Zhan Long

Chapter 199

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Chapter 199 – Zhan Long’s First Battle
Translated by: SoloNeko, GGP
Edited by: Hendricksen-sama, Zephir, Video, Based Jessica

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“Qing Qian, what’s the situation now?” I walked forward and smiled lightly.

Yue Qing Qian blinked her eyes, “Currently there are around 200 [Wrath of the Heroes] members nearby, all of whom were killed by us at least once and are basically running corpses at this point. Furthermore, it seems that the [Wrath of the Heroes]’s Guild Master Tyrant of Western Chu is downright furious. He has threatened to mobilize all of [Wrath of the Heroes]’s forces to storm the Green Qilin Valley in order to annihilate [Zhan Long], our newly established guild…”

I ground my teeth, pulled out my Frost Rain Sword and laughed, “Then let them come. How many people do we have here now?”

“Around 150+ people. Matcha is currently commanding the Zhan Long Camp while Li Mu is in charge of the Valiant Bravery Camp. For the time being they have split up to train.”


I opened the guild chat and said, “Little Wolf?”

“Brother Xiao Yao?” Wolf replied.

I chuckled, “Send out around 10 Assassins and also around 10 Wind Elf Archers to patrol the Green Qilin Valley. Report back immediately if there is any news of [Wrath of the Heroes] so that we may prevent them from making a sneak attack.”

“Alright, understood!”

General Li Mu said, “Xiao Yao, what sort of deep resentment does Tyrant of Western Chu harbour against you, that he would go this far?”

I replied indifferently, “Actually, I also don’t know…”

Matcha giggled slightly, “According to my knowledge, Tyrant of Western Chu and Boss are students of the same school. Tyrant of Western Chu wanted to chase after Fan Shu City’s number one Assassin beauty Cang Tong but Boss is her bodyguard, so…Boss became the cannon fodder, bullied by Tyrant of Western Chu every single day…”

Feeling a little awkward, I said, “It wasn’t as melodramatic as you said… Maybe it was because I snatched a Black Iron Tier weapon [Bramble Thorn Sword]… Moreover I wasn’t bullied by Tyrant of Western Chu everyday, it’s just that he brought a lot of people…”

Ling Xiao Wu giggled, “Boss, rest assured, today is different from yesterday. You currently have 300 brave warriors from [Zhan Long] so even if [Wrath of the Heroes] fights against us with their full strength, we’ll still help you to get your revenge…”

Me: “…”

Old K made a fist with his hands and boomed, “No matter what, [Wrath of the Heroes] is the first guild that is going to fight us after our establishment. Today we will have to annihilate them no matter what!”

General Wang Jian: “That’s right, today we’ll annihilate [Wrath of the Heroes]!”

Everyone bustled with excitement. Each and every one of them were high leveled and had good equipment, so naturally they weren’t a peaceful bunch. Now, with a big battle coming, everyone was burning with bloodlust.


There were a lot of different types of monsters in Green Qilin Valley, with levels around 50-65. The further we went, the higher the levels. There was a Lv 70 monster near Green Qilin Abyss, and the players at the current stage almost couldn’t fight it. But with a group of 50+ players, a Lv 70 normal monster was still manageable; a Lv 70 Elite Monster would be a different matter.

Following the commands, everyone continued to train but they didn’t split up too much. Splitting the group of people into units of 100, 4 big groups killed the monsters in the canyon. The rate at which the groups killed monsters was extremely high and the guild EXP bar could be seen rising at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Ka cha!”

Cutting off a monster’s arm with a dagger, Yue Qing Qian jumped lightly to my side to let the other two Swordsmen kill the monster. She giggled softly and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, at the most we still have 30 minutes before Tyrant of Western Chu makes a move. Now, there’s around 500 [Wrath of the Heroes] players gathering at the canyon’s side. Looks like…Tyrant of Western Chu doesn’t really have much confidence, he seems to want to gather at least a 1000 people before launching an attack against us…”

I nodded and muttered slightly, “[Wrath of the Heroes]…”

Yue Qing Qian blinked her eyes and said, “Boss, how do you plan to fight?”

I looked off into the distance and replied, “Dispatch half of the forces to battle at the front and defend the surrounding area outside the canyon. Then dispatch the other half of the forces to attack from the side to disturb [Wrath of the Heroes]’s formations. This way the battle will be easier. We definitely have the upperhand in terms of quality, our average level is 52, while [Wrath of the Heroes] average level doesn’t even reach 49. This means that almost every one of us has level 6 skills, while they can only use level 5 skills…”

“Yup yup….are there any specific tactics?”

“For this, you should ask Matcha…”

In the skies above, a beautiful shadow flew past. Matcha descended towards the ground somewhat clumsily. She retreated a few steps but still couldn’t balance herself. Instead she stabbed her sword into the ground, and was barely able to prop herself up with it. Looking a little embarrassed, she gave a smile, “Simple, we’ll use our level advantage to the maximum. Let the Knights and Monks defend at the front while Fox leads a group of 30+ Musketeers behind. Execute a volley attack, everyone shooting forward; this should be able to kill quite a few people. Then take turns to shoot another volley. I guarantee [Wrath of the Heroes] won’t be able to endure it.”

I nodded, “Also, let Old K lead a group of Berserkers and Swordsmen to attack from the side. With [Whirlwind Blade] opening, [Wrath of the Heroes] will definitely cry their eyes out. Today, we’ll let them know the difference between us and them!”

Matcha pursed her lips, her eyes showing a little concern, “Old K’s attack should be enough already, I’m just worried… worried that he would be reckless and die immediately. Our morale will drop if that happens…:”

I sighed, “That is I’m worried about too…”

Yue Qing Qian coughed, “Ahem, you two are so mean…”


On one side, General Li Mu came carrying his sword and said, “Newest report, [Wrath of the Heroes] currently has 600 people gathering outside the canyon. They are starting to get restless, so they might start attacking at anytime!”

Matcha curled the corners of her mouth, “600 people, it won’t be enough for a show. Tyrant of Western Chu isn’t that arrogant, he would scrape together at least 1000 people before he directly attacks us, just wait. We’ll start forming our groups when they have gathered 900 people!”


After a while, General Wang Jian whispered, “Guild Master Xiao Yao, [Wrath of the Heroes] has gathered more than 900 people already!”

I immediately raised my arms and shouted, “Frontline troops, organize yourselves and prepare to defend! Old K, Li Mu, Wang Jian, the three of you lead our attacking troops properly, move toward the south, be careful not to alert the enemies!”



In the canyon, around 300 people formed a horizontal battle formation. The first line had Knights and Monks. The second line had Archers and Mages. The third line had Musketeers while the fourth line had Healers. Other than me, all Swordsmen and Berserkers were led by the Valiant Bravery Camp to another position; Old K also went to help. We were in charge of the defense here, while massacring and breaking the enemies’ defenses was left in their hands.

“Clang clang clang…”

Waves of heavy shields dropped to the ground and linked together. Each and every one of [Zhan Long]’s Monks and Knights wore a serious and heavy expression. Matcha also carried a Gold Tier shield and stood at my side, her mouth curling as she said, “Boss, I’m already Lv 51, am I counted as part of the main force now?”

“Of course, how could you not be counted in?” I laughed out loud.

Matcha flapped her wings and stood steadily. Full of confidence, she said, “Alright then, this time I’m fighting alongside Boss, please protect me well…”

“You are a Knight, you should be protecting me, not the other way around.”

“You’re the Boss..”

“Alright then, you have a point…:”

Yue Qing Qian laid low in the nearby bushes and leading a group of Assassins, prepared to ambush. She laughed softly, “Brother Xiao Yao, they are starting to attack. Coming from the front…”

“Okay, you guys be careful, wait for an opportunity before attacking!”



On a hill, Tyrant of Western Chu appeared, carrying his sword. The pretty Assassin Ageless Beauty stood at his side, having already become a Lv 52 Assassin. Her whole body shone with a purple light; she probably wore a lot of Purple Tier equipment. Liu Ying (Tyrant of Western Chu) didn’t lack money, he would, for sure, have his woman wear equipment of the best quality. From the looks of it, the quality of the equipment that this Ageless Beauty wore would be equal to about 70% of Wan Er’s equipment. However, with regards to battle capabilities, Ageless Beauty wouldn’t even reach 30% of Wan Er’s capabilities. Sometimes, whether someone is really strong or just a pretty face can be differentiated with just a glance. Wan Er can stand on par with Jian Feng Han, a world class player, but I’m afraid Ageless Beauty wouldn’t even last three attacks before she was killed.


Suddenly raising his sword, Tyrant of Western Chu’s face was full of resentment as he yelled, “This is the group of people that keeps provoking us. They were the ones who humiliated us, [Wrath of the Heroes] glory, time and time again! Brothers, we are conquerors, we’ll definitely not let anyone off easily. Follow me and rush forward, we’ll break their defensive line immediately, let those who bear [Zhan Long]’s crest on their shoulder be annihilated, with nobody spared!”

A whole bunch of people roared and rushed down from the hillside. The ten 100-men groups were indeed superior in numbers. [Wrath of the Heroes] was a guild that was established using RMB. You’ll have people when you have money. This point, without a doubt, was true.



With my Frost Rain Sword unsheathed, I stood on the frontlines. Staring with cold eyes, I yelled loudly, “Don’t rush into battle, we’ll first stay here to defend. Those on the frontlines, pay attention to your health, drink a health potion if needed. Healers use group heals! Prepare for battle, slaughter the enemies in front of you, let [Zhan Long]’s name be glorified under the sun!”

The battle line took out their blades one by one, looking high in spirits and ready to battle. Everyone was looking forward to this mock battle; to us, [Wrath of the Heroes] was just a stepping stone!


With a wave of my hand, I activated a Pardon Card. I didn’t want to be a chaotic player, it was too troublesome. Furthermore, I’m now a Guild Master, so I should take care of my life, I can’t rush in alone. The moment I die, the morale would take a fatal hit!

At the back, Fox led a group of Musketeers that were standing in a tight group. When the opponents reached us, Fox quickly commanded, “Raise your guns and take aim, starting with the Lv 53 Berserker – Everyone’s Son, shoot!”

“Peng peng peng…”

Smoke flew around following orderly gunshot sounds. That Berserker, who was not low leveled, was afflicted with deadly wounds, and with a “plop”, he fell to the ground and breathed his last breath…


“Gasp…” Yue Qing Qian knitted her brows, “What…what a powerful gun attack! This will indeed be the cornerstone for mainstream tactics…”

Fox quickly locked on to another target and the orderly gunshot resounded again. 30+ Musketeers volleying an attack against one person was extremely effective. Once the Musketeers were ready again, another person was killed, regardless of the type; heavy armored, leather armored or cloth armored!

“They’re coming!” Matcha cried softly.

On the frontline, the glow of [Flame Blade] and [Ice Blade] was blinding. [Wrath of the Heroes]’s front line attackers were before us in just a short amount of time!


I quickly strode 2 meter forward and made a “MISS” appear from dodging a [Flame Blade]. Then I swung my sword as I unleashed my [Wind Blade] attack, slicing a Lv 47 Berserker down. Twisting my wrist, my sword brushed past another Swordsman’s neck. Blood splattered everywhere, with just a normal attack and an additional [Fierce Ice Blade], I claimed another life!


A Berserker almost struck my chest; his battle axe hit my shoulder instead, but it didn’t hurt!


“Kill!” Matcha commanded.

[Zhan Long]’s first battle after its establishment was starting now!

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