Introducing the GT Partners Program!

By Mr Voltaire

Are you interested in shaping the future of Gravity Tales? And getting free merchandise and advance chapters at the same time?

Gravity Tales is introducing our own partner project, and partners will be a part of the decisions that Gravity Tales makes moving forward. While we’ve had a large translator and editor input into our decisions, one factor that we lack is the reader discussion and input with our decisions. We hope that moving forward, we can incorporate you guys, the readers, into the equation and go forward together.

At the same time, there are a bunch of perks with the position. Partners will get:

  • Advanced chapters to series
  • Gravity Tales shirts and other merchandise
  • Potential author signatures
  • Free eBooks produced by Gravity Tales
  • Personal communication with translators and authors
  • Inside look into the operations of Gravity Tales
  • Most importantly, play a role in shaping Gravity Tales’ future

So now, what we look for in our partners.

First, definitely someone who loves reading novels. Ideally, we would be looking for readers that have had some experience, whether in terms of time spent or number of novels read. To put this into plain language, we’re looking for passionate readers.

Second, be able to provide honest feedback/opinions and take part in regular discussions between the readers and members of Gravity Tales. We’re looking for readers who can vocalize their concerns as well as discuss options to address those concerns.

Finally, reviews and opinions for Gravity Tales novels, published or unpublished. We’re constantly looking to improve our novels, both in quality of translations and editing and would love to get extra feedback on our process to make it even better.

At the moment, we only have 20 open positions for the GT Partners program! We’ll have more spots opening in future as well, so don’t feel discouraged if you miss out this time.

So how do you apply? Please fill out this SurveyMonkey form at:

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