The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Practicing the Saber

Especially the attention of Black Fiend School and that small adventurer party. That was exactly what Su Yi wanted to avoid the most.

Within Su Yi’s mind, the large aura turned into countless memories containing information within a soul and etched itself within his mind.

At the same time, the light coming from the martial arts scroll started to dim.

Martial arts scrolls could only be activated once. There was no way to look at them for an infinite period of time.

Creating a martial arts scroll was also an extremely difficult thing to do.

The higher the grade of a martial arts scroll, the higher the difficulty to create it. Furthermore, not all cultivators could create a martial art scroll, the requirements were extremely harsh.

“Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon, fire attribute Commander Grade Saber Technique. There were only three moves in total. With ferociousness as its core, after cultivating it to a major completion, one could swing his saber among a sea of soldiers and butcher through them easily, one could face ten thousand soldiers by himself. If a person blocks his path, the person shall die! If a demon blocks his path, the demon shall fall!”

This was a part of the information that Su Yi had received from the scroll.

Su Yi’s eyes opened. He was overjoyed. It lived up to its name “Three Sabers of the Raging Dragon”, it really was ferocious, and it was also perfect for the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” that he was cultivating.

“King Grade Martial Art Technique, wind attribute sword technique.”

Afterward, looking at the “Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale” in front of him, Su Yi felt torn between his choices.

Su Yi had already decided to cultivate the “Three Sabers of the Roaring Dragon” but the wind attribute was one of the special attributes. Martial art techniques of special attributes were already very rare and this one was even a King Grade Martial Art Technique. If he was to sell this, he may not be able to find another one like this in the future.

“Let’s take a look at it first.”

In the end, Su Yi clenched his teeth and made his choice. Anyways he had already gained quite a lot recently. It was better for him to keep the King Grade wind attribute technique. Maybe the technique would suit him.

Just like what he did before, Su Yi dripped a drop of his blood to activate the martial art scroll.


Suddenly, from the scroll, a light radiated, and talisman-like words started to dance around and turn into a terrifying hurricane, its pressure spreading throughout the place.

Comparing the commotion caused by the “Three Sabers of the Roaring Dragon” to this, the former was nothing.

“Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale!”

When everything calmed down, Su Yi’s eyes gradually opened, and he could not help but let a cry out, his face full of astonishment.

From the cultivation information of the technique, Su Yi found out that the "Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale" was just too shocking. Its speed and ferocity were unrivaled, and its power was horrifying.

The cultivation technique for “Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale” was extremely abnormal as well. Firstly, you would need a 5000-kilogram sword to train the physical body and gradually up the weight over time. Then, your spiritual power would also have to be more powerful than cultivators of the same level, only then will you be able to use the “Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale” to its full potential.

For those who wanted to cultivate this King Grade Technique, they would at least have to be a Yuan Emperor.

No matter how prodigious you are, you would still have to at least be of the Yuan Void Realm before you would be able to cultivate this technique. Any other cultivation level before that, one should not even think about cultivating it in their dreams.

“Its requirements are so high! ”

Su Yi clicked his tongue. His “Hundred Transformations Step” was an Emperor Grade Wind Attribute technique and even its cultivation requirements were not as hard as the "Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale”.

No matter how good one’s talent was, you would at least have to be at the Yuan Void Realm before being able to cultivate it. It was terrifying.

“Let’s cultivate the “Three Sabers of the Roaring Dragon” first.”

Su Yi sighed. He never imagined that the requirements of “Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale" would be so high. He decided to cultivate the saber technique first.

Recently he had gained quite a lot of rewards. He estimated that if he sold everything, he would gain a fortune far greater than that needed to buy the City of Man.

“The path of a strong cultivator!”

Su Yi’s eyes narrowed. Within them was the brilliant radiance of perseverance and longing. At least now, he was not a man without anything. He had cultivation resources on him, the mysterious space as well as the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”. He was one step further along the path of becoming a strong cultivator.

Su Yi had a number of sabers right beside him so he was not in a rush to get on the move again. So, he started to cultivate the “Three Sabers of the Roaring Dragon”.

It would naturally be safer leaving this place after a period of time.

Su Yi did not believe that the people from the small party of adventurers would be able to stay here for a long time and look for him within this area.

At the top of a mountain, a middle-aged man dressed in grey clothes stood upright. His expression dark and grim while his eyes were red.

“Leader, the brothers have already been searching for ten days straight and there are still no signs of the kid, maybe…”

A man stepped forth and slightly raised his head, not daring to look at the leader in his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak and hesitated for a while, before resuming to say, “That kid is only a Yuan Soul Realm cultivator, maybe he has already been eaten by some beast within the Forest of Demons.”


The man had not finished his words before a crisp and clear sound of a slap came from his face and instantly a red mark of a hand was imprinted on his cheeks. He staggered backward and spit out a mouthful of blood.

“That brat is abnormal. He was able to get the Green Jade Python to help him, how could he have been eaten by beasts? That kid could not have gone far and he would also not be able to run far away. He must be hiding in some place. The Hell Wolves I have purchased have almost arrived, continue searching for him.” The middle-aged man said with a deep voice. His eyes drilling holes into the man in front of him.

“Yes, Leader!”

The man did not dare retort. With a face filled with fear, he put a hand on his face and went off.

“Rascal, you killed my younger brother! I will never let you off. When you land in my hands, I will have you experience a fate worse than death!”

Slightly raising his head, he looked at the sky. His fists clenched tight and his eyes shone with madness and freezing bloodlust.

Within the mysterious space, amidst the mist-like energy, Su Yi swung the meter long saber in his hands. A kind of swiftness and persistence was concealed within the ferocious saber technique.

As the blade danced in the air, it sliced deep and shallow patterns within the mist, carving out clear traces of its path.

“Swish, swish, swish…”

His feet moved and the saber within his hands danced.

Su Yi was currently trying to seek an enlightenment about the special meridians needed to cultivate the saber technique.

“The sharpness of a saber is within its slash. With the body technique as the master, the eyes fast, hands swift and moving to large distances at once.”

As he delved deeper into the technique, Su Yi continued practicing it.

Saber techniques must be swift and powerful in order for it to have any effect, but one should also pay attention to the body technique. The body must be agile and quick to respond to changes. The momentum from the body should be able to move the blade, enhancing the explosive power of the saber. The eyes must also be sharp and the blade swift and ruthless.

“Three Sabers of the Roaring Dragon”, the most important part about it was the spirit. The aura also must be ferocious and ruthless, the spirit courageous and the force must be hard, harmonious, stable and powerful. The movements also must be as swift as the wind.

“With the blade like a brutal tiger and its aura like a raging dragon!”

Su Yi mumbled. This was the essence of the “Three Sabers of the Raging Dragon”.

He had no guidance from masters, Su Yi had to depend on himself to understand and gain insights about the technique. He carefully researched the “Three Sabers of the Raging Dragon” and tried time and time again to cultivate the technique according to the cultivation technique.

The blade must not leave the side of the body. The hands, feet, and shoulders must move with the saber. The shoulders, elbows, wrists, feet, knees, thighs, chest and waist must all act in coordination with the saber technique. The balance between the body and the blade must be struck and both brute force and technique must be used simultaneously.


Su Yi swung the saber within his hands, emanating a dangerous presence. Though he had not cultivated it for long, there was an aura that was as majestic as ten thousand horses galloping across the plains.

Within the mysterious space, the sounds of the blade slashing through the air was like that of the fierce roaring of dragons and tigers.


Only when Su Yi was completely exhausted did he put down his saber and stopped cultivating. His face was pale but there was a smile on his face.

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