Guide on how to make a Munpia account + charging gold to buy chapters

By Ekdud

This is a guide on how to make a Munpia account as well as charging gold that you need to buy chapters with.

This was created by me and Broosk for those who wish to read raw Munpia novels.


Step 1. Go to Munpia

Step 2. Click this image on the top right below the ID and Password Box. It reads "Sign Up"

Step 3.

ID requires between 4~20 characters that may include english, numbers and certain characters

Password doesn’t seem to have a requirement.


The dropdown next to the domain is in case you use a popular email site in korea. Gmail is within the list of dropdowns.


Step 4. You now have a Munpia account. Login and click to charge gold.

Step 5. Choose the amount of gold you'd like to charge. 1,000원 = ~92 Cents US. Calculate using this conversion.

Step 6. The right most button on the bottom that says 페이팔 is paypal. Once you click both circles (Amount + Paypal)  and click the large blue box on the bottom a new window will pop up.

Step 7. Press the 확인 (Accept) button and then the blue button that comes afterwards that read 결제하기 (Pay Now).

Step 8. A window with english will pop up. Continue from there

Please know that not all Munpia novel chapters must be paid for, there are plenty of free novels and every paid novel has about ~20 chapters that are free in the beginning.

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