Zhan Long

Chapter 211

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Chapter 211 – Entering Dragon Temple
Translated by: Ciel, Vk, SnowTime, khh and GGP
Edited by: mrbaconator, Zephir, dabenor, Zero, TwangyNewt

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That night, I drove the car on the way back to school. Wan Er sat beside me while Dong Cheng Yue sat in the back.


“That Wang Ze Cheng….” I finally said, unable to keep quiet anymore.

Wan Er tilted her head to look at me then tugged on her seat belt to loosen it. She smiled lightly, saying, “What’s wrong? Don’t take it to heart, just think of him as a passerby…”

I stared straight ahead, watching the streetlights and said, “But no matter how I look at him, to me he doesn’t look like a mere passerby..”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled, “This is very likely a powerful rival for Xiao Yao. But I think the appearance of Wang Ze Cheng is actually a good thing for Wan Er…… Wang Ze Cheng is quite the character. He’s young, handsome, and he’s the CEO of a multinational corporation, truly a rich guy! It looks like he’s really interested in you, Wan Er. Xiao Yao you have to be careful now. If you are not, then your beautiful miss might be taken away!

I swallowed, my heart was in disarray: “Wan Er……”

Wan Er lightly patted my arm, “Idiot, don’t listen to Dong Cheng’s nonsense. She is just trying to make you anxious. As for Wang Ze Cheng, so be it. I do not want him to cause any changes to our current life. I wish the three of us would remain the same, just like how it has been until now: playing, going to school, eating, chatting, remaining like that forever. That is all I want in my life. ”

I nodded: “Yea, I’ll try my best to maintain this lifestyle. Rest assured, Wan Er……”

“Actually, I’m most scared of……” Wan Er glanced at me, hesitating.

I lightly pressed on the brakes, slowly stopping before a red light then turned to look at her: “Wan Er, what are you most scared of?”

Wan Er bites her red lips, “My father is a great businessman and at the same time a foolish man too. He thinks that everything in the world is under his control. He thinks that he has always given me the best but he forgets that I am a person, a human with my own feelings. I’m worried that he might force me to Wang Cheng’s side. Even thinking about it is giving me a headache. Li Xiao Yao, you are a stubborn and fearless guy. If father decides to terminate the contract with you because of the Wang Cheng’s matter, what could I do about it… ?”

Seeing her lost expression, I couldn’t help but smile. “Don’t worry, I won’t. Even if your dad terminates the contract, I will still accompany you as your friend, even he cannot stop me from doing that.”

“But I’m afraid……” Wan Er pursed her red lips, staring out into the distance as if in a trance.

Dong Cheng Yue leaned on the back of my chair, blinking her large eyes, then said: “I heard that Wan Er’s dad used to be part of the military and that he had quite a few unique and capable fighters who served under him. What’s more, he learned many tricks and strategies after he came back from America, so it’s best that you don’t challenge him. That wouldn’t be good for you, judging from his personality, he might even……”

“Kill me?” I looked at her and asked, faintly laughing.

Dong Cheng Yue nodded silently: “Yup. Truthfully speaking, I have seen this happen many times when I was younger……”

I took a deep breath and looked at the brightly lit meter then lifted my head to look at Lin Wan Er. She was also looking at me with a pair of beautiful pupils as if wanting to say something, yet she didn’t say a word. After a while, I spoke out in a long, drawn-out voice: “You don’t need to worry, Wan Er. You are my friend and I don’t know since when but I’ve already considered you and Dong Cheng Yue as an irreplaceable part of my life. Even if your father wants to kill me, I wouldn’t back down. After all……”

I made a fist and gathered qi, making the car’s internal alarm ring noisily with a “hua hua”, then gently laughed: “After all, am I so easily killed? Whoever it is, whether a sniper or retired veterans, under your father at most they could only beat up society’s hoodlums and lowlifes. Now, if they want to kill me, just know they haven’t seen anything yet!”

Wan Er couldn’t help but laugh: “Alright, stop speaking so seriously. My dad isn’t that extreme. Once I return, I’ll give him a call and chat calmly with him. He won’t do anything rash.”

“Yeah, that would be best. Good luck Wan Er……”

“You too……”

Dong Cheng Yue blinked: “When we get back, what should we do?”

I thought for a while: “Stock up on health potions and such items. Tomorrow morning at 11 AM we’ll meet up at Ba Huang City. At 12 noon we’ll promptly take on the Dragon Temple quest. Alright, how about we eat at 10 AM?”



Upon reaching the campus, we slept early and woke up at 8 AM the next day to be in time for my class. After that, we had a light meal while I didn’t drink too much water to prevent going to the toilet. God knows how long we’ll be online. When I came online before 11 AM Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were rushing across the map to come to this city. Assassins had high mobility while Wind Elves could fly so they could probably get here in less than 1 hour.


After logging on, I went to repair my equipment and refill my supply of potions. I went to Ba Huang City’s North Bridge to wait for everyone. After leaning on the white jade railing for a while, a group of people arrived. Matcha, Ducky, Yue Qing Qian, Fox and Who’s Blue all rushed over here since I was the owner of the quest.

“Brother Xiao Yao… ” Said Yue Qing Qian with a face full of delight. Hanging on her waist was two high tiered daggers and she walked towards me happily while saying, “An SSS rank quest, I have never done one before. The toughest quests I completed were only S rank and I’ve even died twice. This SSS rank quest, I think I might cry from dying…”

I responded with a smile and said, “ Relax. This time there’s Matcha and me as tanks. There shouldn’t be a problem at all! You and Cang Tong just take care of intercepting the Boss’s skills. After that, just wait for the loot to drop!


Matcha was already at Lv 54. Holding a longsword she said, “Boss, I’ve been training all I could, but… but I could only get to 72% of Lv 54. Just a little bit more and I’d be able to equip the Glass Spear of the Dragon’s Soul. Should I bring that spear along?

I nodded immediately. “Of course! This time your job is to tank together with me. If your attack isn’t high enough, you won’t qualify as a tank. Oh besides that, how much is your defense now Matcha? Your shield is quite strong, is it?

Matcha looked at her stats and said, “ Currently I have 3500 health, 1900 defense, and 1750 attack. Boss… Are these stats good enough for the SSS rank quest?”

Next to me, Yue Qing Qian was astonished. “Wow, such high health and defense; it should be enough… The attack power is also rather high… ”

I nodded. “Yup. Changing to the Glass Spear of the Dragon’s Soul, you will have a base attack of 2000. Adding the bonuses, you will have at least 2400 actual attack damage. It should be enough to fight the Boss or at least have the Boss lock agro onto you.”

Matcha chuckled and nodded. “Yup! That’s good. I was so afraid to drag down the whole team…”

“How would that be possible?”


At this time, Who’s Blue walked over here. Wielding her staff, she pouted and said, “Handsome Zi Zai, how unfortunate for this mission to have a limit of 9 players. If not, I could have brought Not Yet Red over too. Today she could only accompany a group of stinky men to random places…”

I was shocked when I looked at her Guild Emblem—

ID: Who’s Blue Lv 54 Silver Healer
Main City: Ba Huang City
Guild: [Crimson Contract] Position: Team Leader


“Who’s Blue. When did you join [Crimson Contract] ?” I asked.

“This morning. After Han Bei Song begged us for a long time, we had no choice but to join [Crimson Contract]. After all, our previous guild wasn’t that fun. Brother Xiao Yao, does Zhan Long need more people?”

I shook my head. With a warm smile, I said, “For now we’re full. Both of you, just stay in [Crimson Contract]. Guild Leader Han Bei Song is a nice guy, though a bit wretched. Even so, this guild’s isn’t bad; you can treat it as your home.”



Not long after, at 11:20, three gorgeous beauties arrived in Ba Huang City. Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Yuzi Chengshuo were finally here. This 9-man party was ready!
After sharing the quest, everyone was momentarily filled with immeasurable exhilaration. They could finally see with their own eyes, that I really had an SSS rank quest. It wasn’t a fraud.

“Let’s go. Onwards to Dragon City!” I said.

Lin Wan Er happily nodded. “Alright. Let’s get to Lv 70 in one shot!”

Looking at her level, Damn! She’s already Lv 60 and received her third job skill. On her shoulder was a shining emblem that proved that. Accompanied with bonus stats, all skills could be leveled up to Lv 8!


After nearly an hour’s journey, we arrived below Dragon City. In a distance, ropes were hung down. Reaching for one, I pulled down hard. Smiling, I said, “ Dragon City’s public transportation, it’s pretty sturdy… ”

“Sigh… Aren’t there elevators? How primitive… ” Said Yuzi Chengshuo wide-eyed after noticing the rope.

Unable to contain my laughter, I replied. “There’s a need to be simple, ok? Quickly go up. The quest is about to start!”


Hurrying upwards, it wasn’t long before everyone reached the top. Following Frost, we walked east and entered Dragon’s Tomb. Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and Yue Qing Qian who were shivering from the cold, finally began to recover after they entered Dragon’s Tomb. Under my lead, the group entered further into the tomb. Far away, we finally saw a tiny glimmer of light towards the end of the cave. That’s the stone’s luster. We’re here!


“We’ve finally arrived……”



System notice: You are entering the map— Dragon’s Temple!

Map Summary: In ancient times, there existed a mysterious technique in the east that spread the people, the Mohists’, fame across the land. The Mohists were master trinket makers and their art was refined over the generations to the degree that even the largest of dragons fell prey to it. Over the course of several hundred years, a myriad of dragons were slaughtered, slain by the technique, until finally, the Obsidian Dragon God appeared, filled with indignation. He demanded the death of the Mohist people. Ten million dragons appeared on his call, dropping from the sky and scorching the Mohists City. In a blink of an eye, the entire land was covered in black soot with countless Mohists devoured whole by the Obsidian Dragon God. Ultimately he imprisoned the guardian master of the Mohist city, Elder Yun Chen in Dragon’s Tomb with his own body. The four largest Dragon Tribes then sent powerful dragons to protect and defend the tomb. After the Obsidian Dragon’s Death, its power did not scatter and remained within the depths of the cavern. Thus Cave, which was the burial of a great dragon was renamed as the Dragon’s Temple. In this era, the Mohist’s technique was long lost! Legends say, whoever willing to accept the challenge to save Elder Yun Chen from the Dragon’s Temple would receive the true teachings and transcripts of him. Upon completion of the quest, the person who received the quest primarily would obtain the [Mohist’s Five Scrolls]. An ancient book that was lost for eons!


Dusting my hands, I was full of energy, “[Mohist’s Five Scrolls]… I want it!”

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