Zhan Long

Chapter 145

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Chapter 145 – Godlike Performance

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Strawberry Matcha excitedly jumped and flew up from the bushes, landing after about 10 meters with a smug look. After landing, her 34C chest slightly shook, and the nearby newbies’ hearts almost stopped.

“Thank you boss for coming here to welcome me……” Strawberry Matcha laughed.

I asked, “Matcha, could you tell me your current equipment?”


She smiled while reporting her equipment, “I have a Lv 20 Green Tier weapon, my helmet and chest plate are Lv 23 Bronze Tier, and everything else is Black Iron Tier. Boss, is my equipment really bad?”

“Yeah, it is pretty bad. Let’s go, follow me into the city!”


I turned around and my Icy Fire Cloak flapped in the wind. I brought Matcha into Ba Huang City and, at the same time, mentioned, “Matcha, I will help you prepare a set of Lv 30 equipment so that it won’t be too difficult for you to solo level.”

“Ah……” She lightly nodded her head and suddenly laughed, “Boss, why do Wolf, Old K, and them call me Big Sister Matcha, yet you just call me Matcha? Why don’t you call me the same name they do?”

I turned around to look at her and couldn’t help but smile, “You are 23 years old, while I’m 25 years old, so you are not older than me……”

“But still!” She pouted while stomping her feet, “On the road, Song Han said I was a newbie, so I can’t let you guys look down on me. From today on, every member of Zhan Long Studio must call me Big Sister Matcha. I want to be the biggest ‘big sister’ in Zhan Long, so, Boss, the same goes for you!”

I was speechless and simply said: “Good afternoon Big Sister Matcha ……”

“Hehee, that’s right!”


We shopped around in circles in Ba Huang City’s North Gate market area. Finally, we bought some items: Lv 30 Silver Tier sword, chest plate, greaves, and boots. We couldn’t find a Silver Tier helmet, so we had to make do with Bronze Tier. The necklace and rings are also Bronze Tier, since Silver Tier is just too expensive. We shouldn’t have spend too much on temporary equipment, but we still spent a total of 120 gold. It was so heart wrenching I could’ve died. All the equipment was given to Matcha.

“Well, let’s replenish our potions supply and get ready to move out!”


Strawberry Matcha blinked her eyes and suddenly asked, “Boss, where are we going to level? What types of monster will we be killing?”

I invited her to a party and said, “Let´s go far out into the map? I was planning to kill a Lv 53-57 Elite Monster. You could fly around in the air and be an “experience baby”. With me power leveling you, you should be at Lv 30 within 3 hours, then you can equip the items we just bought. From then on, you can level however you want to since there won’t be too much pressure.”

(TL: experience baby, someone who just does nothing but get experience. Power leveling)

“Ah, Okay!”

Opening up the map, I quickly locked onto our leveling spot, Fire Stone Canyon, which was quite far away from Ba Huang City. Most players won’t go there which is why I wanted to bring Strawberry Matcha there. There should be enough monster spawns. Besides, Fire Stone Canyon is close to Dragon City, so I could get some quests from my teachers.

Outside the city, the grass was bowing down to the spring breeze.

Strawberry Matcha didn’t fly, she instead stayed on the ground and walked with me. Holding her Green Tier longsword, she secretly tilted her head to sneak a look at me, then quickly moved her head back in fear of me finding out.

I was speechless, “Actually, you can change your perspective in the game. How many more times are you going to slyly look at me until you are satisfied?”

Strawberry Matcha’s face reddened and she said, “Boss, did you know that I actually joined Zhan Long for you?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I could more or less guess, but why?”

“That…” Strawberry Matcha started to giggle, “I saw boss in reality and since you were truly quite handsome, you didn’t let me down. Did you know? A lot of my female friends like you, saying that you solo fought vs. [Wrath of the Heroes]… and then there is that video of the battle in Green Qilin Abyss, where you single handedly overwhelmed more than half of [Wrath of the Heroes] with both intelligence and strength. One of my friends even said that she wants to have your child…”

My face was green, “I do not want to have kids for now ……”

Matcha chuckled: “Okay, since boss’s face is all red, I will stop talking about you. And for me, since I’m a Zhan Long member from now on, what should I do if I encounter a [Wrath of the Heroes] member and they PK me?”

I drew Frost Rain Sword, and laughed, “What about it? Tell me or Song Han and we will come help you. When your level is high enough, you could seek revenge yourself!”

“Ah, okay, I will definitely be super strong!”

“Good, wait…….”


In the middle of speaking, a “Bang” sounded out. Strawberry Matcha’s delicate soft body crashed into a maple tree. Almost crying, she looked at me with large watery eyes, “I……I crashed into a tree……”

I rubbed my forehead, “Silly girl, what kind of intelligence do you have. To be a Wind Elf and actually crash into a tree……”



A Lv 29 Wild Boar was ahead; it is considered to be one of the lowest level monsters in the area. I really wanted to test Matcha’s abilities, so I chuckled, “Big Sister Matcha, go attack it. I will leave this Wild Boar to you, so kill it within 12 seconds. Do you have any problems?”

“Ah, okay!”

Strawberry Matcha drew her sword and with a delicate cry, she rushed to attack it. Upon her sword a Lv 3 [Combo] shined, and 2 golden hexagram passed through the wind!

The wild boar charged at a slant angle and thus two big MISSes appeared; the [Combo] hit did nothing!

I clenched my hands into a fist and whispered, “Don’t keep hacking at it, you need to determine the orientation of the target. This is common sense; adjust the angle of your attack, since the monster’s attacks are not set in stone…”


Strawberry Matcha gasped because her belly received a hit from the Wild Boar and she lost 134 health points. She quickly started to wave her longsword and delivered a [Heavy Strike]!


With another MISS, the sword directly pierced the ground. She quickly pulled it out, bringing grass and spring soil along. In a complete panic, she delivered a heavy kick to the wild boar’s forehead.


The Wild Boar is nothing more than a normal monster but today he finally met a noob player, so he felt good. He attacked Matcha with his forehead, using the strategy of striking and retreating. He kept calling out, his pointy tusks full of saliva. It seemed like he was loving the chance to trample over this noob Swordsman.

“Huff huff……”

Matcha grabbed a Lv 4 healing potion and drank it in one gulp, then she lifted her sword and retreated. Her beautiful face filled with helplessness and she cried out, “Boss, help me……”

I felt like dying inside and my scalp was tingling. With a swing of Frost Rain Sword, [Wind Blade] was launched!


The Wild Boar let out a wretched cry and fell down. It was killed with one strike. Strawberry Matcha hid behind me and while she held my arm, half of her face peeked out. In a voice still filled with panic, “I……I……I have never encountered such a savage Wild Boar, boss…….”

I moved away and pointed to the Wild Boar’s carcass, “This is nothing more than a dumb Wild Boar……”

Matcha looked at me with a pitiful face, “Boss, my in game fighting skills might be a little lacking. When I turn my body, I immediately start to feel dizzy and my sword speed is not very coordinated, but I will try hard…”

I nodded my head and supported her by her shoulder and said, “Big Sister Matcha, as a newbie, getting dizzy from turning and a lack of coordination in sword fighting is a normal thing. But I’m very surprised……how did your sword pierce into the ground?”

Matcha’s face reddened completely, “Boss, I…….”

“Fine, let’s not talk about it until after we level up. Don’t worry, Song Han and I will teach you about close combat and if you put in the effort to study, there is nothing you can’t learn. Big Sister Matcha, just keep flying and leave all the monsters on the ground to me. Concentrate and be a good experience baby.”

“Ah, ah, boss, you are so nice!”


Almost 40 minutes later, we arrived at Fire Stone Canyon while I stood at the canyon’s edge and looked down into the layer of fog. The zone seemed to have been redone since it looked very different compared to my last visit. This new version had some similarities to Green Qilin Abyss, full of mysterious dangers and challenges.

Matcha flapped her wings and flew midair, holding her longsword while smiling, “Boss, are we are going to level here?”

I nodded my head, “Yeah, we will train here. I want to level you quickly, so try to raise your level past 40 within 3 days. Go all out……”

“What about Song Han and them?”

“They are leveling in another place. Thankfully, Cang Lei got here so their leveling speed will not be shabby with a super spending RMB person helping. When our levels are pretty close, we will level by doing quests together.”



I jumped down into the canyon and stabbed my Frost Rain Sword into the cliff surface, creating a long streak of sparks and slid the whole way down. Strawberry Matcha was behind me and flew down at the same time. This time, the strengths of the different races were revealed; in this terrain, there was no doubt that the Wind Elf’s flying ability was a huge superiority for them.


With a gush of wind, Strawberry Matcha passed me overhead. She landed one step ahead of me, raised her sword and smiled, “Boss, you are so slow……”

With a straight face, “Light green……”

Strawberry Matcha’s face instantly turned red, “Boss, you!”

“It’s your fault, let’s go level……”


Bringing out Baby Bobo, I rushed ahead and after about 10 minutes, before me were monsters that I was looking for. They were green colored butterflies that were lightly flying through the air as they danced above the grassland. But unlike normal butterflies, they were at least the size of a washbasin; their beautiful appearance hid a strong, lethal nature-

【Illusionary Butterfly】(Elite Monster)

Level: 55

Magic Attack: 1100-1250

Defense: 650

Health: 4500

Abilities:【Fierce Wind】【Vines of the Dancing Butterfly】

Introduction: The Illusionary Butterfly is a type of insect monster that lives in an ancient forest. Rumors say that it is very powerful in manipulating natural forces and can even control the plants on the ground.


Placing the stats of the Illusionary Butterfly into the party chat. I said, “Big Sister Matcha, don’t get within 30 yards of the Illusionary Butterfly or else it will aggro to you automatically and one [Fierce Wind] could kill you. You should fly as high as you can in the air and let me kill the monsters. You just need to get the experience!”

TL: Alright so I’m guessing that Matcha wouldn’t get the full experience like Song Han and them did when they partied with Xiao Yao before

“Yes, I understand. The monster’s level is too high. Boss, you be careful as well!”


With a “Pa,” my Purple Dawn Boots lifted off the grass while I charged forward. “Peng!” Frost started to swirl around Frost Rain Sword as [Fierce Ice Blade] was launched. The sword pierced through the small body of the Illusionary Butterfly.


Sure enough, a magic creature’s defense was really weak.

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