Zhan Long

Chapter 152

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Chapter 152 – Super Energy
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Slowly sitting back on the rock with the Frost Rain Sword in hand, I smiled and said, “Great, now Zhan Long no longer lacks with DPS. After raising this Illusionary Butterfly Queen, we will have a super Mage-like pet that can wipe out crowds with its [Abyssal Flames].”

Matcha’s pretty face said with a smile, “Thank you, Boss…But, this pet is so good, wouldn’t it be wasted in my hands?”

“How can it be wasted in your hands?”

I checked the time and said, “Well, we should return to the city now. You’re now Lv 36 and can barely follow Little Wolf, Old K and Darling Duck to level with them.”

“Okay Boss!”

I took out a City Return Scroll, crumpled it and with a bright flash appeared, I completely left the cave.


It was already past 8 p.m., the time when the number of players is at its peak, and Ba Huang City was filled with liveliness.

Several minutes later, the Zhan Long members gathered near a Blacksmith shop’s forging furnace.

Little Wolf, Lv 45, was the fastest to rise in Lv within the entire Zhan Long Studio. Old K is Lv 44, Fox is Lv 43 while Darling Duck is Lv 44. We also had the recently recruited Gold Tier geared Berserker, Cang Lei, who is Dong Cheng Yue’s brother; although he hadn’t joined us in the studio, he was already one of us.

“Big Brother Li Xiao Yao!” Little Wolf and Cang Lei shouted simultaneously. Then they looked at each other and smiled.

The scene made me smile too. Little Wolf was the only one who usually called me Big Brother, but with the addition of Dong Cheng Lei, it felt like I had two little brothers.

Carrying the Frost Rain Sword and the Ancient Tablet on my back, I walked forward and asked, “Looks like everyone’s levels are rising quickly, it shows that you guys really worked hard. You must have been certainly tired these past few days just to level. As of now, Zhan Long’s average Lv is 44. It means we’re catching up to the 1st batch’s standard level. So what we will be doing now is discussing our future endeavors, so can everybody please take your seat?”


With his dagger in hand, Little Wolf jumped back to sit down nearby Darling Duck. Cang Lei grabbed the seat next to Fox while Old K continued to stand after thrusting his axe into the ground. He then grinned: “I won’t sit because I can focus better when I’m standing.”

Darling Duck laid down her staff and placed herself beside Little Wolf. With a Lv 1 Illusionary Butterfly Queen hovering above Matcha’s shoulder, Matcha stood by my side as her cape waved with the wind and whimpered, “Boss, I’ll be here near you. It makes me feel much safer.”

I was speechless but still nodded, “Oh, Okay.”

“Zhan Long’s meeting shall begin, what’s first on the agenda?” Fox asked.

I opened the meeting: “Recently, I was very busy with either accompanying the young Miss in reality or running here and there in the game. Thus, I don’t know much about the current situation in-game. Fox, since you are Zhan Long’s ears and intelligence personnel, can you tell us what the present developments of are?”

Fox bobbed his head and said, “The first topic would be about the major guilds in Ba Huang City. After the establishment of [Valiant Bravery], three major guilds also rose in the city, namely: [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Flying Dragons]. Secondly, the last mentioned guild was established when Soaring Dragon bought a Guild Creation Tablet for 1,700,000 RMB from Fang Ge Que of Jiu Li City’s [Legend].”

Little Wolf was surprised: “Fang Ge Que got more than 1 Guild Creation Tablet?”

Fox replied as he raised three of his fingers, “Three, Fang Ge Que’s charm is said to be past 40 points which resulted in him getting three Guild Creation Tablets. One was used for establishing [Legend], the other one was given to his ally guild while the last one was sold to Soaring Dragon.”

I sighed: “So now, Ba Huang City will be divided into four powers. [Valiant Bravery], [Vanguard], [Prague] and [Flying Dragon] are now regarded as giants.”

Strawberry Matcha smiled: “Boss, [Valiant Bravery] shouldn’t be counted, right? As far as I know, they only have a total of 3000 members which include their temporary members. As for the rest of the three guilds, [Flying Dragon] has the lowest registered members with 380,000 players.”

Fox agreed, “Ah, according to my observation. [Valiant Bravery], among the four guilds in Ba Huang City, is in the toughest spot.”

Little Wolf waved his dagger, “Brother Xiao Yao, this will be a bad thing for us.”

Agreeing, I said, “That’s true, among the four major guilds of Ba Huang City, only [Valiant Bravery] can be considered our friend. [Vanguard] is our mortal enemy while [Flying Dragon] holds a grudge against Zhan Long. As for [Prague], Yan Zhao Warrior’s impression of me is not really good. If we suddenly establish our guild here and get Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang, Yan Zhao Warrior might be offended. Hmm, founding our guild here in Ba Huang City will be quite difficult.”

Old K grasped his axe’s handle as his lips formed an upward curve, “Boss, shouldn’t you just go ahead and tell us what we should do? I’m tired of hearing blabberings…”

I hesitantly said, “Then, in my own opinion, you 5 should take Strawberry Matcha to train. Once she gets to Lv 40, we will start scouring the respawn points of bosses here in the entire area of Ba Huang City. We will hunt bosses and acquire a Guild Creation Tablet as soon as possible and form our guild. In addition, Fox, how many temporary members do we have?”

Fox, somewhat embarrassed, started to laugh, “There aren’t many. The studio, including you, only amounts to 5 people. Our main non-studio members include Darling Duck and Cang Lei. I’ve added many good friends who have promised to join Zhan Long. In total, we currently have a 47-man team.”

My mouth twitched and formed an awkward smile, “Though few, it’s quite decent. If properly led, a 47-man team can take care of 200 players. If we have 100 members, we can probably start a war with [Wrath of the Heroes].”

Responding with an urging tone, Fox answered, “Rest assured Boss Xiao Yao. I will be on lookout for more members. In addition, I will carefully calculate the respawn time of bosses.”

“Well then, I am a little exhausted today, so take Matcha to a good leveling ground and raise her to Lv 40 within 24 hrs.”

“Sure, just leave things like that to us.”


At that moment, my cellphone rang and reached me through the game. It’s Wang Xin’s number!

“Hey, Team Leader?”

Wang Xin gave a pleasant response, “Hey, Li Xiao Yao. It’s me!”

“You came to find me, what’s the matter?”

“I need your assistance.”

“Assistance? I’m no longer a part of the police, what do you need me for?”

His voice emitted a joyous tone as he said, “Li Xiao Yao, I’ll just ask you one thing. Are you willing to go back to the police? Remember, you’ve once given your oath under the flag.”

My heart shook. I shockingly said, “Team Leader, I don’t want to be subject to any form of restraint. I just want to live the rest of my life in comfort.”

With a deep breath, Wang Xin replied, “I know you felt very oppressed and helpless back then, but I can no longer do anything about it. However starting today, under my direct supervision, I assure you that I will risk my life to protect you from any injustices. Therefore, Li Xiao Yao, I invite you once again to join the Hang Zhou Police. Even just temporarily, I beg you!”

I clenched my fist and whispered, “Team Leader, I know you’re telling the truth. Are my police brothers facing a difficult opponent?”

Wang Xin said while grinding his teeth, “Well, the Blood Alliance, one of the three biggest gangs here in Hang Zhou. Have you ever heard of them?”

“I did. Is there something new about them?”

“Yup.” Wang Xin lightly remarked, “The Blood Alliance’s main business deals with drugs and smuggling as well as *** places. Recently, they just took a batch of drugs from the border but we were able to catch wind of their activities with our Narcotic Eradication Group. Yesterday, we went to one of their transaction locations to ambush them. Things were happening smoothly, but suddenly went out of hand with some violent beast. One of our brothers even had his arm ripped off.”
TL: *** was in the original text!!!

I was astonished upon hearing it, “A brother had his arm ripped off? Who would be capable of such a feat and what kind of strength does he have?”

Wang Xin replied, “That’s why I called you; perhaps you can stop that thing.”

“That thing? What does it look like?”

“It was a wolf-like beast with dark fur. Bullets cannot penetrate its skin. We fired at least 17 bullets but not even a trace of blood could be seen. It also possessed sharp teeth that were capable of instantly crushing the bones of a strong man’s arm.”

I frowned, “It doesn’t sound like a human. Why is there such a thing in Hang Zhou?”

Wang Xin shook his head, “I don’t know, but we must stop the transaction that will happen tonight. Otherwise a huge batch of drugs will flow to Hang Zhou’s jurisdiction area. This will be a huge threat that I cannot shoulder.”

With sincerity in his voice, Wang Xin asked again, “Li Xiao Yao, come back, we need you! Shen Bing used one of her new devices to learn more about the beast and detected 14 ultra-energy points in its body. This is not something that the normal police can handle.”

My eyes turned round: “Damn! 14 ultra-energy points?”


At that moment, my heart went cold. Ultra-energy test is a kind of spiritual energy fluctuation test. Generally, normal people do not emit any excess energy, unless they’re a practitioner. Still, even a practitioner can exert Ultra-energy when they’ve passed the Body Strengthening realm. To release this much of ultra-energy in combat, would that beast actually be at the Royal Air realm?

I inhaled a deep breath and said, “Ok, Team Leader. I am willing to return to the Hang Zhou police station but I won’t wear a uniform. Giving me a badge is enough. I’ll go there soon so please wait for me at the West Lake District office!”

“Good! Bring your weapon! Your files are already recovered and are fully encrypted. There will be no problem at all unless a ministerial-level official questions your data.”


Turning off the phone, I said my farewells to Little Wolf, Strawberry Matcha and the others and went offline. It was already 8 p.m. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue should be in the Girls Dormitory, so there was no need to worry.

Flying back to the studio, I hurriedly went towards my room and gently opened the door. I saw Strawberry Matcha lying in the bed, still playing . I approached the bed, opened a box beneath it, took out Xiao Hei and hung it on my back. Afterwards, I shut the door and quietly headed to the Police Bureau of Hang Zhou Lake District.
TL: Xiao Hei is his sword if you’ve forgotten

I was puzzled!

Dark fur, impenetrable skin and strong. What the hell is that beast?

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