Zhan Long

Chapter 190

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Chapter 190 – Must Die
Translated by: SnowTime, Ciel, SoloNeko, GGP
Edited by: Sac, Based Jessica, Kaylee, Hendricksen-sama, TwangyNewt and Algaivia!

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“Xiao Yao, you go help Matcha block Drunken Spear, I’ll hold the frontline!” General Li Mu yelled loudly.

I was not willing to let Matcha face Drunken Spear and a dozen other players from [Flying Dragon] alone, so I took this chance to quickly run back while loudly yelling, “Little Wolf, Old K, Ah Lei, we’re going to save Matcha and kill Drunken Spear!”



With my Purple Dawn Boots sweeping past the meadow, I arrived with my Frost Rain Sword aimed straight at Drunken Spear’s chest. But Drunken Spear was also very fast, and his arm blurred when he raised it. “Keng.” My attack was blocked. However, by the time the True Soul Spear was able to move again, my fist had already hit his stomach with a “BANG” and I had finished aiming another kick too.


My Purple Dawn Boots were blocked by the True Soul Spear, thus reducing some of the damage, while my fist still struck Drunken Spear fairly——


Drunken Spear took several steps back from the blow, his face full of shock. “Damn it! What kind of strength is that? How can Xiao Yao be this strong?!”

Behind him, an Archer of Jiu Li City spoke softly. “Drunken Spear, our priority is to kill Xiao Yao. We can’t let him use his full power. Otherwise when he uses his [Combo] and [Strength of a Thousand Men], he may very well kill you.”

Drunken Spear gave a nod: “Got it!”

I stayed where I was and furrowed my brow while whispering in the team channel, “Little Wolf?”

“Who do I kill, Brother Xiao Yao?” Wolf asked. His speed was greater than mine, so he was already hidden within the forest, near Drunken Spear.

Watching Drunken Spear retreat, I quickly spoke, “Give up on Drunken Spear, Little Wolf, go and stun the Berserker named Sa De Le Jia. Old K, use [Whirlwind Blade] to break up their formation and I’ll be the main attacker. Duck, focus on healing Matcha, and Matcha, go back and find opportunities to use [Phantom Ray Slash] to whittle away their health !”
Everyone nodded. In the next moment, “Sha,” a crimson light appeared which signaled the success of our ambush. Wolf had stunned a Lv 54 Berserker, and I charged in violently. My cold blade swept past his throat as I unleashed [Fierce Ice Blade] followed immediately by a [Combo], leaving behind a string of damage that killed the Berserker while he was still in a stunned state.


A wooden arrow pierced straight through my armor, stunning me. It was a [Scatter Shot]!

Drunken Spear hollered one thing: “Now!”

[Rock Piercing Thrust]! [Scorching Spring]!


Two consecutive hits and I was still stunned. This was a dangerous situation!!

“Xiao Yao, I’m coming!”

Old K roared loudly and charged head on, brandishing his battle axe. He carried with him a violent aura as he swept through the crowd, completely breaking the formation of the Swordsmen and Berserkers around me. But that wasn’t the end of it! With a loud roar, Old K activated [Savage Jump Slash] which landed directly onto the Archer that shot me, before following up with [Flame Axe] to finish things off!


The Lv 55 Archer’s eyes were wide open as he kneeled to the ground. Within Jiu Li City, he was one of the Top 10 Archers and could even be considered a Master Archer. But unfortunately within this battlefield, he couldn’t take the attacks of a Berserker, especially a Berserker that had an S-Class skill. That skill was just too frightening!


After gulping down a potion and casting a [Heal] on Old K, I shouted, “Old K, retreat! If you go any further, you’ll get killed!”

Two Berserkers rushed toward Old K, their battle axes were already gleaming with elemental light: one was a [Flame Blade] while the other was an [Ice Blade]. If they landed, Old K would mostly likely be a Dead K.

At that crucial moment, Little Wolf broke broke his stealth right after his cool down finished and managed to stun the Berserkers.

“You wanna die?!”

Drunken Spear spun around, locking his True Soul Spear onto Little Wolf and stabbing him!


Little Wolf pivoted quickly and crossed his daggers in front his chest into a defensive stance. At that moment, the spear collided with him, striking him hard enough to knock him back a few meters into some far off bushes. He put his life on the line in order to save Old K.

I rushed forward and swung the Frost Rain Sword towards the other Berserker. “Keng.” The blade clashed against the Berserker’s [Flame Blade] for a second before it got parried off. At the same time, I shifted my shoulders and rammed into the Berserker’s chest, giving off a “Keng” sound. The blow knocked him back, causing him to lose his balance. Air surged around me and I activated [Strength of a Thousand Men].


The Berserker slowly fell to his knees. His eyes widened and all his energy left his body as he teetered on the edge of life and death.: “Dammit, why does Ba Huang City have so many experts……?”


Drunken Spear went around me in a large circle and killed a [Valiant Bravery] Archer with two jabs. Then he turned to face Matcha with eyes filled with killing intent. “The Phantom Knight is a hidden class. She must be killed first!”

Seeing the [Rock Piercing Thrust] activate, I hurriedly said in the team channel, “Matcha, [Reflect] back the attack. Drunken Spear’s attack is too high! You can’t take it!”

Matcha nodded. She waved her arm softly as a mirror-like shield appeared at her side. [Reflect] was successfully activated.

Drunken Spear was no rookie; he knew what skill that mirror really was. He quickly turned the tip of his spear just enough to let his attack only graze Matcha, causing very little damage to her and consequently decreasing the rebound to himself.


Just then, Dong Cheng Lei’s axe broke past Drunken Spear’s defenses, rapidly launching a flurry of attacks at him and loudly yelling, “Brother Xiao Yao, Drunken Spear managed to break [Reflect]!”

The corner of my mouth drew back: “Did you see that, Little Wolf? Go, we’re changing our target, focus on Drunken Spear!”

“Yes!” From within the underbrush, a shadow appeared and swept past.


“Use [Reflect] again, Dong Cheng Lei!” Matcha yelled as she pulled back her sword and retreated.

Dong Cheng Lei activated the skill without hesitation. [Reflect] was the perfect counter against high attack players but Drunken Spear’s reaction speed was too fast. He immediately stopped his spear while punching Dong Cheng Lei to waste the [Reflect]. Then, he launched his [Rock Piercing Thrust].


With just one attack, Dong Cheng Lei was almost out of health, and suddenly Drunken Spear slid to the left, dodging my sword stab. Twisting his wrist, the spear swept past a second time and penetrated Dong Cheng Lei’s abdomen with a slight sound, causing 1100+ damage to him: insta-kill!


Dong Cheng Lei fell to his knees. Right before he was killed, he punched Drunken Spear, with a “Bang”, and knocked him back a few steps. His super strength really wasn’t something to laugh at.


Taking advantage of Dong Cheng Lei’s knockback punch, I attacked once more with Frost Rain Sword using [Fierce Ice Blade]!


It hit but there were just too many Healers: he wouldn’t die with just that..


Then another sword slashed downwards, this time it was Matcha’s [Phantom Ray Slash]. Unfortunately, at that crucial moment, when Drunken Spear had almost no health, that idiot girl’s slash was crooked…

Drunken Spear hastily retreated, after all, he was the last person alive from his team. However, he kept his calm and wasn’t flustered at all. As he retreated, he lifted his True Soul Spear and threw a [Flame Spear] attack at Old K, almost killing him!

Old K paled in shock and quickly fled. I bit my lips and dashed in. One second afterwards, Wolf appeared. Using his ambush skill, “pa”, he succeeded in stunning Drunken Spear!

“Don’t fight, I’m coming! Old K, get the [Whirlwind Blade] ready!”

Having reached the stunned Drunken Spear, a bright glow shined under my feet: the prelude to [Strength of a Thousand Men]!

The quick attack simply couldn’t be avoided. Drunken Spear understood this and grounded his teeth, “Darn, I fell into your trap! This time I’m done for. Why did I die so early…?”


Old K swept past Drunken Spear with his [Whirlwind Blade], followed up by my [Wind Blade]. Under the two attacks, Drunken Spear kneeled, slowly falling into the ground, dead. He looked at me and faintly said, “I hope next we meet, it won’t be as enemies……”

I nodded, “Rest in peace!”


At the conclusion of the battle, Zhan Long’s 6 member team together with the 9 players from [Valiant Bravery], had annihilated the 14 people from the opposing team after a fierce fight. But our losses were also heavy, the 9 [Valiant Bravery] members were all dead except for 1 Healer.

Turning around, I looked at the battle situation on the other side. I couldn’t help but groaned bitterly; There were hardly any [Valiant Bravery] players left on the plateau. The remaining survivors were being suppressed by 20+ [Flying Dragon] members. General Li Mu, General Wang Jian and General Bai Qi were all painfully hanging on with only half of their health left. There was too big a gap between the average battle strength of the players. It was impossible to fight them head on!

“Quickly, we need to help them!”

I hastily rushed over and gauged the difference between the two groups——

Valiant Bravery 14 players VS Flying Dragons 27 players


I felt dread from the bottom of my heart. We were already at an absolute disadvantage in the number of people!

“Xiao Yao!!!”

Li Mu hacked his way over and roared at the top of his lungs, “Our Healers are all dead so we have no chance of victory. Retreat downhill with your Zhan Long members and look for another opportunity later on. It’s already too late for those of us up here to fall back! [Valiant Bravery]’s future now rests within your hands!”


As a battle axe hacked into his shoulder, General Wang Jian was forced to his knees, his health depleted. However, with his dying breath, he propped himself up on his blood soaked battle axe and thrust his weapon into his opponent’s chest. He was immediately hit by another [Combo] and gradually fell. On the other side, General Bai Qi’s chest was pierced by 10+ arrows. Letting out a grunt, he too died!


[Pillars of Fire and Ice] ravaged the ground, causing General Li Mu’s body to tremble. Under this near-death condition, he unleashed [Absolute Authority] and killed off another player from [Flying Dragon]. But at this moment, a battle axe descended upon him and ploughed directly into his chest!


The attack caused General Li Mu to immediately drop dead. At the same time, Fallen Wolf slowly pulled out his axe from Li Mu’s corpse. Stepping on his dead body, he looked towards us and laughed menacingly, “Is [Valiant Bravery] filled with second-rate players? It doesn’t matter if you add Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Zhan Long, trash is still trash! Didn’t you say you were strong? Have you seen us? The [Vanguard] 13 Eagles have not sustained a single loss!”


Holding my Frost Rain Sword firmly, I slowly retreated while bitterly shouting out——

“Retreat! We can lose this battle but [Vanguard]’s 13 Eagles must die!”

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