Zhan Long

Chapter 281

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Chapter 281 -The Unstoppable Three

“Shua Shua…..”

Two God Army Cards slowly rotated in my hands. As I clenched my hands, a red cloud appeared above the group of Five Color Magical Archers’ heads. Quite a few swords started to descend and dealt over 4,000 damage. Currently, my attack damage was quite high because of [Kill for Blood].

However, this meant that I attracted a lot of aggro. Soon, an overwhelming amount of arrows rained down from the sky, all locked onto me.

“Be careful, Brother Xiao Yao!” Yue Qing Qian screamed.

I waved my hands and activated [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]. After constantly attacking and being attacked, my rage points were already full. As [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] was blocking the attacks, I yelled, “Nearby Healers, heal me now!”

“Peng peng peng….”

My armor was continuously being damaged. These arrows were very strong. In fact, they were not like arrows at all; it felt like I was being struck by iron spears.

My body trembled a bit. With my original defense and the heal numbers interweaving with the damage numbers above my head, I still somehow miraculously held on. This also allowed [Zhan Long] to hold its ground.

“Should we charge in now?” Wolf asked.

“Don’t!” I replied. “Wait a bit longer. If we randomly charge right now, we will break our own formation. If the main tanks and Healers get too far from each other, it will easily lead to unnecessary deaths….”

“Ai. Your call, Brother Xiao Yao!”


However, on the other side, [Flying Dragons] started to move. Soaring Dragon waved his hands and said “All members, charge. Break the NPC archers’ formation. We can win!”

The very ground shook as 4000 members of [Flying Dragon] charged in!

The Five Color Magical Archers lifted their longbows and started shooting all over. Being hit by the arrows, the [Flying Dragon] members fell to their knees and died. A group of them turned and ran away. Drunken Spear clenched his teeth, “With this kind of assault, wouldn’t everyone die? Our formation broke already. What should we do?”

Soaring Dragon pointed his staff, “Continue attacking; the deaths are inevitable. We must defeat this wave!”


Compared to the damages of [Flying Dragon], who had advanced on the army, [Zhan Long] had suffered few losses as we had defended in our original spots. After defending for 60 seconds, the Five Color Magical Archers’ formations began to tighten. The situation that I predicted was starting to happen. The monsters in the rear began pushing the monsters at the front right toward us!

“Maintain the formation, and slowly attack!”

I lifted up Emperor Qin’s Sword, and activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. My little tiger pounced out giving long ranged support. The Five Color Magical Archers had no way to defend. Within the blink of an eye, a whole crowd of them died. Of course, the damage they inflicted on the tiger was also great, and the only way to stay alive was to steal health from the enemies.

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and others all raised their swords to advance. Wolf and Yue Qing Qian’s priority was to stun the enemies. At the same time the people on the frontlines were being killed off, we would quickly rush in and kill that group of Five Color Magical Archers!

Six golden hexagrams appeared and my Lv 7 [Combo] killed two archers. With a “pada” sound, a card dropped, which I directly passed to Dancing Forest. The Five Color Magical Archer card could raise long-range attack power by 15%, and attack speed by 5%. This was a card specifically meant for Archers and Musketeers. The first card was given to Dancing Forest, and the second card was given to Fox. This kept others from saying I only took care of people from my studio.

Fox, along with 50 Musketeers lifted their firearms and began to fire from the rear. With a series of bangs, the firepower burst out in front of our eyes, and the Five Color Magical Archers died very quickly. They soon fell into disarray from our counterattacks!

“Fox, the right side can’t hold any longer. Use [Bullet Screen]!” Wolf yelled. On that side, a group of Knights had already been shot to minimal health.

“Yes, coming!”

The cannons in Fox’s hands transformed into guns, and with a ‘bang’, a [Bullet Screen] covered the Five Color Magical Archers and obstructed their visions, making them unable to target any players. They could only stand there dumbly; as long as their AI’s weren’t smart, monsters could easily be oppressed!

Although it was difficult to hold our position, [Zhan Long]’s main party did not suffer heavy casualties; only around 100 people died. However, the other guilds suffered a lot more. The sixth wave’s Five Color Magical Archers killed at least 300+ members of other guilds, losing about half their people from this single wave.

The one who suffered the most was [Flying Dragon]. Soaring Dragon had underestimated the opponent and took the initiative to attack. As a result, there were many dead bodies of [Flying Dragon] members on the battlefield. Although their attack was merciless, the Five Color Magical Archers were just as merciless. In less than 30 minutes, at least 2000 [Flying Dragon] members were killed. Soaring Dragon’s face turned purple.

“Boss……Attack, don’t just stand there……” Black Tortoise said after he bombarded with his firearms.

Soaring Dragon’s face twitched and said, “Our losses….. how can they be so heavy? We lost more than 70% of our heavy armor players. This…. What kind of event is this? An event to massacre all players?”

Black Tortoise lightly said, “This is clearly our loss. Boss, look at [Zhang Long]’s side, their main group sustained almost no major losses. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, General Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian, are all clever people; they know how to effectively use a formation. This is something worth learning from them. Don’t lose your spirit; continue the attack. We should kill this wave first. I will continue to call reinforcements from [Flying Dragon] in Ba Huang City, and we should be able to organize nearly 2,000 people to rush over to the rescue. However, they will have slightly lower levels.”

Soaring Dragon was disappointed, “No need, don’t let them come over. Their average level is only Lv 55; for them to come over to kill Lv 70+ Phantom Tier monsters, wouldn’t we just be sending them to their deaths? I’m no bastard, I won’t let our men die such humiliating deaths…”

“Then……all right…….” Black Tortoise said.


Zhan Long Faction.

Li Mu smirked, “Xiao Yao, do you see it? This wave of monsters completely wiped out half of [Flying Dragon]’s players, leaving them with less than 2000 members now. Moreover, they’re all scattered. On the other hand, our main group still has 600+ people, my division still has 700+ people, and the rest are all elites. Now it’s us who control the North, and [Flying Dragon], who have the same number of people as us, are by no means our equal.”

I nodded my head, “Yes, don’t let your guards down!”

As I said this, I scanned the area. In front of us, the Five Color Magical Archers had basically been wiped out, whereas in the distance, there were streams of Magical Archers killing off all of the Ba Huang City players on the plains. There was chaos everywhere.

“Those are all basically extra experience and equipment. What should we do, should we go kill them?” As she looked into the distance, Yue Qing Qian smiled, “They’re all small groups of Five Color Magical Archers; they’ll be easy to kill, and we won’t receive too many losses.”

I nodded, “Yea, leave 300 people behind as guards. As for the rest…each team leader will bring about 100 people with them to kill the monsters. It won’t be long before [Zhan Long] will become a Level 4 guild!”



Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang, Old K, Dancing Forest, and the others moved out to gain experience. I stayed back to watch where the BOSS was going to spawn. However, I was disappointed; there were no movements on the north side. Around 30 minutes later, Matcha appeared next to me and said, “Boss, this wave’s BOSS spawned near the southern gate near [Blood Contract]. However Han Bei Song only has about 500 people left. I’m not sure if he can take the BOSS from [Vanguard]….”

I clenched my teeth and said, “Matcha, do you want to come to the southern side with me? If necessary, we will use all our power to help our allies. That kid Han Bei Song must have it hard…..”

“Yes, I’ll accompany Boss over there!”


With 127 stacks on my Emperor Qin’s Sword’s [Kill for Blood], I rushed over with Matcha following me in the air. As long as I looked up, a beautiful female Knight with snow white thighs could be seen. However, I felt a bit guilty about it, so I didn’t look up anymore.

Even if I switched angles to look up, it was still the same thing……

By the time we had arrived, [Blood Contract] had nearly 400 people surrounding the BOSS: the Duke of the Magical Archers, a Lv 71 Emperor Tier Boss that was extremely cruel and violent. Han Bei Song hacked away at the monsters surrounding the BOSS. Who’s Blue and Red concentrated their heals on him; without them, Han Bei Song would’ve died ages ago.

“Guild Master, you guys go kill, I’ll hold them back!”

A bit further, [Blood Contact]’s Vice Guild Master, Sheltering Guest, lifted his axe and charged towards [Vanguard]’s players. In [Vanguard]’s formation were Don’t be Foolish, Goodbye Tears, and North Pole as the three leaders.. Jian Feng Han sat in the back commanding the members to kill the Five Color Magical Archers. Their losses were pretty heavy as well, and they couldn’t concentrate on the BOSS at all. It seemed like Jian Feng Han didn’t care much about the BOSS; he had only sent the three leaders to stop [Blood Contact]. With this, [Blood Contact] would lose their strength to fight the next wave.


I yelled as I carried the Emperor Qin’s Sword and charged forward. I activated the alliance attack mode and with a swing of my sword, [Seven Star Fragment Slash] landed onto a group of [Vanguard] members.



“Motherf*cker….” Don’t be Foolish lost 3000+ health and quickly retreated with an ashen face, “Holy shit, Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s attack is too strong. With one strike, he dealt 3000+ damage against my 2400+ defense. This… this person is impossible to break through… I’m retreating first….”

North Pole raised his staff, “How can our number one Knight retreat, get back up there. I’ll get the Healers to heal you.”

“Heal me my ass…..” Don’t Be Foolish said with an ashen face. “Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s S Rank [Strength of A Thousand Men] can burst me down in one shot. What are you going to heal? Since we obviously can’t get this BOSS, there’s no point to die in vain; I still want the experience from the next wave. I don’t care anymore, I’m retreating. If you want to charge, you can use your [Mana Shield] to try and block Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s attack….”

North Pole clenched his teeth, “Monks, hold on for a bit. Protect me and Don’t Be Foolish as we retreat!”

When they looked back, Goodbye Tears had flown off as fast as lightning, disappearing into the distance without even a trace of his shadow. The wind carried his words, “Bye. I’ll wait for you guys at the base….”

North Pole, “F*ck. He ran away pretty quickly.”

Don’t Be Foolish, “Let me go with him….”


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