Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Smacked on the Face

“Ah ah, that’s also true!” Little Fatty smiled slightly and said, “However, I am not a scammer and what I have told you is true. But if I were to take such a precious item without reason, I will still be a little embarrassed. If that’s the case!”

As Little Fatty finished, he brandished out a bottle of elixir from his Natal Artifact’s dimensional space. He gave it to Zhang De Qing and said, “This bottle of medicine is a Qi replenishment elixir. When cultivators consume it, it can increase our cultivation efficiency. If a mortal consumes it, it will help to extend one’s lifetime. However, your body is already old and frail and this medicine cannot be taken continuously. You only need to take a pill every year. This bottle would be enough for you to survive past 100 years!”

As Zhang De Qing heard them, he was immediately elated. Who wouldn’t be willing to live for a few more years? His hands trembled as he received the elixir and said after a while, “This, how can I receive this?”

“Ah ah, if you don’t take I will be ashamed!” Little Fatty laughed, “This elixir still pales in comparison to the yellow jade. It is still your loss. I am still thinking of other ways to compensate you.”

Little Fatty pondered for a moment and probed, “ What if I can protect your family from being bullied in future?”

“That’ll be great! I’m afraid my cousin’s misfortune will also befall on me!” Zhang De Qing was moved to tears as he heard. He’s cousin was just innocently framed, and the whole family killed. As for him, he was so worried and helpless to do a single thing. Feelings of despondence deeply pricked him. At the same time, he was also afraid he will experience such circumstances too.

Just when he was worrying about his future safety, Little Fatty proposed to protect him in future. How would he not be thankful?

Hearing what Zhang De Qing said, Little Fatty was also relieved. He immediately smacked his chest and said, “I am a cultivator of the Mystical Sky Temple. I don’t dare to promise you about other things, but at least in the Blue Moon Nation, I can promise that no one will bully you!”

“Ah, the celestial elder is from the famous Mystical Sky Temple?” As Zhang De Qing heard, he immediately exclaimed, “Rumour has it that it is the royal temple of the Blue Moon Nation. Those staying in are all celestials who can summon the wind and rain with the flick of a hand!”

“I can’t be considered a celestial, but we do have some abilities. At least against mortals, it is impossible for them to defeat us!” Little Fatty then said, “My surname is Song, my name is Zhong. You just need to find me at the Mystical Sky Temple if you have any trouble!”


“Your surname is Song, named Zhong? Doesn’t that make you Song Zhong? Why do you have such a name?” Zhang De Qing mumbled.*

*CCT: In case you forgot, refer to Chapter 1

But he also did not dare to mention this in front of Little Fatty. He only smiled apologetically and said, “As such, if I have any trouble in future, then I will have to impose on celestial elder!” As he said that, he respectfully stood up and offered wine to Little Fatty.

Little Fatty delightfully finished the glass of wine in a single gulp. He then straightforwardly said, “With me here, I can promise that no one in the Blue Moon Nation will dare to bully you! Even if the skies are to fall, I will help you to hold it up!”

“Ai yah yah, then I really have to thank you!” As he heard that, Zhang De Qing was extremely excited. He then stood up and presented wine.

But just at this time, there was a commotion outside. Following that, a flustered figure rushed in. As Little Fatty peered, he saw that it was a servant. It is just that he had a body full of mud, and had a faint trace of blood on his face, seemingly pitiful.

Since he was hosting a guest, Zhang De Qing was naturally very dissatisfied when he was interrupted by his servant. This is tantamount to him losing face in front of his guest? Thus, he angrily growled, “What are you panicking for? Get yourself together?”


“Old master, trouble! Madam and the young lady who went to visit relatives met into trouble on their way back. The young lady was snatched, and madam was killed on the spot!” The servant sobbed.

“Ah~” As Zhang De Qing heard, he almost fainted. He quickly pulled himself together and hurriedly looked at Little Fatty with a pleading look.

At this moment, Little Fatty’s face turned green already! Just as he boldly proclaimed that under his protection, no one from the Blue Moon Nation would dare to bully them. In the end, just as he promised them, their madam was killed and the young lady was snatched!

What was called being smacked in the face? This is openly being slapped in the face! Little Fatty felt that he was in the snow, being tied to the tree nakedly. Then being slapped by a bunch of fit male surrounding him! Such a great humiliation made him feel embarrassed and angry at the same time, as though he was about to explode!


Without saying a word, a loud bang could be heard. Everyone saw the rosewood table being smashed into smithereens by a frustrated Little Fatty. He then roared, “Which b*st*rd did it!”


“It is the governor of our city!” The servant, who was completely shocked from Little Fatty’s terrifying face, hurriedly said, “Madam and the young lady were returning and saw the governor’s flag. Curious, the young lady popped her head out of the horse carriage. The governor saw her, and that’s where the trouble started! The governor insisted on taking young lady as a concubine. He snatched her on the spot, and when madam went to stop him, she was killed by the governor’s men, the tiger wolf soldiers.

“Ai yah, it’s him? What should we do now!” Zhang De Qing said desperately, “Our city is near the borders where the large armies are located. On his horse, the governor managed the army. Off his horse, he is the regional general who manages the civilian! How can we ever provoke them!”

“The regional general is nothing!” Little Fatty raged. He then rushed forward and grabbed the servant’s collar and asked, “Where is that b*st*rd governor?”

“He… He… He’s in the governor’s residence in the centre of the city!” The servant was scared by Little Fatty till he stammered.

“Hmph!” As Little Fatty heard that, he coldly grunted, threw the servant aside and rushed out. He jumped on his Golden Eagle sword, and in a flash, he disappeared!

“Ah, this, this, is this a celestial?” Witnessing such a sight, the servant stared blankly in disbelief.

Zhang De Qing was first stunned, then sobbed and said, “This should be the way, this Taoist elder is really a celestial from the Mystical Sky Temple. I hope he’ll be able to retrieve my daughter back safely!”


As he finished, Zhang De Qing stared at the servant who had a face full of shock and shouted, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and gather information!”

“Yes yes yes~” Seeing his master rage, the servant did not dare to delay and hurriedly went out to gather information.

As for Zhang De Qing, he packed about in the yard with a face full of worry. From time to time, he hammered his chest and blamed himself for being unable to protect his family.