King of Gods First Ebook Published!

By Jaspaaar

Hi everyone,

Gravity Tales' second ebook, the first from King of Gods, has now been published on Amazon! Available to be read on Kindles as well as on mobile devices via the Kindle app, offline or online.

This ebook version of King of Gods has been re-edited, improving the readability and flow of the translation, as well as fixing grammatical errors that may be present in the original version on the site.

It will be priced at $2.99 for a limited time.

For those of you who haven't read King of Gods before, here's its synopsis:

Zhao Feng never expected to amount to much. Coming from a small side branch of the main family sect, with only his deep commitment to hard work and perseverance to set him apart enough to allow him to be sent to the main sect for training, his prospects weren’t great. However, his left eye accidentally merging with that of an Ancient God changed all that in the space of a heartbeat!
Suddenly Zhao Feng developed powers and abilities beyond what he’d ever dreamed, and only his imagination (and his own arrogance) could limit his potential. Will he walk the path of a great cultivator and become one of the foretold legends or will he burn up from the heat of his own glory? Will he remain a mere fish, or become the dragon his god’s eye foretells? Find out in this first installment of King of Gods.

As time goes on and we publish more ebooks, we aim to become more and more efficient in their production, reducing the gap between each volume. Currently being prepared are the second volume of Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation and the first volume of Ze Tian Ji/Way of Choices! They should be ready for publication in the next couple of months.

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