AMA With Our Editors on Friday!

By Jaspaaar

This week's AMA is going to be with our editors, and we've got loads of them to take part, including:

Jaspaaar - editor of Martial World, Dungeon Hunter and Dimensional Sovereign
Kidyeon - experienced editor who has helped out on many projects for Gravity and other sites
Koreanmist - editor of A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality and The Nine Cauldrons
Based Jessica - editor of The King's Avatar, I'm Really a Superstar and Ze Tian Ji
Amaranth - editor of The Trembling World and Nine Heavenly Thunder Manual
Jafz - editor of True Martial World
Allenwa - editor of Zhan Long and Ancient Strengthening Technique
And possibly a couple more!

Ask us all of your questions about editing!

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything and is a question and answer event.
If you don't know what time it'll be for you, go here and type in your location, then compare it to 7pm EST. 
If you aren't in our Discord server already, click here to join!

This week's AMA will be with: our editors
Date: Friday the 18th
Start time: 7pm EST (4pm PST, midnight UTC)
End time: 7:30pm EST

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