Zhan Long

Chapter 289

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Chapter 289: Drunken Sword Style


As usual, the Emperor Tier BOSS lost a great amount of health from my [Great Realm of Desolation]. Dragon Knight Pei Lin roared in fury, his eyes filled with rage as he looked at me. He urged his enormous dragon to charge in my direction, his dragon spear surrounded by the power of dense winds. He raised the spear above his head and slashed downward at me!


I retreated several steps as the Dragon Knight’s dragon spear emitted a powerful wind that surrounded its body; it was the first skill, [Dragon Spear Revolution]! Even as an AOE skill, it made even me lose so much health. If that skill had hit other people, they would not have necessarily been able to defend against it.

“Everyone be careful!”

I flashed the Emperor Qin’s Sword and charged forward, activating multiple attacks; at once, [Strength of a Thousand Men] hit the BOSS and “Pi pi pa pa” sounds could be heard as the attacks made contact with the fire dragon’s head. At the same time the first attack hit, [Lifesteal] activated, giving me a large amount of health——


As my sword struck, a loud “bang” sounded out. Emperor Qin’s Sword had accumulated so much hidden power from obtaining levels through killing people, that on the fourth strike, it had forced both of the BOSSes, dragon and person, to retreat several steps. Emperor Qin’s Sword began to vibrate, as the winds wrapped around the sword, displaying its power as it came down upon the fire dragon’s head, drawing blood——


Exploiting the spoils of war, the effects of my 10% lifesteal had clearly appeared. After one [Heal] there was practically no need for Healers to give me any more heals!

“Archers, aim [Scatter Shot] at the BOSS and indiscriminately attack!” Dancing Forest lifted her Wanderer’s Bow and quickly sent out the command as she pulled her longbow to shoot a [Scatter Shot]. What was surprising was the fact that it stunned on the first shot!

I took the opportunity and struck three times, while summoning my Flaming Tiger God simultaneously. The little tiger roared angrily, and pounced on the Dragon Knight, while activating the [Flame Claw] and [Fierce Roar] together. Man and pet attacked in unison, and we firmly locked the BOSS’s aggro onto us.


After the continuous severe strikes, the Dragon Knight Pei Lin was not angered, but instead, he laughed boisterously. His eyes reflected his intention to kill, and suddenly waved his Dragon Spear. Instantly, the energy of an enormous silver dragon enveloped around the tip of the spear. The handle of the spear swayed slowly and abruptly swung forward, immediately sending the energy charging toward me. This was the power of the skill [Silver Dragon Assault] !

I slanted Emperor Qin’s Sword in front of my chest, but still couldn’t block the attack from the skill. Feeling an intense pain on my chest, [Silver Dragon Assault] pierced through my body, bringing out an enormous damage number——


“Quick, heal brother Xiao Yao!” Yue Qing Qian hastily shouted while shrieking out loud, “Be careful!”

[Silver Dragon Assault] did not just attack me alone, but penetrated my body and shot in a straight line of attack on the plains behind me. Immediately, more than ten [Zhan Long] players were injured simultaneously. Among those players, nine had been instantly killed. Only Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, Matcha, and a few other people survived with their [Mana Shield] and high health defense. The chain of damage numbers was extremely astonishing——



Li Mu lifted his sword and bellowed, “Everyone spread out in battlefield formation. Damn it, the [Silver Dragon Assault] skill from this BOSS can strike 100 yards; that’s about the same as beautiful Dancing Forest’s [Meteor Shot]. A single touch results in death, so avoid standing in a straight line behind Guild Master and the BOSS, or else you’ll get killed!”

Before Li Mu finished his sentence, Dragon Knight Pei Lin abruptly thrust his spear into my shoulder, inflicting about 1700+ damage. He retracted the spear and immediately raised his arms as runes surrounded his body. With a trembling deep sound, he howled, “The Giant Flame Spirits asleep in hell. Awake! Use your fiery power and wash this filthy ground; restore the authority of the enormous dragon in earth! I, Dragon Knight Pei Lin, plead for ——[Fire Dragon’s Descent]!”


I was stunned as I watched, then roared out, “Damn it, he cast an AOE attack so soon! Everyone back off, and Healers, make sure you focus on healing me!”

I stomped my foot on the ground, the force of the impact sending dirt flying outward from beneath my foot. Again, the Emperor Qin’s Sword brought [Strength of a Thousand Men] upon the BOSS’s body, yet was unable to break the BOSS’s magic. I immediately struck out my fist and cast [Binding Chains]!


The attack was dodged again! This [Fire Dragon’s Descent] would definitely activate like this!

Without any other choice, I opened my fist and activated [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]!

Strengthening my protection, both my defense and resistance were both elevated greatly. At the same time, I summoned the [Black Tortoise Realm] and the [Soul Army]. [Black Tortoise Realm] could decrease the moving speed of the Dragon Knight, and [Soul Army] could continuously bombard the Dragon Knight. It was a very effective move!

Raising my head, I could feel the heat from the blaze as a fire dragon descended from the sky, and fire enveloped the area around me. It felt as though my body was covered in lava, constantly burning me. But it was not over, as the fire dragon kept smashing the ground, with nonstop “Bang Bang Bang” sounds ringing in my ears. It was an area attack with a range of around 30×30 yards. Besides me, there were two other Swordsman who had been instantly killed. [Fire Dragon’s Descent] had multiple attacks, giving me a total of 5 hits. My body was covered in fire light and damage numbers——



I gulped down Level 8 health potions, directly adding 2000 health. At the same time, the instant heals of Darling Duck and a few Healers behind me had also landed, and were able to raise my health to above 40%. The Emperor Qin’s Sword waved, and [Combo] + [Wind Blade] instantly extracted back about 600 health points. Through the power of the [Shield of the Crimson Dragon], I blocked the attack of the BOSS!


General Wang Jian grinded his teeth as he said, “This BOSS is so ferocious. It is just an Emperor Tier BOSS…. and yet Brother Xiao Yao still lost so much health even after activating [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]! Too ferocious……”

Wolf’s eyes were sharp as he said, “The BOSS from the [City of the Ancients] is supposed to have a 15% increase in stats compared to the BOSSes’ outside of the city. 15% increase is basically raising it another level. For Brother Xiao Yao to have such a hard time fighting is also to be expected. However… Brother Xiao Yao! If the BOSS uses [Fire Dragon’s Descent] again, do you have enough rage to activate special skills still?”

I knocked away Pei Lin’s Dragon Spear with my sword, sweeping it at him, “I’m almost there. When the BOSS lost 5000 health, my rage raised 10 points. The cool down for [Fire Dragon’s Descent] is at least 3 minutes and that is more than enough time for me to replenish my 100 points of rage. This should be just enough to use special skills. Besides, I just have [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] as my special skill, so it won’t be a problem!”

“That’s good. Then killing this BOSS is more likely!” Wolf made a fist and smiled, “Not for the sake of anything else, this BOSS must be killed by Brother Xiao Yao, just to get a SS tier skill book and +9 points of charm!

I smiled, “The situation might still change. If needed, anybody from [Zhan Long] can come to kill this BOSS!”


Yue Qing Qian squinted at the distant battle and chuckled, “[Shield of the Crimson Dragon] truly is useful. It greatly increases your defense and it only needs 40 points of rage. After Brother Xiao Yao suffered that attack, the amount of Rage that he built up is already enough. This Dragon Knight Pei Lin is doomed, since this special skill can be used an unlimited amount of times! What a great BUG…..”

Beside me, Matcha held up her spear and smiled, “How else do you think the Drunken Sword Style was formed?”

“Eh….” Yue Qing Qian’s beautiful eyes widened, “Sister Matcha, to be honest, I don’t even know what the Drunken Sword Style is. Tell me; it looks like you know about it.”

Wolf, Old K, and the others nodded as well, expressing their interest.

Matcha helplessly smiled and explained “Drunken Sword Style is a PK style created by a certain Chinese player in the later stages of [Conquest]; buying quality wine from an NPC as high tier wines could increase rage. Thus, although his equipment could only count as average, every piece of equipment could use special skills: attack, defense, recovery and curses. The skills for these four main properties all had an increased duration effect, resulting in a situation with unlimited special skills. He could basically just waste away any high level players in solo fights. It was rumored that even Jian Feng Han had suffered a crushing defeat by the hands of the founder of the Drunken Sword Style in their first fight. Lacking the recovery from heals, as well as the means to kill the other party, Jian Feng Han could do nothing but watch as his life was slowly whittled away…..”

Yue Qing Qian’s eyes widened, “Sounds like this Drunken Sword Style is very effective….”

Wolf: “Sadly, it seems like [Destiny] has yet to be impacted by that style…”

“Why is that?”

“Well, in the first place, there’s no wine that does that, at least none that people have discovered. Also, there are far too few of [Destiny]’s special skill equipment, and only people like Brother Xiao Yao have a special equipment with a skill like [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]. As for other players…. I have basically never seen it before, not to mention special skills that could increase attack and recovery….”



Dragon Knight Pei Lin kept on raging, and 5 minutes later, the second [Fire Dragon’s Descent] came. My Rage was already at a full 100 points, and without hesitation I activated [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] and beautifully withstood the attack from [Fire Dragon’s Descent]!

10 minutes later, as the Dragon Knight Pei Lin cast his third [Fire Dragon’s Descent], his health had already fallen to 15%, and he was doomed to die within 3 minutes.

Suddenly, in the distance there came a burst of turmoil!

Li Mu’s eyes flashed as he yelled, “Boss! [Vanguard] lead a group of players here to steal our BOSS! What should we do?!”

I gritted my teeth and said, “Matcha, come here and be the tank. Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, Dancing Forest, and Fox, you guys help Matcha kill this BOSS. The remaining 15% should be gone within 5 minutes, so the BOSS shouldn’t have the chance to cast another [Fire Dragon’s Descent], which Matcha should be able to defend against! Li Mu and Wang Jian, bring the Valiant Bravery Group and charge with me! Let’s go deal with the people from [Vanguard]!”


Matcha rushed forward as I stopped my attacks, and once Matcha had dealt close to 10,000 damage, Dragon Knight Pei Lin finally shifted his target, allowing me to rush toward the battle in the distance with my Emperor Qin’s Sword raised high. Li Mu brought close to 200 people along with us as we rushed over. Seeing as [Vanguard] has come looking for trouble, then we had to just go and grant their wishes!



A black demon soldier started raging in the midst of [Zhan Long], causing a chain of damage numbers, all greater than 3000. 20+ of [Zhan Long]’s players had fallen. It was [Ancient Demon Blade], Simple’s SS tier skill. As expected, Jian Feng Han, Fushen Thousand Blade, and the others had appeared at our front-lines. A [Through the Clouds Slash] swept out from Jian Feng Han’s blade, killing another dozen [Zhan Long] players!

Fushen Thousand Blade roared, “Players of [Vanguard], your duties are to kill your way through [Zhan Long]’s defense and to take the 9th wave BOSS!”


I did not say another word, as the [City of the Ancients] was not meant to be an honorable fight. This time, in the midst of battle and chaos, there was no need to lecture on the values of morality and honor. This was a fight for oneself, a fight for the sake of becoming stronger!


Suddenly, my sword slashed through 4 of [Vanguard]’s players. With the Emperor Qin’s Sword in my hand, I used [Seven Fragment Slash] to kill another 11 people. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian and Wolf also rushed forward, greatly improving [Zhan Long]’s defensive formation, as well as our damage output!

“Let’s kill them back!”

My eyes swept the area as my voice became louder and I shouted, “Prepare to assist! Let’s insta-kill Simple!”

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