The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Start the Slaughter!

“Hell Wolves!”

Su Yi's face fell. They were Hell Wolves. They were not really high leveled beasts, but they were specifically used for their talent, and one of the purposes that they were used for was to track people down.


There was a total of four Hell Wolves. Though they were not high in level, they had their own expertise. Su Yi instantly initiated the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” and its aura started to spread out.


The wolves who were still ferocious and growling became as meek as a lamb in the blink of an eye. Their bodies hugged the floor quivering while their claws retracted into their paws. Their eyes were filled with fear and horror and they prostrated themselves before Su Yi like they had met a king.


“There! Up ahead!”

“Hurry! That kid is just in front of us!”

In a moment, there were many shouts coming from the trees, followed by several fierce men shooting out from the trees. Their weapons were already drawn as they looked coldly at Su Yi.

“Eh? What is happening here?”

When they saw the state of the four Hell Wolves, the men were confused and had no idea about what was happening.

“Black Fiend School and that adventurer’s party.”

Su Yi initially found it strange that four Hell Wolves suddenly sprung out from nowhere.

Hell Wolves may only be low leveled beasts, but they were still a rare species to spot.

When he saw these few bulky men, Su Yi understood that these few wolves were looking for him.

Su Yi thought for a moment. The only ones who would go so far as to use Hell Wolves to track him down would only be Black Fiend School and the small adventurer party that he had recently offended.

“It’s the adventurers’ party.”

Detecting the aura coming off the few men in front of him, though they were fierce, it was not to the extent of comparing it to the people from Black Fiend School. Their cultivation levels were not high either. They were a total of five men, one of them was at the Yuan Xuan Realm, probably only around Second or Third Grade while the other four were only at the Yuan Soul Realm.

Su Yi guessed that it was not likely for such a line-up to come from Black Fiend School, then the only other suspect left was the adventurers’ party.

“Capture him alive!”

While the men were curious and surprised as to why the Hell Wolves were prostrating themselves and trembling on the spot like they were afraid of something, the first thing they did was still, to split up and surround Su Yi.

The five men stepped forward and gradually tightened the circle around Su Yi, the weapons in their hands gleaming with a cold light.

Su Yi did not even think of running away. He had the broken sword on his body, adding another 500-kilograms to his weight which heavily affected his speed.

And furthermore, there were only these five men here. Though they had the advantage of strength in numbers. It may be the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” affecting his way of thinking or it may just be his blood boiling with excitement, but deep within Su Yi’s heart, there was a fire blazing with a thirst for a fight.

“Kid! Surrender now and you will not need to suffer as much, or else, you would definitely not be let off easily !”

The man who was at the Yuan Xuan Realm cultivator started at Su Yi coldly as he shouted. He had short black hair, wearing a short-sleeved tight shirt and on his arms was a tattoo of a ghost’s head, adding to his savage figure.

A youth in tattered clothes, dressed up strangely and on his back a broken sword and saber, the man did not think of him as a worthy enemy at all.

Su Yi remained silent. His eyes gradually swept over the five men and observed the surroundings, his eyes glowing with a cold light.

“Hump! Since you can hide so well, might as well get rid of your two legs! Anyways the leader only ordered us to catch him alive!”

The man on Su Yi’s left was wearing a long sleeves shirt and holding a saber could not hold back anymore. All because they had to search for this damned kid, they had to get scolded every day by the leader and not even starting with the point that they did not look for any medicinal herbs and did not hunt for more than ten days his heart was holding back overwhelming hatred.

Noticing that Su Yi did not even say a single word, this man could not hold himself back any longer and slashed down on Su Yi with his saber. He used his Yuan Qi, enveloping his sword and with the howling of the wind, his blade descended upon Su Yi’s legs.

The remaining four men did not have any intentions of making a move. They were waiting to respond to any changes in the situation and also to see what was so special about this kid, that he could hide from them for so long and he even managed to kill the leader’s younger brother.


Just as the blade was going to slash away at Su Yi’s legs, the man only saw a blur and the pair of legs were gone. His blade cut through the air and not a single trace of blood or resistance was seen. The figure had vanished.


At this moment, the man knew he was in trouble.

He had roamed the Forest of Demons for many years. His talent was limited, his cultivation level was also quite low, but he had plenty of experience and immediately he knew that something was not right.


But everything was too late, a stern voice rang beside the man's ear, a cold light flashed across his eyes and an aura far exceeding his expectation swept across him.

Su Yi had made his move. With the “Hundred Transformations Step” and his hand immediately drawing out the saber from his back. There was only a trace of light reflected off the swift saber with a movement of Yuan Qi. Everything happened at once.


There was a glimmer of light and the eyes of the man bulged out and became lifeless. He looked like he wanted to say something, but he would never have the chance to talk ever again, his eyes filled with horror. Blood seeped out from his neck and his whole head separated from his neck and rolled onto the ground.

“Damn, this kid is not as simple as we thought!”

Instantly, the remaining four men snapped out of their surprise, their faces grew grim and they prepared to take on their enemy.

With the 500-kilogram sword on his back, Su Yi’s speed was heavily reduced.

But under the effect of the “Hundred Transformations Step”, Su Yi was definitely not very slow. With a trace of an afterimage, he lunged towards the second man closest to him.

The man’s expression changed, his eyes revealing his shock, but under the influence of his ample experience, the strange weapon in his hand which was like a saber yet not a saber, like a halberd yet not a halberd, he blocked Su Yi’s path.

“Three Sabers of the Raging Dragon, first saber, Raging Dragon Slash!”

With a shout in his heart, Su Yi activated the saber technique, Yuan Qi started surging within his body, through the special meridians needed for this technique and finally converging on the saber itself.

The sound of a roaring dragon seemed to be coming off the saber, like the howling of the wind and the roar of thunder. The light of the saber glimmered and with an incomparably aggressive position, the blade crushed down on the weapon.



A terrifying aura burst through the place, the sound of the impact was as loud as thunder, and with a clear sound of a crack, the man’s strange weapon shattered into pieces.

The saber reflected off the man’s shocked eyes, heading straight towards his face. A wind of despair and death blew through his soul and engulfed every fiber of his being.

The man’s head was cleanly cut in half, fresh blood and white-red substance splattered all across the ground, sending fresh blood splashing through the air.

Even the ground had a long crack in it, left behind from the aura of the saber, shocking everyone.

“Work together!”

Everything happened way too fast. When the Yuan Xuan Realm cultivator got a hold of himself, two men had already fallen, rage devoured the astonishment in his heart.


As soon as he finished his words, the two short spears in the Yuan Xuan Realm cultivator’s hands started to swing.

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