Zhan Long

Chapter 422

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Chapter 422 The Strength of Absolute Power


As I looked at Ou Yang Chuan kneeling on the car roof, I immediately leapt into action. I stepped onto the gas peddle, “Go die!”

However, I did not expect Ou Yang Chuan’s malicious face to be staring back at me. He abruptly raised his arm and his palm filled with a crimson flare as he punched right through the car hood!


With a loud sound, the Audi TT suddenly stopped moving. Closely afterwards, Ou Yang Chuan roared in anger as his arm became completely surrounded in flames. Just like that, he managed to pull the car’s engine out. Even though the wheels were still turning, without the engine it could only roll to a stop. Then, “Peng!” it exploded.

The moment the car stopped, I immediately opened my palm, and began to gather my Qi. I burst the right car door open, and with a loud voice, I told Wan Er, “Quick, get out of the car! The further you hide, the better!”

However, I myself did not get out of the car. I slammed a palm into the car seat, and my Qi began to move throughout my body as I crashed through the front window. I began swinging my fists, throwing a punch at Ou Yang Chuan’s abdomen.

Ou Yang Chuan didn’t make any attempt to dodge. All he did was smile, and a 30 cm radius circle of Yang Yan energy suddenly appeared from his stomach. This was the legendary Yang Yan Armor. It used life energy, and condensed it into a sheet of armor to protect the user from receiving any damage.


A heat wave was reflected back at me as my punch went into Ou Yang Chuan’s abdomen. My fist had gone numb from the impact, and caused Ou Yang Chuan to fly backwards. He lightly landed on his feet and smiled, “Well you bastard, you truly do have a few tricks. No wonder Lin Tian Nan would let you protect his little girl. Too bad, you have to die here today because there’s someone here that wants your life!”

Raising both of his arms, Ou Yang Chuan’s sleeves were burnt away. As he crossed his arms, and made a stance, the Qi in his body suddenly exploded. His entire body seemed to fly at me like lightning, and used two knife hands to throw energy waves right at me!

Against such a strong attack, I couldn’t bluff any longer. I raised my arms in front of my chest, and began to gather my qi as I used Royal Air level strength to block a higher level Yang Yan attack!

“Peng peng!”

I wasn’t even able to block the first attack, and the second attack slammed into my shoulder. With an enormous force, it shattered my shoulder blade. And right as Ou Yang Chuan’s attack hit me, I lost my balance. My Qi began gathering in my right thigh, and I abruptly kicked at Ou Yang Chuan. It was Flying Swordplay’s first strike.


Unprepared, I connected my kick on Ou Yang Chuan’s left side of his chest and he was forced to retreat several steps. I, on the other hand, slid backwards on the stone floor from the enormous impact. I felt as though my shoulder had cracked. Miserably, I sat up on the grass bushes. I shook my arm, making the remnant flame energy fall into the grass.

“Li Xiao Yao…..!!”

Wan Er’s eyes immediately turned red. She ran up to me, and suddenly spread out her arms to block for me. Teary-eyed, she shouted at Ou Yang Chuan, “You bastard! You’ll have to go through me first to kill him….”

Ou Yang Chuan softly said, “Get out of the way little miss Lin. I can’t deal with you….”

Wan Er continued to kneel in front of me. The night breeze blew across the area, and her dress fluttered up. In the light of the fire, it was a beautiful sight beyond compare. She looked at Ou Yang Chuan without the slightest bit of fear and cried out, “You get out of the way. You…. you leave…..”

I miserably crawled up from my spot in the grass, and reached out to Wan Er’s fragrant shoulder and softly groaned, “Wan Er, leave this place. Don’t become my burden…. Hurry on to the street. The more people, the safer you will be. Go call your dad, and tell him to send out some people to protect you. Ou Yang Chuan’s target is me. Hurry up and leave! Don’t make me worry about you and be a good girl…..”

Wan Er was unwilling. Without looking back, she cried, “I don’t want to. Even if it means I’ll die, I still want to be with you. I…. I can’t run away on my own… I don’t want to!!”

I felt a stab of pain in my heart, “Don’t make me feel guilty. If you’re here, then we’ll all die. Go call for some people. Maybe I’ll survive until then. Believe in me, I’ll last until you come back. Don’t waste our time. Hurry up and go. Don’t make me think of you as a stupid little girl….”

Wan Er wiped away her tears, then looked back at my injuries. She then turned around, and ran out of the parking lot.



Flames began to rise. Ou Yang Chuan’s martial arts consists of splitting and then bringing the energy back together. It wasn’t part of any specific school, and yet he was able to beat me to the point where I had no way of counterattacking solely by relying on his Yang Yan energy. However, Ou Yang Chuan was too overconfident this time, and didn’t even try to hide his aura, making it easy for me to use my control over energy.

I slammed a hand against the ground, and flipped up into the air.


Behind me, a giant stone suddenly shattered. Ou Yang Chuan’s attack didn’t connect. He immediately chased after me again, his body high up in the sky, and his left leg started to slightly bend. He was getting ready to drop a kick!

My arms withstood the pressure from above, but it felt as if they were melting. The second my defense fell apart, Ou Yang Chuan kicked me straight in the chest. I heard a “Ka Cha” as my rib cage broke in two. It was incredibly painful.

I forcefully changed my fist to a Palm strike as a whirlwind encircled it. I endured the pain, and swept my left palm past Ou Yang Chuan’s ankle while my right palm struck the Ji Men point* on his right leg. The strike went into his muscles’ deepest layers. Simultaneously, I dropped to the ground, and raised my left leg. With a “Peng” sound, I kicked Ou Yang Chuan’s back and sent him tumbling away.
TLN: An acupuncture point. Somewhere on the inner thigh.


Embarrassingly, Ou Yang Chuan tumbled several meters. His right leg shuddered until he could not stand firmly while a shocked expression dawned on his face, “What an accurate technique. F*ck! Punk, what’s your relationship with Lin Cheng? This is the Artery Breaking Palm Technique, I have only seen it from him!”

I breathed heavily while the blood on my shoulder had already seeped through my shirt. Almost more than half of my half shirt was dyed by the fresh blood. In addition, due to the string of attacks, my strength decreased drastically. I responded calmly, “Lin Cheng is my teacher. Do you know him?”

A terrifying smile formed at the corner of Ou Yang Chuan’s mouth as he answered, “So you are the old man’s apprentice. I thought an unrestrained lad like him would never take an apprentice. I can tell he must have taught you the Break Artery Palm Technique. He must have really liked you as his apprentice. I will kill you today, and take your life as revenge for what he did years ago!”

He still wasn’t giving up easily…..

I felt a cold tingly sensation in my heart as I panted, while continuing to concentrate on the intensity of the energy inside my body. I must hang on until Lin Tian Nan brings people back here, otherwise I would definitely die here.


Ou Yang Chuan stood silently on the grass. Suddenly sparks of fire flew up from his palm as he asked, “How is it? Are you prepared to die?”

I remained quiet while surrounding my fist with more energy.


The smoke from the flames was very terrifying. I sent him a palm of energy. A strike like that could blast Tang Qi away like he was a clay oxen plunging into the sea. But before the power of the Yang Yan level, my strike vanished. Ou Yang Chuan opened his palm, and grasped my throat.

With no hesitation, I drew out an army knife with my right hand, and slashed towards Ou Yang Chuan’s neck with lightning speed!


Unexpectedly, Ou Yang Chuan’s right hand suddenly appeared, and grabbed the army knife, melting it in an instant!

My throat was under his control; I gnashed my teeth, and released the knife handle to grab Ou Yang Chuan’s neck while I smacked his forehead hard once with my head!


Feeling dizzy, Ou Yang Chuan released me, and staggered several steps backwards. Even though he was a powerful master with Yang Yan level strength, he was still very old. He would definitely suffer slightly if he had a physical fight with me!

As my left hand skimmed past my waist, I grabbed my M9 pistol. In a flash, I had loaded and c*cked my gun. At close range, I fired continuously towards Ou Yang Chuan’s body, making, “Bang Bang Bang” sounds, and instantly emptying 15 bullets.

Ou Yang Chuan’s body trembled tremendously, yet every wound on his body was under the protection of the Yang Yan Energy. These wounds only caused pain but no harm. The Nano bullets actually couldn’t go through his protective flow of air. How strong is the power of a Yang Yan level expert?!


In a big stride Ou Yang Chuan went forward and lifted his palms. He smashed my chest as a “Peng” sound resounded. I immediately tasted sweetness in my throat and spat out blood. My whole body crashed onto a Benz like a cannonball as police sirens started blaring while the Benz almost broke in half. I had no strength left, and a burning pain spread to every part of my body. Every strike that came from Ou Yang Chuan not only wounded me, but even sent his energy into my body, causing substantial “internal damage.”


As I stood up slowly, I raised my hand, and pulled out another military knife. I panted loudly and glared at Ou Yang Chuan as my eyes showed no signs of giving in. I exclaimed slowly and distinctly, “You’d best kill me today, otherwise each time you humiliate me, it will only serve to make me stronger!”


Ou Yang Chuan’s arms were suffused with flames as he walked step by step towards me with a sinister smile, “I admit you are an especially gifted one, the likes of which is rarely seen. Unfortunately, you have provoked someone you shouldn’t provoke, so you must die today!”

My body trembled involuntarily. With my left hand, I infused the remaining strength of my whole body into the army knife, and a flow of air encircled the sharp blade. This will be my deadliest strike!


Ou Yang Chuan came up towards me, and struck my chest with his metal fist!


Under the heavy blow, my shirt was almost burned in an instant. I broke a few of my ribs again. As the severe pain coursed through my body, I waved my left arm forcefully, and the military knife swept past Ou Yang Chuan’s chest!


Fresh blood splattered. Without his Yang Yan Shield condensed, his chest was sliced. I cut a deep wound measuring at least 30 centimeters. Unfortunately, my strength was greatly reduced, thus I could only cut that deep. Otherwise, I would have definitely cut his heart in two!



Feeling the pain, Ou Yang Chuan backed away, and hastily took a deep breath to heal the wound.

At this time, flashes of light suddenly beamed before my eyes, and a few cars drove here speedily. Next, a group of special forces got out of the cars, and pointed their guns at Ou Yang Chuan. I could hear the guns being loaded and c*cked.

Lin Tian Nan walked out of the crowd and spoke calmly, “Ou Yang Chuan, I respect you as a senior, so don’t force things into an impasse!”

As soon as Wan Er saw my battered appearance, tears burst out of her eyes as she uttered, “Li Xiao Yao……”

Facing the aim of about one hundred special force members, a sneer still formed on the corner of Ou Yang Chuan’s mouth as he said, “Lin Tian Nan, You know that if I wanted to kill you or anyone beside you, no one can stop me. Even Li Xiao Yao was not able to compete against me. You guys are nothing to me. However……I do not want to be hounded anymore. This will be it. Don’t screw around with Blood Scythe, otherwise there will be consequences.

With his hands folded behind his back, Ou Yang Chuan leapt up and disappeared into the night sky.

Lin Tian Nan clenched his fists and muttered, “This son of a bitch……”


From afar, Wan Er rushed towards me, and helped me up. As her eyes overflowed with tears, she exclaimed while crying, “How are you? Are you alright? Don’t scare me……”

I only felt a tremendous pain in my chest while my vision began to blur. Holding onto Wan Er’s soft and smooth hand, I squeezed a smile out, “Wan Er, I am alright. I won’t die……”


The moment I finished those words, a sense of drowsiness overcame me and I felt dizzy as I lost consciousness. I had no knowledge of the events that happened after I had fainted.

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