Zhan Long

Chapter 226

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Chapter 226 – Shadow of the Ice Dragon – Hans
Translated by: SoloNeko and GGP
Edited by: Video

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I gawked as the “Yun Chen Old Man” in front of me started to shed his outer skin, revealing an austere looking plate of armor underneath. His skin kept rupturing and peeling off and he turned into a strange looking warrior wearing armor. His pair of deep blue eyes gave off a clear light and his right hand suddenly grasped the iron chain as his fingernails turned into a sharp, glimmering blade. With a “Pu chi” sound it pierced through my Nebula Armor as a high damage number flew out-


“Damn!” Enduring the pain, I hurriedly moved back. But the “Yun Chen Old Man’s” right arm was stuck into my chest. The corners of his mouth twitched as he gave me a malicious smile, “Brat, is it painful? Who are you to think that you can help Yun Chen that old chap out; dream on! Let me tell you, even if you’re a fallen God, don’t think for a second that you can escape Dragon Temple with that old geezer!”

As he said that, he raised his left palm which suddenly transformed into 3 sharp, shining blades that flew towards me, splitting the wind. It was a three combo attack that would definitely kill me!

I couldn’t care that much anymore. I crossed both of my arms on my chest and made use of my Frost Rain Sword to block my front. At the same time, I used Heal and gulped down a health potion!


The three attacks’ damage numbers flew out and mixed together with the healing numbers-


Darling Duck’s and Promised Love’s two [Heal]s helped me stay alive but that tremendous force still slammed into my arms and shoulders. After receiving such a heavy attack, my whole body flew like a broken kite and I fell on the ground with a “peng”. After tumbling on the ground for a few meters, I laid unmoving, battered and exhausted in the middle of the icy ruins.



Matcha carried her shield over and quickly struck her shield on the ground. She shielded me from the front as she breathed, “Protect Boss, this Yun Chen Old Man is fake…”

“Of course it’s fake…” Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian clenched their daggers.


Yun Chen Old Man raised his head and laughed, his human voice slowly turned into a dragon’s roar. His body shook violently as he transformed. His two hands that were supporting him on the ground turned into a giant dragon’s forelegs. His scalp peeled off to reveal a monstrous looking dragon head that replaced his previously human head. His body swelled at a tremendous speed as he quickly turned into a colossal monster in front of us. Then, his dragon mouth slowly moved as he spoke in human language, “You ridiculous people, did you really think I would be stupid enough to place Yun Chen Old Man here for you to uncover his seal? Dream on, that Yun Chen bastard must die. He killed so many people from my dragon tribe. These kinds of people cannot be forgiven, he should have gone to the netherworld much earlier!”


I looked at this Ice Dragon and gulped. At the same time I moved closer to read its status. Indeed, the last BOSSes would always be considerably stronger than the others before it–

【Shadow of the Ice Dragon – Hans】(Emperor Tier Boss)
Level: 65
Attack: 2000-2350
Defense: 1700
Health: 700000
Skills: 【Dragon Claw Triple Slash】【Icicle Domain】【Fury of the Ice Dragon】

Description: Hans is the shadow of the former Ice Dragon King and he preserved a part of the Ice Dragon King’s battle abilities. Summoned by the Obsidian Dragon God to guard Mohist City, he is a Shadow Saint Dragon. The Shadow of the Ice Dragon is now one of the eternal guardians that imprison Yun Chen in the Dragon Temple.


Lin Wan Er’s expression turned serious, “ This Lv 65 Emperor Tier boss is so much stronger than the Lv 65 Fire Dragon we fought earlier. Be careful, the last BOSS’ difficulty is not your usual cup of tea. Protect Li Xiao Yao well, we can’t be annihilated too quickly…”

I didn’t say anything and instead charged forward with my Frost Rain Sword. I smashed my fist hard onto the ground and [Binding Chain] burst forth from the floor!


Miraculously, the Ice Dragon Hans was immediately bound by the chain. I took advantage of this chance and moved forward; six hexagonal lights surged on my sword as I unleashed my [Combo] attack. Immediately, four damage numbers flew out but the numbers made everyone’s mouth drop with shock-



“Gosh…” Matcha gasped, “What is this? Boss has such a high attack, but even his [Combo] attack couldn’t break the BOSS’ defense? This… Isn’t this too much….”

Promised Love breathed, “The BOSS’ name is Hans and it’s as tough as a rock. While it only has 1700 on the surface, after adding in the BOSS’ additional attributes it should have at least 2300 defense. It’s already good that Xiao Yao Zi Zai can inflict this kind of damage; if it were other Swordsmen, they would thank heavens if their attacks were even in the double digits!”

After my [Combo] attack, I quickly twisted my sword and activated [Strength of a Thousand Men]. The first four attacks didn’t even inflict 2000 damage on the BOSS and the last attack, [Wind Blade], could only inflict 1100+ damage, but it still saved face compared to the previous attacks.


Hans raised its head arrogantly as it roared angrily, its front claws rose up. It was that chilling attack again, [Dragon Claw Triple Slash], 3 consecutive attacks!

I lifted my arms ferociously; I must block it!

“Peng peng peng.”

The three consecutive attacks caused tremendous tremors that pushed me backwards as my feet created deep trenches in the icy ground. My health dropped low in a flash but luckily there were three beautiful Healers who healed me at the same time, ensuring that I wouldn’t die!

I raised my hand and unleashed [Great Realm of Desolation]!

My Frost Rain Sword split the wind as it flew across the ground, separating into three blades that suddenly intertwined together and pierced Hans’ scales. The Shadow of the Ice Dragon let out an angry roar as a big damage number flew out from the top of its head-


Lin Wan Er frowned, “Gosh, even the strongest attack could only inflict this much damage, this is doomed to be a difficult boss fight. Yue Qing Qian, we’ll approach it from a different direction, be prepared to fight!”

Yue Qing Qian clenched her dagger and nodded. The two ladies disappeared with the wind as they approached the boss in their stealth mode.


Smoke flew out from Fox’s gun barrel as he attacked the boss from afar. He whimpered, “Damn, I’ve never seen such a strong boss in my whole life of gaming. If I wasn’t in a party with super strong players like you guys, I would have run away already…”

Who’s Blue laughed lightly, “Uncle Fox has such a bright future…”

Fox: “…”


Matcha’s clear eyes watched the boss attentively as she breathed softly, “Boss be careful, [Dragon Claw Triple Slash] has a cooldown of 12 seconds, so it can be activated anytime. The BOSS’ second skill hasn’t been used yet and I’m not sure what [Icicle Domain] will be like, but anyhow, you have to be really careful…”

I brandished my sword as I endured the BOSS’ claws. I laughed weakly, “Yeah, I’ll try too!”

Just as I finished speaking, Hans let out a thundering roar. Its ruthless pair of eyes glared at me as its claws let out three glints of a blade. It was coming again: [Dragon Claw Triple Slash]!

I unconsciously retreated back quickly, evading its first attack. But I still had to receive the full brunt of its second and third attacks. The three lady Healers hurriedly healed me, but the BOSS’ attack had not ended yet. Hans raised its head and howled with an unrivaled ruthlessness as an icy energy bubbled out from the grounds!

“It’s coming!”

“Pa” an icicle burst forth at my feet, immediately causing me to lose 1400 health. Then, immediately, a second icicle followed, also causing 1300+ damage. Numerous icicles suddenly appeared all around, this is [Icicle Domain]?!



A chain of damage numbers flew out, causing me to fall to the ground and die in an instant! The three lady Healers didn’t expect the possibility of the boss being able to unleash 7 continuous magic attacks in 1.5 seconds and therefore didn’t even get a chance to heal me. This was the power of [Icicle Domain]; even a veteran game player would die from this kind of attack. There was no doubt!

“Quickly revive Boss!” Matcha screamed.

Promised Love waved her arms and activated [Revive]. I confirmed it straight away and stood back up on the place I had died. Gulping down a health potion, I charged toward the BOSS, my sword tip pointed toward its lambella. After a [Fierce Ice Blade], I immediately retreated back, raised my arms and called forth another skill – [Great Realm of Desolation]!

Steadily keeping the BOSS’ aggro on me, I looked at my level. Lv 60 with 91% experience. Motherf**ker, I lost another level. But fortunately I wasn’t that far from Lv 61, so I could probably gain it back after killing this BOSS. Otherwise, with the Lv 61 requirement of the Divine Fireguard Helm, once I took it off for repair, I wouldn’t be able to put it back on.

“Matcha….” Promised Love frowned with her brows and said, “[Dragon Claw Triple Slash] can make Xiao Yao’s health bar almost empty, so we have to heal him. If the BOSS immediately unleashes [Icicle Domain] in the next attack, with the cooldown of our [Heal]s, we won’t be able to pull his health back up. How can we break this sure-kill attack?”

Matcha bit her lips and said, “We still have a chance. Darling Duck should heal through [Dragon Claw Triple Slash], Who’s Blue heal between [Dragon Claw Triple Slash] and [Icicle Domain] while Big Sis Promised Love you heal through [Icicle Domain]. With that, Boss should have a chance to survive! Other than that, [Icicle Domain] has about 1.5 seconds of casting time, so Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian, you both should try your best and intercept the BOSS’ skills. If the spell can’t be broken, I will use my shield to protect Boss.”

Lin Wan Er’s [Twin Blade Harmony] suddenly hacked away 2000+ points from the BOSS’ health. She quickly retreated back, her pair of beautiful eyes looked toward me as she said quietly, “Let’s try it one more time. If Li Xiao Yao dies twice, we should give this quest up. I don’t want Li Xiao Yao to drop to Lv 50 trying to complete this profession quest…”

I was slightly moved, “Wan Er loves me after all…”

Lin Wan Er’s oval face turned red, “Do I? I just felt sorry for you…”

Dong Cheng Yue cast [Lightning Finger] as she giggled, “Do your best, have a good fight!”


Not even a minute later, Hans’ deadly combo came once again!

[Dragon Claw Triple Slash]!

I was forced back around 10 meters and my health bar became almost empty. Who’s Blue and Darling Duck healed me while Promised Love’s heart almost jumped out of her throat, “Be careful, Xiao Yao…”


Hans raised its head; it was the start of [Icicle Domain]!

The two lady Assassins immediately used their abilities to intercept skills and the BOSS was gracious enough to cooperate with us and replied with four big MISSes. It was almost like fate was helping us!

“Be careful!” Lin Wan Er looked at me full of worry.

From the back, Matcha lifted her shield and charged towards me. She reached out her hands and pulled me to her embrace, her shield struck the ground with a “Keng”. She activated [Phantom Shield], and three golden shields appeared and surrounded us. This Phantom Knight profession could only protect one other person at most. This time Matcha’s worth was fully showcased!

The icicles danced around my feet as both of us became just like a small boat swaying hard in the middle a big ocean. Our health dropped quickly but fortunately there was [Phantom Shield]’s protection. Promised Love quickly targeted the both of us and activated a group heal, trying hard to pull our health back up!

1.5 seconds afterwards, Matcha and I stood there with half of our total health left. We looked at each other with bewildered expressions, not expecting that we had actually survived the continuous attacks of [Icicle Domain].

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