Zhan Long

Chapter 313

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Chapter 313 Capturing the Drug Lord

I looked up to find a heavily built man who looked to be about 35 years old. He had a menacing aura and a pair of lustful eyes. He was currently looking at Shen Bing’s back with desire in his eyes. In a nightclub, it was not rare to find people like this.

Shen Bing turned her body and pushed his hand off of her, “Who are you?”

The man tipsily smirked with an arrogant expression, “You don’t know me now, but you’ll get to know me. How about we be friends?”

Saying that, he creeped his hand toward her again.

Unable to bear it any longer, I blocked his hands as my brows furrowed and said, “Hey bro, she’s with someone today. I’m really sorry……”

The drunk man angrily yelled, “Kid, get out of here, who the f*ck do you think you are? You….Don’t you recognize this Brother Kun? I… I always get the women I want. Get the hell out of here!”

A youngster behind the man tried to stop him, “Brother Kun, don’t make a scene. Let’s go back to our table and try to sober up a bit first.”

However, Brother Kun shrugged him off and continued to reach his hand toward Shen Bing.

My eyes flashed as I thrust out an arm with a surge of qi. “Bang”. “Brother Kun” flew back at least 3 meters and crashed into the wall. He dropped onto the floor and started vomiting. The youngster behind him turned purple and quickly went to help, no longer daring to cause problems for us anymore.

The instant the disturbance was over, the onlookers immediately dispersed.

Shen Bing continued to laugh as she put her arms around my neck, “You’re not afraid that being impulsive might cause us problems tonight? Hehe…”

I laughed as well, “Not really. But even if it might cause us problems, I can’t just let others touch sister Shen Bing right in front of me. You’re just as important as the mission. We’re doing this in the name of justice. If you sell yourself out, then what kind of bullsh*t justice are we serving? There are some things that I will definitely not allow…”

“Good…” Shen Bing smiled sweetly and pressed her whole body against me. I could feel both of her well-developed breasts pushed tightly against me. Even though they were not that big, I practically stopped breathing from their touch. Shen Bing whispered into my ear and laughed, “This sister is starting to like you more and more. Whatever am I supposed to do?”

I glared at her and unhappily said: “Sister Shen Bing… don’t get too into it, we’re only pretending to be a couple. We’re still colleagues……”

“I know. Little brat doesn’t even want to give me space in my fantasy. Not romantic at all. Or…” Shen Bing chuckled seductively into my ears, “Or are you still thinking about Miss Lin Wan Er?”

I shuddered wordlessly.

“Wow, I was right. You’re turning all red…”

I helplessly replied, “How about we hurry up and go finish the mission…”

Shen Bing shook her head, “Don’t be impatient, the “Drug Lord’ still hasn’t arrived yet. We’ll wait until he and Dong Feng go into the private room before we move. We’ll kill two birds with one stone. Even if Wei Fan uses his influences to bail Dong Feng out afterwards, we can use the Drug Lord’s drugs as an excuse to keep him. Remember, when we enter the room, take the drugs to use as evidence of the exchange.”

“Okay, got it!”


At midnight, finally, a skinny man along with two others entered the nightclub. They looked around a bit, then went upstairs. There were some bouncers there but after exchanging some words, they went through.

“That’s the Drug Lord……”

Shen Bing’s face was red as she looked at me and laughed, “Your sister is drunk. What now?”

I gritted my teeth, “We’re on a mission right now, you’re not kidding me right? Then I’ll send you out. You can go home yourself… and I’ll finish the mission alone!”

Shen Bing chuckled, “I’m kidding, dummy. We’ll start in 10 minutes. I’ll go to the bathroom first and you come over in three minutes. We’ll meet up in the walkway toward the east side of the bathrooms.”



Ten minutes passed quickly. Shen Bing stood up and walked toward the bathroom. I drank a cup of beer, walked around a bit, rolled up my sleeves and walked to the bathroom as well.

On the east side of the bathroom. Shen Bing looked drunk, and was lying down on a sofa. On the side, a rich youngster was flirting with her.

I walked toward her and reached my hand out. Shen Bing grabbed it and stood up. She smiled at the youngster, “I’ll contact you later, handsome brother…..”

The youngster swallowed his saliva and left.

Shen Bing got closer to me and whispered, “On the right side, there’s a safety door. I’ll go upstairs first and lure the guards away. You run upstairs and go toward the southern side and you’ll see three rooms. They’ll be dealing in the middle room. You must finish this within 30 seconds. Don’t kill anyone; knock the guards out, then grab Dong Feng and the Drug Lord and jump out the window. We have someone outside waiting with the license plate A***001. Go straight to the car and leave. Got it?”

I took a deep breath, “Wow! 30 seconds to knock out 5-7 guards. On top of that, take away Dong Feng and the Drug Lord silently. Sister Shen Bing, I’m a cop, not superman…”

She looked at me meaningfully and laughed, “Hehe, and you’re a normal cop? Get ready, I’m going up to distract them. Directly kick the door open later, okay?”



Shen Bing acted drunk with a red face and went up the stairs. She held onto the handles seductively to sell herself some more. When her high heels touched the top floor, she said with a sweet feminine voice, “Hey handsome, I dropped my phone into the toilet. Come help me get it, thanks…”

“Beautiful, what are you holding in your hands then?”

“I’m talking about my other phone, my Nokia……”


The door opened and the youngster followed Shen Bing to the bathroom. I quickly ran upstairs to the middle room. I pressed against the door and could hear people talking——

“Brother Drug Lord, 400RMB a pop is too expensive. I can’t do more than 300!”

“Sigh, Boss Dong, don’t be like this. If I sell this stuff in Nanjing, I can get at least 350. If this isn’t good enough, we really can’t do this business anymore!”

“Fine then. I’ll let you sell it around here. But give me 10% of it, How about it?”




I’ve already confirmed them. Without further thought, I charged into the room with my fist covered with qi, and suddenly attacked.


The door exploded, and the guards in the room started to attack. I dodged three attacks and struck them in the back of their necks, knocking them out before they could even make a sound!

“Who is this brat!?”

An Artificial roared in anger, as fish scales appeared on his face. This was a D-Class Artificial. After confirming his target, he directly pulled out a gun!

I clearly saw the movement, so I charged towards him, disarmed the gun, and kneed him in the chest. I lifted my arms again and this time, with full force, I struck the back of his neck and he fell unconscious. Even if he was an Artificial, he would still get knocked out if I went all out!

With the gun in my hands, I turned around and kicked the Drug Lord, knocking him out. He was an ordinary person.

“Get rid of him!”

The second Artificial had already pulled out his gun and shot at me!


The gun was equipped with a silencer, but unfortunately, his aim was ordinary. I dodged the bullet and ran toward him. I gave him an upper-hook in his lower jaw; the scales all split apart, and in one hit, he was unconscious!

There was only one person left in the room: the confident Dong Feng sitting there. The three knife scars on his face quickly became covered in fish scales and he cried softly, “Who exactly are you?!”

I didn’t say anything, and instead charged at his abdomen. At the same time, I threw him over my shoulder and sent him crashing into the ground, and he lay there in a miserable state. Although he really was an Artificial, his original battle skills were only so-so. He was too inferior to possibly respond to my speed.

I grabbed a bottle of wine and poured it onto Dong Feng’s eyes. He began to yell out and couldn’t open his eyes That way, he couldn’t see who I was anymore!

I lifted him up, and repeatedly punched him until he fainted!

Looking at his face, I finally understood why he looked so familiar; he was from [Destiny]. Moreover, he was [Mass Burial]’s Vice Guild Master, Bloody Blade. That third advancement Knight was actually the nightclub’s boss!

After picking up the drugs from the table, I lifted Dong Feng and the Drug Lord with each arm, and jumped down from the second floor. I gathered revolving streams of qi beneath my feet. With a “Pa”, I landed on the floor and ran forward in the dark. There was a car parked in front of me, an Iveco van. The trunk was already open, so after I dumped the two unconscious people into the car, I quickly got in myself.

“Drive, let’s go!”

The officer’s voice was familiar; impressively enough, it was Shen Bing.

I was surprised, “Sister Shen Bing, you’re really fast……”

Shen Bing laughed, “Not as fast as you. Did you finish the mission?”


I reached into my pocket and took out the drugs and said, “They were exchanging this stuff. Is this enough evidence?

Shen Bing laughed, “Yeah, this is enough. This time Dong Feng and the Drug Lord will be forced to face the consequences. Even if Wei Fan tries, he probably won’t be able to bail them out this time!”

I nodded, “Also Dong Feng might have seen my face, So… My identity might be exposed. What do we do?”

“Uh… Be a bit more careful then?”

Shen Bing commanded the driver, “Little Hai, drop Li Xiao Yao off over there. Take a taxi back later! I left my car at the nightclub, and someone will get it tomorrow…”

I was speechless, “I want reimbursement for the taxi fee…”


A red bank note was slapped in front of me. Shen Bing laughed, “Then this will be your reimbursement. You can use the leftovers to treat your darling Wan Er to some midnight snacks. Is sister generous enough?”

“How is this being generous?”

“Bah. Your sister here is giving her favorite kid to another girl. How is this not generous enough? Do you want me to get you guys a hotel room and send both of you in there? Then walk downstairs compliantly to get you guys “The Sixth Sense” and send it up myself? Is that the only way to be generous?”

I was speechless.

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