Zhan Long

Chapter 168

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Chapter 168 – Great Battle with the Hun Emperor
Translated by: Anne, Daikon Radish, GGP
Edited by: NorthFury, Nameless Econ, Kaylee, Zdog and Sachin

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“Don’t worry, Fan Shu City’s number one Mage definitely won’t let you down!”

Dong Cheng Yue was exuding self-confidence.

I grasped my Frost Rain Sword tightly since after Matcha, the next target to be attacked would be me. Preparing to bear the brunt of the assault, I took a defensive stance while holding my sword horizontally in front of my chest. Bring it on punks!


“Shua, shua, shua……”

One after another, chilly shadows swept past me. The charging Hun Tribe Horsemen no longer targeted the flying Matcha since I had attracted all their aggro; thereby becoming the primary target of the enemy assault. More than ten horsemen jostled each other as they rammed against me. Luckily, my strength stat was high enough to hold them back… especially since I couldn’t retreat even if I wanted to. Gritting my teeth, I faced their continuous assault all by myself and due to [Charge], I was stunned for 1.7 seconds. However, Yuzi Chengshuo and Darling Duck didn’t use [Therapy] to cure my stun status. After all, they were very smart and knew that main danger wasn’t right now but later!

[Arc Moon Slash] and [Flame Blade] were unleashed on me!

“Keng, keng, keng……”

Sparks and damage numbers flew in every direction as my Nebula Armor took hits repeatedly…. It was truly heart-stopping….



At this time, Darling Duck and Yuzi Chengshuo both started to use their healing skills to bring my health back up to a reasonable level. If they hadn’t, [Arc Moon Slash] and [Rapid Flame Scorch] together would have probably insta-killed me!

“They fired the big guns~” Lin Wan Er joked.

I held my Frost Rain sword tightly and started attacking with my [Combo] followed by [Strength of a Thousand Men]. Since the plan required me to take the brunt of the assault, I might as well attack as much as possible. Plus, even though it was not much, I was still wearing Man Luo’s Ring which provided me 1% lifesteal. As I attacked, slivers of green light fell on me, showing the particle effects of lifesteal—


Something was better than nothing… Although, one can imagine that if a player managed to stack 10% or maybe even 20% lifesteal, that would be pretty unbelievable. If that player’s attack was high enough and their defense was strong enough, they would be able to tank bosses without needing potions.

Behind me, Dong Cheng Yue raised her staff and cast [Pillar of Fire and Ice], enveloping a 5×5 area with it. Line after line of damage numbers flew out. The amount of damage magic attacks could do to heavy armor type monsters was truly frightening—-



Following up quickly, Dong Cheng Yue raised her left hand and bolts of electricity appeared, twisting between her slender fingers with a crackling sound. A moment later, she shot a bolt of electricity at the first horseman in front of me. The skill immediately found a second target, then bounced to a third, and so on. Again, line after line of numbers flew out—-


In the blink of an eye, a large chunk of health from a whole section of Hun Tribe Horsemen disappeared. Digging through the system tools, the system damage output application showed that Dong Cheng’s recent damage output completely dominated the entirety of our previous damage output.

Wan Er’s attractive lips gaped. Stupefied, she said, “Dong Cheng, what level is [Thunderbolt Finger] currently at for it to be so powerful?”

Dong Cheng Yue examined her fingers, saying, “It’s only at Lv 2…. Even though it’s really strong, it’s a shame that it can only be used once every 10 seconds or else it would truly be tyrannical!”

I commented, “Continue using [Rock Spike] and [Pillar of Fire and Ice] to mow them down! Watch your mana usage, and don’t ever let it become empty. Fox, stop acting aimlessly. You attack too!”


Laughing, Fox crouched down and took out his gun. In a moment, it transformed into a cannon. This was the musketeer class’s second promotion skill, [Bombardment]!


Accompanying the sound of gunfire, an AOE skill covering an area of 7×7 blasted forth and expelled an intense gunpowder smell. The skill brought about 400 points worth of damage to each monster, which was not bad.

Matcha summoned her Illusionary Butterfly Queen as well and commanded it to attack. It’s wings immediately started flapping and a dense flame started to blaze. [Abyssal Flames] abruptly erupted within the crowd of monsters and dealt damage similar to that of Fox’s attack. All the additional attacks helped Dong Cheng Yue a lot.

In this manner, our efficiency in killing monsters escalated quite a bit. Layer after layer of Hun Tribe Horsemen collapsed and died and a sense of pride bubbled up in us involuntarily. I began imagining myself as Emperor Wu’s subordinate horseman, capable of fighting on even terms with Hun Tribe Horsemen and emerging victorious after each clash.
(TL: Emperor Wu was the seventh emperor of the Han dynasty and fought against the Huns who were encroaching upon China’s western border.)

Half an hour later, the whole stretch of land in front of us lay filled with the corpses of Hun Tribe Horsemen. By then, we had received an innumerable amount of experience. Between the layers and layers of dead bodies there were generous amounts of silver coins and pieces of equipment.

Hefting my Frost Rain Sword, I strode forward, saying, “Everybody randomly choose an area of the battlefield and scour it for items. Whatever equipment you pick up is yours. Don’t squabble, maintain some dignity……”

After all the girls dashed out, Wolf and I started laughing. The loot scattered about basically consisted of countless Bronze, Green, and Silver Tier equipment which weren’t worth much. It was nice letting the pretty girls gleefully clean the battlefield of equipment.

Wan Er had yet to go and pick up any of the items. Instead, she opened up the map with her dagger still out. She laughed, “In just one round, we wiped out 50% of the monsters. If we keep this up we will be able to clear the rest of this floor easily! Matcha’s strategy is honestly pretty good. It shortened our clear time by quite a bit.”

I nodded my head. “Yeah. Let’s try to hurry up and clear the map by 12 am. I don’t think we can afford to pull any more all nighters… Wan Er, your eyes are starting to become bloodshot during the day….”

Lin Wan Er pouted, “It’s just because I’ve been leveling with you!”

My face turned green “…You’re the one that obviously wants to keep leveling, don’t blame this on me….”

Dong Cheng Yue snickered, “Keep this up, and you’ll be fated to be forever alone….”

I was speechless “….”


Continuing on, we cleared the other half of the Hun tribe Horsemen an hour later. Everybody earned quite a bit of gold coins and equipment. Little Wolf happily walked over to me and whispered, “Hehe, Brother Xiao Yao, guess how much money I made just from picking up coins from the ground since coming to [Five Barbarians Desolate Tomb]?”

Surprised, I guessed “100G?”

“NO!” Little Wolf replied in satisfaction, “I’ve already got 417G! The monsters here have very high drop rates and are really loaded! Compared to the monsters we normally fight outside, we earn so much more here…”

I looked up the conversion rates and said, “Right now the gold selling rate is already down to 1:7. But even so, 417G can probably still nets us around 3000 RMB which is pretty good. I heard Old K picked up no more than 100G…. Little Wolf, did you focus only on gathering gold?”

Little Wolf grinned. “To make the Zhan Long studio prosper, we need an ample amount of gold! After I entered the studio, I stopped putting anything into my personal stash. Instead I’ve put everything I have into the studio’s budget! You have to believe in my character!”

I nodded. “Ok. Everybody is a part of the studio. Whenever the studio gets profits, everybody gets a share!”

“Yea, alright…”

Not far off, Yuzi Chengshuo raised her healing staff and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Wolf Totem, stop chatting amongst yourselves. We’re going to start the BOSS fight. This time it’s a Hun tribe emperor… one from legends…”

I nodded and walked over. The fourth floor’s boss did not sit on any kind of throne but instead rode on a fully armored horse at the edge of the map. He had a sharp double edged sword in his hand and was looking fiercely out into the distance. Little did he know, his subordinates had all been cleanly killed off. Inching slowly towards the boss, I swiftly read out his stats and skills. Sure enough, being the first Lv 60 Purple Tier boss his stats were truly incomparable—-

【Hun Emperor – Liu Yuan】 (Purple Tier BOSS)

Level: 60
Attack: 1620-2050
Defense: 1190
Health: 320000

Skills: 【Combo】 【Savage Jump Slash】 【Sword of Loulan】

Introduction: The Hun tribe was originally part of the ancient Xia Dynasty. Following the start of Yu the Great’s era, the survivors of the Xia Dynasty unceasingly migrated north and assimilated with the nomadic people of Loulan. They became valiant, local nomads on the outskirts of Mongolia. The Hun Emperor Liu Yuan, although soft hearted, hired soldiers to proclaim himself emperor. Even after his death, he continues to guard the spirit of Hero Ran Min located in the Central Plains.


Seated on the war horse, the Hun Emperor glanced sideways at us, “Weaklings of this fallen world, what are you trying to do?”

Laughing, I slowly drew my sword, “In expelling the Tartar minions, I will restore my country……”

Lin Wan Er: “…….”

Darling Duck said softly, “Boss, be careful. This BOSS’ attack exceeds 2000. You must not get insta-kill…….”

I nodded, “Don’t worry, he can’t one-shot me unless he lands a critical hit on me. Let’s try our best to control the fight. Dong Cheng, use [Icicle] and target him. Wan Er, don’t be taken by the attacks and promptly use [Gouge] to cover me. Once you use [Gouge], stop and come back. We only have two Healers, and I am afraid they can’t support all of us.

Yuzi Chengshuo laughed and said, “Yea, I worry about that as well. A BOSS with an attack power of 2050 is something I have never seen until now.”


I hefted my sword and dashed forward with Lin Wan Er at my back. Dong Cheng Yue’s iron defense Tigerman waited for an opportunity, ready to coordinate with us at any time.



My Purple Dawn Boots advanced straight towards the hall. I wasn’t even close to the BOSS, yet I had already leapt high into the air. In that moment, I unleashed a [Fierce Ice Blade], and a layer of frost coated the edge of my sword. Po!”


The moment I damaged the BOSS, I noticed the slowing effect taking place. But this was after all a Lv 60 Purple Tier BOSS and he immediately hoisted his heavy sword. Golden hexagrams shone, signaling the beginning of a Lv 7 [Combo]: four attacks!


Fortunately, Darling Duck succeeded in inserting a [Heal] between attacks, or else I would have definitely died.

I lowered my body and activated [Strength of a Thousand Men], repeatedly hitting the BOSS’ armored horse. Even though the damage dealt was quite high, it wasn’t able to make the BOSS flinch or retreat at all. It looked like I’m at a disadvantage just by comparing strength alone!

“Jie jie, arrogant brat, do you really think that your power can affect me, Liu Yuan, the one who has mastered the skills of the Hun Tribe over these past thousands of years?!” The Hun Emperor laughed loudly.

The blade of the Hun Emperor’s sword suddenly swirled with a blood colored light. Here it comes! It was one of his finishing moves —- [Sword of Loulan]!


His sword exploded with light, I can’t block it. Will it pierce through me?!

I slightly swung my Frost Rain Sword and used the momentum to retreat a few steps backwards to gain some time. In a rush, I activated the skill —- [Reflect]!


The Hun Emperor’s sword emitted a few meters of light. Confirming my suspicions, the attack did indeed pierce my body. Luckily, I had already used the skill [Reflect] to send the attack back at him, damaging him instead for quite a bit of health—


F*ck, that had to have been only a portion of the damage reflected back! As expected, any skill that damages the boss will be weakened. It’s such a shame that the damage from [Reflect] had been mitigated to such an extent… or else that blow alone would have dealt at least 2000+ points of his health. Whatever, at least I was able to escape his attack this time!


Raising my sword I backed off, distancing myself from the BOSS. Just taking two regular hits from this BOSS would put me in an ugly situation.

“Kid, you wanna escape?!”

The Hun Emperor called out fiercely and unexpectedly leapt off his horse, sending his whole body in an arc through the air towards me. Sh*t, is it that technique? [Savage Jump Slash]?!


Pain seared through my shoulder as if it was being ripped apart. As expected of the Hun Emperor; he ferociously slashed me right after dismounting his horse.


Yuzi Chengshuo hastily cast [Heal] as her face went pale, “My God, this boss defies the laws of nature. His skills are too powerful!”

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