Zhan Long

Chapter 527

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Chapter 527 Slaughtering the Slave Owner


I received a message from Wan Er, “Li Xiao Yao, a new player city has appeared in Jiu Li City. All players can fight for it. Plus, it has something to do with Lin Qiong’s background, making it an SSS Tier Quest. Every player on the Chinese server can compete for this city. Should we join in?”

I opened up my call screen and asked, “Wan Er, what do you think? Should [Zhan Long] join in or not?”

Wan Er smiled, “You’re the Guild Master, you decide!”

“Don’t say that.. I want to hear what your thoughts are. After all, you are the Vice Guild Master.”

“I think… After our battle in the Grave of the Warring States, none of the big guilds in Jiu Li City will come fight over the city with [Zhan Long]. So, I think that it’s best if we maintain a neutral position. We’ll just let [Legend], [Judgement], and [Appearance Alliance] go and fight amongst themselves. Besides, [Zhan Long] has just gone through a City Battle, Grave of the Warring States, and the Chi Yu Han Quest. Everyone’s too tired now. I think the best thing we can do right now is to let everyone take a good rest!”

I nodded, “Ok, alright then. Understood… However, make sure you send some people to report on the situation in Fan Shu City. Once Q-Sword decides to send troops out to Jiu Li City, we, [Zhan Long], will also send troops out. We cannot let Q-Sword deal a blow to Ye Lai.”

“Alright, I got it. What are you preparing for right now?”

“I’m going to go do some errands for the city with her. Do you want to come with?”

“Sure! Just wait for me for a few minutes. I’ll come after I repair my equipment!”



Three minutes later, I saw Wan Er walking towards us from a distance. She had switched out her cloak for a red one. Looks like both of the daggers in her hands were now Saint Tier. Even her leather armor had evolved, multiplying her defense. The Purple Kirin Dragon had minimized itself and rested on its beautiful owner’s shoulder. “Ji Ji” It cried out, as though it was pouting to its owner.

I quickly invited Wan Er into the team and quickly explained the quest. At that moment, the beautiful little miss grinned, “Alright, I got it. We’re just going to go kill some fraudulent merchants, right?”

I shook my head, “Nope, we’re going to punish evildoers and uphold the justice of the masses and save those suffering laborers.”

“OK, whatever you say!”

Chi Yu Qing raised her thorny whip and happily said, “My Lord, shall we set out?”

I nodded, “Yup, let’s head out! Chi Yu Han, how about you come with us? The Dragon’s Den is very safe right now, so there’s no need to be on your guard.”

Chi Yu Han put his hand on his sword’s hilt and said, “Yes my lord!”


The four of us set out from the Dragon’s Den, two players followed by two high level NPCs. We cut through the Guardian Forest in the Grave of the Warring States. Not far ahead of where we were was the Ice Ridge Mountains. The environment around us has turned into a frozen wasteland. “Sha sha” my battle boots stepped across the snow. Wan Er wrapped her cloak around her arms as her equipment didn’t use much material in the first place. Snowflakes fell upon her full mounds one after another. Naturally, she was very cold.

I smiled at her and said, “It really is hard being a female player. All of the female equipment weren’t conservatively designed….”

Wan Er glared at me and then begrudgingly said, “You’re still joking around? Why haven’t you taken off your cloak and given it to me to wear?”

“Ka” I took off my Fire Prison Armor and said, “If you can wear it, then I’ll give it to you…”

“Wu… now you’re just bullying me!”

“What, no I’m not!”

“Yes you are!”


As the two of us were bantering, Chi Yu Qing suddenly turned around to look at me and said, “My lord, we’ve arrived. Just ahead of us is the mine. There are 200+ guards. Should we just immediately attack and kill the fat owner now? He’s like a vampire that builds up his own body using the lives of his laborers….”

I nodded, “Yup, let’s move!”

I reached behind me and “Keng!” pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword. Out of habit I reached out to get my Cold Iron Sword but only felt air. I suddenly remembered that I had dropped the sword. At the moment, I didn’t have a single secondary weapon. Without any other choice, I opened up my bag and took out an Emperor Tier sword. Of course with this my attack power had decreased quite a bit. Wan Er saw this and sympathetically looked at me “Pig, you looked more impressive when you had your twin swords….”

I smiled back at her, “Of course! However, finding a weapon is just too hard …. Let’s move!”


Wan Er and I sprinted forward. A group of laborers were pushing an old and heavy cart towards the mine while a cruel soldier cracked a whip and shouted at them. The laborers were wearing tattered cloths that barely covered their arms and legs. Just watching this procession made my blood boil!


I swung both of my swords and charged into the crowd. My Flaming Tiger God roared and activated [Burstfire Raid] into the crowd. Wan Er gripped both of her daggers and sprinted forward while her Purple Kirin Dragon flapped its wings and flew into the sky. With each flap, it grew bigger, all the way until it became an enormous dragon. With one breath, it burned a group of soldiers.

Chi Yu Qing mercilessly charged forward and smacked a group of soldiers’ chests. This little girl’s attacks were merciless. I like it! Chi Yu Han showed even less mercy. His Holy Domain energy surrounded his body and just by opening his hand, he created a shockwave that crushed a dozen soldiers. Within 5 minutes all 200 soldiers were turned into mush. They had absolutely no way of defending against the attacks of us four.


A fat man clothed in silk hurriedly jerked his horse’s head towards the other way and kicked it, hoping to escape from us.

“You evil greedy son of a b*tch, you want to escape from us?”

Chi Yu Qing screamed at him and cracked her thorny whip. She whipped it out, wrapping it around the fatty. With a light tug, he immediately fell off his horse and rolled right to our feet. He scrambled to his knees and begged, “Goddess have mercy on me! Please, let me go! I have an eighty year old mother and an one year old daughter waiting for me to bring home dinner….”

Chi Yu Qing smirked, “Really? So are the three Moon Elves we found in your tent your daughters? The blood from having their virginity taken away hasn’t even been washed off yet! How do you explain that?”

The fatty was dumbfounded, “I… How would I dare do something like that… Angela is such a high and honorable person, how would such a lowly person like me even dare dream of touching her? Please goddess, have mercy….”

“So, you were actually thinking of touching her highness Angela?” Chi Yu Han said with a smile.

The fatty was stunned, “I… I…. My lord, please have mercy. I really didn’t do anything bad! Those lowly laborers were originally slaves that I bought anyway. Their lives were worthless. Plus, I buried all of the laborers that died. I didn’t let wild dogs eat away at their bodies, that’s already giving them more respect than they deserve! Masters, please have mercy…”


Chi Yu Han’s Heaven’s Spite Sword flashed and the fatty’s head rolled to the ground. Chi Yu Han looks at the fatty’s body and softly said, “All men are equal from the second they are born. For a piece of trash like you, you should die a thousand fold!”

As he said that, Chi Yu Han raised his long sword and shouted, “All laborers in the mines, come out! Our lord has some words he wishes to say to you!”

Very soon, a large crowd of people appeared from the tunnel. There seemed to be around 500 of them. Cautiously, they stood there and looked at us, shivering in their tattered clothes.

I was stunned, what was I supposed to say? Wan Er nudged my shoulder and said, “Idiot, hurry up and make a speech!”

I was speechless. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and stepped onto a ledge. After clearing my throat, I said, “We’ve already killed the mine owner and his dogs! Now, I will give you a chance to make a living. Just southwest of here, there’s a new city called the Dragon’s Den, and I am the lord of the city. There’s a large amount of area around the city that needs to be cleared out and used for herding livestock. As long as you are willing, you can enter the city and become one of our citizens. Your previous status as a slave will be completely wiped away. Do you agree?”

At that moment, the crowd burst into chatter. How could these laborers, who had suffered all their lives, not be willing? One after another, they raised their hands and said, “My Lord, you must take us out of this hellhole. If you don’t, then we will come after you…”

I was stunned and said, “Alright then, everyone come with me and do some actual good useful work. Serve your new country the Dragon’s Den!”

“Yes my lord!”


A crowd of people entered into the Dragon’s Den. Quite a few players saw us coming from a distance and discovered that there was a bunch of NPCs with us. Even so, they didn’t say much in response to it. Once our 500 man group entered into the Dragon’s Den, Chi Yu Qing immediately sent out a command, “A hundred of you will go and sow the fields with the five main crops, a hundred of you will herd livestock, a hundred and fifty of you will cut lumber, and a hundred fifty of you will mine ore!”

“Shua” Once our quest was complete, the Dragon’s Den production capability evolved—

[Dragon’s Den] (Level 3 City)

City Owner: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Guardians: Chi Yu Han & Vice Guardian: Chi Yu Qing

City Buildings: 7

Soldiers: 0

Laborers: 521

City Size: Super Big

City Production Capability:

Food: 2070/hour

Wood: 1570/ hour

Stones: 1570/hour


The new laborers increased our production capability by quite a bit. To think that we would be able to produce so much every hour was incredible. The Dragon’s Den is developing extremely quickly. I looked over at Chi Yu Qing and suddenly realized just how wonderful having a Construction Leader Guardian really was, and asked, “Qing Er, are there any other evil slave owners like the one we just dealt with?”

Chi Yu Qing smiled, “Sorry my lord, there are very few slave owners that are like that one. Plus… the capability of the Dragon’s Den is limited. At the moment, we can only take these laborers. You can’t make yourself into a fatty with just one little bite…”

I nodded, “Ok, alright then…”

Wan Er smiled to me, “It’s fine, the rate at which the Dragon’s Den is developing is already shocking…”

On the side, Chi Yu Han furrowed his brow and said, “My Lord, getting 500 more citizens was a good thing in the first place, but we don’t have enough people to keep order in the city. If we keep going at this rate, then fights will break out among the citizens. We must have an army come and uphold peace. With my defense, we just need ten more soldiers in order to maintain order in the Dragon’s Den. Please immediately recruit some soldiers!”

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