Zhan Long

Chapter 491

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Chapter 491 The Deadly Holy Realm

Translator Note: I am changing one of Chi Yu Han’s skills, [Stepping into Saint Level] to [Stepping into the Holy Realm]. Holy Realm is a state of strength that is mentioned at the beginning of the quest that Chi Yu Han momentarily steps into, because he has achieved such a high level of training. Sorry for the confusion everyone! I’ll be sure to change the previous chapters.

“Should we fight him now?” Wan Er said as she descended to the ground.

I shook my head, “Darling Duck, hurry up and revive Thousand Spring, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Little Wolf. As fast as you can, BUFF yourselves. Let’s let those [Flying Dragon] people fight a little longer. Chi Yu Han’s last skill hasn’t activated!”


One after another, rays of light fell down. Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others all stood up on the battlefield. After they received heals, I then activated [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Dragon’s Whistle of Lightning and Thunder]. Everyone on the team stood up and watched all of [Flying Dragon]’s performance. In reality, all that was left was Drunken Spear’s brother Black Tortoise and his 50 people to fight the BOSS to the death.

Chi Yu Han’s health fell to 10%, his big skill was coming!


One after another, flames began to surround his body. Right after that, Chi Yu Han was surrounded by raging winds, and holy fire began to burn around him. It was as though a god had descended to the earth. The Heaven’s Spite Sword began to glow and Chi Yu Han smiled, “Why don’t you have a taste of what the Holy Realm’s strength is like?”

The Heaven’s Spite Sword sliced forward, throwing a light out. “Keng!” It cut through the shields and chest plates of two Knights and crushed them. That wasn’t even the half of it. The sword energy cut into the cliff that wasn’t far from us, splitting it right through.

All of us were stupefied. This broken attack power, really is terrifying!

“Gu dong!”

Li Mu raised his Tian Chen Sword and said, “We…. can we not fight this BOSS anymore…”

“Nope….” I gave a determined smile, then said, “However, we can wait a while before fighting. Now that Chi Yu Han has stepped into this transformation, it’ll last at least 10 minutes. We’ll just wait until most of [Flying Dragon]’s people have died before we charge. This Holy Realm transformation is just too strong. There’s only one result that can come from going over there, death. I checked the database of skills and saw that this Holy Realm cool down was 30 minutes. We just have to kill Chi Yu Han within 30 minutes and we’ll be fine!”

Wan Er nodded at me with a smile, “Yup, that’s the smartest decision.”


I looked behind me and saw that the [Hero’s Mound: First Division] and the [Wrath of the Heroes] members had all been killed by the Garrison Angels. Thus, I looked over at Li Mu and Wang Jian and said, “You guys didn’t lose too many Garrison Outfits when you died, did you?”

Wang Jian responded, “When we died, we lost quite a few. However, their people are almost all dead. Any new equipment has almost a 100% drop rate, and so they dropped all of the Garrison Outfits. There won’t be any change in the 120 Garrison Outfits that we have. Furthermore [Hero’s Mound] and [Wrath of the Heroes] sent quite a few good equipments to us. This was a pretty good trade off!”

I laughed, “That’s good. Though, it unfortunate that you guys lost a few levels. Just now, when we killed the BOSS, even I also lost a level.”

Wan Er gave a soft smile, “No matter. Once we kill Chi Yu Han and turn in the quest, whatever losses we took would all be made up. This SSS tier main quest definitely won’t come up short on us.”

“Got it!”


Cries of agony rang out from the island. All of the [Flying Dragon] players were trying really hard and had fought with Chi Yu Han for seven whole minutes. It wasn’t until Black Tortoise had been instantly killed by Chi Yu Han, was the island finally cleared of [Flying Dragon] players. However, one Assassin was running away under [Stealth]!


Li Mu’s Tian Cheng Sword flew out of his sheath and killed him. Then, he smiled, “Guild Master, is it our turn yet?”

“No, wait another 3 minutes! Wait until the BOSS’ Holy Realm finishes….”


Waiting 3 minutes was torturing. We had to watch as Chi Yu Han’s health went from 6% to 27%. Right as the Holy Realm disappeared, I immediately raised my two swords. I stepped onto the island by myself and threw my Cold Iron Sword. The blade spun with a “Shua Shua” and pierced through Chi Yu Han. I then opened my hand and cast a [Great Realm of Desolation], easily dragging Chi Yu Han’s aggro onto myself.

Wan Er and Qing Qian all followed behind me. The two Healers’ heals both fell upon me and my [Wall of Dou Qi] did all it could to stand against the attacks. Even after Chi Yu Han lost his Holy Realm buff, he was still extremely strong. Even though I wasn’t being killed instantly, every attack he threw was extremely painful. In the blink of an eye, my health dropped to the bottom. My [Binding Chains] failed, and the beautiful little miss raised her two daggers and charged at him. She activated [Ice Pick Whirlpool] and dealt 9 consecutive attacks, sealing Chi Yu Han in ice.

I set up an [Azure Dragon Crossbow] beside me, increasing the damage we dealt while I barraged the BOSS with attacks. As a strategizer, I had to carefully calculate my attack, defense and health. I had a 10% Drain, so, when I hit critical health, I didn’t have to only rely on the Healers. My own drain was also a great factor in my health recovery, that was something I knew very well.



Both of my attacks missed, and couldn’t interrupt the BOSS’ [Soul Soldiers]. Another tragedy was going to hit. Wan Er and I fell down in a pool of blood and died together!

Li Mu and Wang Jian immediately raised their swords. Li Mu shouted, “Healers, don’t worry about us. First revive Xiao Yao and Cang Tong. A life for a life, leave the [Grip of Compassion] for them!”

Chi Yu Han roared and swung his sword. After a few attacks, both Li Mu and Wang Jian fell to their knees. Qing Qian raised her dagger and dashed over. She ambushed with a [Gouge] and successfully stunned the BOSS. She then used a [Twin Blade Harmony] to deal damage. After the barrage of attacks, Chi Yu Han immediately swung a blade at her!


The beautiful girl looked up and saw the Heavens Spite Sword coming down on her. She quickly raised her two daggers above her head to parry the attack. “Keng!” She was thrown into the air. She lost 6000 health, and was in the critical zone. Furthermore, she almost fell into the lava.

On the bright side, Qing Qian managed to win us a precious second for Wan Er and I to revive. After that, we all got a [Grip of Compassion], filling up our health. I threw a [Combo]+[Strength of a Thousand Men] onto the BOSS. I successfully locked the aggro on myself, and activated [Halberd Flame] at the BOSS. Not far from me, the god behind the Azure Dragon Crossbow roared and shot several cold arrows into Chi Yu Han’s body.

Even though Chi Yu Han had [Stepping into the Holy Realm], he only had around 30% of his normal strength, and so he couldn’t take that kind of damage. His body was no longer as strong as it had been before, and he had lost a lot of health. He only had around 3% of his health left. Furthermore, he was in the cooldown for the Holy Realm, and so for 30 minutes, he wouldn’t be able to use the skill!


While we were fighting, Wan Er suddenly squinted her eyes and stared forward, “There’s something moving over there. There’s an Assassin. Dong Cheng, hurry up and brighten the area!”

Once Dong Cheng activated a [Magma Abyss], and immediately cast [Revealing Light]. Suddenly, a light flashed across the sky brightening up the whole map, and revealed seven assassins. They were all very close to me. It was obvious that they were planning on killing me while I fought the BOSS. F*ck, thank god Wan Er, that Hermit God Moon Elf has such strong instinct, or else we would’ve been in danger!

“Let me!”

Wang Jian charged forward and rammed into my shoulder, helping me dodge a [Gouge]. In the end. Right as he was about to be stunned for half a second, he swung his sword and activated [Halberd Whirlwind]. Fierce winds surrounded the blade, hitting all of the Assassins. Three of them had been instantly killed. I took the chance to kill two others, while Dong Cheng Yue’s [Thunderbolt Finger] finished off the last two.

However, Wang Jian’s [Halberd Whirlwind] ended up attracting some of the BOSS’s aggro. Chi Yu Han killed him with one sweep. Wang Jian ended up saying, “Brother Xiao Yao, don’t revive me. It wastes too much of the Healer’s time. They should focus on healing Brother Xiao Yao. Wait until you kill the BOSS, then revive me!”

Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring both nodded. After all, Wang Jian was the Guild Master of [Zhan Long: First Division]. That kind of wisdom and judgement in battle was extremely above average. What made me extremely grateful was the fact that there were quite a few people like Wang Jian in [Zhan Long]. Whether it was Wan Er, Qing Qian or Matcha, they are all said to be extremely talented and brave players. Old K, One Second Hero, Bai Qi and Dong Cheng Lei all possess a courage and determination that no one can stop!


“I’m going to transform!” I said as I saw that the BOSS’ health had dropped to 2%. We needed to kill him quickly, to avoid any other problems. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and activated my special skill.

Wan Er plunged a dagger into the BOSS’ chest plate and giggled, “Pig, are you transforming into a girl?”

I frowned. She actually as the heart to tease me at such a critical moment? The little miss really is rebellious…


Dragon roars rang throughout the cave and I entered into 60 seconds of Dragon Transformation. I swung my sword and charged straight at the BOSS. After activating the skill, all of my stats had increased, making me strong enough to attack Chi Yu Han straight on.

Each of my attacks sliced into the BOSS, dealing enormous amounts of damage. The two Healer girls continuously gave me health. Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest didn’t let up on their skills either. Finally, Chi Yu Han’s health was completely drained before the 60 seconds were up!


“Father, I have already done all that I can. I have no way of fulfilling your dying wish!”

Chi Yu Han angrily roared and knelt to the ground. “Peng!” The dazzling armor that he war exploded and equipments fell onto the ground. Damn, so many!

After he had lost all of his health, Chi Yu Han weakly knelt on the ground while we focused on the rewards that we got.

I walked forward and immediately put everything he dropped into my bag, in case Assassins wanted to come and steal our things. Afterwards, I glanced through them and saw that there was a total of 3 equipments. There was a shining long sword, a fire red chest plate, and an extremely delicate necklace. Looks like they were all pretty good equipments!

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