Zhan Long

Chapter 117

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Chapter 117 – Advice from an Old Friend
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In the middle of the night, I suddenly awoke to an awful cold. My whole body was twisted up like a shrimp on the couch and I saw a faint light coming from the windowsill, a sign that it was almost morning. Still, I remained lying in the sofa with my eyes closed. In just less than two hours of sleep, I had recovered more than 70% of my mental energy. I guess this was one of the benefits of being a practitioner.


Someone was waking up.

I suddenly detected the faint smell of perfume. This was definitely Wan Er’s fragrance. Looking down, I saw that someone had spread a bath towel over me in my sleep. I could make out the individual strands of hair, shining in the morning light and lightly touching my face.

Staying calm, I kept on pretending to sleep.

“If you’re already awake, then wake up already…” War Er chuckled softly.

I breathed a sigh of disappointment. I was absolutely certain that Wan Er could read my mind. I have to be careful about what I think around them from now on…

However, I continued to lie there calmly and Wan Er did not mention it again. Not long after that, I entered into a state of light sleep. Wan Er returned to her bed and while hugging Dong Cheng she fell asleep. Dong Cheng mumbled, “This is what I like, don’t bother me…”. I couldn’t even fathom what she was dreaming of.

By the time I woke up again, the sun was already up and shining. I rubbed my eyes, looking at the bed next to me. There were two beautiful ladies, that had kicked away part of the blanket with a silky white colored leg. Wan Er was still snuggling the rest of the blanket. While fast asleep, she had a faint smile on her face. What was she dreaming about right now? She looks like a cat that was taking a nap. Dong Cheng was sleeping in a crooked position, with her face planted on Wan Er’s chest, how lucky!

I took my phone and saw that it was already 11 o’clock in the morning, who would’ve thought we would’ve slept for so long. Fortunately, today was a weekend with no classes and Destiny servers’ were on maintenance until 12 o’clock. Sleeping in wasn’t a bad thing.

Giving a loud cough, I cried: “Miss, Dong Cheng, get up and prepare to go back to school!”

While in bed, Lin Wan Er lazily rubbed her eyes, looked at me, and then looked at Dong Cheng Yue in her hug. When she realized that she only had a pink gown that had enchantingly wrapped around her body, she suddenly gasped.

“Li Xiao Yao!” Lin Wan Er was actually calm, and lightly said, ” Go away, Dong Cheng and I want to get out of bed.”


After turning around, I pulled out my phone to check information on Destiny’s site as well as the server’s maintenance schedule. At the forum, the result of a huge battle between two big guilds, [Vanguard] and [Flying Dragon] was posted, it seemed like the outbreak was caused by the rights to a Gold Tier boss. In addition, the “hottest” post at the moment was the most powerful sword, the Purple Tier Lv 48 Frost Rain Sword. It can be considered as the God of weapons right now and it even has a superior grade!

In Destiny, only weapons can receive superior grades. These graded weapons can deal fatal strikes, which are similar to a critical strike. However, fatal strikes could be stacked on top of critical strikes. To a certain extent, the burst potential in these weapons can turn the tides of a battle.

In the forum, no one knew who had the Frost Rain Sword, but many believed that it was in the hands of one of the top players from Ba Huang City. This made the players of the other cities wonder why top ranking weapons like the Frost Rain Sword and the Heavenly Plan Sword were coming from Ba Huang City. It seemed that Ba Huang City was like a treasure trove. Even Q-Sword and other high leveled players were puzzled why Ba Huang City, a border city, had such a high drop rate of superb items!

After checking the forums, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue had finished washing and came out of the bathroom with brand new clothing. Although there was no make-up applied, they still looked so elegant and refined. These two beauties just didn’t need any make-up to showcase their beauty.

“Come on!” Lin Wan Er said.

I looked at the time: “To eat a meal or to go back to school?”

Dong Cheng Yue smirked: “Well, there is a hot pot shop on this street, called Pot of God. Let’s go there?”

“All right, I’ll pay…” I said while patting my chest.

Lin Wan Er tilted her head and smiled at me: “When did our miser, Xiao Yao, become so generous?”

Dong Cheng whispered to her: “He just got a Purple Tier sword yesterday. Don’t ask any questions and just say yes!”



Minutes later, the three of us appeared in the Pot of God restaurant and had ordered a dry chicken with a few stir-fried dishes. When we finally got to eating them, it was already almost noon.

Dong Cheng Yue was playing with her phone and suddenly, her tender body trembled, and she shouted: “Oh!”

“What’s wrong?” Lin Wan Er asked.

Dong Cheng Yue tightly gripped her phone: “That… CBN Destiny Battle Ladder is out…… ”

“Really? Who’s first?”

“Fang Ge Que …”

“Well, it should be him!”

I was surprised and asked: “Who’s Fang Ge Que, is he famous?”

“What did you say?” Lin Wan Er said with a deadpan face, “ In 2015, within a year, he took the first rank in “Overlord” and then started playing “Conquest”, in a mere one and a half years, he became the top player, ranking above Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword……Unlike your pitiful 3 Million + ranking, Fang Ge Que was known as the best Mage and top player in the world!”

I pulled out my phone, searched for his name, the only result was–

ID: Fang Ge Que Lv – 51 Silver Mage

Main City: Jiu Li City


Squinting, I said: “51 Mage, sure enough, he overpowers us in level ……”

Lin Wan Er smiled: “It’s natural, Jiu Li City’s PK has always been rampant and Fang Ge Que has never tasted defeat. He got placed first place in the grandmaster division with all victories…”

“The grandmaster division?” I was surprised.

Dong Cheng Yue explained: “Well, Battle Ladder’s top 1-100 players are known as grandmasters, players ranking from 101-1000 are known as masters, after which is the expert group, elite group, rookie group and so on…. Xiao Yao, do you want to find yourself?”

My mouth twitched: “My record, it should be… It should not be too low, right?”

Lin Wan Er stood up, sat to my side, entered my ID in the CBN ladder system “Xiao Yao Zi Zai” and then confirmed. The phone began to load while Dong Cheng also went behind me and stood while her hair hung over her shoulders. They stared with their big eyes at the phone screen and eventually, the ranking showed–

Player “Xiao Yao Zi Zai”: Ranked 217th, 117th in the master division……

“Woah, 217 and in the master group! Very good, it’s much better than your original three million+ ranking … …” Dong Cheng laughed.

I turned to look at her and asked: “Dong Cheng, what’s your ranking?”

“I don’t really PK …”

Dong Cheng Yue bit her lips and seemed somewhat nervous while I quickly enter her ID Cang Yue into the phone. The ranking just came out – 51st!

“… This is not high… ..? ” I was speechless.

Lin Wan Er at my side, laughed and explained: “CBN Battle Ladder’s rankings are not entirely according to PKs but a combination of the players of existing skills, levels, equipments, pets and then finally your PK record. Li Xiao Yao, you Pked repeatedly in Ba Huang City, killing many but you were also killed quite a few times. Because of your deaths, not entering the grandmaster division is normal.”

“Miss, your ranking…”

“Didn’t you just see it?”


Dong Cheng Yue chuckled: “Fool, didn’t you just see the top ten? Wan Er is ranked Ninth!”


I turned to look at Lin Wan Er, a bit scared. How did this chick rank so high?

“What’s wrong … …” Lin Wan Er looked a little uncomfortable.

“Didn’t think you were so strong… …” I was perplexed.

Lin Wan Er sighed and a pair of pretty eyes stared at me angrily: “Do I look like a vase? I was ranked third in “Conquest”! Third!”

I sat there quietly and gave a thumbs up: “The mighty Miss!”


After that, we finally started eating.

After lunch and at exactly 12:00, I accompanied the two beauties back to the girls dorm. I watched them go upstairs before heading back to my dorm. Let’s go online and try out the Frost Rain Sword!

Just then, the phone rang with a call from a strange number –

“Hey, who’s this?”

“Li Xiao Yao, This is Lin Tian Nan!”

My heart beat an extra violent beat: “Mr. Lin , is there anything?”

Lin Tian Nan said lightly: “Last night, you and Wan Er went to a 4 star hotel, right?”

The old guy has eyes everywhere, I secretly sighed and explained: “Yes, but it was for a reason. I didn’t do anything out of line either …”

Lin Tian Nan smiled: “I know. If you really laid a hand on Wan Er last night, you would have already died under a sniper rifle.”


My heart went cold, I said, “Mr. Lin, you sent someone to spy on me?”

“No, it’s for protecting you.”

“Is it?” My eyebrows jumped: ” I must warn you that employers should not suspect their employees. Chances are, the one you sent to monitor me will be seen by me as an opponent to kill!”

Lin Tian Nan paused before laughing: “Good boy, I love your fearless personality! However, I must say, since I have the ability to pull you from Wang Xin, I also have the ability to quietly erase you from Wan Er’s side. Moreover, if you cross the line then not only will you feel my wrath, but Wang Xin will also feel it!”

“In addition to protecting Lin Wan Er’s security, I will not do anything, nor try anything.”

“Well, that’s good! Next month, I’m giving you a raise. I know about the tennis hall matter, next month your salary goes up to 50,000 RMB (8000~ USD per month).”

“Thanks, boss …”

Lin Tian Nan: “Sure.”

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