Zhan Long

Chapter 445

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Chapter 445 Hot Potato

A little after 2 a.m., the sixth wave’s BOSS came along with the sound of the system bell——


System notification: All players, please pay attention! The sixth general from Hell [The Devourer Maru] (Saint Tier BOSS), holds a Warring States Talisman and has appeared at map coordinates (12482, 9023). Kill the Devourer Maru and he will drop the [Warring States Talisman・Six] with a 100% drop certainty. Gather the ten Talismans and you can claim the ownership of the garrison at the main city!

Li Mu’s eyes turned cold as he said, “The sixth one is already at Saint Tier, and appeared on the northern side. The fact that it’s a Saint Tier BOSS is already enough to lure people over. There’s a chance that a Saint Tier item might drop. Guild Master, are we gonna sit here and do nothing?”

I looked towards the north and said, “That’s where [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] are. Misty Clouds should be able to handle it.”

“That’s hard to say!”

Matcha looked at me and said, “Boss, over there is the City of the Four Noblemen’s northern gate. Quite a few guilds and players from Jiu Li City are all gathered around that gate. However, [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] are the only two guilds from Ba Huang City that are there. They only have 30,000 players in total. If any situations arises I’m afraid they will be in danger.”

Qing Qian pondered for a bit, then nodded, “Brother Xiao Yao, I just received some news. [House of Prestige]….. with around 20,000+ players, are currently heading towards the Northern gate under the command of Bai Li Ruo Feng and Quick Thunder Swift Wind. They will probably lock onto the Saint Tier BOSS as their target. A Lv 90 Saint Tier BOSS has around 100,000,000 health and will probably take a while to kill. We still have a chance there….”

Right at that moment, “Ding!”, a message came from Misty Clouds, “Xiao Yao, this Saint Tier BOSS spawned right at [Enemies At the Gate]’s right flank, but the pressure is very heavy. [Flying Dragon] has brought people to come and steal it, and [House of Prestige] and [Emperor’s Blood] have also come. If it’s possible, can [Zhan Long] send a ten thousand man team to help relieve some of the pressure. How does that sound?”

I took a deep breath. The sixth wave. It truly has become a watershed. The fight between players will soon begin.

Li Mu looked at me, “What should we do? Should we reinforce them or not?”

I nodded, “Misty Clouds sent a message to me as a request from an ally. No matter what, we have to go! The 10,000 players from the main guild will follow me to go support [Enemies at the Gate]. At the same time, we’ll go and see if we can get that Talisman. Also, [House of Prestige]’s friends have come. Everyone needs to be careful. Wang Jian, Wang Jiang, and Breaking Dawn, lead all of the divisions to continue killing monsters here. Make sure you hold our position!”

Wang Jian nodded, “Brother Xiao Yao, leave it to us!”

“Head out!”


I picked up my Dragon Reservoir Sword and turned around, and lead the 10,000 elites from [Zhan Long]’s main guild to rush towards the north. My Fierce Tiger God roared and ran beside me while Li Mu, Old K, Dong Cheng Lei, and One Second Hero all opened up the path. These bastards were all famous people in Ba Huang City, basically anyone would give them at least some respect. And so, 10,000 of [Zhan Long]’s players split through all the players on the western front and rushed towards the North.

“Sha sha….”

My Divine Battle Boots slid across the soft grass. The golden insignia of a Talisman flashed above my head. It was so bright that it even covered up my Second Rank in Ba Huang City. This caught the attention of quite a few people, and some even began gathering into groups of a hundred people to rush at us. One baldy roared, “F*ck, there’s a person with a Talisman. Charge, and steal that Talisman!”
At that moment someone shouted, “You blind? That’s Xiao Yao Zi Zai, he’s the Guild Master of [Zhan Long], and ranked third in the Rise of the Heroes Tournament. Behind him are several thousand players from [Zhan Long]. Are you trying to die?”

The baldy’s eyes were clouded, “Kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai. We’ll leave once we take the Talisman. At least we’ll be famous for a few seconds. You cowards, who has the guts to charge with me!”

A couple hundred people shouted and began charging.


My Dragon Reservoir Sword threw a slice of wind as I charged forward. I let my Cold Iron Sword fly out of its sheath. “Shua shua shua”, it carved 9 paths through the enemies ahead and spun around right back to me. While the skill was activated, I cut up the players in front of me like vegetables with my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I then threw out a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and several dozen people fell to their knees. F*ck, they’re basically sending points my way!

Li Mu, Bai Qi, and Old K all charged with me. [Zhan Long] was basically a flood that swallowed up several hundred people. Not only were we getting a lot of points, we might even be able to pick up some equipments to sell.

In a short five minutes, the ten thousand member [Zhan Long] team charged all the way to the Northern gate of the city. On the plains, we saw [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] mixed in with players from [Flying Dragon] and [House of Prestige] battling it out. The 18,000 players from [Enemies At the Gate] formed an enormous formation, and were battling the BOSS and [House of Prestige] head on. On the side, they faced pressure from [Flying Dragon] and [Emperor’s Blood]. It was basically the equivalent of being bitten on the sides by 4000 players. Their situation was extremely bad.

I waved my Dragon Reservoir Sword and pointed at [Emperor’s Blood] and commanded, “Everyone follow me and attack [Emperor’s Blood]! Let’s go and send these Jiu Li City players on their way!”

Li Mu, Old K, and Dong Cheng Lei all laughed and rushed forward with me. Behind me, my white cape fluttered in the wind and my armor gave off an indigo glow. My main hand gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword and my other hand held my Cold Iron Sword. There wasn’t a single bit of hesitation as I cut through [Emperor’s Blood]’s formation. My [Blade Spin] randomly hacked through the enemy lines. I activated [Soul Army] and [Black Tortoise Realm] to support the attack. In seconds, their defense was crushed to pieces.

“Kill! Archers, kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai!” [Emperor’s Blood]’s Vice Guild Master Blue Dragon Emperor roared out.

I lunged forward and growled, as I activated [Wall of Dou Qi]. Arrowheads thudded against the wall and bounced off, dealing less than 100 damage to me. My Lv 9 [Wall of Dou Qi] raised my physical and magical defense by 180%. Even if Dancing Forest, a top tier Archer, was to shoot at me, she might not necessarily be able to break through my defense, much less those second rate Archers from [Emperor’s Blood]! With no way to break through my defense, all of those [Scattered Shot]’s stuns were also much weaker, and gave absolutely no pressure.

Behind me, a beautiful figure holding two daggers dashed towards me with a smile, “Brother Xiao Yao, let’s kill that Vice Guild Master first! I will do it!”

I hastily opened my hand and yelled “No, I will. You assist me!”

I moved my five fingers forcefully and the effect of the Divine Dragon Slaying Wrist Guard on my wrist was activated. With a “Shua” sound, a dragon-shaped chain latched onto the Vice Guild Master of [Emperor’s Blood]. I bellowed deeply, and grabbed this Vice Guild Master and sliced his neck with my Dragon Reservoir Sword!



Attacking the weak points would result in extra damage. Blue Dragon Emperor’s face became pale as he bent down hastily and used a [Blade Rush] to retreat five yards away. Unexpectedly, Qing Qian swept past Blue Dragon Emperor’s landing point and cut twice with both of her daggers. Blue Dragon Emperor, who had only 8000 HP, howled in pain as he collapsed and died.



The face of an [Emperor’s Blood]’s team leader turned green as the battle axe in his hand trembled, “They……they killed Vice Guild Master that easily? F*ck! How could it be as easy as killing a dog?!”

As expected, the battle tactic “To catch the bandits, first catch the leader,” will never be out-of-date. The moment Blue Dragon Emperor died, the four thousand men of [Emperor’s Blood] descended into chaos. As Matcha was a smart team leader, she was responsible for [Zhan Long]’s battle formation. The guild’s premier Swordsmen, Berserkers, Knights, and Monks are on the frontline. Though there aren’t many of these people, they can’t be killed easily. The Archers, Mages, and gunmen used bombarding tactics at the rear. This way, the enemy suffered greatly under our fierce attacks, while our losses were trifling. Especially Li Mu, Old K and I, the ones with more than 7000 health points. The enemies wouldn’t be able to kill us even if they wanted to, but if they don’t kill us they would feel bitter.

The Guild Master of [Emperor’s Blood], Dragon Emperor, held his long lance as he hovered among the crowds, and didn’t have the audacity to approach me. He was probably afraid of my [Great Realm Of Desolation], [Blade Spin], [Defeat the Dragon] and other special skills. However, some things absolutely cannot be avoided. [Zhan Long] charged forward with blinding speed, and crushed [Emperor’s Blood]’s frontline within less than ten minutes, and caused numerous deaths and injuries.

The long lance in Dragon Emperor’s hand even trembled slightly as he gritted his teeth and yelled, “A powerful dragon cannot crush a snake in it’s old haunts. [Zhan Long]’s morale is high now, and there is no need for us to fight forcefully. Brothers, move back towards the north. We will avoid [Zhan Long] for now, and seek the best chance next time!”

In the end, Dragon Emperor led about 2000 people and retreated. The remaining 2000+ people all became ice cold corpses lying at the northern side of the City of the Four Noblemen while [Zhan Long] speedily met up with [Enemies At The Gate]. A little distance away, Sword Reborn carried his sword and laughed, “It’s great that [Zhan Long] is able to come. F*ck it. We have fought very hard for this BOSS!”

I held my sword and went in front, “Sword Reborn, how’s the slaying of the BOSS?”

“There’s still 15% health left!”

“Alright. Do you guys need our help?”


Sword Reborn laughed, “No need. Although [Enemies At The Gate] isn’t as elite as [Zhan Long], we have no problem killing a Saint Tier BOSS. However, Guild Master had asked me to tell you to lead Li Mu and a few other people to the location of the BOSS. He is afraid that he won’t be able to obtain the Talisman”.

“How would that be possible? There are so many [Enemies At The Gate] members here!”

“No……” Sword Reborn was slightly awkward. He touched his nose and smiled, “What Guild Master Misty meant was……he is giving this Talisman to Guild Master Zi Zai as a small present…”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “What the hell. Everyone is so smart. There’s no need to talk indirectly. This Talisman is a hot potato, and Misty is afraid that it will burn him if he takes two at a time. Therefore, he is giving it to me, Li Xiao Yao, and making me everyone’s target right?”

Sword Reborn nodded his head tacitly and laughed, “You f*cker…are you feeling impolite? Guild Master said that although [Enemies At the Gate] has 18000 members, which is more than [Zhan Long], we definitely won’t be able to withstand the attacks of [Prague], [House of Prestige], and [Vanguard]. Although [Zhan Long] has only 16000 members, they are all extremely elite. If the Talisman is in Guild Master Zi Zai’s hands, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior and Baili Ruofeng will definitely be slightly afraid. However, Guild Master Zi Zai, please don’t worry. If [Zhan Long] was besieged, [Enemies At The Gate] will definitely protect you all.”

I nodded, “Sure, I will take this Talisman!”

“Okay! Cool!”

Holding my sword, I led Li Mu and Old K into the crowd of [Enemies At The Gate]’s members. Within a few minutes, The Devourer Maru howled in pain, and collapsed under Misty Cloud’s sword. He dropped many equipments, and Misty Cloud picked up a blood-red long sword as he burst out in laughter, “Oh yeah! Blood Cutter……Lv 80 Saint Tier Sword. Awesome! Haha! This is great……”

I walked in front and smiled, “Congratulations to the Guild Master of [Enemies At The Gate] for obtaining a new weapon!”

Misty Cloud grinned and picked up the Talisman from under the BOSS’s corpse, and threw it to me while saying, “Ay! This hot potato is for you. I your little brother know my own ability. I don’t dare hold two Talismans……”


I caught the Talisman and threw it into my bag. Two Talisman insignias appeared above my head and I smiled, “Then I shall return to [Zhan Long]’s field, otherwise I will get robbed by bandits……”

Misty Cloud held his Blood Cutter and said, “[Enemies At The Gate] will defend against [Flying Dragon] and [House of Prestige], you lead the others and leave quickly. If they make a detour around the city and attack the west side of [Zhan Long]’s field, I will immediately lead people there and kick their ass. I definitely won’t let them have a good time!”


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