Zhan Long

Chapter 372

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Chapter 372 Time for City Wars

“City War?” I hung up the phone, puzzled by the news.

Wan Er took out her phone and checked [Destiny]’s official website. She then grinned, “Yeah, the City War system had just been implemented. Actually……it’s two main cities dispatching troops to attack a citadel and the winner receives a generous reward. Also, the assisting players will receive a generous reward. It’s probably similar to the battle at the [City of the Ancients]……”

I looked at the starting time – the city war was set to begin at noon tomorrow. All the details of the event were clearly stated on the website.

[War of the Cities]:

1. A citadel will spawn between two main cities. Within the citadel will be neutral guard NPCs. The two main cities will dispatch 50% or more of their forces to commence an attack.

2. The players can assist in the attack and a certain amount of City War points will be awarded when they kill the NPCs or players of the opposing factions. When this event ends, the points can be exchanged for a generous amount of experience points. Based on these points, the top 1000 players will receive additional rewards.

3. When the City War ends, more than 80% of the NPCs that were killed will be resurrected, however, BOSS level NPCs cannot be resurrected

4. After entering the range of the citadel, once a player dies, they will not be able to revive. The City War will continue for 48 hours and the person that obtains the Citadel Guarding Decree at the end will receive sovereignty over the citadel and the citadel’s BUFF.

5. The Chinese server will spawn two citadels, “Fort Zi Feng” and “Fort Yuan Ling”. The two cities, Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City, will battle for Fort Zi feng while the other two forces, Fan Shu City and the Tribe of Giants, will battle for Fort Yuan Ling.

After reading the introduction, I took a deep breath and said, “Looks like the Chinese server’s main city battle has already begun. There will be a bloody battle between Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City!”

Wan Er chuckled, “Too bad, Dong Cheng and I are in Fan Shu City, so we can’t go over to help you. [Zhan Long] has to do its best! Your opponent is Jiu Li City, there is a countless number of big guilds, like [Legend], [House of Prestige] and [Judgement]. The pressure on Ba Huang City is extremely heavy. On top of that, losing the War of the Cities would mean giving away a bunch of wonderful opportunities to the opponent……”

I laughed out, “Don’t worry, I’ll do my best. Ba Huang isn’t that weak either, we have [Vanguard], [Prague] and our [Zhan Long]. On top of that, the new power – [Enemies at the Gate] – is more or less enough to trip Jiu Li City up a little.”

Dong Cheng swiped her phone screen a few times, then suddenly exclaimed, “Xiao Yao…. Jiu Li City, those assholes, are just too arrogant! They’ve already declared battle against [Zhan Long?!”

Puzzled, I asked, “What’s the situation?”

Dong Cheng showed me her phone screen, unsurprisingly it was one of the hottest threads on the forum——

[Declaration of Battle]: Ba Huang City’s [Zhan Long], are you prepared to die? (Owner: Bai Li Ruo Feng)

[Content]: Just today, you, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, PK-ed our [House of Prestige]’s Vice Guild Master and a dozen of our brothers. On top of that, you took the Diving Dragon Slaying Arms that Quick Thunder Swift Wind dropped. [House of Prestige] will remember this. We weren’t planning on exacting revenge so quickly, but this City War has given us a big opportunity. That is the way it is, there’s nothing more to explain; you should prepare for battle, Xiao Yao Zi Zai. At this City Battle, [House of Prestige] will massacre [Zhan Long], just you wait!


Wan Er rubbed her eyebrows, “This Bai Li Ruo Feng…isn’t he acting a little too aggressive? That [House of Prestige], do they actually think they’re one of the three supreme guilds or something?”

Dong Cheng pursed her lips, “Hm, for them to declare battle against [Zhan Long] like that, must mean that they’re really confident. They even said something like there’s nothing to explain…. Pei….”

I made a fist and smiled, “I wasn’t planning on doing any explaining either. I don’t care if Bai Li Ruo Feng is a good person or not, and I don’t care if [House of Prestige] is a super guild or not, all that matters is the result of the battle. Bullsh*t. After doing something like PKing in the wild, then advocating a false justice, who else would I beat up if not a guild like that!”

“How many people are in [Zhan Long] right now? I heard that…. that there are over 20,000 members of [House of Prestige] online…..” Wan Er worriedly asked.

“We have around 6000 members, and around 90% of them can be online for guild events, which means there will be at least 5000+ of [Zhan Long]’s guild members.” I pondered for a second, then revealed an optimistic smile, “Just enough to win the battle, right?”

Wan Er rubbed her lips in thought, “Still need some reinforcement…..”

Dong Cheng looked at her phone and smiled, “Look at the replies. I feel like [Zhan Long] still has a chance in the coming fight. Xiao Yao Zi Zai is pretty popular in Ba Huang City and while his enemies are numerous, so are his allies. On top of that, most of his friends are second-rate hot-blooded fellows who are more valiant than that kind of two-faced uncle….”

Everyone looked at the responses. As expected, there were quite a few people who supported me.

[Second Post/Comment (Player Han Bei Song)]: Heh Heh, Bai Li Ruo Feng, you sure talk big. You actually want to massacre [Zhan Long] during the City War? May I ask if [House of Prestige] suddenly developed the right to massacre [Zhan Long]? Do you guys really think there’s no one else in Ba Huang City? What do you see [Zhan Long]’s allies as? Talking about slaughtering [Zhan Long] in our presence, do you think we are decorations?

[Third Post/Comment (Player Moonlight Lover)]: Humph! Xiao Yao Zi Zai actually dared to kill our ViceGuildmaster Quick Thunder Swift Wind in a Fan Shu City map. It’s rare to see someone as immoral as you are!

[Fourth Post/Comment (Player Honest Feather)]: Yup, Yup. Big brother Quick Thunder Swift Wind is a very kind person that always stays up late to take us out for training. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, that asshole, is really not anything good. To think that he would actually make Quick Thunder Swift Wind drop his Divine Dragon Slaying Arms. So shameless!

[Fifth Post/Comment (Player Yue Qing Qian)]: I would like to ask, are the brains of the third and fourth commenters up their asses? With which eye did you two see my Brother Xiao Yao PK maliciously? It’s alright if you defend your Quick Thunder Swift Wind, but don’t slander my Brother Xiao Yao!

[Sixth Post/Comment (Player Yan Zhao Warrior)]: I’m just here to watch the young un’s fight and I am only going to say a few words. There must be a reason as to why Xiao Yao Zi Zai attacked Quick Thunder Swift Wind. From my understanding of him, he’s definitely not a person who would hurt someone without a reason. In addition, did Jiu Li City ask for [Prague]’s permission when they announced the massacre of Ba Huang City’s major guild?

[Seventh Post/Comment (Player Misty Cloud)]: Massacre [Zhan Long]? This is the funniest joke I have heard today. You, [House of Prestige] want to massacre [Zhan Long], did you guys ask for the permission of the 15000 members of [Enemies At The Gate]?

[Eighth Post/Comment (Player Goodbye Tears)]: Woah, so many famous people are commenting. I’m just a nonentity passing by. By the way, although [Vanguard] isn’t allied with [Zhan Long], they are still a guild in Ba Huang City. If [House of Prestige] is saying that they are going to massacre [Zhan Long] then they are looking down on [Vanguard] as well! Die!

[Ninth Post/Comment (Player Ye Lai)]: Albeit not really understanding this, I have a feeling that the owner of this thread is really powerful. I, Ye Lai, hereby declare that although I am a player of Jiu Li City, [Judgement] will absolutely not help the [House of Prestige] slaughter [Zhan Long]. Unless [Zhan Long] seizes Fort Zi Feng, [Judgement] will never attack an allied friend. This is my position!

[Tenth Post/Comment (Player Don’t Be Foolish)]: All Hail Fatty Ye!

[Eleventh Post (Player Ye Lai)]: Poster/Commenter above, F*ck off. I am going to slash you to death if you dare to come to Jiu Li City!


“Look……” Dong Cheng Smiled sweetly, “you still have quite a lot of supporters in Ba Huang City. Whether it’s our alliances or the guilds that declared war, my only worry is [Legends]. They have too many members and a lot of high skilled players…… Fang Ge Que is like a nuke in large-scale group battles. With the wave of his hand, one of his spells can take out a bunch of elite players……”

Wan Er uncontrollably gave a slight smile, “Dong Cheng, you really underestimated our Li Xiao Yao. If Fang Ge Que is the nuke, then Li Xiao Yao is the nuke killer. As long as he forces Fang Ge Que to use up his three [Dimensional Leaps] then Fang Ge Que has no other choice but to die. Plus, with Healers, Fang Ge Que can’t instantly kill Xiao Yao, while Xiao Yao can almost kill Fang Ge Que in the blink of an eye. This is the difference between classes.

“Yeah, yeah.” Dong Cheng patted my shoulder and said, “Anyway, do your best tomorrow and fight to the death with Jiu Li City. As for us……Hmm, Wan Er and I are heading to Fort Yuan Ling to wage a life-and death battle with the giants. I don’t know if we will be stomped into mush by the giants……”

I looked at her speechlessly, “Dong Cheng, your 34C is touching me……”

Dong Cheng blushed and speedily went a step back. She grinned and asked, “How’d they feel?”

“Can I refuse to answer?” I asked with a helpless expression.

Lin Wan Er was even more speechless, “You two, that’s enough……”

Tang Qi asked, “Wan Er, are these two usually like this?”

“Yeah……” Wan Er answered with a soft smile.

Tang Qi’s face turned ashen, “Why do I feel as if I am really unnecessary here? I have a feeling that I have already become the back-up plan. I……I suddenly miss my hometown……”

Wan Er glanced at him and said, “You only understand that now? Too late……the people of Sichuan won’t miss you….”

Tang Qi was speechless as tears flowed, “I have a feeling that the whole world has abandoned me. Allow me to go wipe my tears. You guys eat first……”

It was already very late by the time we finished the late-night snacks. After sending the two ladies back to the girl’s dorm, I went back to the boy’s dorm with Tang Qi. As we were walking on the small pathway through campus, he seemed to have something to say, but hesitated a few times.

I couldn’t help but ask, “What do you want to say? Just come out with it.”

Tang Qi coughed, “Xiao Yao, I would like to ask how you manage to……to get Wan Er to like you so much and yet not feel jealous when Dong Cheng also likes you very much?”

I paused for a moment and answered softly, “I didn’t do anything intentionally. I know it’s not that Wan Er doesn’t get jealous but that she just withholds herself from saying anything. Therefore, I shall act appropriately. I only have Wan Er alone in my heart and I won’t give a response to Dong Cheng. I, Li Xiao Yao, have a small heart that can only keep one person with no space for another.”

“Then…….” Tang Qi asked, “can I pursue Dong Cheng?”

I casted a glance at him and said, “As long as Dong Cheng is happy, you can do whatever you want. However, if you ever make her unhappy, I will beat you up!”

“Okay, alright……”

I returned to the dorm and slept until the next morning. The next day, I hastily ate my lunch after class and went online to prepare for the City War!