Zhan Long

Chapter 148

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Chapter 148 – The Desire to Protect

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Finally the third item and also the most valuable piece of equipment for me was a flame-colored, glowing wrist guard. My current wrist guard was only Lv 30 and Silver Tiered so if this new wrist guard was decent enough, I could switch it out.


The details of the wrist guard materialized and Strawberry Matcha could not help but have jaw drop. “Boss…this…this is incredible luck! Ah! This boss dropped not one, but two purple items!”

【Heaven’s Peak Wristguard】(Purple Tier)

Category: Armor

Defense: 220

Strength: +40

Ability Power: +38

Extra: Increases precision of attacks by 17%

Extra: Increases magical resistance by 15%

Required level: 49


Holding the Heaven’s Peak Wristguard, I happily equipped the item, and saw a huge improvement in my stats—

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】(Tomb Guardian of Dragon City)

Level: 52

Attack: 1448-1888

Defense: 1309

Health: 2721

Mana: 910

Charm: 34


The biggest change was in my defense and mana. My defense was definitely unique. No Swordsman would have over 1000 defense. Also, my 910 mana would let me fight for a longer time in battles. At the very least, I would not run out of mana with only 2 or 3 level 6 skills. Running out of mana is embarrassing to say the least, and no Swordsman would ever want to be in that position in a life and death situation.

With the addition of the Heaven’s Peak Wristguard, my attack precision was boosted by 17% and my magical resistance by 15%. These two effects were pretty straightforward and useful in PK situations, even if the opponent can dodge spectacularly enough, with a high enough precision, one’s blade could follow them. For the magic resistance, that’s the only way to go against mages which makes it very sought after.

Looking at all of the loot that dropped out of the BOSS, the results were somewhat disappointing, no Guild Creation Tablet dropped, and neither did any Pardon Card or Soul Spirit Stones. All that was left were a pile of filthy mucus eggs. It felt greasy to the hand when I touched it, and there were 7 eggs altogether–

【Insect Eggs】: Ingredients, you can use this in cooking.


It seemed to be useless, so I threw it into my inventory, turning to Strawberry Matcha, I asked her, “Did you want to continue leveling, or go offline and rest? Dinner time is coming soon…

Strawberry Matcha nodded her head, “Let’s take a break, I’ll go make dinner!”

“Okay then…”

Seeing how the girl was so diligently working even offline, I shook my head. I sent a message to Wan Er, “Miss, are we going out to dinner soon?”

Wan Er replied quickly, “Yea, come wait underneath the girl’s dormitory.”

“I’m on my way!”


I put on some clothes, and in a few minutes I arrive downstairs of the girl dormitories where Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue’s beautiful figures appeared. Even though I had seen them many times, whenever I see such beautiful women like these two my heart can’t help but throb.


Coughing into my fist, clearing ripples within my mind and taking a look at Wan Er, I asked, “Wan Er, where will we be eating today?”

“Today we will be treated out…” Wan Er said.

“By whom?”

“Wang Ren, the pretty girl you saw last time at the kendo club.”

“Okay then, did she say to invite me?”

“She did. Let’s go, to the school of Korean Cuisine…”



7:00 PM, Korean Restaurant.

The smell of steaming barbeque filled the air in the hall.

Wang Ran sat there with her cheek resting on her hand, looking at me. A pair of beautiful eyes blinked a few times as she said, “Li Xiao Yao, are you really not willing to join our Kendo club? A talent like yours doesn’t come by often, I really don’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this. So, give me your conditions, as long as you join the Kendo club, I’ll do my best to satisfy you.”

Dong Cheng tilted her head and gave a small laugh, “Wang Ran, if Li Xiao Yao were to want you to be his girlfriend, would you still be willing?”

Wang Ran’s face turned red, “Other than that, I already have a boy that I like…”

Wan Er smiled, “Okay then, could you stop trying to poach him away with my presence? No matter what you say, Li Xiao Yao is mine. If you want to try and take him away, you’ll have to go through me, is that clear?”

Wang Ran looked astonished, “Wan Er, why do you say that Li Xiao Yao is yours?”

“Uh…”Wan Er looked shocked at her own words for a second, stammering for several seconds, as if she did not know what to say.

I knew she was worried about accidentally exposing me as her bodyguard, so I picked up a pair of chopsticks and said, “Let’s first eat some food and forget about this, it’s quite the boring topic…”

“Okay okay, let’s eat!”


Halfway through the meal, a group of people suddenly entered the restaurant. A person gave a surprised look as he spotted us, “Damn, what a coincidence, isn’t that Wan Er, Wang Ran and Li Xiao Yao?”

Our group looked over at the commotion, it seemed like the people that just came in were Liu Ying, Piggy and them who all were the school’s ***. The general student population wouldn’t dare to provoke them.

Liu Ying came walking straight over to us with a bright smile, and asked Wang Ran, “Wang Ran, yesterday I…yesterday I sent you a platinum collectible star card, did you get it yet?”

Wang Ran’s eyes stared down at the barbeque plate, “I haven’t.”

Liu Ying bit his lip, reaching into his pocket with a “Hua”, he took out two tickets, “Well, these are the front seat tickets to Jay Chou’s concert in Hangzhou two days from now. It was with great difficulty that I managed to buy these tickets, I know you like Jay Chou, and so do I, so why don’t we both go see his concert together?”

Wang Ran raised her head, her beautiful eyes staring at him without a single trace of emotion. Laughing suddenly, she asked, “You like Jay Chou?”

Liu Ying nodded his head furiously, “Ah, I do!”

Wang Ran smiled, “Then I don’t like Jay Chou.”

Liu Ying stood silently.


After suppressing a choke, a boy to Liu Ying’s side could not contain himself anymore. Clenching his fist, he mumbled to himself tensely, “Hmph, what kind of goddess does Wang Ran think she is?! Pah, she isn’t anything more than a bimbo with big boobs!”


Wang Ran’s hand pounded the table as she abruptly stood up with a glare, “What did you say?”

Liu Ying hurriedly gave a glare to the student that had spoken and giving an apology to Wang Ran, he said, “Wang Ran, he is an idiot, please don’t bother with someone like him.”

Wang Ran closed her eyes, “Liu Ying, I advise you to save your breath, there is no need for you to spare any thoughts for me, aren’t you still with Xue Yue? To chase after so many girls, are you able to afford this hobby of yours for long?”

Liu Ying was embarrassed, “Actually…Xue Yue and I….there is nothing between us…”

“There is nothing between what?”

Wang Ran laughed, “There was something, a *** type of relationship, don’t say there isn’t anything between you two…”

Liu Ying’s face went purple, it was clear to see this was the first time he realized that Wang Ran was not easy to please.


Even though I have a grudge against Liu Ying, I still found it hard to intervene between the two. However, there was food to be eaten, so I bowed my head once more to eat the various barbeque, Enoki Mushrooms, squid, sea hare, pacific saury, I will be eating everything!

“Li Xiao Yao!” Liu Ying suddenly shouted,

My heart skipped a beat, for f*ck’s sakes, did you want to be beaten?!

As expected, Liu Ying’s next sentence was, “How are you Xiao Yao? Everyday you have a beautiful woman treat you out, today Wan Er, tomorrow Dong Cheng Yue, then the day after it’s Wang Ran. Liu Hua Academy is full of beautiful women, Xiao Yao, everyday you swap out for a new girl, how does it feel to be wanted?!”


Swallowing a piece of barbeque into my mouth, I slowly stood up. Rolling my sleeves up a bit while I looked at Liu Ying, I said, “I’m not trying to be some type of hero to beautiful women, so stop bothering me. Liu Ying, you should know this, so why did you bring so many people here if they’re not enemies to me?”

Liu Ying grinded his teeth bitterly, “That is true, we are not your opponents, but in < >, we could easily be your superior! Haven’t you realized? Five minutes ago, one of my friends had already killed some servant girl named Strawberry Matcha at Flint Valley! Haha, LaShou Cui Hua had killed her with ease, I’ve heard that Strawberry Matcha is a member from Zhan Long, and we also know that you are the founder of Zhan Long, isn’t that right?

“Screw you!”

My heart sank, how could Strawberry Matcha be online so early?

I gave Liu Ying a cold stare and turned around and started to leave.

Wan Er quickly pulled me aside, “Xiao Yao…what’s wrong?”

Biting my lip, I explained to her, “Strawberry Matcha is a new recruit of Zhan Long. She just joined us recently, so to already have a target placed on her back is worrying. I took her to Fire Stone Valley today to grind and we both got offline less than an hour ago. To see that she went online again so soon, I don’t know what happened… but I have to get online right away or else she will be left alone to fight against [Wrath of the Heroes]!”

Wan Er took my hand and stood up, her beautiful face seemed to have been covered by a layer of frost. Looking at Liu Ying, she spoke with a clipped tone, “Liu Ying, do you have to be so ruthless? What kind of hatred do you have against Li Xiao Yao? To try and overwhelm another studio, hmph, seems like [Wrath of the Heroes] is only a second rate guild. This type of strategy really is despicable!”

Liu Ying looked gloomy, “What? Does the chief of [Hero Mound] disagree with our actions? Are you going to bring all of [Hero Mound] to Ba Huang City to prevent another guild from doing what it wants again?”

Dong Cheng stood up as well, “There is no need for [Hero Mound] to wipe out a trash guild like [Wrath of the Heroes], we only need 20% of our guild to deal with you!”

Raising an eyebrow, Liu Ying replied, “If you say so, however, I don’t believe you. Brothers, let’s not fight here and return back to < >, today we will wait for [Hero Mound] to come to Ba Huang City and massacre [Wrath of the Heroes]!

In a short amount of time, Liu Ying and his group of people were all gone.

Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were both fuming with anger and wanted to head back too, but I pulled them both back by their hands.

“What on earth do you want?” Wan Er asked while looking at me.

I was speechless, “I’m begging you guys to not be impulsive, this is something that has nothing to do with [Hero Mound], I do not wish to be cursed as a pushover, or a lamb to be protected under the wing of [Hero Mound]. As of today, this is the business of Zhan Long, I will take care of this myself. There’ll be a day where Zhan Long and [Hero Mound] will meet head to head, so as of right now, we will not rely on the strength of others!”

“That’s…okay then…” Wan Er pouted.

I sat down once more and said, “Let’s finish eating within 10 minutes, and then return!”

Wan Er held up her hand, “Waiter, take out boxes please! I can’t let Xiao Yao endure 10 minutes of torture like this!”

Dong Cheng Yue: “…”


Hurrying back to the dormitories, I quickly logged back online!


Appearing in Flint Valley, far away, a few members from [Wrath of the Heroes] stood standing guard by the body of Strawberry Matcha. Her shin guards had been dropped, and her level had dropped back down to level 32 as well, it looks like she was killed more than once.

A tomahawk carrying Lv 47 Berserker laughed, “Ha, this chick’s face is decent looking, and her skin is soft as well! What a shame she joined Zhan Long, it seems that she isn’t your average stupid person! Haha ha, I’m dying of laughter here…”

The other person was a Lv 46 dagger carrying Assassin. “Hehe, this chick is just my type! Once she revives, don’t interfere, I want to get her phone number first…”

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