Zhan Long

Chapter 451

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Chapter 451 Leave Behind Your Head!

Rage points were a type of energy that all jobs had. While someone was attacking a target and was damaged by that target, the points would rise up. After the equivalent of 100% of their health had been dealt, the bar would rise up 30 points. Under the conditions of fierce team battles such as this one, and with the support of a Healer, raising rage points was definitely not a problem.

Bai Li Ruo Feng seemed to be completely awed by my [Defeat the Dragon]+[Dragon Transformation] special skills. All he could do was hide at a distance from the players of [Zhan Long]. The first time I used [Dragon Transformation], I was able to completely break the courage of several hundred [House of Prestige] elites. Li Mu, Wolf, Qing Qian, and Wang Jian took the chance annihilate them. Within 10 minutes, [Zhan Long] solidified its advantage in the battle. Even if we had a disadvantage in numbers, in a map like this that only had so much space, [House of Prestige]’s 30,000 members had no way of battling with us. Having a lot of people could also be a big disadvantage, and the entire frontline was controlled by [Zhan Long].


In the distance, Drunken Spear raised his sword and suddenly rushed towards the [House of Prestige] formation.[Flying Dragon]’s number one fiercest general had finally begun his counterattack. His attack basically announced the beginning of [Flying Dragon]’s counterattack. 5000 of [Flying Dragon]’s players had been humiliated, and now Drunken Spear was leading the stab of revenge!

With a flash of the blade, “Ka Ka” I cut down two Swordsman who were chasing after me. I began to retreat and entered the core of [Zhan Long]’s formation. One Second Warrior and Tearless stared at me, “Guild Master, why’d you come back here?”

I smiled, then raised my hand and summoned my God Army Cards. Moments later, they appeared in the air above my hand and began to spin. In the next moment, they soared into the air and an enormous azure dragon crossbow formed in the sky with a god positioned behind it. The blood red god roared as it pulled the string of the crossbow. Five arrows filled with energy were notched onto the Azure Dragon Crossbow and flew out. Their targets were set to all [House of Prestige] players in the area!

“Shua shua shua…..”

Once the skill shot the first five another five more arrows flew out, and killed everyone in sight. The attack power of each shot was basically equivalent to Dancing Forest’s [Meteor Shot] or Bai Li Ruo Feng’s [Big Dipper Meteor]. To any enemy within 100 yards, it would deal enormous damage. These arrows traveled on rays of light into the crowds of people, and brought out screams of agony. My war points increased exponentially. Hehe, this [Azure Dragon Crossbow] really was a godly weapon in team battles. Thank you Mohist Five Scrolls!

One Second Hero was dumbstruck, “F*ck, isn’t this [Azure Dragon Crossbow] skill a little too shameless?”

I smiled, “It’s an SS tier secret skill, what do you think? If it didn’t have this much killing power, then why would it be worth taking 50 of my God Army Cards. That’s basically 500RMB….

Currently, even though White Tier equipments were pretty cheap, it still cost around 10RMB, and that was an underestimate. Otherwise, those workshop players would have no way of earning money.

Tang Xin’s eyes widened, “Isn’t this too tyrannical….. Guild Master, you have these Mohist Five Scrolls, which should be considered a war machine. But, raising a war machine like you, costs way too much money…..”

Cheng Yong Jie laughed, “That money spent on the God Army Cards is nothing compared to what National Beauty is making. If we do end up taking control over the City of the Four Noblemen, the guild base would also make a ton of money. Guild Master is not lacking in money at all!”

I turned around and began to charge into the distance, as I yelled, “The [Azure Dragon Crossbow] can last for 15 minutes. The cooldown is around 3 minutes long. Tang Xin, help me guard it for these 15 minutes, we cannot let the players of [House of Prestige] break it!”

“Alright, I got it!”

Tang Xin had a determined look on her face as she carried her halberd, and stood beside the Azure Dragon Crossbow. She even brought 7-8 Knights from [Zhan Long]. She held a position as a team leader, and so she had people under her command. With these people protecting the Crossbow, I was much more at ease.


Maybe the attack range of the Azure Dragon Crossbow was too large, or the attack power was too strong, either way it immediately attracted the attention of some core members from [House of Prestige]. Bai Li Ruo Feng raised his longbow, his eyes cold, “What the f*ck is that crossbow. It has such a strong attack power. Is it Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s skill?”

Beside him, Bai Li Ruo Hai said, “Yup. Big brother…. that’s from Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s Mohist Five Scrolls. I’ve told you about it before. This is the fourth skill of the five. It has a range of 100 yards, around 2.5 times that of normal Archers, Musketeers, and Mages. On top of that, it’s attack power is 90% of Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s attack power. It’s basically OP. This [Azure Dragon Crossbow] skill can last 15 minutes, and has around 100,000 health, while it’s defense is pretty average. Do you want to head over?”

Bai Li Ruo Feng nodded, “Take a group of Swordsmen, Knights, and Berserkers and charge over. The Knights will open up the road while the Swordsmen will dash through along with the Berserkers. Have them cut down that Azure Dragon Crossbow, or else we’ll be suffering too many losses too quickly. We haven’t even killed half of [Zhan Long] and Xiao Yao Zi Zai has basically killed most of us. That Mohist Five Scrolls skill is pretty shameless……”

Bai Li Ruo Hai, “Understood. I’ll prepare the team immediately!”

Not long after, 500 of [House of Prestige]’s heavy armor players formed a team and split off from the formation. One of the team leaders suddenly charged forward, and broke through the defense line that Li Mu and Wang Jian had made. The Swordsmen then charged through the break in the formation, and led the Berserkers who were swinging their axes through the air.


Li Mu’s shoulder had taken 7-8 hits and he immediately retreated as he exclaimed, “Did the [House of Prestige] players take Viagra or something? Why’d they suddenly get so fierce? What’s with that?”

Qing Qian smiled, “That’s because Brother Xiao Yao’s Azure Dragon Crossbow has completely overpowered them, so they’re going after it….. Don’t think too much about it. Go and gather some of the core players together. We’ll launch a surprise attack on their flank and kill them. These are all [House of Prestige]’s elite heavy armor players. Once we kill them, we’ll see what Bai Li Ruo Feng plans on relying on to deal with our frontline!”

I laughed and raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword as I leapt forward, “Kill! Right now! Cut them all down!”

Old K was the first to rush forward as he met several of the elite Swordsmen with his [Whirlwind Slash]. His battle axe was covered with fierce winds as it danced forward. They really lived up to their name as elites of [House of Prestige]. Two of the Knights parried the hidden blades from the skill and managed to retreat with a [Blade Rush]. With a raise of their arms, two [Flying Sword]s flew right at Old K!



Old K retreated, as cold sweat gleamed on his forehead. After that, Dong Cheng Lei rushed over too and leapt up, “Hong!” he knocked away one of the Swordsman, while Dancing Forest killed the other half dead Swordsman. Li Mu rammed into another Swordsman and used his [Absolute Authority] combo, as he killed him instantly!

I tightened my grip on my Dragon Reservoir Sword, then charged into the crowd. Behind me, my Cold Iron Sword continuously cut through its targets with [Blade Spin] while I hacked with my Dragon Reservoir Sword. It was as though a death god was walking amongst the players of [House of Prestige]. They began to dread walking into this trap, as they couldn’t guess where the [Blade Spin] was coming from, nor could they tell if they had been locked on to by the Azure Dragon Crossbow. There was no safe place around them.

Many of [Zhan Long]’s core players rammed into the enemy’s front lines, and a few minutes later 500 bodies lay on the cold snow, dying the pure white snow with red blood. Bai Lai Ruo Feng had miscalculated. [Zhan Long]’s formation wasn’t that easy to fight your way into, and was basically impossible to leave from, alive. Li Mu, Qing Qian, Wang Jian and Dancing Forest, and these other top tier players were waiting for them. If they came into the formation, they wouldn’t be able to leave.


“Damn it….”

Bai Li Ruo Feng gripped his longbow, as his eyes grew cold, “I had 100 of the creme of the crop in that team of 500, and they were all killed? Are there monsters in the [Zhan Long] formation?”

Bai Li Ruo Hai said, “Brother, we can’t take this anymore. The two divisions behind us have already lost. There were much more people from [Vanguard] than we originally thought. There are at least 20,000 of them. [Zhan Long] probably still has around 10,000 players left. They’re probably all here. If we try and fight them with a 1:1 ratio, we’ll be completely wiped out. Besides that, there’s also [Flying Dragon]. Drunken Spear has already completely destroyed our right flank. What should we do?”

Bai Li Ruo Feng looked to the west and said, “I’ll regret it so much if we don’t kill Soaring Dragon and Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”


Bai Li Ruo Hai’s voice trembled, “Give up on killing Xiao Yao Zi Zai… [Zhan Long] is a piece of hard bone. Just Xiao Yao Zi Zai alone is pretty hard to deal with. He has over 4000 defense, 14,000 health, and is completely covered with equipment that raise magic defense. On top of that, he has that OP [Wall of Dou Qi] skill. All of the firepower of our Archers and Mages added together wouldn’t be enough to kill him. For the sake of killing Xiao Yao Zi Zai, we have lost too much! On top of that, the [Azure Dragon Crossbow] looks like it’s some kind of war machine. It has killed so much of our main force from so far away…. Brother, let’s not even talk about whether or not we can even swallow [Zhan Long], that hard ass bone. Even if we do swallow them, I’m afraid that we’ll have lost all of our teeth by the end of it….. Give up!”


Bai Li Ruo Feng gave a long sigh and said, “The fact that we, [House of Prestige] made it this far, really was based on very little power. Nevermind, there’s no other way. Let’s retreat to the east, into the Ice Abyss, and wait to find other chances to kill them!”


Bai Li Ruo Feng raised his arm and shouted, “Everyone, retreat to the East. Fight as you retreat. We have to maintain the organization of the formation, and not fall into chaos!”

A large part of [House of Prestige]’s players were all wearing helmets, and we wouldn’t even know if their hair got messed up. But, their formation was definitely ruined. Old K, Li Mu, and Wolf had lead their teams, and made all of the players lose their helmets and armor. The second the command to retreat fell, all of the troops scattered and it was a complete defeat.


Around 20,000 of [House of Prestige]’s members retreated towards the east. Before they could even leave the frozen lands, the sounds of battle suddenly rose from the forests. In the next second, a Guild Master ranked general suddenly burst out from the forest, a large group of officers followed after him. It was none other than Misty Clouds and [Enemies At the Gate]. His arm had the aura of [Arm of the Azure Dragon] shimmering in the air. Misty Clouds looked at [House of Prestige]’s formation and shouted, “Did you really think you could come onto Ba Huang City’s lands as you like and kill whoever you want and leave whenever you want? What do you take Ba Huang City as? You can leave today if you want, you just have to leave your head behind!”

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