Zhan Long

Chapter 160

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Chapter 160 – Di Emperor Li Xiong
Translated by: Zdog, GGP
Edited by: Noah, Sachin, Seb, Zephir

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“Old man?”

I got down on one knee and extended my hand to help him up. The old man shivered and slowly raised his head. A hint of color returned to his sunken face as he stared at me in surprise: “Youngster…you…why did you come to a place so full of evil?”

I pointed to the emblem on my shoulder, “I’m from Ba Huang City and here to complete a quest. Old man, why are you here?”

The refined old man started to tear up and replied in a trembling voice, “I was a blacksmith from Jiu Li City and came here in search of some rare ores. Who would have thought that when I slipped off the mountain, I would fall into this d*mnable place. I don’t even remember how many years I have been here. I thought I would starve to death but plants started to grow on my body. It supplied nutrients to me so I survived by being a monstrosity. I… instead of staying like this , I would rather die! Child, do you have a sharp sword? Could you do a good deed and please send me on my way?”

I clenched my fist and shook my head, “No. Wait for us to kill the monsters, then I will bring you with me so that you can see daylight once again. Old man, you stay here and wait for a bit.”

The old man widened his eyes, “No! Child, you can’t go deeper. I can feel something horrifying deeper inside. I can feel his edge…You must not go, otherwise you will never return.”

I shook my head, “Don’t worry. We came as a large group and we will certainly remove all the filth. Old man, all you have to do is wait here.”

The old blacksmith nodded then looked at me and said, “I can’t help you much. But your weapons and armor, I can repair them. Even with the passing of many years, my skills shouldn’t have left me.”


My heartbeat quickened; since the entrance to the [Five Barbarians Desolate Tomb] was sealed, we couldn’t get out. Therefore there was no way to repair our damaged equipment which is why the old blacksmith was so useful.


A pair of snow-white legs stood on top of the plants as Lin Wan Er held her iron umbrella and walked over in a fashionable manner. She stared at the purple colored plants attached to the feet of the old blacksmith before lifting her head, blinking and asked, “Old man, does it hurt?”

The refined old man nodded his head, “It hurts but I’m used to it.”

“What could lessen your pain?” Looking at the old man, Lin Wan Er felt pain in her heart.

The refined old man quietly said, “The next level is the territory of the Di tribe. All of the Di tribe soldiers carried a [Antidote] when they were still alive. Originally it was to be a safeguard against the poisonous snakes in the grasslands. Can you guys help me find 100 antidotes? I could attempt to use the antidotes to remove the poisonous grass on top of my body. This way, I might be able to start a new life.”

Lin Wan Er nodded her head, “Yes, we will definitely bring you those potions!”

*Ding* We obtained a new quest; it was an A-rank quest: Kill the Di tribe soldiers to obtain 100 antidotes. Once you give the antidotes to the refined old man, you will receive a generous reward.


We re-embarked on our journey. This time Lin Wan Er took the initiative and holding her dagger, she rushed forward. A random Di tribe soldier charged toward us and yelled, “You shameless intruders deserve to die!”

Lin Wan Er narrowed her pretty eyes, “Intruding upon my China mainland and still daring to tell us that we deserve to die!”

Lifting her dagger, she immediately activated [Gouge] and stunned the enemy. Lin Wan Er quickly took advantage of the stunned enemy and moved behind the monster, paused to gather her strength before using [Bleed] + [Backstab] together!


The pair of daggers danced continuously, landing more than 4 hits. Each hit was close to 600 damage. The soldier roared as he turned towards Lin Wan Er and used his knife to sweep attack. However, the dagger in Lin Wan Er’s left hand suddenly attacked the opponent’s wrist and her graceful body stood up as she landed a blow on the monster’s leg with her pretty little shoe. This resulted in a knockback effect. Right when the monster was knocked back, her pair of daggers followed relentlessly. She continuously landed attack after attack, plus a charged attack on its vital to finish it off!

“Pa cha……”

Finishing off the Di tribe soldier, it dropped a small blue bottle. This was the quest item: [Antidote]. I extended my hand to pick it up. Then looking at Lin Wan Er, I said, “Wan Er, the fight was well done, beautiful……”

Lin Wan Er laughed, “Thanks, that was my self-invented fighting style……”

I answered, “Ah, very pleasant to watch, continue to work hard!”


From behind, Dong Cheng Yue had a helpless face, “You two pay attention to the situation. Me and Matcha are still watching, so quickly go kill monsters. You’re not here on a date…….”

Lin Wan Er lowered her bright red face as she lifted her daggers and attacked another Di tribe soldier while I also charged towards another one. There was nothing these monster could do; our party was too strong, even killing 3-5 Di tribe soldiers at the same time wasn’t problem.

“Rawr roar…….”

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue had both summoned their Tigermen pets, which had really high defense. Their attack was not too bad but they’re best used for leveling and taking hits.


With a sweep of my sword, I knocked back a Di tribe soldier as I continued to retreat backwards. Two other Di tribe soldiers aggroed me as well. I turned and said in a low voice, “Matcha, where is your Illusionary Butterfly? Use [Vines of the Dancing Butterfly] to snare one.”


Above Matcha’s shoulder sat the Illusionary Butterfly Queen which was already a Lv 36 pet. Flapping its wings, its entire body emitted a green light as it danced. Within seconds, many vines started to sprout up, snaring one of the Di tribe soldiers. What a high success rate, a Lv 36 pet had snared a Lv 57 monster. Damn, nothing less from a Purple Tier pet!

“Oh, oh……” Lin Wan Er opened her mouth and glanced at the Illusionary Butterfly. She said in a laughing manner, “Sister Matcha, this is no ordinary pet. It has a very sharp look……”
AT: Lin Wan Er is 19 while Matcha is 23
TL: No idea why the author put that note in

Matcha lightly laughed, “Boss and I got this from incubating a pet egg dropped by a BOSS, it’s a Purple Tier pet ……”

Lin Wan Er pursed her lips and whimpered “ I’m so jealous ……”

I was speechless, “Hey, it is not like you don’t have a pet. Quickly help me finish off this soldier!”


Lin Wan Er brushed my shoulder as she passed me and stunned a Di tribe soldier. It’s a great feeling to be fighting along side a pretty girl that has great control and overall fighting skills.


In under an hour, we killed all the nearby Di tribe soldiers. In my bag, there were already 99 antidotes.

“Sha sha sha……”

Lifting her daggers from her sides, Lin Wan Er lightly jumped over and started to attack a Di tribe soldier with a combo. “Pa cha,” the dagger in her dominant hand cut through the opponent’s chest while the dagger in her left hand continuously attacked at lightning speed and landed two more hits. Angered, the Di tribe soldier charged towards her. At that moment, Lin Wan Er’s left leg kicked out. “Pow,” she landed a blow on the soldier’s calf and beautifully broke the opponent’s ability to advance. Gently lifting her body, she forced down her daggers. Followed by 3 more continuous hits, finally, charged up a [Bleed]!



An Assassin’s offensive ability was just too frightening. Wan Er was in a situation where she could simply ignore the defense of the monster and in a flurry of attacks, she finished off a Lv 57 Elite Monster that had full health!

“Pa cha ……”

The 100th antidote dropped to the ground as I extended my hand to pick it up. Looking at Lin Wan Er in surprise, I asked “Wan Er, were you training your own combo?”

Lin Wan Er nodded and said in an aggrieved tone, “Really annoying, almost half a month and I still can’t seem to get it. Speed, power and training should all be enough…..”

I smiled, “Yea, it is really flowing. However on the 4th move, your step could be a little faster. Pay attention to your body control. I feel like it is missing consistency. Otherwise, you could definitely create it ……”

Lin Wan Er nodded her head, “Hehee, I will try harder. I must create my own combo. A player that doesn’t have a personal combo is not complete ……”

Dong Cheng Yue reluctantly said, “Feel some pity…….combos, why can’t I get a magic based combo?”

I said, “You could also create a magic combo. Look at Fang Ge Que, he has one ……”

“I can’t compare to a Grand Master class player ……”



Turning around, we went to cash in the quest!

The old man was excited as he held the 100 antidotes. He poured the potions directly onto his pair of legs. Suddenly, the purple colored plants started to wither as multiple red lines appeared on his legs. He was no longer ‘implanted’ in the ground.

I drew my sword and helped him cut away the plants and then helped lift him to a dry stone to sit down and said, “Feeling any better?”

“Yea, just hungry ……” The old man had spirit but no energy.

Lin Wan Er immediately brought out a lamb leg and laughed, “This was roasted by me and Dong Cheng in Fan Shu City. It’s been many days……”

I glanced over, “Wan Er, it is not fully cooked ……”

“No problem, the old man won’t mind ……”

The old man really didn’t mind and grabbed the lamb leg with one hand. He ate ravishly and chugged down water. In a few minutes, the entire lamb leg was finished off. This helped him recover his strength and he looked at us, “Young kids, if not for you guys, this old timer would have ended here. Thank you all, and here is your reward …….”


System message: Congratulations, you have completed an A-rank quest [Antidote], reward 35000 experience points, 15 gold coins and your fame in Fan Shu City has risen!



Under a pillar of golden light, I rose to Lv 54. I was once again a top-ranking expert!

After helping the old man settle himself, we continued deeper.

The map showed a concentrated amount of Di tribe soldiers for us to kill. Good thing that it was easy to kill them, but even then, our 2 teams took another 4 hours to complete it. Finally, we arrived at the final spot on the map. It was a triangular shaped throne room. Inside the throne room, there was a monster that was too far away for us to make out.

“Pang ……”

My Purple Dawn Boots stepped onto the stone floor of the throne room as I lifted my head and looked forward. There were a couple of final monsters. One was an emperor sitting on the throne, and the other was a general serving him. The body that was sitting on the throne was burly and he held a battle axe while half his body was rotten with some chest hair poking out. Above his head, the name appeared–

【Di Emperor – Li Xiong】(Purple Tier BOSS)
Level: 57
Attack: 1550-1900
Defense: 1100
Health: 250000
Abilities:【Combo】【Flame Blade】【Whirlwind Slash】

Description: Di Emperor Li Xiong. When the 5 barbarian tribes invaded the Chinese mainland, the Di tribe, led by Li Xiong, invaded first. He was self-crowned a king and was brutal and tyrannical. He allowed the troops under him to kill and pillage as they pleased. He trampled the dignity of the Han people under an iron horse heel, a cruel and brutal emperor. After his death, he started guarding the spirit of the hero, Ran Min.

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