The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: One Saber, One Sword and I shall break through beyond the Horizon

These few days, Su Yi stayed within the mysterious space and practiced the saber technique. Everything started from zero without any guidance. After refining and practicing countless times, he finally managed to achieve somewhat of a Minor Completion of the saber technique.

Though he was still a long way away from Major Completion of the “Three Sabers of the Raging Dragon”, Su Yi was already quite satisfied with the progress he had made.

This was a Commander Grade Martial Art Technique. It was already not easy for Su Yi to cultivate it and use it with his current cultivation level.

Within the mysterious space, the five stalks of the White Jade Fungi had already been planted and were currently growing well. Most of the selected herbs from the interspatial bag of the lady which had been planted were also currently growing quite nicely.

After completing an inspection, Su Yi was delighted. These herbs were far better than what they were, within the Forest of Demons. In the future, when he has the chance, he would be able to help his grandfather obtain a High-Grade Elixir.

After an hour, on top of a stony cliff.

A youth in tattered clothes appeared. He looked skinny, but his body stood still and upright. His face was fair, but his features were striking.

His skin was tanned like the color of copper, underneath his narrow eyebrows, his eyes shone brightly. The tattered clothes he wore could not mask his special temperament.

His temperament was complex. Slightly prideful, yet evil and sly, but it gave off a feeling of persistence and toughness.

This temperament seemed to be ingrained within his bones. If someone looked at him carefully, it would leave an unforgettable impression within his heart.

But, what made the youth stand out so much was the rusty old sword and a big broad saber on his back.

The saber had a sheath, but the sword did not.

With the sword laying on top of the saber. They were tied together with a firm vine, forming a cross on Su Yi’s back.

This type of appearance, together with him being a youth would give people a special kind of impact, causing people to take a few more looks at him.

But the youth looked like he had a ton of weight crushing down on his back and was struggling to deal with it.

“Sacred Mountain, sooner or later, I will step onto your soil!”

Looking at the empty sky, his eyes squinted as Su Yi mumbled to himself. A slight sneer filled with confidence crawled up his face. His eyes shone with firm resolution as he walked away.

Su Yi was no longer light and agile, his speed had also become slower. Every step he took, there would be a faint footstep imprinted on the ground.

Su Yi was walking away step by step as if he was climbing up Sacred Mountain one step at a time. His deep eyes shine with a clear light.

That battered sword on his back was a last-minute decision that Su Yi made.

The “Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale” could only be strong cultivators of the Yuan Emperor Realm. Before cultivating it, you would still need to train the physical body by carrying a heavy sword which was more than 5000 kilograms.

No matter how prodigious one was, you would at least need to be of the Yuan Void Realm before being able to cultivate the technique.

Su Yi refused to give up the idea. His heart was filled with the boiling blood of a young adult and coupled with him being unconvinced, he decided to give it a shot.

The “Hundred Transformations Step” was an Emperor Grade Martial Art Technique and he could cultivate it, why would he not be able to cultivate the “Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale”?

Su Yi did not believe that he needed to be of the Yuan Void Realm or even the Yuan Emperor Realm before he would be able to cultivate this powerful sword technique, so why not try to cultivate the sword technique according to the instructions first, considering it practice.

He may not have a 5000-kilogram sword, but he did have a suitable 500-kilogram sword with him. Furthermore, it did not seem like he could pick up a 5000-kilogram sword at this point in time.

A heavy sword is required to cultivate the “Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale”. The most important thing was to train the strength of the forearms and the wrists. For convenience’s sake, Su Yi just threw the battered old sword onto his back.

One saber, one sword, wearing tattered clothes, he walked within the Forest of Demons.

The current Su Yi would definitely be a sight to behold.


“Howl! Howl!”

Within the dense forest, figures of wolves like beasts were shooting through the forest while howling loudly, the only peculiarity was that they were about 3 meters long.

The beasts were muscular, their body entirely shrouded in black, with a ferocious expression and bloodshot red eyes. Their paws were armed with hook-like claws, allowing them to travel through the dense trees and stone walls like flat ground.

These were known as the Hell Wolves. They were not especially high leveled beasts and their numbers were also quite low, but they had a special talent.

Their sense of smell was extremely powerful and hence they were commonly trained by people to scavenge for various herbs and at times, also used to search for people who were lost within the forest.

“Grr! Snap!”

The pack of several Hell Wolves was like wild horses running free from their reins, dashing through the trees and heading straight towards the wall of a cliff. Looking at the foot of the cliff, they continuously howled and growled.

“We finally found the kid! He was here before!”

Several figures shot out. The men with a ruthless aura around them beamed. After such a long time, they had finally tracked down the brat.


The Hell Wolves growled and howled and soon ran into the depths of the forest ahead.

“Hurry! Contact the others! We found traces of the kid in the southeast area!”

Someone called out and shot a signal flare. They clutched onto their weapons tightly and closely followed behind the Hell Wolves.

In the depths of the forest, Su Yi continued traveling.

The broken sword on his back was way too heavy for him. Every time, he waited until he had expended all of his physical energy before using the Yuan Qi within him to help out. Then, he waited until his stock of Yuan Qi was dry before deciding to stop and meditate to recover from the exhaustion.

Hence, Su Yi had to stop and rest three to four times a day.

After repeating this process several times, Su Yi was shocked to find that after expending all of his physical strength and Yuan Qi within his Dantian, his physical body and the Yuan Qi whirlpool was like a sprout growing after rain, whenever he meditated, his body started crying out for joy.

Every single cell in his body was dancing like they had come alive.

His Dantian was like a dried out well that seemed to have been refilled with a fresh spring of Yuan Qi. It was like the reconstruction that took place after everything broke apart.

After meditating, Su Yi could clearly feel that both his body and the Yuan Qi within him had grown a fair bit stronger.

This made Su Yi ecstatic. He never would have thought that carrying the broken blade on his back would have such an effect on him.

The night was still. Moonlight was like a blurry mist made out of silver yarn. Amidst the boundless forest, the gigantic trees, the mountains, and the rocky cliffs were lit up with a solemn yet sacred radiance.

The forest seemed to be asleep. Not even a single sound was heard.

Where the moonlight couldn’t reach was a place filled with freezing chilliness shrouded in uncomfortable darkness.

In a place away from the eyes of others. There was a faint light. Su Yi was sitting down and meditating. As a light shone around him, exuding an extraordinary aura.

Suddenly, Su Yi undid his hand seal and the light faded away. He immediately stopped his meditation and sprung up swiftly looking ahead keenly. His expression became sharp and alert.

Even while Su Yi was meditating, he would never let his guard down. He had felt a presence near him.

“Whoosh… Whoosh…”

Just as he had felt, after a few breaths, there was movement in the trees ahead of him. Something like red lights came out in an instance.

“Howl! Growl!”

In the blink of an eye, the cries of wolves echoed through the forest. Several ferocious beasts growled, their canines sharp, their claws like sharp hooks as their beastly eyes bore holes into Su Yi.

But they seemed to have felt something. The bodies of these beasts who were going to lunge out suddenly involuntarily retreated a few steps, but their eyes continued observing Su Yi closely as they growled and roared.

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