Zhan Long

Chapter 506

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Chapter 506 [Vanguard]’s Goal

On the border of the valley, an enormous crowd of players from [Hero’s Mound: Division One], [Flying Dragon], and [Wrath of the Heroes] all retreated. There originally weren’t many players left, so if they were to keep on fighting, they would be completely massacred. However, the players that were already inside the valley weren’t going to get away so easily. The valley was extremely precipitous, and climbing out of it wasn’t an easy task. Wang Ze Cheng and the rest seemed to have missed that aspect.


I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and wiped away the rain and blood off my face. I then said, “Prepare to counterattack and kill all of the enemy players in this valley. Wan Er, Melon, Dong Cheng, and Dancing Forest, you all work together to kill the Guild Masters. Don’t let a single one of them escape!”


I buffed myself with [Haste] and sprinted forward. I calculated the angle and raised my left arm to activate [Dragon’s Hook]. “Peng!” It flew out and pierced right into [Flying Dragon]’s Guild Master Soaring Dragon. He was just about to climb out of the valley, and never imagined that he would get hit from 70 yards away!

I gave a strong tug, dragging Soaring Dragon and his staff right to me. I then activated [Curse of the Night Fury Asura] and swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword forward. Wan Er’s dagger made three slices, bringing Soaring Dragon to his knees. He even dropped his staff. The sight of it all was extremely satisfying. This was the price our enemies paid when they try and ambush [Zhan Long]!

After killing Soaring Dragon, I immediately activated [Dragon Transformation] and flew straight towards Wang Ze Cheng. Around a dozen [Hero’s Mound: Division One] players guarded their Guild Master. When they saw me flying over, they all shouted, “Block Xiao Yao Zi Zai! Do not let him near the Guild Master!”

I couldn’t help but smile. I raised my sword and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. Right afterwards, flames started to gather around my body and I activated [Sword Tempest] right amidst the group of players. I killed them all in two attacks and Wang Ze Cheng was the only one left, with just 30% of his health intact. He immediately used a [Cleansing Wind], and then pointed his spear at me, shouting, “Seeing as I can’t leave, then I’ll fight for my life!”

I dove towards the ground. After I used [Dragon Transformation], I gained a certain amount of control over my ability to fly through the space. While I was in the air, I managed to dodge three [Scattered Shots]. I then struck with my Cold Iron Sword. “Keng!” It was parried by Wang Ze Cheng’s [Skyshaker Pierce]. I then slightly bent over backwards in the air, creating an arc with my body and kicked my right foot out with all my might. I hit Wang Ze Cheng’s squarely in the chest. He flew backwards, and smashed into the opposite wall. He slowly stood up, and it was clear that he had lost all of his shield abilities.

My Dragon Reservoir Sword flashed forward along with my Cold Iron Sword and in the blink of an eye, I had dealt seven attacks to the defenseless Wang Ze Cheng and tore apart his chest plate. Wang Ze Cheng’s health immediately fell to the bottom. Glaring at me, he shouted, “Even if you had the ability to fly to heaven and back, you still won’t be able to save Chi Yu Han. You better keep in mind that you are no god!”

While I was still in the air, I swung my right hand and ripped my blade right through his neck. Like that, Wang Ze Cheng was instantly killed, but he didn’t drop any equipment. I didn’t even bother to look and turned around to raise my sword and parry an attack from a female Assassin!


Sparks flew between our blades. It was none other than Yan Suo. I pushed my blade against hers, forcing her backwards into the grass. She spat out a mouthful of blood and then was killed by a single attack.

Not far from Yan Suo, Liu Ying furrowed his brows as he saw her fall. He couldn’t help but sprint to her side. He held her weak body up and said, “Did you think that you could fight against Li Xiao Yao?”

Yan Suo was astonished, as though she could never imagine that Liu Ying would treat her so well. Dumbly, she stared at him. Liu Ying revealed a smile as he brought her into his embrace and said, “Hurry up and escape. Li Xiao Yao is almost here! Brothers, help me stand against this demon!”

A group of [Wrath of the Heroes]’ players all charged over. I opened my palm and targeted Yan Suo and Liu Ying’s back with [Great Realm of Desolation]. Just one [Great Realm of Desolation] and one [Seven Star Fragment] slash and those two would be finished. I could see a group of [Wrath of the Heroes] players charging towards me from the hill. They wouldn’t even be able to make me budge a single inch.

But right at that moment, I saw that Yan Suo had leaned her face against Liu Ying’s arm. Maybe at that moment, she was remembering the sweet memories that she had shared with Liu Ying. Humans weren’t like grass and flowers, they had feelings and emotions. A single fit of anger wasn’t going to change the fact that she used to have feelings for Liu Ying. While he hugged her, he slowly leaned over and gave her a soft kiss.


“Hua hua…..”

I slowly let my arm drop and cancelled [Great Realm of Desolation].

Li Mu raised his Tian Chen sword and brought a group of players over as he asked, “Guild Master, you clearly had the chance to kill the Tyrant of Western Chu and Yan Suo, so why didn’t you?”

I rubbed my chin and softly said, “I’m not sure. Maybe it was in that moment that I suddenly couldn’t make a move. To be honest, I really want to see what will happen to them in the future….”

Dong Cheng flew over and threw a spell that killed a group of [Wrath of the Heroes]’ players. She smiled at us and said, “What else could happen? The three of them are gonna make a triangle and fight each other to the death. Yan Suo had once been Liu Ying’s girlfriend, and then switched to Wang Ze Cheng and now she’s getting a resurgence of feelings for Liu Ying…..”

Li Mu grinned, “I’m afraid the Tyrant of Western Chu is just making a joke and Yan Suo is taking it seriously. I’ve always felt that a woman can’t serve two men was pretty true. I’m not referring to the fact that she’s being unfaithful, but rather the fact that a woman can’t just revolve around two men that know each other. That will only end up harming oneself, to the point where she’ll be called a slut.”

Wang Jian wryly smiled, “That’s right, pure love is much better. What’s the point in making it so complicated, and to actually take revenge for the sake of love….”

“Let’s hurry up and clear the field!”

I looked up into the distance and saw Drunken Spear cutting down a group of our players. Afterwards he disappeared into the forest. Looks like he probably won’t come at us again. I quickly sent out a command, “Don’t chase after him. Let Drunken Spear go, or else we’ll suffer more losses. Our main goal is to defend this area!”


Within ten minutes, we had cleared the battlefield. The equipment that [Wrath of the Heroes] and [Flying Dragon] players had dropped were all pretty average, but it wasn’t like it was a bad gain. Even though we couldn’t equip them, we could at least sell them on the market.

As I stood in the wet grass, the scent of blood filled my nose. Wan Er walked over to me and softly said, “The battle stats have come out, do you want to hear them?”

“Yea, there must’ve been quite a few losses right?”

“Yea….” The beautiful little miss gave a soft smile and said, “For four hours, we fought against the three guilds and killed 32,000 of their men while we lost 4000 of our own. Right now, we only have 12,000 players left. If either [Vanguard] or [Prague] were to come at us, then I’m afraid that we’ll all be massacred….”

I nodded, “Yea. But, from the numbers, it looks like our players will receive quite a few rewards after this SSS Tier Main Quest. In the end it will be well worth it…”

Wolf nodded and said, “That’s right. I was looking at the forums and saw that Destiny released a new announcement. All players in either the Chi Yu Han or the Ba Huang City camp that have killed more than 3 enemy players will receive enough experience to make up for their death. Anybody who has killed more than three people at least won’t have lost too much from this battle, and for anyone like Brother Xiao Yao who has killed more than a thousand… then it’ll practically be like winning the lottery! However, it seems that the reward isn’t stacked, or else you’d be gaining dozens of levels….”

I couldn’t help but smile, “That’s impossible. The Destiny company wouldn’t allow such a leveling bug, or else Old K and I would do everything we can just to get to Lv 100, even if it meant losing all of our weapons.”


Qing Qian cautioned, “Be careful of the situation on the borders. Let’s continue to stay on alert. There’s still 16 hours left until we arrive at the end result. It seems like we still have a ways to go….”

“Let’s take it easy…” I raised my eyebrows and said, “We can relax once we block one more wave of attacks. We can switch between fighting here in Green Qilin Valley or at that bottom of the abyss. That way, we could minimize our losses.”

“Yup, I was thinking the same…”


After guarding the valley for another hour, we finally received news of activity. Li Mu raised his sword and walked over to me, his face was filled with worry. He then said, “It’s not good, looks like [Vanguard] has had some movement. Jian Feng Han has lead 30,000 elite soldiers out of Firestone Canyon and is heading straight towards us. They’ll probably get here in 30-50 minutes….”

I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes, “Calm down, what should come will come eventually….”

Wan Er sat behind me and smiled, “Pig, there’s even crazier news, do you want to hear it?”

“There’s movement in Fan Shu City, right?”

“Wu, how did you know? Although, [Hero’s Mound] doesn’t seem to have any activity, [The Knights Templar] and [Fantasy Kingdom] have both started to move. More importantly, is that the [The Knights Templar] which is rumored to have 50,000 players in it, has begun to move. The Guild Master Shang Li is also one of Jiu Li City’s top Knight class players. As for [Fantasy Kingdom], they have 39,000 members, and have more than 20,000 players online. These two guilds will get here in approximately one hour. We need to make our preparations… These two guilds haven’t been around for long, and so they don’t have much battle experience which makes them rank lower than [Enemies at the Gate] and [Flying Dragon]. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t strong though!”

I made a fist and said, “[The Knights Templar] and [Fantasy Kingdom], I don’t think we have any association with those two guilds, right? What’s up with this? I don’t get it….”

Dong Cheng smiled, “It’s simple. [The Knights Templar] and [Fantasy Kingdom] are all [Hero’s Mound]’s allies. Q-Sword probably doesn’t plan on coming out himself, and so he asked his allies to come and kill off his fated rival…. Of course, there’s also one other possibility, and that is that once those two guilds have whittled down our strength, Q-Sword will then make his move, and [Hero’s Mound] will clean out [Zhan Long]…..”

“Don’t… don’t joke about that….”

I jumped off of a ledge and straightened out my clothes, “There’s nothing more that needs to be said. Brothers, prepare for battle. Be ready for battle in 30 minutes. We’ll continue guarding this entrance. I want to see whether or not [Vanguard] actually negotiated with [The Knights Templar] and [Fantasy Kingdom]!”

Rows of heavy armor players assumed their battle stances. Even though [Zhan Long] only had 12,000 players, we were still high in spirits. After all, we had won complete victories in the first two battles and forced guilds into retreat, which wasn’t an easy feat.

We wiped our eyes and waited, but still didn’t see any of [Vanguard]’s players.

Right at that moment, Li Mu’s eyes suddenly went cold and he said, “F*ck, [Vanguard]’s goal isn’t us. They’re passing through Sword Saint Forest right now! From the looks of it, they plan on hitting [Enemies at the Gate]!”

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