Zhan Long

Chapter 129

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Chapter 129 – Imprint
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Placing the wine cup back onto the table, Huang Ning stared at me and smiled, “Li Xiao Yao, Lin Tian Nan is a good friend of mine for many years now. I understand him very well. To this old guy, Wan Er is the pearl of his life: his everything. If someone were to bully Wan Er, he would put his own life on the line to get even with that person. Seeing that he has chosen you to be Wan Er’s bodyguard, it seems he has made a good decision…”

Looking at Huang Ning, I understood that he had more to say and remained silent.

On the other side, Lin Tian Nian gripped his chopsticks and smiled, “Wan Er is still young, I do not wish for her to start dating so soon. It’s not because I’m old-fashioned but rather I don’t wish for her to be hurt. Li Xiao Yao, can you understand my feelings?”

I nodded and replied, “I understand, Mr Lin…”

Lin Wan Er’s face flushed red, “Dad, what are you trying to say?”

Lin Tian Nan: “I thought you have been reading my mind? You should know…”

“Dad!” Lin Wan Er’s voice had hints of displeasure, “I wouldn’t read your mind!”

Lin Tian Nan laughed, “Fine fine, let’s not talk about this today…”

After placating his daughter, Lin Tian Nan continued to stare at me and said, “Wang Xin introduced you to me and he once said that you were trying to redeem yourself from your sins through this job. In order to ensure my daughter’s safety, I can’t take such a risk…”

I frowned, “What do you mean?”

Lin Tian Nan stood up, his hands stroked the table as he looked at me anxiously and softly said, “Li Xiao Yao, you are the final line of defense for Wan Er, so I need to ensure that you are 100% loyal to her. I hope that Wan Er can leave an imprint deep in your heart, so that from now on, you will not betray her, nor will you back down from the mission!”

Shocked, I asked, “That… What do you mean? Imprint, what is that?


Behind me, Huang Ning suddenly stood up as a slight aura gathering around his body. He softly asked, “Li Xiao Yao, do you love Lin Wan Er?”

Surprised by his question, I looked towards Lin Wan Er who was sitting in front of me. Lin Wan Er also looked back at me, flabbergasted. At that moment, time seemed to stop.


Huang Ning’s movements were swift and he suddenly appeared behind me. Afterwards, I felt a numbing sensation in my mind. There was no time for me to react. Staring blankly at Lin Wan Er, my mind gradually blanked out and my eyes gradually closed–


Suddenly opening my eyes once again, I found myself in the middle of a valley. Hua hua, the sound of a stream flowing could be heard. The entire valley was empty and shrouded in a mist, like a scene in a dream. The mist seems to act like a veil as it wrapped around my feet, preventing me from seeing the ground clearly.

“This… Where am I?” I was confused.

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Suddenly, the sight in front of me disappeared. My senses returned back to the First Heaven restaurant where I was at.


I couldn’t help but let out a sound of surprise. I widened my eyes, “This… What was that that just happened!? Wan Er, I… Just now I… What happened to me just now?”

Lin Wan Er stood in front of me in a daze, her minute mouth opening, “I am also unsure…”

At this moment, Huang Ning moved towards Lin Tian Nan from my back and lifted up his hand to show a small microchip, he smiled, “This is the implant?”

Lin Tian Nan said in a deep tone, “Yes, this is the microchip for the Imprint system. The idea behind it is simple. Through the transplantation of blood, we imprint a memory into your mind, making you unable to even think of betraying Wan Er from this day on. This is the result of Tian Xin Corporation’s two years of hard work, the power of technology.

I gritted my teeth, “This memory, can you control it?”

“We can’t control it, we can only trigger it but as for the specifics, we are unable to manipulate it. However, this memory is one that you will be unable to forget for your whole life. It is only through this way that it can truly become an Imprint on your soul.”


I clenched my fist as I stand there, unmoving.

“Li Xiao Yao, what kind of memory was that?” Lin Wan Er asked me softly.

I shook my head.

Hmph, Lin Wan Er scowled at me and closed her eyes. At the same moment, I could feel a mild, almost undetectable, mental power flowing in the surroundings. I shuddered, knowing that she was currently trying to read my mind.

At the next moment, Lin Wan Er’s face flushed red in an instant. Tightly clenching her small fist, her face was almost as red as an autumn apple. Her eyes were filled with anger as she stared at me, “Hmph, Li Xiao Yao, just you wait and see!”
I sat down, my emotions a mess. This memory was indeed too unforgettable. To think that I, in my dreams, to Lin Wan Er… Cough cough, I wonder what would Lin Tian Nan think if he knew what I saw.

Lowering my head, I continued to eat, not saying anything more. Lin Wan Er also sat there angrily, not speaking a word.
Lin Tian Nan and Huang Ning, feeling as though they have succeeded, toasted to each other and drank happily.


At around 9PM at night, once the dinner was over, Lin Tian Nan sent a chauffeur to drive the TT and to send me and Lin Wan Er home.

Sitting in the back seat, I remained silent.

Lin Wan Er sat by my side and turned to look at me a few times, only to see me depressed.

Finally, Lin Wan Er lightly bumped into my shoulder and whispered, “Sorry, I know that you are also a victim so I can’t blame it all on you. Also, regarding the Imprint, I was also left in the dark. I’m really sorry…”

I solemnly nodded my head and continued to remain silent.

Lin Wan Er was furious, “You… you anger me so much. The one who suffered was me, why do I have to apologize?! I… my temper…”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I raised my head to say, “Wan Er, the Tian Xin Corporation’s new invention, this Imprint microchip seems to have been a failure…”

“That might not be the case…” Lin Wan Er’s mood lifted. “Dad is a genius, I believe in each and all of his product!”

“Fine…” I clapped my hands. “Then, let’s just treat it like the Imprint was a success…”

“Fine… Regarding this, you can’t tell it to anyone or you’ll die!”



“Brat, you must remember that women are the source of trouble. You shouldn’t get close to woman while you live.”

Lin Cheng’s words seemed to linger in my ears for the entire night, “Remember, you must learn to make use of the aura of the sky, earth and men. Otherwise, you will only be stuck at the level of strengthening one’s body for your entire life, then what you would only be training is your body, forever unable to go to the next stage.”

The old man taught me all I knew about harnessing the aura, yet he did not personally witness me as I got to the next stage of my training.

That night, my shirt was drenched from dewdrops as poisonous snakes slithered through the grass to my neck, yet then slithering away silently. After experiencing the boundary between life and death that night, I learnt to harness the aura within one’s body. The aura originates from our subsistence, it spreads through our hearts and lungs, sinking into our skin, nourishing our body, a cycle that never ends. The aura within a human originates from external matter, yet it was available for human use. From ancient times, the number of people who were able the grasp the ability to harness aura from the sky, earth and humans to train oneself are uncountable, and among this group, the number of those who lived to ripe old age was numerous. During Zhuang Zi’s age, harnessing the aura was considered a way of keeping healthy.



On the bed opposite of me, Glasses slowly sat up and picked up a cup beside his bed, smiling, he asked, “Morning Xiao Yao, waking up at 7, is there some mission you have to do today?”
I smiled, “It’s nothing, I’m used to waking up early…”

“I heard that last night, you went with Lin Wan Er to eat at First Heaven Restaurant? There’s a photo of the both of you eating on the school’s BBS. Tsk tsk”


Not saying anything, I got off the bed and had a cold shower in the bathroom. After changing into a clean shirt, I could finally feel myself living after the Imprint yesterday. Except that, when I touch the wound from the microchip implant at the back of my head, there is a sharp pain. I don’t have much knowledge on technology and such stuff, but I knew that the memory that night has been deeply imprinted within my mind.


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