Gravity Tales Apparel Giveaway!

By Jaspaaar

Hi everyone,

To mark the buildup to Gravity's second anniversary in January and Christmas, we're selling a range of Gravity Tales merchandise!
It's a limited time event, available until January the 2nd. There are mugs, hoodies and shirts, all in a variety of colors and featuring our new logo.

We are also launching a giveaway related to our Facebook page!
Please go and like the page, we will do these things when each goal is reached:

1500 likes – we will send one person who has liked the page a Gravity Tales shirt for free!
2000 likes – another free shirt will be sent
2500 likes – a free Gravity Tales hoodie will be sent
3000 likes – another free shirt will be sent
3500 likes – another free shirt will be sent
4000 likes – a free hoodie will be sent
4500 likes – another free shirt will be sent

5000 likes – everyone in the US will get free shipping on all Gravity Tales apparel orders!

All winners will be able to choose the color they want their prize in. The free apparel from the giveaway can be shipped to you internationally, it is not US-exclusive.

The giveaway event will end on the 30th of December, and we will contact the winners shortly after each milestone is reached!

Here is the link to our Facebook page, let's see how many likes we can get!



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