Zhan Long

Chapter 526

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Chapter 526 Power of a Hundred

The system notification said that the Grave of the Warring States map was going to be closed for a while as the Dragon’s Den needed to be rebuilt. This city had been crushed to bits, and it was in so much ruin that even the system couldn’t take it. As for the system skills it would take some time to reset so we should just take this time to log off and get some rest and food. I finally logged off.

I hurriedly ate something and went to sleep. I still had to go to the dinner with Wan Er and Dong Cheng tonight.

When I woke up, it was already 7 something at night. It looked like the Dragon’s Den was done rebuilding too. I turned around and got myself out of bed. I washed myself, changed into a clean set of clothes and left.

Since it was late autumn, the evening air was extremely chilly but the sight of falling leaves was enchanting. Of course, the figures of the two girls were even more enchanting. Tang Qi stood beside them, creating a sharp contrast.

When I got closer, Wan Er waved at me, “Come on. We’re hungry…..”

I began to move faster and felt that the Qi in my body had become much more vigorous. Could it be that [Destiny] really does have an effect on one’s body? If this was true, then that game was just way too amazing! It would be a treasure that every practitioner would yearn for!

I looked over at Wan Er’s and couldn’t help but laugh, “Wan Er, did you sleep well?”

Wan Er smiled back, “Yeah. You?”

“Not bad. I slept soundly.” I replied and looked over at Tang Qi, “So you can finally freeload again today huh?”

Tang Qi rubbed his nose, “Aha. I can’t help it. I am Miss Dong Cheng’s bodyguard. If she goes out to eat, I’ll have to follow her.”

I nodded and laughed, “Alright. Let’s go!”

We got into my Audi and went straight to the buffet. It was one of those 150RMB/person super expensive super tasty buffet places. We’d been playing online for so long that I felt like an escaped refugee that hadn’t eaten for a long time. This time we need to eat a big meal before going back.

After going into the restaurant, I quickly grabbed a big plate and filled it up with shrimp, crab, pork, shark fin and etc. I basically took some of everything that was there. I went to get my drink and sat down at our table.

Wan Er who was sitting next to me looked at my plate and couldn’t help but giggle, “Are you a pig? You got so much food….”

I laughed loudly, “You call me a pig everyday anyways. It won’t matter much.”

Dong Cheng chimed into the conversation, “Being able to eat a lot is a blessing. Don’t mind him!”

I looked down at my plate and started to eat like a savage. The food on my plate started to disappear slowly. Wan Er laughed and looked at me. She then passed over some sweets to me, “Here! Don’t eat too much meat and fish. It’s not good for the stomach. Eat some pastries and then drink some clear soup. Do you want some corn soup or vegetable soup? I’ll get it for you…”

I shook my head, “No need, I’ll get it myself.”

Wan Er stood up and patted my shoulders, “I’ll get it. This doesn’t take any work at all. I’m not like those other rich girls who were spoiled and pampered.”

“Alright then. Get me some vegetable soup. Thanks Wan Er.”


After Wan Er left to get some soup, Dong Chong stuck out her tongue and jealously said, “Look at how much Wan Er cares for you. Don’t you feel especially happy?”

My face turned red and I rubbed my nose, “This….. Wan Er is a nice person overall so being nice to me is normal. Sooo, what are you trying to say?”

Dong Cheng shot a glance at me, “Hmph. You know what I mean!”

Very quickly, Wan Er returned with the soup and some fruits as well. It seemed like girls were different from us guys. They went after the fruits and sweets while Tang Qi’s and my plate were filled with meat, meat and more meat.

Dong Cheng grabbed a piece of meat and then laughed, “This time we’ve made a great profit while completing the quest to rescue Chi Yu Han. Brother Xiao Yao, it was a bold and wise decision to accept this mission.

I embarrassingly laughed, “Don’t exaggerate. There was nothing bold and wise about it. I argued with Ba Huang City’s lord in the heat of the moment. I didn’t think about the consequences at all. I didn’t think that after rescuing Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Ching, they would become our Dragon Den’s officials.”

Wan Er began to laugh, “This…. Dragon’s Den can now recruit ten kinds of forces including Swirling Abyss Light Cavalries, Deep Cold Heavy Cavalries, and the Flame Hawk Archers. These forces can only be recruited by Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Ching. The Flame Hawk Archers are especially useful. Their stats will be 110% of Xiao Yao’s and can deal with flying units and attack from long range. Think about it, if Xiao Yao’s stats are ridiculously strong already, then even without all his skills, those archers would be very deadly! Right now, Dragon’s Den is probably the strongest City there is.”

Dong Cheng giggled, “That’s right! Even though our [Zhan Long] is elite, we still can’t match up with [Legend] and [Hero’s Mound]. However, we have our Dragon’s Den to back us up. Now that Chi Yu Han is a part of the city, he can slowly recover his strength and become a Saint class protector of the city. I feel like not even [Legend] or [Hero’s Mound] would dare to attack us.

Wang Er continued, “What are you planning to do now?”

I thought about it and replied, “When I get online, I will go and check out the city and see what is happening. I’ll go and take a look at our productions and labor and try to get the city to a Lv 5 city. Then we can try to recruit some Swampy Light Cavalries. These soldiers will have around 85% of my stats and should be enough to defend against intruders. Even if we’re not online, I don’t think that the city can be taken down that easily.”


Wan Er nodded in agreement, “This is a decision that a smart guild leader would make! Q-Sword hates our [Zhan Long] right now and might attack. We have to watch [Hero’s Mound]s movements. I don’t think that Q-Sword will let us off if we grow so quickly. He’s probably formulated some plans to go against us already.

Dong Cheng was playing around with her fork and then looked over at Tang Qi, “Tang Qi, I heard that you finished off Li Xiao Yao the last time we fought.”

Tang Qi shuddered, “I…. I couldn’t do anything else….. Also, it wasn’t me who finished him off. Q-Sword was the one who killed him….”


Dong Cheng indifferently looked at him, “Some friend you are…..”

I grabbed the bowl of soup that Wan Er got me and drank it, “Dong Cheng, don’t blame Tang Qi anymore. We’re enemies so if he needs to kill me then he should kill me. However he should know that one day, when our [Zhan Long] fights back, I won’t hold back at all.”

Tang Qi gritted his teeth, “[Hero’s Mound] will be waiting.”

I laughed, “Just you wait. Our [Zhan Long] isn’t that easy to bully. When we get angry, even Q-Sword, the number one player in the China server will not be able to hold us back!”

Tang Qi coldly replied, “Li Xiao Yao, you’re too arrogant.”

I calmly looked at him, “Then isn’t [Hero’s Mound] being too arrogant when they attacked Ba Huang City? When Q-Sword attacked [Zhan Long], isn’t he being arrogant too? Did you guys make the rules? Tang Qi, when you see Q-Sword, tell him this, [Zhan Long] will definitely inflict a serious amount of pain to [Hero’s Mound]!”

Li Xiao Yao was very domineering. This forced Tang Qi to gulp and reply with, “I… I got it…”

When we finished eating dinner, it was already 8 something. I brought Tang Qi and the girls back to Liu Hua University and then went back to my own dorm to go online.


After entering the game, I appeared in Dragon’s Den. Everything was completely different. After rebuilding the city, it wasn’t a city made of pitch black rocks anymore. It was a city made with white stones. Chi Yu Qing was standing by the walls, commanding the workers to build an archer’s tower. Chi Yu Han held his long sword and stood in front of the City Lord’s manor.

On the city’s menu, it stated that Chi Yu Han was in charge of military affairs and was recruiting soldiers. Chi Yu Qing was responsible for building the city and was the chief of internal affairs.

I walked over and when Chi Yu Han saw me, he saluted, “Master!”

“Ah.” I nodded, “Come find Chi Yu Qing with me!”


The two of us went down the city walls while Chi Yu Han lightly called Chi Yu Qing. Chi Yu Qing immediately turned around and greeted me, “Master, what business do you have with me?”

I replied, “It seems like we don’t have enough laborers to match our food supply and materials. How can we build faster?”

Chi Yu Ching was startled and then smiled, “I have a solution but it’s a bit too extreme.”

“Oh? What kind of solution?”

“It’s like this…” Chi Yu Ching blinked a few times and then replied, “In the northeastern region of Dragon’s Den, there is a mine under the Ice Spine Mountain. There is a very cruel mine owner who forced many people to dig and mine for him. From what I can see, if we kill the mine owner and rescue the workers, we can bring them to work for Dragon’s Den under the condition that we will feed them.”

I was amazed. This is a great idea. Our Dragon’s Den doesn’t have many resources and we need to build it up from scratch. I seems like I need Chi Yu Qing to become the secondary leader of the city.

I waved my hands and Chi Yu Qing’s management stats appeared in front of me.

Chi Yu Qing [Level 100]

Military Force: 92

Military Control: 87

Intelligence: 96

Commerce: 100

Agriculture: 95

Ah. The commerce, agriculture and intelligence is very high. This is basically a god level commander for building a city. I secretly rejoiced and looked over at Chi Yu Han’s stats. Looking at it, I became even more speechless.

Chi Yu Han [Level 100]

Military Force: 100

Military Control: 100

Intelligence: 93

Commerce: 54

Agriculture: 31

Okay. Chi Yu Han was more suited to be the military commander while Chi Yu Qing can handle the city affairs. To have two BOSS class NPCs watching over Dragon’s Den, it seems like God is on [Zhan Long]’s side. You cannot employ this kind of NPCs from the city lord at all. Even if you had all the money in the world, you still won’t find NPCs like them!

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