Zhan Long

Chapter 442

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Chapter 442 Peace as Priority


It was 11 o’clock in the afternoon when I appeared in Ba Huang City.

After repairing all my equipments, I replenished a huge amount of Lv 10 red and blue potions from National Beauty and took quite a lot of cards too. I stuffed my bag until it was almost full before I set off.


Yue Qing Qian sent a message, “Brother Xiao Yao, All members of Zhan Long are gathered at the Li Hua Forest outside the north gate. Come here quickly, right now we are a group of people with no leader!

“ I couldn’t help but smile, and replied, “ On my way now. Will be there within minutes!”


With two long swords on my back, I dashed out of Ba Huang City and headed towards the Li Hua Forest. I reached it within a short time of four minutes. As I had expected, a sea of people was already here. Just the main guild alone had 9800+ people online. The first division had 2700+ members online, and the second division had 2500+ members online while the third and fourth divisions had slightly less, with only a total of 1500 people online. It couldn’t be helped as the third and fourth divisions are both Lv 3 guilds. There is no way to level up to 4 within two days.

“Brother Xiao Yao is here!” The two beauties, Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang, had already come forward to welcome me.

Striding forward, I nodded and smiled towards the two beauties, “Have you eaten enough at lunch?”

Qing Qian touched her flat stomach and pondered; She then smiled and answered, “Yes, but I didn’t dare to drink too much water……”

I grinned involuntarily, “Okay!”

Wei Liang exclaimed, “ Guild Master, almost all of our men have arrived!”


I turned and looked towards the exceedingly great [Zhan Long] Army in the Li Hua Forest. Numerous [Zhan Long]’s badges connected with one another and stretched farther away. It was a magnificent scene. I actually have a maximum of 16500 [Zhan Long] brothers. If this huge army is employed properly, it would definitely become a huge success in Ba Huang City. Plus, I have confidence that I can direct every military operations well. I am good at this!


Dressed in an efficient-looking armor, Li Mu held his longsword and walked upfront with a smile, “Guild Master, everyone is here, What should we do now? I just received news: the guilds, [Vanguard], [Prague], [Flying Dragon] and [Enemies At The Gate] have all departed!”

I nodded and said, “Let’s set off too. Our target is the Grave of the Warring States. Li Mu, you lead the way since you are familiar!”


When Li Mu turned, he drew his longsword and roared. The ten thousand [Zhan Long] members departed, and advanced forward directly from the Ba Huang forest. The moment we set off, [Vanguard] and [Prague] would definitely know. It can’t be helped since we have too many people. Keeping this group a secret would be impossible. Not to mention whether there are spies or not, there are many scouts around us. Every move we make couldn’t be concealed from the eyes of the other large-sized guilds.

Therefore, when it’s a major decision, only the administration can know. As for the ordinary players, they just have to obey the orders. In a game with well-developed communication systems, the ways of duplicity, double-dealing, betrayal and deception is definitely an art form. The future virtual battles are destined to be a trial of strength and wit!

As we advanced, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian, Matcha, and Wolf all came close to me.

Li Mu whispered, “What’s our battle strategy?”

I flashed a smile involuntarily, “ This Slaughter for the City also has a point value ranking system, therefore MVP players will still obtain very abundant rewards. Killing people for the points should be the first choice. However, the one that holds the Talismans will be everyone’s target. Thus, the wise ones definitely won’t take the Talismen during the first twelve hours. During these twelve hours, we shall only kill and defend. Obtaining points will be our first priority. We shall fight for the Talismans when the players of Ba Huang City are exhausted.

General Wang Jian narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao, only one thing rendered me perplexed.

‘Oh. What is it?”

“[Zhan Long], [Enemies at the Gate], [Blood Contract] and [Prague] are all considered to be allied guilds. If the Talismans are in their hands, should we take it by force or not? This is the problem regarding an interest dispute and must be considered prudently.

I pondered for a few moments and grinned, “ Yes. Indeed, there is only one garrison. We need to fight for it even if they are our allies. However, Misty Cloud and Han Bei Song are not people that would use unscrupulous acts. They would fight honestly with Zhan Long.

Therefore……until the final few hours, we will not act against our allies. Unless [Vanguard] and [Flying Dragon], these two competitors, are obliterated no one is allowed to harm even a hair of our allies.

Wang Jian smiled and nodded, “Understood. This way, there will be no problem. Should I tell Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song?”

“No need. They should be able to understand.”

‘Okay! Alright!”


The huge [Zhan Long] Army continued advancing as they went through the Green Qilin Valley and reached the northern Grave of the Warring States region. We had been here before but the map had refreshed and looked entirely different now. The originally desolate Grave region was now covered by dense forest. The southern part of the Grave of the Warring States had a vast fertile forest, while the glacial river basin and Forest of the Sword Saints were located westward. All these regions had an abundance of monsters with different levels, this player camp’s location is like the Garden of Eden, making it even more valuable.
In the distance, a blood-red city appeared on the plains and a big line of words were above the South Gate——[Slaughter for the City]!

We had reached our target. This was our campaign this time. I just don’t know what the BOSSes that were carrying the 10 Talismans would be like.

I was around 2000 yards away from the City of the Four Noblemen. I stood by, watching as all these players from Ba Huang City waited beside the city. There were even some small guilds from Jiu Li City and Fan Shu City. There was basically no sign of any of the big guilds from the other two main cities. Maybe it was just like Ye Lai had said, all of the big guilds had made agreements and nobody wanted to break them.

After all, [Legend], [Judgement], and [Hero’s Mound] had all laid their foundations long ago. All of the quest systems, the reputation, the relationships with the NPCs, these were all hard to build up. Changing home cities meant starting from 0 and it was unrewarding work. Even though they would get some strength in this new city, it’ll be awkward and the work would be useless. On top of that, this battle was destined to be dangerous. Nobody wants to put in so much work for something not worth it.


After a few minutes, the sound of a system bell rang throughout the sky of the Grave of the Warring States——


System Announcement: The time for the Battle over the City of the Four Noblemen will now begin. After this, the pieces of Xin Lin Jun’s soul will continuously summon monsters from hell to battle against the players. At the same time, 10 generals will appear at certain times in different locations to attack. Players, please make use this rare opportunity. During this event, killing players and monsters will result in an accumulation of points. Once the event is over, these points can be used in exchange for rewards and experience. Good luck, adventurers!


Within the City of the Four Noblemen, rays of light began rising from the ground into the sky and screams of agony rose from the ground. The next second, the four great gates all opened up and crowds of monsters rushed out. It was a group of spear wielding soldiers. Those long spears were actually not that different from lances, just that the blade of the spear was slightly askew, giving it a angle when striking. Standing on war carts from the Warring States increased the deadliness of their attacks.

I looked from a distance and smiled, “Lv 85 Phantom Tier monsters, Long Spear Soldiers. We’re good. Everyone creep forward. All of [Zhan Long]’s divisions surrounded the main guild. We need to make sure we don’t fall into disarray. Our goal was to head towards the Western side of the City of the Four Noblemen and build our formation. Let’s first kill the monsters to raise our levels and points!”

Li Mu nodded and pulled out his sword, “Brothers, march!”

In five minutes we arrived 100 yards away from the Western gate. this way, we wouldn’t get killed by the archers on the wall. Li Mu, One Second Hero, and Wolf all stood at the front. They made amends with all of the guilds and players originally planning on staying at the western gate, “Aha, [Zhan Long] wants to make their formation here. Why don’t you give us some respect, haha we have quite a few people so we don’t want to split up. Can you make some room for us? Later on, we’ll invite you to dinner! You’re just too great, old friend?….”

Even though [Zhan Long] is a pretty hot guild in Ba Huang City that can probably shake a few of Ba Huang City’s teeth off of it if it stomped its foot, we still wanted to keep our relations with everyone else friendly. As long as we don’t act arrogant or impatient, we wouldn’t offend normal players. That was our style. Honestly, in this world, whether you are strong or weak, it’s not hard to maintain respect in all of your relations with one another. On top of that, doing this simple thing also determines the realm of person you are*.
TL Note: This refers to the buddhist ideal that people are split into different realms, dependent on their level of enlightenment. The more enlightened you are in life, the higher realm of person you are.


Very soon, our “clearing out” succeeded and [Zhan Long] took up around 300 yards of area. Our Knights, Monks, and Swordsman and other heavy armor classes all stood at the front of the formation. We greeted the monsters that came rushing at us. The Long Spear Soldiers were all Lv 85 Phantom Tier monsters, and at the front we had nearly 200 fourth advancement heavy armor players, blocking them all was not a very hard task.

I stood at the heart of the front line. I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and laughed, “[Zhan Long], prepare for battle! Do not advance, just defend in your positions. Whatever monsters come out of those gates, we kill! Also, everyone please remember, without my command, do not kill any players or players from guilds, unless they initiated the attack. This time, [Zhan Long]’s battle plan is ‘Peace as a Priority, and Killing Monsters Above All!’”

Qing Qian giggled beside me, “Then what happens 12 hours later? When the 10 Talismans have all appear? Does that mean we are still using ‘Peace as a priority, and killing monsters above all’?”

I wryly smiled, then cut down a few Long Spear Soldiers, “Well, battle plans can change…”

Qing Qian covered her smile, “Brother Xiao Yao, why are you so cute?”

Dancing Forest face-palmed, “Oh no, Melon* is beyond saving….”
TL Note: Melon refers to Qing Qian


Li Mu laughed and didn’t say anything else about this. He was a smart man. If he said anything, he would get called too ugly by Dancing Forest and the others. And so, he swung his left arm and “Shua!” his blade flew out. With [Flying Blade] he cut down another wave of Long Spear Soldiers that were around 15 yards ahead. At the same time, Wang Jian, Calm, Moon Feather, and Star Blade all activated their [Flying Swords]. Countless blades suddenly flew out in a straight line from the frontlines. Just watching the scene gave a sense of excitement!


My Cold Iron Sword buzzed in the air beside my shoulder and suddenly flew out, cutting through a group of monsters. [Blade Spin] spun through the air, creating 9 incredible revolutions. During this process of killing monsters, I slowly understood the purpose of [Blade Spin]’s automatic attack pattern. Otherwise, it would be much too tiring. Might as well save that thinking for killing while the skill is activated. If it didn’t have the auto attack, I would have to personally create 9 different attack patterns, I would die from all that work!

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