Zhan Long

Chapter 240

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Chapter 240 – Sword Spirit’s Restoration

Piggy replied softly, “Boss, calm down. Right now we have no idea what Wang Zi Cheng’s ID is, so it is impossible to find him right now. Furthermore, going to the newbie village to kill a new player is something that goes against the unwritten rules for players. We’ll be spurned by all of Ba Huang City’s, Fan Shu City’s and Jiu Li City’s big guilds; we might even become the public enemy #1. It won’t be good for [Wrath of the Heroes]’s development in the future.”

Liu Ying clenched his sword and replied coldly, “I don’t care if it’s favorable or not. I only know that I want to kill Wang Zi Cheng and grind him down until there is nothing left but ashes, then I will scatter them in the wind!”

Piggy suddenly laughed, “Boss, what are your true intentions?”

“What…” Liu Ying froze, “What do you mean by that?”

Piggy replied seriously, “I have seen you and Xu Yue from start to end. The problem was actually very simple. Boss, your relationship rule is to have fun and play around, but you accidentally went too far with Xu Yue. I believe she really loved you, that’s what drove her to act that way with that bastard Wang Zi Cheng in front of you. But anyways, it doesn’t matter if she loves you or not, the way she retaliated by acted like a spoiled girl proves she isn’t good enough for you. She didn’t need to belittle herself to take revenge against you. She could only do that because she only knows how to do that. Do you have to lose your mind over this kind of person, Boss?”

Liu Ying stood there blankly, awe struck.

Piggy smiled lightly and continued, “Right now, what can be done is very little. Just be yourself; continue to be the Liu Ying that doesn’t have a heart and likes to play around with girls. Or you can be a man with eyes for one girl only; find a girl who’s really worth it and devote yourself, mind and body to her. Then, you have to expand [Wrath of the Heroes]’s power. Have a righteous heart, and lead [Wrath of the Heroes] to become a real grandmaster guild. Force everyone to acknowledge you; this is how you can prove yourself. I can only tell you this; it’s up to you, Boss, if you want to do it or not.”


After a long time, Liu Ying let out a single breath, “Fine then, brother, what you said has some logic in it. I can’t believe I lost my head over something like this; when Xue Yue and Wang Zi Cheng kissed, she and I no longer had anything between us. To get angry over a girl like her, was a foolish thing to do…”

Piggy couldn’t help but laugh, “Yup, this is the Boss I want to follow!”

“Piggy, tell me, what shall we do next? I don’t want to live in such a confused and hectic manner anymore. I…I vow to not be involved with any woman for half a year! Wait no, I take that back, how about a month…forget it, half a month….or maybe just a week…”

Piggy’s face darkened, “Boss, you can avoid making the same mistakes, but still be close to another woman!”

Liu Ying laughed, “I’m still a little hazy, we’ve already spent over 8,000,000RMB on the game, yet [Wrath of the Heroes] can’t afford to take another hit. At Qilin Valley, our enemy [Zhan Long] only had around 25% of our numbers, how could we still lose?”

“It’s our fighting strength……”

Piggy held his gun and said, “Our men individually are quite weak and [Zhan Long] has lots of experts. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian, Hero Ran Min, Bai Qi, Cang Lei, they are all top level players, adding in Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s power, we were destined to lose that fight. Think about it, Ran Min’s [Savage Jump Slash] and [Whirlwind Slash] had killed so many people from the start to finish; I counted 100 people at the very least, and what about us? You can count our expert players on one hand. Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands was one of them, but she was taken away from us by tactics on Li Xiao Yao’s part and by our failures. This is something we have to reflect on.”

Liu Ying stared into empty space: “Oh, that matter with Thousand Suns was my fault…… I saw from her picture that she was very pretty, so I thought to……in a moment of folly, I caused us to lose one of our core players……”

Piggy let out an unhappy laugh: “Even you know that it was a mistake? I advise you to control your lower body better. Compare yourself to Xiao Yao Zi Zai, he has gathered so many beauties like Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, Darling Duck and Strawberry Matcha in [Zhan Long]. Did he ever make a move on any of the beauties in his guild? No! Xiao Yao Zi Zai knows how to respect a woman, and more importantly, how to protect them. This is why all these female players are willing to stay by his side, advancing and retreating together. And it is due to these numerous female players that [Zhan Long] is able to easily recruit new blood and old experts to fill their ranks, achieving a strength that has surpassed our own. Money is not all-powerful; even if we could buy the services of expert players, we are unable to buy the loyalty for them to stick with us through thick and thin, and the determination to fight as one on the battlefield.”

Liu Ying nodded, ashamed of himself. He patted Piggy’s shoulder as he said, “Damn, just because you have this opportunity, don’t keep nagging me alright? Talk instead about what we should do, not what should’ve been done in the past. What should I do now so that I can really strengthen [Wrath of the Heroes], and establish it so that it becomes a force worthy to be reckoned with by elite guilds like [Vanguard] and [Prague]?”

Piggy thought about it for a second, “Lead by example. We need to have stricter rules and plan out what’s going to happen a month in advance. Don’t be partial to those you like and enforce the guild rules. We need to keep the same standards for regular guild members as well as team leaders. We don’t need to spend a lot of money but we have to put effort in.”

Liu Ying laughed: “Ok, we’ll listen to you. However these regulations will all be overseen by you.”

“Sure.” Piggy ran quickly: “Additionally, there are a few other things I need you to do personally.”

“Oh, what things?” Liu Ying asked in surprise.

Piggy was quite serious when he said, “We don’t have enough experts, we need more of them! I’ve already contacted some top 500 CBN ranking players but my words don’t count for enough, so we need you! Among them, I have the rank 14 Archer in Fan Shu City, Loving Song. He lives in Wuxi and you can drive over to meet up with him so that he joins [Wrath of the Heroes]. In addition, Heart Fire, a girl in Chu Zhou, is the rank 27 Mage within Jiu Li City. We must also get her over too. Finally, Rain and Gravestones, a high health and defense Knight. I heard that he just left his original guild. This is a great chance to gain a high level player. I would suggest that you get plane tickets this second…”

Liu Ying’s eyes showed some fighting spirit as he made a fist and smiled: “Ok, I understand. Give me their numbers and addresses right away; I will do my utmost to complete this task!”

Piggy nodded and smiled: “Okay, then I’m relieved. Give me the Vice Guild Master position; starting from the afternoon, I will start to organize all of the guild’s matters. I will put all my effort into giving [Wrath of the Heroes] a new face!”



As their group walked and brushed away the bamboo, they noticed a person going to great lengths to cut down the green trees. Of course, that person was none other than me, unintentionally eavesdropping on the boring plans of their guild

“It’s Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

A Swordsman from [Wrath of the Heroes] raised his hand and drew his sword, shouting in a deep voice: “Brothers, attack with me and get rid of him! The Guild Master of [Zhan Long] is here and alone. He’s definitely asking to die!”

Who would’ve thought that Piggy actually ran forward and shouted: “Stop! Who permitted you to take action by yourself?”

The Swordsman lifted his head: “Brother Piggy, didn’t we say…… say that [Zhan Long] was our sworn enemy?”

“Times have changed and the situation is no longer the same…” A ferocious glint flashed in Piggy’s eyes and he said, “From today on, [Wrath of the Heroes] will no longer be enemies with [Zhan Long]. We need to work hard to develop our own strength and our grudge against Xiao Yao will only hinder us, as of today we no longer bear a grudge.”

Liu Ying also walked forward, hand resting on his sword hilt. He smiled and said, “Li Xiao Yao, what brings you to [Wrath of the Heroes]’s area? How interesting….”

I collected a green wood and put it in my bag, while I raised my eyebrows and said, “Cough cough, Green Bamboo forest is a public map and not your [Wrath of the Heroes]’s territory. I came here to gather materials only.”

Liu Ying waved his hand, laughing loudly “As you wish, you are more then welcome to harvest as many as you want, if it makes you happy. Right, if there’s anyone being disrespectful to you, just let me know and 2000 men from our [Wrath of Heroes] will be ready to serve!”

I couldn’t hold in my laughter, holding my Frost Rain Sword “Actually, around here, nobody can bully me, if someone capable of bullying me bothered to come this way, then [Wrath of the Heroes] wouldn’t be a match for them anyways. Besides, Liu Ying, are we that close? Even if [Zhan Long] and [Wrath of the Heroes] aren’t enemies, we definitely aren’t allies.”

Liu Ying touched his nose “Fine, have it your way then…..”

I nodded, “Okay, then bye!”


Watching the [Wrath of the Heroes] group walk away, I continued to cut down green wood. To be honest, I wasn’t interested in how [Wrath of the Heroes] developed. It wouldn’t pose a problem to [Zhan Long] and I knew Liu Ying very well. Even though he might seem like he’s changed right now, as soon as [Wrath of the Heroes] becomes larger, he will go back to his old self.

After half an hour, I had gathered the required 100 Green Woods in my bag. Mission complete, time to return to the city!

Returning to the run down smith shop, the old Blacksmith Li Leng sat there trembling. Seeing the materials I carried, he laughed: “Youngster, you really do have the willpower and resolution. Fine, I will now light the furnace!”

After getting a bit of experience, I threw the green wood into the furnace before lighting it. “Hua”, the fire burned quite brightly as the temperature within the furnace quickly rose with wisps of green smoke.


“The temperature is about right…..”

Li Leng looked for a second more and quickly threw my broken sword into the furnace before starting to pull on the lever to add more air into the furnace. Even though he was old, his strength was still immense!

“Si si….”

A green smoke slowly began to rise from the broken sword within the furnace, and it gradually began to vibrate. After burning for nearly an hour, I had just about run out of patience, when the old blacksmith Li Leng finally lifted his head to look at me, saying, “Kid, the weapon’s spirit is starting to awaken but we need some things to speed up the process. Go find some swords for me!”


“Yes, why are you still here? !”


System announcement: Your S Rank Mission 【Awaken the Ancient Sword Spirit】has entered the next phase, gather a certain number of longswords (Silver Tier and above) and pass them to Li Leng, only then will you be able to awaken the Sword Spirit!\

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