Zhan Long

Chapter 412

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Chapter 412:Guardian of Dragon City

I was secretly shocked: the City War actually caused such a thing to happen? After his battle with Jiu Li City, Luo Lei will rely heavily on his son, Luo Lin. And, because of Luo Lin, he will have to value and depend on Dragon City. With the full support of Ba Huang City, Dragon City will be recruiting soldiers and purchasing horses. It will no longer be difficult for Dragon City to develop its strength and ability. It would seem that that besides Jiu Li City, Ba Huang City and Fan Shu City, the three main cities in the China Server, Dragon City will also be rising rapidly.

This is good. As I am an occupant of Dragon City, this should definitely count as a blessing for me.

Under the command of Luo Lei, the four blood red Military Seals were placed in Luo Lin’s hands. Holding the Military Seals, Luo Lin’s shoulder trembled slightly as tears filled his eyes. He then spoke in a choking voice, “Dragon City…….is finally saved. I……I can finally have the warriors of Dragon City battle the terrifying monsters without making our city suffer from hunger…….”

Luo Lei’s face was filled with a gracious smile, “Alright already. Fort Zi Feng is already ours. Let’s just settle it like this, and withdraw our troops. The story of Ba Huang City’s strength will travel across [Destiny]!”

Luo Lin nodded heavily and answered, “Yes!”

As he was saying this, Luo Lin turned around and said with a deep voice, “All Dragon City generals and soldiers, prepare yourselves immediately. Take the corpses of our fellow companions back to our city. We shall bury these warriors that battled courageously beside the Dragon Grave!”

The vice commander of the Dragon Knights Su Ke raised his battle axe, “Yes my King!”

Da Lin held his chains and asked, “My king, seeing as Ba Huang City has give us a vast space to help feed our Dragon City soldiers, should my job change?”

Luo Lin wryly smiled, “Yes it should. The Lord Da Lin will become Dragon City’s Patrol Commander. However, as you are patrolling you will still need to hunt some big animals for rations as the rations we are getting from Ba Huang City are still just vegetables. Dragon City is a frozen environment, and we need large amounts of meat to help us stay warm through the long winter days.”

Da Lin nodded, “Yes, my king!”

As a group of Dragon City’s men were about to leave, I hurriedly went after them.

Frost turned around, her eyes smiling, “What’s wrong?”

I patted my chest and said, “I am already Lv 80 which is strong enough. I want to challenge a class of a higher level. Frost. What do you think?”


Frost stared into my eyes, then smiled, “You are one of the Dragon City Night Watch, but based on your current strength, that title is a bit unbecoming of you. How about this, I’ll ask Lord Luo Lin, maybe he will give you a higher ranked job?”

“Yes. Alright!”

And so, Frost walked forward, and uttered a few words to Luo Lin before she turned to look at me with an extremely beautiful smile on her face. She then said to me, “Lord Luo Lin has decided that based on your impressive performance in this City War, you shall be allowed to join Dragon City’s defensive battle formation. The main responsibility of this formation is to defend Dragon City. For now, in all of Dragon City, there are 700+ warriors which are called ‘Guardians of Dragon City’ by us. Are you willing to join the Guardians of Dragon City, and be a member of the defense force?”

I nodded, “Yes, I want to!”

Frost lightly laughed, “Alright, I got it. There’s still too much work for me to do in Dragon City today. I won’t have time until tomorrow to conduct the ceremony for you. How about this, come find me in Dragon City tomorrow. On top of that, prepare 10,000G, 1000 pounds of wild boar meat, and 1000 pounds of wild pheasant meat. Consider that an adventurer’s tribute to Dragon City. With these, I’ll be able to raise your rank!”

I was at a loss for words, “This…isn’t it enough to just have some gold? Why do I also need to bring this boar meat and bird meat….”

Frost let out a laugh, then in a low voice, “Because Dragon City’s low on supplies. With the Unsullied, we are over the 3000 person limit. Every day, we eat more than 2000 pounds of meat. Therefore, Lord Luo Lin and I believe that for an adventurer to join Dragon City’s highest ranks, they must bring some meat with them….”

I was slightly speechless as I replied, “Okay, I got it. I will bring enough meat and gold coins tomorrow. ”

“Yes, I will be waiting for you!”


I watched my beautiful teacher leave Fort Zi Feng with the generals of the Dragon City. The time for me to log off was almost here, as otherwise the system will force me to sign out. Glancing at my friend list, I noticed that Miss Cang Tong was still online, and so I sent her a message——

“Wan Er, you’re still online? When will the Fan Shu City War be finished?”

Wan Er quickly responded, “This is the last BOSS. The City War will probably finish in 30 minutes or so! Hehe, congratulations to you! I saw the final rankings for the Ba Huang City, Jiu Li City War. You’re the MVP! Even though I don’t know why you didn’t get the Citadel Guarding Decree, there must be some hidden reason. Either way, congratulations to you! I also heard that you killed Fang Ge Que!”

I opened the voice system and replied, “Yeah! I was lucky. Wan Er, I also saw the points ranking in Fan Shu City, and you are the second place. You were only around 5% lower than Q-Sword. Keep it up! Take first place!”

Wan Er’s voice was a bit annoyed, “Wu wu, what do you take me for? Q-Sword has so many AOE skills, while I….. I’m just some unknown Assassin. Even that melon has a skill like [Grip of the Firefox]. It’s hard for me to get points. In this battle, I was basically used as a soldier. I killed a bunch of BOSS-es, how else would I get so many points….”

“Alright alright, keep up the good work then! I’ll wait for you offline. After that, we’ll eat something together, and get a good night’s rest. After that 48 hour long ordeal, I haven’t had a good night’s rest in a long time.”

“Ok. I’ll call you when I log off.”


I signed out. The moment I took off my helmet, I felt as if I had been reborn. I took a deep breath of the fresh air. The sun outside the window was nice and bright and the warmth during late autumn makes people lazy. I really want have a good sleep. However, I still had to wait a while as my stomach growled. I must feed myself before I could get a good sleep.

After getting up from my bed, I took a quick rinse, and changed into a clean set of clothes. I leaned against the edge of the bed and closed my eyes. I slowly let my Yi Hai reach around my surroundings. Everything in my Yi Hai seemed extremely clear. In that short 48 hours, it felt like my Yi Hai had improved in leaps and bounds. I slowly expanded it to 500 meters, and felt the aura of a top level Royal Air expert. I immediately knew that it was Tang Qi. I expanded further out to four kilometers out and felt the breathing of five other Royal Air beginners; it came from the Guardians’ headquarters. As Wang Xin had said, the Guardians can’t just be made up of only myself. Hangzhou is so big, and there’s so many Artificials here, we need to rely on above average people to deal with our extra special enemy.

Unfortunately, these five people were all beginners in Royal Air, and had no idea of how to control their aura. They didn’t even try to control the amount of aura they were leaking. Once they face people stronger than them, they would fall entirely under the control of others.

As I continued to reach out with my Yi Hai, I suddenly felt my entire body jerk. There was another unnaturally strong aura. It’s a top level Royal Air…. No, maybe even stronger than that, because once my Yi Hai noticed it, the aura suddenly decreased a lot. The other person must have noticed me. This level of training was definitely not below my own!

I made sure of the direction of the aura. It was South East, 11 kilometers away, the Shang Cheng District?

Gritting my teeth, I opened my eyes and withdrew from Yi Hai. I cannot deliberately provoke this aura. A person with such training would either be a talented newbie or an experienced old practitioner. These two kind of people should not be provoked easily. Plus, the thing that worries me the most was not the aura. But if this person was of the Yang Yan tier, then what should I do?”

There was an entire tier of difference between us. A strong Yang Yan tier person could easily kill me, and there was no exaggeration whatsoever in that.

I should be less nosy, and obediently play games with the little miss, and protect her… I silently said that to myself. After a while, my phone rang. It was Wan Er——

“Li Xiao Yao, Dong Cheng and I have logged off the game. Hurry on over and let’s eat some lunch!”


After hanging up, I quietly left through the door*. By the time I reached the girl’s dorm, Tang Qi was already there, and the two girls were gracefully stepping down the stairs of the girls dorm.
editor note:he’s too used to entering and leaving through other means

“Li Xiao Yao, not bad! You obtained the MVP of Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City.Tsk.Tsk. Even Fang Ge Que got killed by you. Are you trying to shock everyone?” Tang Qi smiled and said.

I shot him a glance, “How was Fan Shu City?”

Wan Er walked up to me with a smile, “Q-Sword got MVP and the Citadel Guarding Decree. I got second, Dong Cheng got third and Death’s Contract got fourth. That was basically it…

I smiled, “Wan Er, what did you get?”

“A Valkyrie Tier leather helmet and 15 charm……” Wan Er answered gloomily. Frustration filled her beautiful eyes as she continued speaking, “While the MVP reward was actually a Saint Tier item. Sniff Sniff. This is unfair……”

Seeing the beautiful little miss trying to act cute, I was at an even greater loss for words. I tugged her sleeve, “Let’s go and eat. Once we finish eating a meal, we’ll forget about all of the bad things that have happened. Wan Er, when you have time, stop by Ba Huang City. I have a present for you…..”


Wan Er blinked a few times, “What present? Hehe, it must be a treasure…..”

I nodded, “Yup. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. Think of it as a gift for when you join Zhan Long…..”

“Alright already. It isn’t too precious is it? Otherwise, I’ll be a little embarrassed for having received it…”

“It’s fine, you even gave me the Cold Iron Sword….”

“Alright then, let’s go and eat….”


After accompanying the two beauties for a meal, I immediately returned to my dorm, and slept for a restful 9 hours. As I awoke to the sound of my alarm, I picked up my phone, and noticed that I got a notification. It was notifying me of a change in the CBN rankings. After that city war, there was a small change in the CBN rankings——

1. Fang Ge Que

2. Q-sword

3. Little Demon

4. Bai Li Ruo Feng

5. Jian Feng Han

6. Cang Tong

7. Mu Xuan

8. Simple

9. Ye Lai

10. Yan Zhao Warrior

11. Death’s Contract

12. Wild Beauty

13. The Seventh Tang

14. Lu Chun Yang

15. Xiao Yao Zi Zai

16. Xuan Yuan Feng

17. Yue Qing Qian

18. Cang Yue

19. Quick Thunder Swift Wind

20. General Li Mu

I rose from 17th place to 15th. Qing Qian and Dong Cheng also moved up 1 or 2 places. Also, General Li Mu had finally fought his way into the top 20 on CBN Battlenet rankings.

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