Zhan Long

Chapter 131

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Chapter 131 – In Big Trouble
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Shiing, unsheathing my Frost Rain Sword, which was shrouded in a deep blue aura, I charged at the Wild Boar. With a [Wind Blade] + [Fierce Ice Blade] combo, my sword tore through the Wild Boar. With shouts of agony, the Lv 37 normal monster was dead in an instant leaving no time at all for it to retaliate. Large damage numbers bursted forth from my slashes and the two ladies behind me were shocked–




“So strong… Such a strong attack…”

Rippling Pond widened her eyes and said, “This attack power should be at least above 1700? I heard that guild leader Jian Feng Han’s attack power is extremely powerful, at around 1800. That damage means that Zi Zai shouldn’t be too far behind Feng Han…”

Sheathing my sword, I smiled, “Actually my attack power exceeds 2000…”


Rippling Pond was shocked, “Your attack power is higher than our boss Jian Feng Han?”

I nodded and continued, asking her casually, “Rippling Pond, have you seen Jian Feng Han and talked to him?”


“Oh, I guess you still don’t really know him.”

“How so, oh handsome bro?”

“Nothing. It’s nothing, let’s just carry on. Let’s head to the quest destination and finish your quest quickly!”

“Sure thing!”


The three of us continued to walk through the dense forest and after 30 minutes we finally arrived at a nameless valley. Here, there were already many players training and at least seven or eight teams scattered throughout the valley.

Rippling Pond’s wings began to flutter lightly as she pointed out into the distance. Beside her Darling Duck also began to fly, a staff clutched in her hands. I noticed the image of a medicine pot appear on the edge of her staff: the mark of a Healer.

“There are people training here. Once we trigger the boss…” Darling Duck looked at me with worry in her eyes.

I raised my head and looked at them both, “It’s okay, once we trigger the boss I’ll tank it. As for you two, just fly as high as you can. Aim for around 25 meters above and just leave everything on the ground to me.”

Duck nodded her head while Rippling Pond covered her mouth and laughed, “Sister Duck, I feel so secure with Xiao Yao Zi Zai here…”

Darling Duck couldn’t help but laugh, “That’s just you. When Xiao Yao Zi Zai ruined his relationship with guild leader Jian Feng Han, I was shocked. I couldn’t imagine how an honorable man like him could do something so despicable…”

Although I heard what they said, I didn’t bother to explain. I simply smiled, carried my sword and walked in front of them while summoning Baby Bobo.My job is to protect these two Magic-class ladies since their defensive capabilities are too weak. Players with high attack power would only need a moment to kill the girls.


While the three of us were in the midst of silently infiltrating the depths of the valley, a certain blood-red rock came into view. A talisman was placed on top, around which chains fixed it in place. The rock itself was continuously trembling ever so slightly. Even ordinary players would be able to tell that something was queer about the place, but what could they do? They had no way of investigating the mystery of the blood-red rock.

“We’re here…”

Rippling Pond flew in the sky above the rock and whispered, “Brother Zi Zai, you have 25 charm, so could you please unseal the talisman? Be careful though, because when it’s unsealed you will instantly take 2000 damage. After that the boss will appear from the rock and all the aggro will be focused on you. I am still unsure of what kind of boss it is, so you must be cautious; your health will instantly plummet.”

I nodded, “Got it. Darling Duck, right after I release the seal I will only have around 200 health remaining. You must heal me straightaway so that the boss doesn’t kill me instantly!”

“Yeah, understood!”

Standing in front of the blood-red sealed rock I knitted my eyebrows together. Raising my head I said, “I have one last question.”

Rippling Pond replied, “Yeah, what is it?”

“This A-rank mission, what will you earn from it?”

Rippling Pond seemed to be a little embarrassed and said, “Actually this is a Mage-class quest I received. Once I finish the mission I will probably receive a Lv 40 Gold Tier weapon for my class, most likely a staff…”

“Oh, that’s quite good…”

As most gamers know, the prices of weapons were often much higher than that of other equipment. A Lv 40 Gold Tier staff could be sold for at least 1000G. It’s no wonder that Rippling Pond refused to give up on this mission and since the two ladies have already told me this secret, I should try my best to help them. I quickly unsheathed my Frost Rain Sword and smiled at them, “You don’t have to worry. For this Lv 40 Gold Tier staff I shall risk my life to kill the boss!”

Rippling Pond nodded her head with gratitude, “Thanks. Brother Zi Zai is such a nice person…”

Darling Duck placed her hand on her forehead and said, “Maybe it’s because he likes you and wants to pick you up…”
Rippling Pond: “…”

Walking up without hesitation, I placed my hands on the blood-red stone, and the seal began to unravel. The moment of its unsealing, a lightning bolt struck me–


The strike was without any hesitation at all!

Bang! The large rock burst apart, and from the rock a gray Python appeared: a Lv 42 Gold Tier Boss – Sand Python!

Looking at the boss’s level and tier, I felt relieved. A Lv 42 Gold Tier Boss wouldn’t damage me too much since my level has already far surpassed its. Nevertheless, with a flick of my hand, I used a [Heal] on myself and another [Heal] from Darling Duck fell on me–



Although they were both Lv 5 [Heal]s, the difference in efficiency was quite huge. Refusing to engage in self-depreciation, I used my Frost Rain Sword and activated [Combo], furiously striking the Sand Python’s head, bringing out a whole string of numbers. At the same time Baby Bobo also helped to dish out some damage and from the sky Rippling Pond chanted and cast [Icicle], [Pillars of Ice and Fire], along with other spells to attack the Sand Python.


The Sand Python stuck out its long tongue and continually bit my arms and armor causing 200-400 damage total. With this rate of health loss, neither Darling Duck nor I felt any pressure to heal myself. For a Lv 50 Swordsman like me with top equipment, killing a Lv 42 Gold Tier Boss was easy as pie.

“Wow, he is so strong…” Rippling Pond flashed a smile of happiness.

Darling Duck also smiled, “Congratulations, I guess the Lv 40 Gold Tier staff is destined to be in your hands…”

However, while I was slashing the boss I warned them, “Remain alert and continue to attack with full power. The surrounding players are slowly closing in on us. After all, this is still a Gold Tier Boss. Who wouldn’t be tempted?!”

Darling Duck was astonished, “Then what do we do?”

“Don’t worry, even if PK battle does start, don’t panic. Make sure that neither of you kill any of the players and Duck, continue to heal me. Leave all of the players to me. I will get rid of them… I will personally guarantee that this Gold Tier staff will belong to you, pretty lady!”

[T/L: He’s not really flirting here; the term ‘pretty lady’ is thrown around quite liberally in Chinese.] Rippling Pond giggled, “Thank you~~”


When the boss’s health dropped to around 20%, the first team had arrived at our location. It was a 10-man team, with the average level being around 41, led by “Forgotten Sirius’, a Lv 43 Berserker. His equipment wasn’t too bad. His battle axe had a golden aura enveloping it: likely a Gold Tier weapon. With him were a few players who hadn’t yet undergone their 2nd Job Promotion.

The 10-man team surrounded me in a fan-shaped formation. They were watching my fight with the boss like a group of curious babies, all wide-eyed. Apparently, they felt that the boss’s health was still too high.

Fighting under these circumstances, I couldn’t help it any longer. With a slash of my sword I knocked the boss backwards while asking, “Huh, are you guys interested in this Sand Python boss?”
Forgotten Sirius hefted his battle axe onto his shoulder and said, “It’s a Lv 42 Gold Tier Boss. Who knows, if our luck is good it may even drop Lv 40+ Gold Tier equips. I am slightly interested. Why don’t you three leave this boss to us?”

In the sky Rippling Pond was slightly angry, “Leave the boss to you all? Who do you think you guys are…”
Forgotten Sirius howled with laughter. The Barbarian Berserker patted his hairy chest and said, “These trees were planted by me; this road was paved by me. If you want to pass you must pay the toll…”

TL: Common Chinese bandit saying


“That’s enough…” I was speechless. Unveiling my ID, the golden signet indicator [Ba Huang City’s #5 player] appeared while I used a [Pardon Card].


A skinny Assassin in their midst was shocked and immediately whispered, “Boss, that strong-looking warrior over there is Xiao Yao Zi Zai. He’s Ba Huang City’s ranked 5, the legendary figure that dared to provoke [Vanguard]!”
Forgotten Sirius replied, “What are you afraid of? Let’s charge together and kill him and the boss!”
Just like the saying: greed goes hand in hand with courage. Humans will die for wealth, birds for food. And for a mere Lv 42 Gold Tier Boss, they dare provoke one of the top players of Ba Huang City. This is human nature!


The sharp weapon in my hand let out a slight metallic cry. I whispered in the party chat, “Duck, Rippling Pond, when the boss has only 10% of its health remaining, I will temporarily stop attacking the boss. Duck, you then will heal me while Rippling Pond uses [Icicle] on the three archers furthest away to lower their speed. Then leave the rest to me!”

The two ladies nodded: “Okay!”

12 seconds later the boss’s health dropped to 10%. Commencing the operation!

I stopped attacking the boss and rushed towards their party, bringing the boss along with me. In that moment Forgotten Sirius narrowed his eyes, “Seriously? Counterattacking with 10% of health left on the boss. Xiao Yao Zi Zai really has guts. Archers, use [Shattered Shot] to stun him: the rest of us will attack him. Use your 2nd Job Promotion skills and slaughter him!”

Stepping on the ground, I swiftly changed my path of motion several times and three misses appeared behind me. The charge time for [Shattered Shot] was rather long and since those three Archers were incapable of anticipating my movements, all of the [Shattered Shot]s passed through empty space.


Flames raged around Forgotten Sirius’ battle axe as he aimed at my right shoulder. His attack brought out a gorgeous number–



Forgotten Sirius was like a newborn calf that didn’t know to fear the tiger, oblivious to how fearsome the top ranking players were. —— He was in in big trouble. In addition, he clearly didn’t know that when a 7 level gap existed between opponents, a stat reduction of at least 30% applied to the weaker party!

“Crap, I can’t break through his defense? What kind of defense is this!?”

Forgotten Sirius, while holding his battle axe, stood there in a daze, totally forgetting his original objective of attacking me.



[Fierce Ice Blade] pierced through Forgotten Sirius’ chest and caused 1174 damage and coupled with a normal attack, he fell down immediately!

“Ugh. I still have a family to feed…” Forgotten Sirius mumbled before he died.

TL: Another bandit saying when they are about to die…

Pulling my sword out of his chest, I immediately rushed towards a Monk. A surge of air burst forth from the ground as I activated [Strength of a Thousand Men]. Confronted with a flurry of attacks, the Monk’s health began to drop rapidly. Giving a cry of agony, he fell to the floor with his Monk Staff in hand: “ Boss, we’re coming…”

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