Zhan Long

Chapter 258

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Chapter 258 – Cang Cheng

I returned to the broadcasting studio again with my arm wrapped with gauze and blood splattered on my shirt. I tightened my tie and sat down next to Wan Er, using her body to hide my injured side.

The interview carried on and Fei Er was an expert at re-adjusting the atmosphere. Although there had just been a series of fights outside the broadcasting room that had claimed the lives of a few people, she still kept her cool. In high spirits, she finished the interview successfully.

By noon, the interview was over.

Looking at the edited product, Wan Er stuck out her lips, “Li Xiao Yao’s shirt caught some blood, you can see it on here…”

Fei Er laughed, “Don’t worry, it’s a minor detail, we can say it came from paint…”

Wan Er nodded, “Alright then!”

As she spoke, she looked at me with fear as if I would slip down or something. Pulling my left arm gently as we walked out of the ZGTV building, she even took the initiative to drive the car herself. On the way back, we were followed by 2 black Passats, both of them hired by Lin Tian Nan. He probably had them protect us from the very beginning of our trip and would undoubtedly be more cautious after this event. After all, it wasn’t just some small time robbers that were after his precious daughter but rather the secret services of international nations.

“Ding dong…”

Wang Xin walked up to knock at the car window. I slowly rolled down the windows and laughed, “Wang Xin, what’s up?”

“It’s like this,….” Wang Xin furrowed his brows, “Li Xiao Yao, does your injury majorly affect your movements?”


“Come to the office at 6 tonight….” Said Wang Xin with a serious expression, “Tonight there will be an operation. If you don’t attend, we won’t be certain of success….”

“Ok, I’ve got it!”



As the car slowly started,Wan Er stared straight ahead, saying, “Isn’t Wang Xin the leader of the police? Why…why is he talking to you about some kind of duty?”

I quietly said, “Wan Er, I re-entered the Hang Zhou Police….”


Wan Er suddenly braked the car and turned around to look at me, her beautiful eyes expressing shock. She bit her red lips and murmured, “Do you think you are still not in enough danger? You still want to attend a police operation; what if…what if something happens to you? What would me and Dong Cheng do then? Do you know how many people want to kill you?”

I lifted my head to lean against the chair and nodded, slowly replying, “Wan Er shouldn’t worry about me. I know what I’m doing and I also know how dangerous of a situation I’m in. But…but I don’t want to see innocent people die, I don’t want to see those sinning criminals hide in the darkness and continue smiling in glee…My life is a sword, I can’t…I can’t just give up my duty for your’s and Dong Cheng’s sake….”

Wan Er’s eyes reddened, tears pooling in her eyes, “If you die one day, I will hate you for eternity!”

I didn’t respond to her.


We returned to the academy and had lunch together with Dong Cheng. Although she had spent a long time questioning why my arm was injured, Wan Er and I kept our mouths shut. The less people there were that knew about this, the better; after all, the scene was also being cleaned up in secrecy by Lin Tian Nan and Wang Xin. It was announced to the public that someone in ZGTV had slipped and fallen in the restroom, resulting in an injury. Whether or not the public would believe it was not important.

After lunch, I got back online and found myself back on the outskirts of Fire Stone Valley. By continuing to grind and gather ingredients to level my alchemy, I finally reached Lv 8. I didn’t know if anyone else had reached that level yet but I didn’t get any additional charm from the goal, so someone must have. That couldn’t be helped though. For the sake of staying in the lead equipment and level wise, I had to give up on leveling my alchemy.

By 5 in the afternoon, a golden light surrounded the tiger as he leveled up to Lv 60. The stats he gained were amazing and I was feeling pretty fine at Lv 65 with 74% experience. However, I wouldn’t be able to keep my title as Ba Huang City’s leaderboard player at this rate. There were far too many thing going on in real life for me to concentrate on Destiny. I wouldn’t be able to compete with Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior. Fortunately, my pet and sword were leagues ahead of theirs. At the very least, [Zhan Long] could compete with the other guilds without losing and people were slowly joining our numbers. We only wanted to recruit the elite players and not gather a mob of players like [Wrath of the Heroes] did; it was better to have nothing than something bad.


The little tiger grew bigger as his fur turned golden. With a ferocious look, he roared loudly before rubbing at my arm with his head. The little fellow became quite a huge one and he was already almost at my height. But what was most gratifying were his stats–

【Flaming Tiger God】(Valkyrie Tier BOSS Rank)
Level: 60
Attack: 2400-3000
Defense: 1800
Health: 4800
Mana: 1560
Attack: ★★★★★★★★☆
Defense: ★★★★★★★
Health: ★★★★★★★☆
Agility: ★★★★★★★
Mana: ★★★★★☆
Skills: 【Flaming Claw】【Flame Armor】【Fierce Roar】【Blood Strike】【Burstfire Raid】


Although he had an attack of 3000, with the addition of Valkyrie Tier BOSS rank pets’ hidden growth, his actual attack could go over 5000, so his attack wasn’t inferior to mine. His defense of 1800 was enough to survive for him as well, even most of the heavy armor class players wouldn’t be able to break through his defense. His health and magic were decent, but in total, the Flaming Tiger God was a complete killing machine. As long as I could control the tiger decently, he could sweep across the battlefield, invincible as he kills everyone.


Yue Qing Qian sent me a message, “Brother Xiao Yao, I have to tell you about [Zhan Long]’s recent development!”

I laughed, “Alright, tell me~”

A few seconds later, Yue Qing Qian sent a long string of numbers, “The guild is currently at Lv 3 with 27% but in another 4-7 days we’ll most likely reach Lv 4. We currently have 975 people; almost all of our spots are filled. Our average level is 59.4, but other than that, this afternoon, we killed 4 Purple Tier bosses at Qilin Valley and got 5 Purple Tier items and 4 Gold Tier items. After being rolled away amongst the players, we counted the players and saw there are 477 people in the Zhan Long group while there are 498 people in the Valiant Bravery group. Another 47 people in our guild are within the CBN top 1000 as well, hehe, our group is starting to have a good amount of experts.”

I nodded my head in satisfaction. Opening up the chat, I said, “Yue Qing Qian, please help me find out the guild developments for [Vanguard], [Flying Dragon], [Prague] and [Wrath of the Heroes]. We want to be informed of their activities at all times while also being on the lookout for sneak attacks on our members in Qilin Valley. [Flying Dragon] and [Vanguard] still hold a huge amount of hostility against us!”

Yue Qing Qian laughed, “Yea, [Vanguard] is currently patrolling around Fire Stone Valley in the north while [Flying Dragon] is in the west. They’ve been pretty quiet recently and haven’t caused any trouble yet, but they’re most likely scheming something. As for [Wrath of the Heroes]…it seems like they’ve changed up their ways big time. They’ve invited a few experts, like a Lvl 62 Wind Elf Archer Sonata, the Lv 63 Wind Elf Mage Heart of Fire, and even a Lv 62 Knight Drunken Cold Rain. All three of them joined [Wrath of the Heroes] and became team leaders, while Tyrant of Western Chu and Little Piggy are both working hard on trying to control the guild…”

“Hehe…” I laughed, “Let Liu Ying and Piggy run their guild; the more strong guilds in Ba Huang City, the better off it’ll be for us. In the struggle for power, we’ll have a strong chance to stand out amongst them. Are there any other problems?”

Yue Qing Qian thought for a second, then responded, “There’s still another problem. In Fan Shu City something huge had happened recently…”

“Oh? What happened?”

“A human Knight just came out from beginner village and bought a bunch of Devil tokens and then redeemed them to an NPC. Within 48 hours, he had jumped from Lv 10 to Lv 60 and then job advanced. Not only that but, he bought a Lv 50 Emperor Tier spear in Fan Shu City and a Lv 58 Emperor Tier shield. Those two items alone cost 320,000RMB and 190,000RMB. I heard Sister Dong Cheng say that you even know this person…”

I furrowed my eyes together, “Damn, what person would spend that much money?”

“His ID is Cang Cheng while his real name is Wang Ze Cheng. People say that he also has a Japanese name but I can’t remember it at the moment. Brother Xiao Yao, do you really know this person? This type of RMB spending, do you want us to invite him to [Zhan Long]? If you want, I can go have some friends talk to him…” Yue Qing Qian said excitedly.

I hastily waved my hands in firm resolution, “No! Qing Qian, listen to me, get away from Cang Cheng. [Zhan Long] will never want anything to do with this type of person. Qing Qian, put him in our blacklists!”

Yue Qing Qian had some doubt, but she still nodded her head in compliance, “Alright, although I don’t know why, I’ll do as you say…Oh yea, just now, it updated to say that this Cang Cheng joined a guild…”

“Is it [Hero Mound]?”

“Ah, how did Brother Xiao Yao figure that out?”

I gave an indifferent laugh, how would I not know? Wang Ze Cheng wanted to get close to Wan Er so much that even his ID is similar to Cang Tong’s, Cang Yue’s, and Cang Lei’s. If he didn’t join [Hero Mound], then what guild would he join? Q-Sword wouldn’t know who Wang Ze Cheng was; he would only know of his strength but he would never have guessed that this guy is a walking time bomb!


Noticing that I should be leaving, I got offline and hurriedly ate a lunch box before going to the studio. Matcha was surprised as I retrieved my sword and took the black bundle from under the bed. “Boss, what’s this long bundle for?”

I laughed, “Something fun…”

“Let me see then…”


“Boss is really petty…”

I got up to leave after patting Matcha on the shoulder, “Be good and stay at home. I’ll be leaving now.”

“Okay, stay safe Boss……”



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