Part Two Way of Choices (Ze Tian Ji or ZTJ) First Arc Now Available as Kindle Unlimited eBook on Amazon!!

By MindLitUp

Hello again, Gravity Fans!

We have an unusual offering for you today from the ebook program… The second part of the first arc in the Way of Choices (ZTJ) series is a Kindle Unlimited book, which means you can read this particular Gravity Tales ebook for free if you are subscribed to the Kindle Unlimited program! However, don’t fret if you aren’t subscribed! You can also get a copy the “old fashioned” way by purchasing a copy directly from Amazon here

If you are unfamiliar with the series, start with the first part of this arc here


A quick synopsis from the editor, Michyrr:

Chen Changsheng, the young Daoist cultivator, has a problem with his body that means he will likely not live past the age of twenty. Having set out to change his fate, he was forced to enter the run-down Orthodox Academy as the only student. With no one to guide him and no luck in cultivation, he instead took on a student of his own.

Now, Chen Changsheng's secret engagement to the pride of the human world, Xu Yourong, has sparked conspiracy against him, and the Divine Empress's agents have trapped him underground with a fearsome Black Dragon. Meanwhile, the Ivy Festival continues, with the southern diplomatic mission planning to propose to Xu Yourong on Qiushan Jun's behalf, and the Mount Li Sword Sect challenging the Orthodox Academy. Will Chen Changsheng be able to escape in time? And with the Grand Examination coming up, will he be able to resolve his cultivation problems?


I do hope you’ll give this high-ranking series a try!




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