Zhan Long

Chapter 183

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Chapter 183 – A Strong Enemy Appears
Translated by: SoloNeko
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His battle axe landed heavily on the ground, causing a few chunks of mud to go flying. General Bai Qi raised his voice and said: “Xiao Yao, go ahead and explain how to start the battle. If we enter rashly, we’ll be eaten alive like a dumpling. [Flying Dragon] is not full of fools; Soaring Dragon is sly, Black Tortoise isn’t too easy to deal with either and the newly recruited Nature’s Knight, Drunken Spear is also shockingly powerful. We have suffered a lot of loss under his ruthless hands.”

“The gap in numbers is a little big…”

I stared into the distance and said, “General Li Mu, from your point of view, how would we start the battle?”

General Li Mu clenched his fist and replied: “We, [Valiant Bravery], though small in number, will never compromise. If I were to direct this battle, I will consolidate my main forces. Then like a fist, I would smash into the opponent’s weak point!”

I laughed, “What is their weakness?”

General Li Mu froze and couldn’t think of a response or any weaknesses in [Flying Dragon]. Standing on the hills on the opposite side, the line up of [Flying Dragon] troops looked strict and austere. The heavy armor group stood at the front, followed by the Mages, Archers and Musketeers. Last were the Healers. If we really fought them, there would only be huge losses for us. After all, [Flying Dragon] would not be easily defeated with those armors equipped by the heavy armor troops on the front lines.

After a few seconds of silence, General Li Mu replied, “Alright, I admit I can’t find their weakness. Their battle lines are well formed, indicating great expertise. I really can’t see any weakness.”

“Yea …” I grabbed my Frost Rain Sword and laughed, “Actually I can’t see any either!”


“However, we can create a weakness for them….”

I moved forward, reached out my hand, waved and said: “This is my plan. I’ll lead a few people with me to start to kill the boss. The enemy will definitely be anxious about this boss and might start attacking my group any time. The heavy armor group will definitely be diverted to stop us. Then, we will set up a few Assassins to prepare a sneak attack for the Mages in the back and you, General Li Mu, will lead a 1000 men main force. Taking advantage of the rain, you’ll sneak around the back and ambush them from behind. As for me, give me 200 people, I’ll break through from the front when they come to try to take the boss. In this way, we’ll be able to mess with their formation. Once their formation is broken, [Flying Dragon]’s superiority in numbers won’t account for much.”

General Li Mu widen his eyes “Just like that…Will it be enough?

Behind us, General Wang Jian said “It’s worth a try, otherwise the Emperor Tier boss will have no relation with [Valiant Bravery]. The last time we fought with [Flying Dragon], we lost. If we don’t win this time, our guild’s morale will take a big blow. This war is inevitable, we must fight whether we want to or not!”

General Li Mu took a deep breath and decided. With a swing of his hand, he shouted, “Okay, we shall fight!”

Having said that, he told me in a low voice, “Xiao Yao, I’ll let you lead 5 100-man teams and the rest of the group of 1000 people will be led by me. Let’s maintain contact and when the time is right, I’ll start the assault.”

I nodded and looked far into the distance, I said, “Take advantage of the pouring rain that’s limiting visibility right now; you should hurry and go. Just leave with me with 500 people!”



The heavy rain pelted onto the armor of the warriors. Old K clenched his battle axe, preparing for the battle. He laughed lightly, “Li brat, how should we slaughter in little while?”

I said lightly “First, feint an attack; Old K you must endure, don’t charge ahead alone. As soon as you leave the Healers, only two of the enemy Mages are needed to insta-kill you, got it?”

Old K bitterly laughed “Okay, I’ll listen to the boss but I’m not good at feinting. I’m better at brute force. How about this? I’ll go with General Li Mu and charge with them from the back, that way it’s more fun!”

I frowned a little, and then laughed, “More fun my ass! I need your [Whirlwind Blade] and [Savage Jump Slash] to weaken the enemy’s firepower. So you better not leave, otherwise our 500 warriors won’t stand a chance against 3000 enemies!”

Old K was stunned. “How will I attract their firepower?”

I replied succinctly, “Easy, [Whirlwind Blade] can create a hurricane to break the enemy’s front line so you should use [Whirlwind Blade] to destroy their first line of defenses, kill your way forward and give as many people a taste of your [Flame Axe] and [Fire Axe]. Once the back line locks onto you, you will jump out using your [Savage Jump Slash] on an enemy that is near us. Repeating, you alone can toss and turn the enemies and make them extremely frustrated. But you’ll need to not fight a long fight or else you’ll die!

Old K laughed “Okay, I got it, let me handle this!”

Little Wolf lifted his dagger, “Brother Xiao Yao, what do you need me to do?”

Without hesitation, I said, “Little Wolf, take all the Assassins in this 500 people team and use [Stealth] to lay an ambush on the west side of the boss. There’s a small hill on the side of the cliff where you can hide. The moment the heavy armor player division passes by, you’ll immediately launch a surprise attack on [Flying Dragon]’s Mage division. Remember to use your strongest attack to break their [Mana Shield] and kill them on the spot, otherwise, if the Mages manage to launch their magic attacks, these 50+ Assassins will definitely be killed.”

Wolf nodded and smiled, “Understood, Brother Xiao Yao. I won’t let you down!”

As he spoke, Wolf picked out the Assassins from among the remaining guild member and they switched into stealth mode one by one, quietly moving into the distance.


“What’s next?” Matcha lifted her long sword and asked excitedly.

I looked at the crowd and said, “100 man team leaders, please step forward!”

Swiftly, 5 players from [Valiant Bravery] came out one by one. One of them, a Swordsman that looked around 25 years old, smiled, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, if you have any commands, say them. Today you are our commander!

I nodded, “When you were killing the boss just now, what was the range of the boss’ normal attack?”

The team leader thought for a while and said, “Approximately 25-30 meters from the trunk. You’ll see that this Guardian of the Earth has many vines that hang from its branches. These vines have the ability to shoot sharp needles or attack like a spear and many of us suffered significant damage from those attacks. Furthermore, the branches’ attack power is extremely high, it really lives up to its Emperor Tier boss name!”

The other team leader asked, “Xiao Yao, what’s your plan of attack?”

I smiled, “All Knights and Monks, equip your shields and surround around the tree. Healers stand 30 yards away from the tree to [Heal] and ensure that every Knight and Monk has his own personal Healer to prevent any casualties. Give [Flying Dragon] the false appearance that we are spreading out our formation to kill the boss. This way, our mission will more or less be completed.”

The team leader nodded and smiled, “Understood, I’ll get on with it!”

“Alright, Swordsmen, Berserkers, Archers, Mages and Musketeers, the players with these few professions all follow me. We’ll move around the boss and set up defenses in the valley to prepare to greet [Flying Dragon]’s attack!”



Amongst the clashing sound of armors and chains, all the Monks and Knights charged forward followed by a group of Healers behind. There were around 100 players and everyone was brandishing heavy shields to bear the tree’s attacks and get to the foot of the tree. Then, we saw the whole tree started to wriggle, and suddenly the its branches and vines shot needles continuously, “Pow pow pow”, stabbing the players’ bodies. Luckily, the players I dispatched were all heavy armor players with high defense, so they couldn’t be killed easily. Only players who went too close to the roots of the tree died, swept away by its large branch arms.

“It’s about time, Boss..” Matcha reminded me.

Nodding my head, I raised my hand and lifted my cloak, covering my head and preventing the heavy rain from obstructing my vision. I slowly pulled out my Frost Rain Sword and whispered, “It’s time. Everyone follow me, advance slowly and don’t mess up the formation!”

“Clang clang clang…”

The sound of swords being unsheathed chimed. The average level of players in [Valiant Bravery] was about 50 and these Swordsmen were all the cream of the crop. Meanwhile, the Mages raised their staffs while each and every person entered into a mental state of preparation. Everyone understood that this battle was extremely important for [Valiant Bravery]. The reputation of this guild would depend on the results of this battle!


My Purple Dawn Boots strode through the wet grass as I summoned Baby Bobo and looked straight ahead. I led nearly 350 people to stand between [Flying Dragon] and the boss. The group spread their formation one by one and under the veil of the heavy rain, it was hard to tell the actual number of players here; maybe the enemy will think that our main force of 1500 people is here.


General Li Mu sent a message, “Xiao Yao, not good, we killed 4 Assassins along the route so [Flying Dragon] definitely knows that we are coming!”

“Have your numbers been exposed?”

“In this heavy rain, we shouldn’t be too visible.”

“Then it’s still alright, thank God for this heavy rain! You guys should continue with the mission and prepare to ambush them. Now let’s wait and see if this Emperor Tier boss will really attract the [Flying Dragon]. Once Soaring Dragon attacks my location, you should immediately start the attack. Their formation will have a lot of weakness once they start moving. That will be our chance!”
“Alright! Oh by the way, Xiao Yao, beware of Drunken Spear. Remember that name; that Nature’s Knight might have the power to kill you. You must be careful, don’t die no matter what or else we’ll all be finished!”

“Okay, I’ll try my best!”


“Boss, they are starting to move!”

Matcha raised her hand and pointed at the top of the Basin. Indeed, in the midst of the biting cold and heavy rain, the luster of swords could still be seen. Waves of impenetrable, heavy armor troops surged down from the top of the mountains, ready to attack!

I immediately commanded, “All the Knights, Monks and Healers fall back and prepare for battle. Heavy armor troops, now is the time, follow me forward. Let’s eliminate them!”

Everyone in [Valiant Bravery] roared, readied their weapons and raced forward like wild horses. Their resentment towards [Flying Dragon] was even stronger than Zhan Long’s!


A sound rung from the front, a Lv 53 Swordsman from [Flying Dragon] had locked onto me and was about to unleash his [Combo] attack!

I saw his attack coming and the moment we would have came into contact, I rapidly turned my body. “Hua”, Turning a big arc, I successfully dodged the enemy’s attack. At the same time, I slashed my Frost Rain Sword behind and unleashed [Wind Blade]!


The Swordsman was dumbstruck, “Wha…What a high attack power…”

Baby Bobo also released his 2 [Combo] attack, and it was done, the first victim!

Up front, the melee attackers tangled together. However, in just a short 20 seconds of contact, [Flying Dragon] had more than 10 corpses. I raised my sword and shouted, “Fall back!”

Everyone in [Valiant Bravery] fell back one by one and I continued to command, “Stay at your place and defend against the attack! Mages, use [Pillar of Fire & Ice]!”


“Clang Clang Clang…”

[Flying Dragon]’s heavy armor players bombarded us with their strikes for a few seconds before the earth shook as columns of [Pillar of Fire and Ice] roared and rose from the ground. [Flying Dragon]’s members immediately cried in pain, one Berserker holding an axe bellowed, “Our formation is stretched too far and the Mages didn’t follow, how do we fight!?”


An explosion sounded as 2 [Valiant Bravery] Swordsmen fell back one after the other, breaking the frontline. Then the ground suddenly split as indigo geysers of scorching hot spring-water spewed forth and caused all targets in 5 x 5 area to suffer burning damage. The 2 [Valiant Bravery] Swordsman cried painfully and died, just like that.

I nervously gritted my teeth and looked towards the attacker among the crowd. It was a Knight wearing a whole suit of armor and the previous two attacks, [Rock Piercing Thrust] and [Scorching Spring] were all his creation. It was the person General Li Mu warned me about-

ID: Drunken Spear Lv 57 Nature’s Knight
Guild: Flying Dragon
Position: Elder

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