Zhan Long

Chapter 476

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Chapter 476 Halberd Flame

Getting hit by [Halberd Exorcism] and [Halberd Whirlwind], those two large scale skills, was extremely cruel. Even with my defense, I lost half of my health in a flash. Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring turned purple and they immediately gave me heals. Nobody here thought that a Saint Tier BOSS would be this strong. On top of that, the Halberd Wielder Tian Chen’s movement speed was extremely fast, which made it harder for me to control his aggro.

“Be careful, make sure you slowly increase the damage that you deal.” Wan Er said as she cautiously walked forward. Suddenly, she dealt a [Gouge] to Tian Chen’s back, successfully stunning him. After all, Wan Er’s level was very high.

“Pa pa pa”, Dancing Forests’ [Shield Breaker Shot] activated, decreasing the BOSS’ defense by 20%. Dong Cheng also threw her ice magic into the mix.


The halberd began to glow and Wan Er quickly looked at me, “Pig, hurry up….”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and ran forward till I was behind the BOSS. in the end, he roared and threw a [Halberd Exorcism] right into my shoulder. The skill sliced right through me and dealt a deep gash into the wall that was a dozen meters away. I had most of the aggro on myself, and so, only by using my position on the battlefield, could I decrease the damage dealt to the rest of the team.

“Watch out for any signs of [Halberd Whirlwind]….” I cautioned.

“Oh, like what?” Wan Er asked.

I replied, “Around 0.5 seconds before the skill activates, a gust of fiery wind will start to encircle Tian Chen. The skill activates within seconds, and lasts for a whole second. So, Wan Er, you have to be careful!

“Got it!”

Wan Er activated her [Blade of the Death God] and cut into the BOSS, causing him a lot of pain. However, with my two blades, I was able to deal enough damage to lock the BOSS’ aggro solely on myself. A few seconds later, Tian Chen screeched, and flames began to wrap around his body. [Halberd Whirlwind] was coming!


In one swift motion, Wan Er pulled out her Iron Umbrella, and held it right in front of her two snowy mounds. She assumed a defensive position that would decrease the damage dealt by 50%. I on the other hand, used my Dragon Reservoir Sword to parry the attack. “Keng Keng” the [Halberd Whirlwind] hit both Wan Er and I, and two damage numbers flew up——



Looks like our defense is about the same. Wan Er’s combination of Heavenly Armor+[Shield of the Mundane World]+Moon Elf defense stats truly is incredibly strong!


“Next time, we need to think of a way to interrupt the [Halberd Whirlwind]. The cooldown is only 17 seconds!” I said as I attacked.

Wan Er nodded, “Ok, I’ll do my best!”

17 seconds later, Tian Chen raised his Halberd once again and shouted, “I swear to god that I will bring this blade to your necks and cut off your heads!”

This time Wan Er was much faster. With a single [Gouge] she successfully stunned him!

Once the [Halberd Whirlwind] was interrupted, Tian Chen stabbed forward three times, and brought the little miss’ health all the way to critical. The speed of his attacks was astonishing!

I immediately ran forward and opened my hand, [Binding Chains]!


Iron chains broke through the ground and shot forward, and wrapped themselves around the BOSS. Motherf*cker, it really does feel good to be fighting against a BOSS that is around my level!


We continuously whittled away the BOSS’ health. This Lv 94 Saint Tier BOSS took us a whole 20 minutes to fight. Finally, it reached 10% health. Right as I could feel the BOSS beginning to release his power, his entire body was enveloped by a layer of deep red lights. His last skill activated, [Purgatory Demon]. It decreased any damage dealt to him by 70% and lasted 180 seconds!

Looking at the skills stats, Wan Er and I smiled. We were extremely happy, because it meant that the Halberd Wielder Tian Chen didn’t pose any threat to the survival of our team any longer.

After fighting for another 5 minutes, my Magic Spite Armor had gotten torn up by [Halberd Whirlwind] and [Blaze Rush], and only had around 10% durability left. As I dealt one last [Combo] + [Strength of a Thousand Men], the Halberd Wielder Tian Chen finally took his last breath and fell to the ground!


A ray of light fell upon me and I leveled up to 90. It was a never before seen high level!

“Hua la…..”

Tian Chen’s body began to glow and evaporate, leaving behind 4 pieces of equipment. The faint emerald glow made me extremely excited. Yup, that was the glow of a Saint Tier equipment. Looks like this Halberd Wielder really is generous. Within these 4 equipments, there must be one Saint Tier equipment. On top of that, there was a green skill book. It’s probably pretty good.

I walked forward and listed out the trophies we got from Tian Chen. One of them was an Indigo colored sword. There was also a pair of lava leg guards, a red cloak, and a pair of leather boots. First off, I picked up the indigo long sword. I could feel power emanating from the blade. It definitely wasn’t an average equipment——

[Tian Chen Sword] (Saint Tier – Superior)

Attack: 2400-2850

Strength: +102

Endurance: +100

Agility: +99

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 26%

Additional: Ignores 37% of the target’s defense

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 3000

Special: [Tian Chen] When attacking a target, there’s a 10% chance that a curse will activate, making it so that they cannot activate any skill for 3 seconds.

Special: [Chen Seal], Freezes oneself, so that for 7 seconds, the user will not receive any damage. At the same time, they cannot activate any attacks.

Required: 85


“F*ck, Tian Chen Sword….” Li Mu’s jaw dropped, “It’s a Saint Tier equipment. Damn, we’re gonna be rich. We got a Saint Tier equipment on the 4th floor!”

I nodded and glanced at the equipment rankings and said, “In the Chinese sever equipment rankings for swords, this Tian Chen sword is ranked 5th. In second place is Q-Sword’s, third is Jian Feng Han, and fourth is Yan Zhao’s sword. Hei hei, all in all, this Tian Chen sword really is a godly equipment!”

Wang Jian made a fist, “Basically, whoever gets this sword, can immediately become a top tier expert…”

Wan Er smiled, “How about you guys ROLL for it?”

I nodded, “Ok. Wang Jian Li Mu, why don’t you guys ROLL for it. My Dragon Reservoir Sword is already listed as the top sword on the server equipment rankings. There’s no need for me to fight with you guys over this Tian Chen Sword….”

Qing Qian said, “Brother Xiao Yao, you still have to get a supporting sword. This Tian Chen Sword’ stats are much stronger than your Cold Iron Sword. It even gives you 3000 to your MaxHP….”

I face-palmed, “That…. Melon, don’t mention my supporting weapon now. As a person, I can’t be too greedy. I’m forfeiting this ROLL….”

Thus, I set up the ROLL settings. It was just between Wang Jian and Li Mu. As the team leader, I had already forfeited this ROLL.

Li Mu and Wang Jian had no other choice but to continue on. 77 and 92. Li Mu got the Tian Chen Sword. Wang Jian had a little less luck. But that was fine too. We were all brothers. As long as this sword was in our hands, and was used to kill our enemies, then it was all the same. Wang Jian didn’t argue much about anyways. He just said that Li Mu had to treat him to a meal in the future.

I continued through the equipment, and took out the imposing leg guards. They were a deep red lava like color. There was even a soft fiery glow emanating from the leg guards. On the outside, it seemed to also glow a green-ish color. The second the equipment’s stats appeared in the air, Li Mu, Wang Jian and I practically started drooling. This really was a good piece of equipment——

[The Halberd Wielder’s Leg Guards] (Saint Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 1120

Strength: +105

Endurance: +102

Magic Power: +100

Additional: Increases the user’s Magic Defense by 37%

Additional: Increases the user’s defense by 24%

Additional: Increases rage, the user’s Max Rage increases by 50 points

Special: [Halberd Flame] activates a flame that’ll deal burn damage to all targets within a 10 yard radius. Lasts for 25 seconds and uses 60 points of Rage.

Required: 85

“This….” Li Mu’s jaw was almost touching the floor. Looking at those leg guards, his drool was already coming out, “Aren’t these leg guards too shameless? It increases the Max Rage by 50 points. On top of that, the [Halberd Flame] is just too OP. If a high level warrior were to rush into combat with that on, who would dare try and get close to him?”

Beside me, Wan Er grinned, “Even worse, this person can activate [Dragon Transformation], so he can fly at an extremely high speed. There’s no way to avoid him…”

Wang Jian smiled, “F*ck, little miss, are you saying that these Halberd Wielder Leg Guards are destined to go to your Brother Xiao Yao? I…. that’s just too unfair, is it not….”

Dong Cheng glanced at him and smiled, “Hmph, for someone who stood there the entire time watching, and didn’t even dare touch the BOSS’ hide, I don’t think you have a right to say what’s fair and what’s not….”

Wang Jian lost his smile, “Wah, I can’t live any longer. Little Miss and Dong Cheng are all so biased towards Brother Xiao Yao…”

I laughed, “Alright already, stop acting so pitiful. Let us three heavy armor types ROLL for it, that way it’ll be fair!”

Li Mu raised his sword and said, “Nah, I’m good. I’m a modest person, so this Tian Chen sword is already more than enough. I’m not quite so shameless as to ROLL for this Halberd Wielder Leg Guards too. I’m out!”

“Di” Li Mu forfeited the ROLL, leaving it to just Wang Jian and I!

“Shua!” my dice flew out and spun a few times before stopping. An incredible number appeared——

100 points!

Wang Jian’s eyes nearly rolled out of his head. He can only compete with me if he were to roll 100 too. However, when he threw out his die, his heart was crushed. It was an impressive 7 points. There was no way he could even fight for it!


“Pa da….”

The Halberd Wielder Leg Guards fell into my bag. I happily equipped them immediately, increasing my stats drastically. The Saint Tier equipments really are strong! It’s on a whole other level from Valkyrie Tier equipments——

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon City Guardian)

Level: 90

Attack: 5596-6884

Defense: 5497

Health: 17732

Magic: 5958

Charm: 198

CBN Ranking: 15


My defense finally hit 5500. Without a defense like that, the next 3 BOSSes would’ve been extremely hard to tank!

Qing Qian raised her dagger and smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao is now a true Drunken Sword Style, user right? You have so many special skills on you, and your max Rage is 150 points. If you were too look at the entire China Server, there’s no one who could rival you….”

I looked at my equipments, “Yea, [Dragon Transformation] requires 60 points of rage, while [Halberd Flame] uses 60 points. [Defeat the Dragon] uses up around 20 points, while [Curse of the Night Fury Asura] also uses 20 points. In total, they require 160 points of rage, so what I have, isn’t exactly enough. However, I’m still considered a Drunken Sword Style player. Rumors have it that a normal Drunken Sword Style user has 7-9 special skills. On top of that, drinking wine increases the rage effect, and so some users can even use two skills at a time. Even if the opponent was a top tier expert, they could still be killed in one explosive hit…..”

Wan Er’s pretty little face turned pale, “Eh…. When this game reaches its final stages, are all jobs that aren’t heavy armor just going to lose like this? That Drunken Sword Style, truly is too OP….”

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