Zhan Long

Chapter 452

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Chapter 452 Return 100 Fold


Bai Li Ruo Feng’s face turned even uglier. The appearance of [Enemies at the Gate] was undoubtedly sentenced [House of Prestige] to be destroyed. Although [House of Prestige]’s influence in Jiu Li City is amongst the top, their opponents in Ba Huang City are unpredictable, and were too used to playing such games. [Zhan Long], [Vanguard] and [Enemies at the Gate] , none of which could be pushed around easily, especially when the 3 guilds have aligned their objective. which is to obliterate [House of Prestige] from Ba Huang City.

“Guild Master, what should we do now?” A leader of [House of Prestige] asked in a trembling voice

Bai Li Ruo Hai said, “Brother, the only option left is to chose the weakest opponent and kill our way out from there. We might still stand a chance to leave this formation, as for the direction, it is obvious. [Flying Dragon].

Bai Li Ruo Feng picked up his bow, and looked towards the west and said, “Ok everyone, let’s kill our way towards the west into [Flying Dragon]’s formation!”


[House of Prestige]’s 20,000 players counter attacked, and aggressively attacked towards the west. In the blink of an eye, Drunken Spear’s men were not able to withstand the counter attack, and most of them had already been killed. The players from [House of Prestige] went berserk, and just like a wild coyote they latched onto [Flying Dragon] without letting go. With the weak display of [Flying Dragon]’s power, it wasn’t surprising that they couldn’t defend against the attack.

A spear head penetrated the shield of a Knight. Drunken Spear used the momentum to retreat backwards, his face pale. As he looked around, he saw that a number of [Flying Dragon] players that had fallen, and realized he could no longer ensure their safety and said, “Boss, we cannot carry on anymore.. If this carries on, all our brothers will be slaughtered, lets retreat, bypass the abyss into Sword Saint Forest.

Soaring Dragon waved his staff, and cast a Magma Abyss onto a group of [House of Prestige] players. He was furious as he said: “We only have about 2000 men left, so what can we do even if we retreat to Sword Saint Forest? I… I Soaring Dragon do not want to suffer anymore of these humiliations. Since Bai Li Ruo Feng’s objective is this Talisman, I will fulfill his wish, but can he last long enough to be killed by me? F*ck, just wait and see, Bai Li Ruo Feng will die within the hour!”

As he finished speaking, Soaring Dragon waved his staff and shouted, “Everyone in [Flying Dragon], shift towards the abyss of the snowy forest.

Black Tortoise exclaimed, “Guild Master! Are we seeking death by going into the abyss? Once Bai Li Ruo Feng gives his order to enter behind us, we will fall into the abyss to our certain death…”

The veins on Soaring Dragon twitched as he let out a grin, “ [Flying Dragon] is left with very few members, and there is no hope of ever gathering the 10 Talisman for ourselves. Since the situation is as such, we should give a gift to Ba Huang City. At the very least we should give the rights of the Talisman to the players of Ba Huang City, I have already PMed [Vanguard]’s leader Jian Feng Han…

Black Tortoise gave a cold look, as he held onto his spear, and nodded, “Guild Master, I understand your plan!”

“Good that you understand, let us execute the plan!”


Drunken Spear held onto his spear as he faced [House of Prestige]’s army. With a charismatic smile, he killed all players that he passed, and waved in and out from the front to the back. Following behind him were the low health players from [Flying Dragon], and they were headed towards the abyss. For [House of Prestige] their objective was simple, to capture the Talisman. Without hesitating, they followed behind. In actual fact, even if Bai Li Ruo Feng saw any traces of an ambush, he had no other choice. [Vanguard], [Zhan Long] and [Enemies at the gates] were at their tail, so [House of Prestige] can only continue to pursue [Flying Dragon]



Li Mu held onto his sword and stood up suddenly, “[Flying Dragon] is crazy! If they head any further into the abyss, won’t they be pushed off the cliff sooner or later?”

“No, this looks more like a decoy…”, Matcha explained as she looked further, “[Vanguard] have a stronger attack formation. Judging from [Flying Dragon]’s current situation, Soaring Dragon must have made an agreement with Jian Feng Han, to lure [House to Prestige] toward certain death. This way, Ba Huang City will suffer less losses.

Yue Qing Qian blinked, “But Bai Li Ruo Feng is also a smart player, will he fall into the trap?”

With the Dragon Reservoir Sword in my hands, I laughed, “It doesn’t matter if he falls into the trap. When Bai Li Ruo Feng ordered [House of Prestige] to step into the Ice Abyss, it had already been decided that this will be their burial ground in this warring state!”

I waved my Dragon Reservoir sword, and said “[Zhan Long], follow me, let us take a detour towards the south, between Red Cloud Forest and Ice Abyss. We will push [House of Prestige] deeper into the abyss!”


A group of players followed me as I prepared to flank them. In 2 minutes, 4000+ players were hitting [House of Prestige] from the side. After that moment of surprise attacks, we managed to push back the opponents. Players from [House of Prestige] dropped like flies and were terrified. They were surrounded, and knew that death was near. Their morale plunged and no longer dared to challenge [Zhan Long] any further. As the situation played out in front of Bai Li Ruo Feng, he could not see any hope. [Emperor’s Blood] was going to be ambushed at the other end of Red Cloud Forest by [Blood Contract] and [Prague], and most likely won’t be able to reinforce them.


The entire land of the Ice Abyss was covered in fresh blood mixed with mud and snow. Messy footprints in the blood coated snow were scattered everywhere. The area behind me was painted crimson from my rampage. Who knows how many people my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword had killed. Only thing I knew was that I was ranking at first place right now.

In the distance Drunken Spear had only 21% of his health left and was non-stop yelling. At the same time he stabbed and killed 4 [House of Prestige] elites. He was then hit with a [Shot of the Archery God]+[Big Dipper Meteor] from Bai Li Ruo Feng. “Puchink!” As his chest was pierced with arrow, fresh blood flowed out as Drunken Spear knelt on the ground with his spear in hand. He stared at the landscape of the Ice Abyss, and yelled, “The damage you’ve dealt today to [Flying Dragon], I, Drunken Spear, will pay you back a hundred times!”

“ Pa ta…”

With Drunken Spear fallen, [Flying Dragon] lost their ace player; therefore, their overall defense will collapse.

Soaring Dragon’s face turned cold, “MotherFu*ker, charge them!”

Bai Li Ruofeng however laughed, “Give me some blood!” as he cast [Magma Abyss] all over the forest!”

“Klang klang klang…”

As smoke covered the forest, the ground below Soaring Dragon erupted with fire, and broke his [Mana Shield]. In addition, the 3 uses of his [Dimensional Leap] were on cooldown. As Soaring Dragon lifted his head, all he saw was Bai Li Ruo Feng’s handsome face turn around, and an arrowhead thudded directly into his neck!

“ Huff huff huff…”

He shot three arrows at once,and immediately killed Soaring Dragon. The dazzling Talisman burst out of his body, and landed right into Bai Li Ruo Feng’s hand.


As he looked at the 1100 [Flying Dragon] players, Bai Li Ruo Feng gave a cruel smile, and yelled out, “Push forward and push the players of [Flying Dragon] into the abyss. Once they’ve fallen, we’ll turn around and charge at the [Zhan Long] formation. Even if we die, at least we’ll drag [Zhan Long] down too. You want to push us [House of Prestige] into the abyss? Dream on! Who do you think you are!”

A group of [House of Prestige] Knights leapt forward. “Peng peng peng” Their shields rammed against the [Flying Dragon] players. At that moment, one after another, [Flying Dragon] players fell into the abyss. The sound of screams rang through the sky. It was the desperate screams of the players. There was no way of seeing how deep the abyss was, and no matter what, falling in meant death.

In moments, all 1000 players from [Flying Dragon] had fallen in. Rays of white light flew up from the abyss as their souls were released from their bodies.

Bai Li Ruo Feng turned around and raised his longbow. The [House of Prestige] players were now rushing at [Zhan Long]’s frontline.

I immediately raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword, “You want to kill us? Then come at us! Everyone, charge forward. Let them see just how strong [Zhan Long] is!”

Li Mu laughed as he raised his sword and charged forward. In a fray of swords, he forced the crowd to retreat.

I also raised my swords. With a dip of my shoulder, I stabbed a Knight, and forced him backwards several meters. The sound of arriving troops beat the ground like war drums. I crossed my Dragon Reservoir Sword and my Cold Iron Sword, and hacked at the shields of a group of Knights.

Behind me, Wolf, Qing Qian, and Matcha all charged forward. Old K’s [Whirlwind Slash] sliced through the group of people. The battle rhythm was completely in [Zhan Long]’s hands.

“Get away!”

Dong Cheng Lei roared, and used his superhuman strength to swing his battle axe. That one attack blew away a whole group of Knights and Monks. That little bastard was just too savage. Tang Xin, Winter Snow and other girls all rushed forward, completely unopposed by [House of Prestige]’s counterattack. Matcha waved her hand in the air, “Darling Duck, bring all of the Healers forward. Don’t Let Cang Lei, Tang Xin, and the others leave your range of heals!”

Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring all followed behind, and maintained their constant support. This way we’ll lessen the damage.

All of the skills began to interweave, and thread through the crowd. The entire frontline was completely dominated by [Zhan Long]. [House of Prestige] completely couldn’t defend against us. On top of that, [Enemies at the Gate]’s elite players had met up with us. I could even see Misty Clouds raise his sword and cut through the people. Like this, I was much more relieved. This battle against [House of Prestige] has been determined, and there won’t be any changes.


Directly in front of us, the sound of Jian Feng Han’s roar rang out. [Vanguard]’s advance was extremely fierce, and forced [House of Prestige] even further back. [House of Prestige]’s formation became more and more congested and crowded. There were even a few players that had fallen into the abyss. It wasn’t until then that Bai Li Ruo Feng began to lose his confidence. With an ashen face, “Why would it become this way…..”

Bai Li Ruo Hai was about to say something, but was hit by [Grip of the Firefox]. Afterwards, another [Meteor Shot] hit his chest. Like that, he was killed by Qing Qian and Dancing Forest!

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