Announcing the return of Reincarnator and our Partnership with Munpia!

By Ekdud

Hello everybody, this is Ekdud

A lot of you may have forgotten about the novel I was translating as well as myself but I am glad to say that Reincarnator is finally back after months of hiatus! With licenses being confirmed, we're now the official, authorized English publisher of Reincarnator. I'll be translating and posting at a steady pace from this point.

Sorry about the long wait, it was truly longer than we expected. Getting the licenses were really a struggle.

For the start, I will be posting at a rate of 1 per day except sundays for a total of 6 per week.

The first chapter will come up tommorow (Monday EST time) and all other chapters are back online.

Also, coyo will not be with us anymore due to personal matters. He was an editor that was with me basically since the beginning but he will still be around as a fan hopefully!

Our new editor for Reincarnator will be Milkbiscuit!

Another great piece of news is that we have a partnership with Munpia now and there are many other Korean novels (10+) that are on the way as well as many more in the future! The novels that will be coming to us are from a small list that Munpia had sent to us and have decided upon after filtering some out.

Munpia is also trying hard to acquire licenses for Rebirth of Heavenly Demon as well. But due to it not being completely owned by Munpia but rather another party, it is posing to be slightly more difficult than Reincarnator. Hopefully it will return to us in the near future.

Thank you all for waiting so long!

Also there is currently $350 in the donation queue that I did not complete before the novel was shut down. An apology for all the donors. I will complete the sponsored chapters for 1 regular chapter + 1 sponsored chapter a day until the donations are complete!

P.S. For those who don't know about Reincarnator, I strongly recommend having a go at it! Though some dislike it beacause of its fast plot, some prefer it! Here is the link

Thank you all again!



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