Zhan Long

Chapter 428

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Chapter 428 Raid Helmet

[Chun Shen Jin – Huang Xie] (Valkyrie Tier BOSS)

Level: 90

Attack: 3100 – 4200

Defense: 3500

Health: 510000

Skills: [Willful Sweep] [Betraying Tactics] [Dance of Beautiful Women] [Three Thousand Elders]

Introduction: Chun Shen Jun, the Minister of the Chu Kingdom. An extremely educated recruiter with over 3000 talented elders at his beck and call who he has spread far and wide throughout the region. No one in the Kingdom of Chu can win against his iron spear. After he was backstabbed by Li Yuan, he was unwilling to resign to his fate, so his ghost has been trapped in this place for over ten thousand years. Recently it has begun to stir, as he tries to rise up, and bring the armies of hell to battle the human world.



Wan Er tightly gripped Dragon’s Kiss, “An SSS tier main quest BOSS’s difficulty is much higher than the ones outside. To start, Li Xiao Yao will be the main tank and attack. Make sure to keep his health up. After that, I and Little Wolf will circle around him. Once we have the chance, we will interrupt the BOSS’s skills. Matcha will follow behind, and when Xiao Yao can’t take it anymore, you’ll use [Justice Provoke] to take some of the hits.”

Everyone nodded. Wan Er was [Hero’s Mound]’s Vice Guild Master, and has killed numerous other BOSS-es. Naturally, her skills in battle control were very strong.

As I held both swords in my hands, I gave a low roar, and activated [Wall of Dou Qi]. I took my Flaming Tiger God, and rushed into the center of the Hall at Chun Shen Jun. This cruel nobleman was planning on fighting this duel on his own.

As he turned around, Chun Shen Jun’s face remained unchanged, and actually carried a youthful shine to it. He angrily shouted, “Where did you little bastards come from? To think that you’d actually dare trespass in my mansion. You’re looking for your own death!”

With a jolt of his iron halberd, Chun Shen Jun’s ghost also charged at me. Suddenly, he threw an unbelievably fast stab at me!


Tsk tsk, even a normal attack can deal 3000 damage on me. Just as Wan Er said, this main quest BOSS’s experience and drops will definitely be better than those monsters outside of this map, but the difficulty will also be much higher. To top it off, this was under the condition that I was using [Wall of Dou Qi]. Otherwise I would truly be in danger. That one stab would have given me at least 4000 damage otherwise.

My Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword danced through the air. With one shoulder, I rammed into the BOSS, and knocked away his halberd. My body suddenly got close, and I used both my arms to initiate a chain of five attacks. The autumn breeze blew the leaves up while I cut into the BOSS’s chest plate creating sparks——







Once I had attacked enough times, I managed to lock the aggro on myself. I loosened my left hand, and let my Cold Iron Sword fly out. I had already activated [Blade Spin], and activated [Fierce Ice Blade] + [Wind Blade] with my right hand’s Emperor Qin’s Sword!



Chun Shen Jun angrily roared. At the same time his health rapidly dropped, he swept out his halberd. With a single attack, he had just happened to hit me, Matcha and Li Mu!




I fared a bit better than Matcha and Li Mu. Especially Li Mu, with that one attack he had been thrown into the air. A look of shock fell on his face, “F*ck, a Lv 90 Valkyrie Tier BOSS is that strong?”

Wan Er picked up her Dragon’s Kiss and used [Absolute Step] to get closer, and used a [Backstab] on Chun Shen Jun’s back. Right after that, she used [Twin Blade Harmony]. At that moment, two large damage numbers flew up. They were both critical attacks. The beautiful little miss’s critical chance and damage was way too high.



Once her attacks hit, Wan Er immediately retreated backwards so that she wouldn’t be caught up with the BOSS. This was a very clever move, and it was the true job of an Assassin. Once the BOSS takes the attack, one must retreat, and never give the BOSS the chance to land an attack.

Li Mu’s jaw nearly fell to the floor, “You’re kidding right Cang Tong’s attack is even higher than Li Xiao Yao? This damage…. it’s too much isn’t it?”

As I hacked away, I said seriously, “This is real. Wan Er’s main dagger’s attack is much higher than my own. On top of that, she’s an Assassin, so her ability to break through defense is pretty high. Therefore, she has a higher advantage against heavy armor type BOSS-es than I do. She’s just too squishy, so she can’t last too long….”

Wan Er pouted her lip and smiled, “I just don’t have a shameless skill like [Wall of Dou Qi]….”

As she finished talking, the beautiful little miss ran forward again, and waved her two daggers. She let loose seven attacks, and each one landing more than 3000 damage. This was an Assassin’s fourth advancement skill, [Chain Attack]. It has seven attacks, each with 50% of the damage of a normal attack. All in all, it raises the damage by quite a bit.


Chun Shen Jun angrily roared out. He had been heavily injured, and he spun around as he swept out his spear. Wan Er saw the attack coming, and took her iron umbrella out. “Peng!” she blocked the attack, but slid backwards. At the same time, she raised her snow white arm and threw her Dragon’s Kiss. “Shua!” it struck the BOSS. It jumped out and instead of going to find it’s next target, it automatically flew back to its owner.

[Flying Dagger], an Assassin’s Lv 80 skill. It creates a long range attack on the target and can automatically leap towards the next target, creating numerous hits. It basically is a stronger long range skill for Assassins. With [Flying Dagger], there’s no need to chase after a critically wounded opponent. An Assassin just needs to use [Flying Dagger] and kill them.

Chun Shen Jun was about to chase after her. Wan Er decided to just stand and wave out her hand, and cast [Reflect] to buff herself. She smiled, “That’s right, come at me …..”


When the halberd fell, it was reflected right back at Chun Shen Jun, dealing 5272 damage. Extremely happy, Matcha also raised her shield and rushed forward to stand in front of Wan Er. She activated [Heavenly Shield Wall] and blocked Chun Shen Jun’s third attack. Matcha was a Knight with over ten thousand health, there was no way to kill her, especially with [Heavenly Shield Wall].

At this point, my health was full again. I activated [Blade Spin], letting it cut through Chun Shen Jun’s body six times. Finally, I had dragged the aggro back to myself. I raised my hand, and grabbed the spinning Cold Iron Sword. With both swords, I began to hack at the BOSS, and blood began seeping out of his wounds. The scene was too gruesome to look at.


Like this, after 15 minutes, Chun Shen Jun only had 50% of his health left. With a great sweep of his halberd, he yelled out, “[Betraying Tactics]!”


A crimson glow fell onto Wan Er’s head. At that moment, the beautiful little miss widened her eyes at me,


In the next moment, Wan Er’s pupils suddenly turned red, and she picked up her Dragon’s Kiss and rushed at me. She activated [Chain Attack], and threw one slash after another right onto my Magic Spite Armor.

“Wan Er, are you crazy?!”

I immediately retreated, and I raised my Cold Iron Sword and Emperor Qin’s Sword to block. “Keng Keng Keng” I blocked the first three attacks, but the last four I had to take head on. In the blink of an eye, I lost 7000+ health!


Wan Er suddenly stopped, and noticed that she was attacking me, “I…. what happened?”

Matcha yelled out, “It’s the [Betraying Tactics] skill. It can make one one of us attack another one of us….”

Wan Er’s face turned pale, “Such a shameless attack. If I were to accidentally kill Xiao Yao, that bastard wouldn’t talk to me again for a month!”

Dong Cheng smiled as she shot icicles, “Xiao Yao wouldn’t be that petty…. that, don’t save your God Army Cards, use [Black Tortoise Realm] so you can decrease the BOSS’s movements. It’s starting to get hard to kill this guy!”


I waved my hand, and [Black Tortoise Realm] appeared in the great hall. Chun Shen Jun’s movements momentarily slowed down. Like this, our pressure decreased quite a bit.

No long after, Chun Shen Jun raised his halberd again and roared out, “Where dem hotties at?”

“Shua shua shua!”

Three incredibly beautiful women descended from the sky, and floated around Chun Shen Jun like mirages. They began to dance in the air. This was the [Dance of the Beauties] skill. It increases all of the enemies’ stats by 15%. Tsk tsk, good skill…..

Luckily, Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring had been constantly healing me. Especially with the new fourth advancement skill, [Grip of Compassion], I was even more invincible. With every level of the skill, it adds another 700 health to the heal. The two girls both had Lv 7 skills, and so they could heal at least 4900. In addition, they had buffs from their equipment, and so one [Grip of Compassion] was more than 7000 health. It was basically for all those close combat players that had over 10,000 health. On top of that, they also had a skill called [Purification] that took away all harmful debuffs and also recovered 30% of the target’s health. It was pretty good. The only problem was that these two skills had really long cooldowns. Once the battle gets too close, they wouldn’t be able to keep up.


As we slowly endured the battle, we finally were able to bring Chun Shen Jun’s health to 10%. Just as we expected, the fourth skill appeared —— [Three Thousand Elders]!

Chun Shen Jun raised his halberd and roared out, “Sleeping talents, your sleep has come to an end. Wake up and rise from hell to follow your leader to battle on this earth!”


With a low grown, Chun Shen Jun couldn’t say anymore because Wan Er used [Gouge] and stunned him. It had interrupted the attack!

I almost laughed out. Instead, I continued my attack.

Less than a minute later, Chun Shen Jun tried to cast the skill again, but was stunned by Wan Er once again and was interrupted again….

And like that, all the way to the end, Chun Shen Jun gave out a cry, and fell to the ground. A little regrettably, we never saw what the [Three Thousand Elders] skill looked like…..


“Ka Cha!”

I cut off the ghost’s head and gave it to the female ghost behind me. Mistress Li cried as she hugged Chun Shen Jun’s head and reluctantly said, “If you hadn’t given me off to some other person, how else would I hate you…..”


The quest was finished and we got the experience from it. Li Mu, Song Han and Dancing Forest all leveled up.

I then moved Chun Shen Jun’s corpse away and looked at the equipment. He dropped a total of 4 pieces. As expected, there was at least one Valkyrie Tier one. My 157 points of charm wasn’t for nothing!

There was a round crimson helmet, a dagger as sharp as a tooth, a ring and a crimson chain. I decided to first look at the helmet’s stats. With a wave, the stats appeared in the air——

[Raid Helmet] (Valkyrie Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 550

Strength: +72

Stamina: +71

Agility: +65

Additional: Increases the user’s attack by 11%

Additional: Increases the user’s health by 1200

Additional: Increases the user’s 21% Magic Defense

Required level: 80


I raised the helmet, I said, “My Magic Dragon’s Helmet is a Saint Tier equipment, so I don’t need it. Li Mu, Matcha, who wants this helmet?”

Li Mu clapped his hands, then touched his chin and said nothing.

Matcha grinned, “It’s alright. I’m already a 10,000 health Knight. My defense is just a little bit low. Why don’t you give it to Li Mu. I’ll just wait. Maybe later on, I’ll get something better.”


After that, I tossed it to Li Mu and he immediately put it on, and didn’t even take away the helmet’s glow. Like this, he wore the crimson helmet and grabbed Little Wolf, “Little Wolf, am I handsome?”

Little Wolf didn’t say anything.

Dancing Forest smiled, “A big pan face plus a red spittoon, what a perfect match.”

Li Mu’s face turned green, and he silently took away the helmet’s glow.

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