

Wan Er was a little surprised, “What’s up, did you forget something?”


I seriously nodded and then walked forward. I reached out and touched Wan Er’s shoulder. I then looked down and kissed her soft cheek. At that moment, Wan Er’s face went completely red, but her arm was wrapped around my waist. She looked up at me, her eyes filled with love, “Pig, hurry up and go back. Otherwise we’ll be seen by Meng Yao and Dong Cheng…”

“Alright, but you have to let go of me first…”

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