Free Kindle Copies of Abyss Domination!!

By MindLitUp

We are running a limited promo for the first Abyss Domination book! The first 15 people to enter their email address will receive a redemption link for a free copy of the ebook! Also, if any of you who receive a free copy, or purchase a copy, would be so kind as to leave an honest review of our book on Amazon to let us know if you enjoyed it or how we can improve we would greatly appreciate it!

Here’s the Survey Monkey link to leave your email address:

Also, unfortunately, Amazon only lets us give away copies to U.S. residents at this time, so this promo is limited to our U.S. fans. And please use the email your Amazon account is associated with so the redemption link works properly.

Thank you all so much, and good luck!!



Ebook and Editorial Manager

P.S. If you don't get a free copy, but still want to read the ebook, you can buy it at

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