Zhan Long

Chapter 311

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Chapter 311 Zhan Long Hall

With a “Ding” I obtained the experience and gained +5 charm. For an SS-ranked quest, the charm increase was the most alluring, since charm was a precious wealth for players. It was an everlasting advantage, In contrast to equipment, which could be exchanged for newer, better ones at any point in time, charm and skills were priceless because they could never be used up and could never be changed.

I looked at my stats. Not bad, I had 104 points of charm. I had to keep up the good work…..


Turning around, I looked at Frost who was behind me and said, “So, just like that, you’re going to command Dragon City?”

Frost nodded and said, “This is my home; I’ll never leave. I know that you’re an adventurer from Ba Huang City and that you have many friends from there. I don’t wish to become your burden. Go, it’s time for you to go to where you belong. It’s just that…..”

She lowered her head to look at Severing Beauty, and said in a voice that I could barely hear, “You must always come back to visit me…..”

I silently nodded, then turned around to leave. I fished out a City Return Scroll and a bright light covered my entire body as I was transported back to Ba Huang City with a flash of magic. “Shua!” my Divine Battle Boots steadily stepped onto the bricks of Ba Huang City. Nearby, my National Beauty’s doors were open, and over a hundred players surrounded it. Some were buying potions and others were picking out equipment.

As I entered the small store, an appraising NPC beauty beamed at me and said, “Master, you’re back!”


This beautiful NPC had welcomed me like that because I had appointed her as National Beauty’s NPC store manager. She had a stronger and better AI than all of the other NPC’s.

As I talked with the store manager, I scanned through yesterday’s revenue and noticed it was extremely profitable——

Profit from Potions Sold: 123720 G [50% City Tax Included]

Profit from Equipment Refinement: 87672G [50% City Tax Included]

Profit from Equipment Transactions: 142881G [Tally of the seller’s revenue and 50% City Tax Included]


After I calculated the currency, I noticed that we had earned 1,750,000RMB in one day. That was way beyond what I had imagined we would earn. Today’s business shouldn’t be too bad either. Thus, I took out 1M RMB, then sent a message to Fox, telling him to come over.

Within a few minutes, Fox appeared inside the city. I gave the 1M RMB to him and said, “From now on, our [Zhan Long] high ranking officials will receive wages. The top 1000 members of the guild will get 2000RMB every month, and the next 1000 members will get 1000RMB every month. Like this, there wouldn’t be any worries about being at the bottom, and they can rest easy as they grind their levels and equipments.

Fox was stunned and said, “That’s around 3M of expenses, right? Are you sure?”

I nodded and smiled, “I’m sure. It should be enough with the revenue we’re getting from National Beauty. If we need to want to expand our guild, we need to consider this. Besides, I have another pretty good plan. Why don’t you call over the other important officers of the guild so we can properly plan for the future, with the ultimate goal being to develop [Zhan Long] further?”

“Alright, where should we meet?”

“Let’s meet in the Great Sage Hall. That place is relatively quiet, since there are only a few chanting monks…..”

“Yup, I’ll immediately let everyone know. Why don’t you head over first?”


I picked up my Emperor Qin’s Sword and ran straight toward the Great Sage Hall. At the Great Sage Hall, I sat at a wooden table in the corner and looked off into the distance. Within three minutes, a beautiful Wind Elf flapped her wings to descend. She picked up her long spear and gracefully walked in with a big smile, saying, “Boss, long time no see!”

I nodded and said, “Matcha, come over here and sit!”


After another few minutes, Yue Qing Qian, General Li Mu, and Wolf all arrived. Old K, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Mountains, and Fox immediately followed. Almost all of [Zhan Long]’s team leaders and elders had gathered. The group sat in wooden chairs around a candlestick. The girls suddenly started looking at me, fluttering their eyes as Yue Qing Qian asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, what’s wrong? You pulled us out of training to talk about business….”

I smiled and said, “Yup. There are some important things that I wanted to discuss that has to do with how [Zhan Long] should grow in the future. Fox should first talk about the subsidy.”

Fox politely coughed and said, “It’s like this: Guild Master has already planned out that all of [Zhan Long]’s players will get a salary. The top 1000 players will get 2000RMB a month and the next 1000 players will get 1000RMB a month. Those are the basics. Aside from this, Li brat seems to have some other plans?”

I nodded and said, “Yup, I want to create a new plan and incite the [Zhan Long]’s top players ambition….”

“What kind of plan?” Li Mu smiled as he asked.

I thought for a second, then said, “Let’s create some rules for a Hall of Fame. It’ll basically be [Zhan Long]’s place of honor, where only those that have been fundamental to some achievement can enter. Anyone who enters this Hall must state what their achievement is or what they did in a battle, or else they won’t be allowed to enter. This way, the guild can form a positive competitive environment. What do you guys think?”

Yue Qing Qian clapped her hands together and said, “It’s not a bad idea, I support Brother Xiao Yao…..”

Wang Jian was speechless and finally said, “Whatever Brother Xiao Yao says, I’ll always support him.”

Wolf laughed out loud and said, “Truthfully, Guild Master’s idea isn’t bad. Every guild in the [Destiny] network has a special forum. Currently, our space only has a few random posts. With Brother Xiao Yao’s plan, we can create a thread for this on [Zhan Long]’s forum.”

Dancing Forest smiled and said, “I have a web designer friend, we can invite him to help us change the forum a bit and attract some more popularity. That way it can become a more popular environment where players can interact…”

I nodded and said, “Alright. Since nobody has any disagreements, then it’s set. The only problem now is what we should call it. Does anyone have any suggestions?”

Li Mu said, “Zhan Long Hall of Fame?”

“Are there any other suggestions?”

Yue Qing Qian said, “Stage of Stars?”

Yue Wei Liang’s broke out into laughter and said, “Sister, what is that….”

Matcha blinked a few times then said, “Temple of Heroes!”

Old K was shocked, “Matcha’s name is extremely good, it has a very dominant feel…. it’s just, the dominance is almost too much. If we call all of our top players in [Zhan Long] as the Temple of Heroes, other guilds might have a lot to say. For example, saying that [Zhan Long] might only think of our own people as heroes. Jian Feng Han and Cang Cheng those assholes will definitely say something like that…..”

Dancing Forest couldn’t help but smile and said, “If it’s like that, then why don’t we make it simpler? How about we call it Zhan Long Hall?”

“Zhan Long Hall…..Zhan Long Hall…..”

I chanted it a few times, and nodded, “This name is pretty good. Little Dance isn’t just a flat-chested little sister…..”

Dancing Forest stuck her chest out. I glanced over and continued to say, “36C, alright, you don’t need to show off, we get it….”

Yue Qing Qian was speechless.

Wolf smiled and said, “Then we’ll just call it Zhan Long Hall?”

“Yup, let’s just call it Zhan Long Hall!”

I muttered to myself, “We need to make sure that only the people who have contributed to the rise of [Zhan Long] can enter Zhan Long Hall. But Zhan Long Hall can’t just be empty in the beginning. What do you guys think?”

Yue Qing Qian said, “Isn’t that obvious? Currently, the only one qualified to enter Zhan Long Hall is Brother Xiao Yao. Based on your impulse to create this guild and thus becoming the founder, you have the qualifications to and must really be the first person to enter Zhan Long Hall. We, as well as the 3000 people in our guild, will never object with that fact.”

Li Mu nodded and smiled saying, “Yup. Guild Master is undoubtedly the first person in Zhan Long Hall. In my opinion, you are indeed the only one fit to enter Zhan Long Hall right now. Every time we battle, you’re always first in the front line to rush forward. Not only that, but you’ve also killed the most out of everyone. Especially in the City of the Ancients, when we had to compete against super guilds like [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Flying Dragon] to get the [God of Commerce Badge], it was [Zhan Long] that ended up winning, all because of you. It’s completely justified for you to be the first to enter…..”

I rubbed my chin and said, “Alright. Then I’ll be the first to enter Zhan Long Hall, the reason being that I’m the founder of [Zhan Long]. Just like that?”

Wolf nodded and said, “It must be like that!”

Dancing Forest picked up her Wanderer’s Bow and stood up, the swaying of her two peaks catching the eyes of every male player. She wryly smiled and said, “Then how about this: Brother Xiao Yao should give me the power to edit and moderate [Zhan Long]’s forum for the moment, and I’ll have my friend help us create a better version of it. They should be here soon. The basic form should come out within 30 minutes. After that, we can take a few days to slowly change it. Brother Xiao Yao, does that seem ok?”

I looked at her and said, “Why is it that even you are calling me Brother Xiao Yao?”

Dancing Forest smiled and said, “It makes me seem very delicate…..”

“That’s enough from you. You’re only one year younger than me. Qing Qian, Wei Liang, quick, show your respect to Auntie Little Dance…..”
TL: Little Dance = Dancing Forest

Dancing Forest was speechless.


Time flew by extremely quickly, and soon, [Zhan Long] released the news about its salary. Everyone began dancing and celebrating. That afternoon, the amount of experience the guild gained increased by over 20% more than usual, mostly since experience and admin level became the deciding factors for salaries.

Close to an hour later, I opened up our website for [Destiny] and suddenly noticed that there had been some changes. Now, there was a fierce, golden, eastern dragon that was coiled around the navigation bar, and the words [Zhan Long] were boldly written across the top. Behind the two words was Zhan Long Hall, written in small golden words. Clicking on it I saw——

1. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Qualification: [Zhan Long]’s founder, current Guild Master

2. Unoccupied

3. Unoccupied


As expected, there was just me…..

But the appearance of Zhan Long Hall would definitely attract many of the elite players to compete among each other, which was a good thing. Soldiers that didn’t want to become generals were not good soldiers. If Yue Qing Qian, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Wolf, and Thousand Suns all utilized their full potentials, [Zhan Long] would practically be unstoppable.

Moreover, Zhan Long Hall was fated to become a legend, and would become a true Hall of Heroes in [Destiny]. Every one of our names would be permanently inscribed into [Destiny]’s monument. I was confident that we would achieve all of this!


I was very complacent with what had been accomplished so far for a long while. At around 5 o’ clock in the afternoon, a call came through the game from Wang Xin——

“Li Xiao Yao!”

“What’s wrong, Captain Wang?”

“Yea. For the investigation into Blood Scythe, we’ve run into some trouble.”

“What’s the situation?”

“We sent out two young officers to infiltrate Blood Scythe’s Curtain of the Night Bar. In it, we found some evidence that Blood Scythe was involved with the synthetic human case. Actually, we were hoping to catch a live Artificial, but the plan failed. This afternoon when the two officers left the department, they were both hit by a car with a Shanghai license plate, and received critical wounds, resulting in comas. There must be some kind of mastermind behind that attack. Besides, this isn’t the first time that Blood Scythe has been selling black market goods in Curtain of the Night Bar. So tonight, we need to assign two people to go and investigate, and they must be people who aren’t easy to suspect. I want you and Shen Bing to act as a couple and go to the Curtain of the Night Bar, and grab some evidence back.”

I was stunned and said, “You want me and Sister Shen Bing to act as a couple and go to a bar? Is she okay with that?”


Wang Xin wryly smiled and said, “Oh, she’s happy to death….”

I was speechless.

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