Zhan Long

Chapter 355

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Chapter 355 Resurrect? Die!

In the midst of the blizzard, one of [Mass Burial]’s leaders, a Swordsman, froze in horror as he turned around and saw a large group of [Zhan Long] players rushing at him. He gave a shout, “Grab all the Eye-Catching Grasses you can and run for your life! [Zhan Long]’s players are here!”

Another one of [Mass Burial]’s captains gulped, “What?! Why would [Zhan Long]’s players be doing here?!”

“They’re obviously here to kill us. What? Did you think they were here to treat us to a meal or something?”

“Grab all the herbs you can carry!”

“Stop them! Hurry up and follow me!”

After killing the monsters around [Mass Burial], one of its senior members, a Lv 67 elite Knight suddenly turned. He forcefully slammed his bronze shield into the ground, casting [Heavenly Shield Wall] and sending snow everywhere. Standing his ground with his spear in his right hand, he shouted courageously, “Block them! Make time for the other groups to arrive! Someone inform the Guild Leader, the situation is dire!”

Swooping into the frontline with my Emperor Qin’s Sword, I cast [Wind Blade] and [Ice Blade] on the Knight, penetrating his [Heavenly Shield Wall] and creating a large gap in his defense. There was too much of a difference in strength. Even with his [Heavenly Shield Wall], he still could not withstand my attack.



Behind me, Yue Qing Qian’s small figure sank slightly. With a wave of her hand, an image of a crimson red fox began materializing above her and suddenly a long ranged attack shot out – [Grip of the Firefox]!


Firefox flames began swirling around before flying directly at the Knight I injured before, killing him in one stroke. At the same time, Li Mu calmly waited for the third advancement Swordsmen to charge at him, then with a [Blade Rush] broke through the enemy’s front line. In that second, he shattered [Mass Burial]’s defense formation. With a wave of her hand, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands cast high-level spells one after another. In the blizzard, Dancing Forest notched a few arrows, firing a [Meteor Shot] that rained down on [Mass Burial] members.

I summoned my Flaming Tiger God and sent him to the front lines. My Emperor Qin’s Sword had already killed 11 people, the [Kill for Blood] had already stacked my attack by 11%. With the combined strength of Old K, Song Han, and sister Matcha rushing upon [Mass Burial]’s positions, [Mass Burial] turned into a grave site within the blink of an eye.

In less than 3 minutes the number of [Mass Burial] bodies that lay at our feet was more than 150 whereas we had suffered no more than 100 in casualties. It was evident that there was a great disparity in strength between [Zhan Long] and [Mass Burial]!



In the midst of the battle, Not Ordinary raised his axe and shouted, “Return it in blood! They came with only a few people, only around 700-800! We still stand a chance. Healers, revive those brothers who have fallen in battle! Hurry up! Right now!”

“Swoosh, Swoosh Swoosh…”

Beams of light flew around me as 3 [Mass Burial] members revived. Hiding a smile, I cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash] with a wave of my hand, and the 3 immediately fell to the floor. One of the members’ leggings and breastplate had dropped. Seeing this, I became even more happy. Laughing, I taunted, “ Let them revive again. Allow them a chance to attack back! This time we’ll focus on plundering!”

My outburst infuriated Not Ordinary even more. He then furiously pointed his axe at me, “Xiao Ya Zi Zai you bastard. When have I ever provoked you?! Why are you treating [Mass Burial] like this?!”

I laughed coldly, “Have you already forgotten about what happened in the Magic Tracking Forest? Just yesterday, you camped the bodies of Wang Jiang, Rainy, and 20 other of our players, did you forget that too? I guess rich people have a terrible memory, but we of [Zhan Long] will never forget an incident like that, right now we are just returning the favor. Not Ordinary, you have done many bad deeds and you deserve to die. If you’re going to hate, then hate yourself for attacking my [Zhan Long] first!”

“Motherf*cker, you’re f*cking crazy!”

The furious Not Ordinary’s face turned purple, he grabbed the nearby deputy, and started roaring, “Today I’ll f*cking hold this fort. Message Cang Cheng, let [Hero’s Mound: First Division] bring reinforcements over, or else [Mass Burial] will be finished! Also, contact Soaring Dragon, I will agree to his conditions, and am willing to form an alliance with him, But first they have to immediately come here and support us!”

The deputy chief’s face also turned purple, “I… I got it, boss, you have to let go of me first…”

Wolf quietly snuck up behind a member of [Mass Burial] and cast a [Twin Blade Harmony], killing him off. Laughing, “Not Ordinary, you’re about to have a heart attack, Ha Ha, this unsightly show is very amusing… Brother Xiao Yao, I’ll talk with One Second Hero right now, I’ll tell him to bring over 2000 members to reinforce us. He He, even if Cang Cheng came with [Hero’s Mound] first division, we will make them kneel down before [Zhan Long] and sing!”

I nodded, “Okay!”

Amidst the blizzard, a figure carrying a sword stepped forward, it was [Mass Burial]’s chief You Yi. Pointing his finger, he loudly commanded, “12 Knights charge and block them! Healers, revive the Monks and Knights first! We need to be able to hold this position first if we are to retaliate!”

A group of 12 third advancement Knights charged over, each one throwing a [Heavenly Shield Wall] down. With the [Heavenly Shield Wall] ready, it looked like You Yi was using this group to block any further more advancements from our [Zhan Long].

My Emperor Qin’s Sword started emitting a light aura. I shouted, “Li Mu, Ran Min, come with me, Yue Qing Qian, use [Grip of the Firefox] to cover us, don’t let them strengthen their defenses further. Kill them all!”

As a Knight began charging at me with his sword raised, I did not choose to confront him. Instead, I turned sideways, and with a jostle of my shoulder, “Bang”, sent the Knight retreating several steps backwards. In terms of strength, he was not nearly my equal. With 7 stars at the tip of my sword, I cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash] upon the crowd of 12 Knights, in which 11 were hit directly. Li Mu used [Blade Rush] at the same time to get near and cast [Skyshaker Slash], instantly killing one, while Ran Min threw a [Tornado Slash] on the same crowd of Knights throwing them into the air. Further away, Yue Qing Qian cast [Grip of the Firefox], killing another 7-8 of them. [Zhan Long]’s top 4 fighters synchronized attack, completely annihilated [Mass Burial]’s squad of Knights.

“What the heck…”

You Yi’s eyes widened, “This… This cannot be? To be destroyed that quickly…”

Not Ordinary was losing his cool, “F*cker, how come [Hero Mound]’s first division still hasn’t made any movement, why aren’t they reinforcing us? What is Cang Cheng thinking?! What is his intention?”

You Yi loudly yelled, “Don’t rely on them, Cang Cheng said that [Zhan Long] has 2000+ outside of the Icy Forest Graveyard and they just received a 3000 man reinforcement. Even if [Hero’s Mound: First Division] came, they wouldn’t get anything in return. Cang Cheng is probably planning on attacking home while they’re distracted with us and bring the 3000+ men in [Hero’s Mound] to Firestone Canyon to attack [Zhan Long: First Division]……”

Not Ordinary raised his axe as his body shook in anger, “Cang Cheng that bastard is treating us like a worthless shield. He himself isn’t even coming to save us, does he even see our [Mass Burial] as allies anymore?!”

You Yi with cold eyes, “Chief, careful of what you say…”

“Hmph! Charge with me!”

Not Ordinary gripped his battle axe and rashly charged forward. “Peng!”, one of Dancing Forest’s [Scattered Shot] followed by a [Meteor Shot] penetrated his body. With another three hits, [Mass Burial]’s Guild Master was actually killed by three long ranged skills from our number one Archer!

“Pa ta…”

As Not Ordinary fell to the ground, he dropped his battle axe, it’s fire burning brightly. It was clearly not any ordinary weapon.

I hastily stretched out my hand and killed one of [Mass Burial]’s Mages who was trying to pick up the fallen axe with a [Great Realm of Desolation]. Together with my Flaming Tiger God, we began charging into the front lines. My [Seven Stars Teleportation] activated, taking me right above the battle axe. With a single slash, I cut down multiple [Mass Burial] members. I picked it up. Ce Ce, a Lv 62 Emperor Tier battle axe, not bad! I threw the axe to Ran Min while laughing, “Keep it, it’s better than your Haunted Twin Blade Battle. [Mass Burial] may be stupid, but they do seem to have some wealth!”

Ran Min equipped the newly received battle axe and laughed out loudly, “Ce Ce, This weapon that [Mass Burial] just gave me isn’t bad, I should thank them!”

“You can camp their bodies to thank them!” Li Mu added, laughing.

In less than 20 minutes, the entire map Icy Forest Graveyard was cleared, and out of the 300+ [Mass Burial] members originally there, zero were standing. I brought Yue Qing Qian, Wolf, and 500+ [Zhan Long] members with me to camp their bodies, while Ran Min and Matcha brought the rest of the members to go nearby and level. [Mass Burial]’s members must have problems with their IQ as only 10 minutes had passed and there were already 3 attempts to resurrect and come back. Too bad they would all just killed again. Only small groups of 20-30 tried to resurrect, even I can hold them off myself.

Standing in the snow, I couldn’t stop grinning as I watched one body afar just waiting to resurrect. Many of [Mass Burial]’s members had already lost 2-3 pieces of equipment. Even more pitiably, their equipment, levels and strength would definitely get cut down after this while [Zhan Long]’s battle power would only continue to increase. After this battle, our equipment will be even better and our players even stronger.

“Sha Sha…”

Li Mu carried his sword and walked over while reporting, “ Updates from Firestone Canyon, Wang Jiang brought our first division over and annihilated [Mass Burial]’s 100 men, however Wang Ze Cheng brought over [Hero Mound: First Division] and they are currently engaged in battle with Wang Jiang and their 1000+ men. He pledged to destroy [Zhan Long]’s First Division without giving up!”

I squinted my eyes, “Hmph! Wang Ze Cheng really does want to die! Since it has come to this, how about we destroy [Hero Mound]’s first division today as well?”

“How shall we destroy them?” Li Mu excitedly asked.

I grinned and said, “Flag bearer Gentle Touch will lead 1000 men to guard the corpses of [Mass Burial]. Any officer ranked above that flag bearer will follow me. We’ll take the 2000 brothers on the border to Firestone Canyon and crush Wang Ze Cheng’s [Hero’s Mound: First Division]!”


A large group of people rushed out of the Icy Forest Graveyard. Outside, One Second Hero brought a group of 2000 of [Zhan Long]’s best players to the plains and awaited for the next order. Scanning the area, I could see that each person in the mass was wearing the [Zhan Long] band on their arm. I couldn’t help but feel accomplished from this sight. This was the [Zhan Long] I had started, and today it’s where all the best players gather!


Unsheathing my Emperor Qin’s Sword and pointing it towards Firestone Canyon, “Our brothers over there are surrounded by [Hero’s Mound]. Wang Ze Cheng has vowed to annihilate them. Everyone, what do we do?”

The group all rang out at once, “Kill them all!”

Satisfied, I nodded my head, “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go kill them! Onwards!”

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