The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The Calm before the Storm

The Su Family was huge. Their business was also huge. There were quite a number of younger generations. After receiving the announcement, everyone who has qualified for the selection test was training as hard as they could all for the sake of having a chance to participate in the Sacred Mountain’s selection.

If they could get into Sacred Mountain, there was be no doubt that they would be able to become strong. Do you know how much glory and honor that would bring to the family?

With the attire of a barbarian, Su Yi planned to jump over the wall and get inside the Su Estate.

“Young Master.”

As Su Yi was sneaking about, scared of being caught by others, there was a familiar voice.

Following the sound, Su Yi saw Wan Er was curled up in a corner of the wall. Her rosy face was now pale white. Under her bright eyes, there were signs of fighting spirit.

When Wan Er saw Su Yi, her face immediately lit up and hurried to his side.

“What are you doing here?”

Looking at Wan Er who was completely exhausted, her face haggard, bruises on her hands and neck, Su Yi’s face fell in an instant. He had got a rough idea of what had happened. The girl must have been in the corner for more than a day.

“Young Master, I am fine, I-"

Wan Er shook her head and squeezed out a smile. Looking at Su Yi’s attire instead, she was really surprised.

“Speak, what had happened here!”

Su Yi said with a low voice, cold light glimmering in his eyes.

Looking at Su Yi’s eyes, Wan Er was also shaken. It was the first time she had ever seen the Young Master like this, like an enraged tiger, a raging lion, and all she could do was to tell him the cause of her plight.

Not long after Su Yi had left, Wan Er was kicked out of the estate by force and could only hide in a corner of the back wall waiting for Su Yi to come back.

“Who did this?”

Hearing what Wan Er said, the cold light in Su Yi’s eyes were already trembling. A delicate young girl was actually forced to curl up in a corner of the wall for two days and night, starving, cold and scared. Just thinking up to this point, there was a wrenching pain in his heart.

“Young Master, on the second morning after you left, the personal maid of Madam Su Jiao, Xiao Lan, brought people to find me, saying that I was not registered in the family index and could not be considered as a servant. I am not as strong as them, so…”

Wan Er did not cry. Her face still had a smile and said to Su Yi, “I was waiting here for Young Master, to say a final goodbye that Wan Er cannot be at your side serving you anymore.”

“Come, I’ll bring you back in.”

Su Yi said softly while he caressed Wan Er’s pale face, combing a few strands of her messy hair behind her ears.

“Young Master you cannot be like this. Don’t do this for me. Just by you being able to return, Wan Er is already very happy. I was originally an orphan. If not for Young Master bringing me back home when I was young, I’m not sure whether I would still be alive now.”

Wan Er shook her head. She knew the predicament Young Master was in. Many people in the Su Family was against the Young Master. She did not wish to bring trouble to the Young Master because of her.

“You are not an orphan. You are my sister. From now on you shall be called Su Wan Er. I will bring you home right now. I have promised you before, no one would ever dare to bully you ever again. The place where I am, that shall be your home.”

Su Yi pulled Wan Er’s small hand, gently holding it in his palm and walked towards the Su Estate’s main gate.

“Young Master.”

Being pulled by Su Yi, Wan Er’s heart shook. The corners of her mouth slightly curved. Her soft lips slowly parted like she wanted to say something.

“Call me Big Brother. Don’t call me Young Master ever again.”

Su Yi gazed at Wan Er. His eyes turned sharp like it was an order, but in the sharp gaze, there was more of a pain in the heart.

“Big-Big Brother.”

Looking at those eyes which did not allow rejection, something touched Wan Er’s heart and she finally called out with her shaking voice.

Su Yi gently smiled. He held the hand in his palm more firmly and said softly, “Come, let us go home.”

“Big Brother, how could you return like this. Let us climb over the wall instead.”

Wan Er raised her eyes slightly. Looking at Su Yi’s current appearance, her bright eyes had a bit of astonishment in them.

She had just seen Su Yi’s scar-riddled body two days ago, but now it was smooth and radiant as a piece of fine jade, giving people a temptation to feel that body.

“There is no problem. I want to bring my sister back home with dignity!”

Su Yi smiled, holding Wan Er’s hand as they walked towards the main gate.

Wan Er was following behind, gazing at the back in front of her, walking in silence. Not knowing why, tears started gathering in her eyes. Everything seemed real yet not. Her eyes were wet with tears and her small hand gripped Su Yi’s hand even tighter.

That back was like a tall mountain that she could depend on.

A small smile appeared on Wan Er’s face. A deep emotion arose in her heart.

Su Yi reached the main gate. The guards stared at the Su Yi’s weird attire and only being able to recognize who he was after a while.

The guards also saw Wan Er. After hesitating for a bit, the guard on the left told Su Yi.

“Young Master Su Yi, Madam Su Jiao had stated that the girl is not part of the Su Family and is not allowed to enter the Su Estate.”


Before the guard finished his sentence, a crisp sound of a slap came from his face.


A mouthful of fresh blood accompanied by teeth was spat out of the guard’s mouth. The body of the guard was also thrown to the side by the slap. half his face was already swollen and the person fainted right away, unclear whether he was dead or alive.

“Let’s go back home.”

Su Yi did not bother with those guards anymore. He pulled Wan Er’s hand who has not let go and walked into the estate.

The other guard left behind was still shaking. His mouth agape and his eyes wide open.

The Su Estate was exceptionally lively today, but there were not many people in the outer courtyard. Even the number of servants were few, but Su Yi’s attire still attracted gazes of surprise.

“Big Brother, today is the day when the younger generations are competing. I think it’s for the right to go to the Sacred Mountain’s selection,” Wan Er said. She had heard about this long time ago.

“Such a big occasion, so everyone must be there. Well, it suits me just fine. Let’s go take a look now,” Su Yi said. The cold light in his eyes flashed for a moment and vanished.

Big and important events in the Su Family would normally be held at the Martial Demonstration Ground. Only that place could fit so many people at once.

Today, the Su Family would choose some of the younger ones to go and participate in the Sacred Mountain’s selection. This, to the Su Family, was definitely a matter of utmost importance. All of the younger generations had already arrived at the Demonstration Ground since early morning.

The entire Su Family except those who were away and unable to make it back were also gathered at the Martial Demonstration Ground.

This event was about the Su Family’s future and it was also a test for the younger generations of the family. The Acting Head of the House, the High Elders, the older generations, servants and so on and so forth were all present as well.

Surrounding the Martial Demonstration Ground, there were more than a thousand spectators. At the top, there were more than 20 seats reserved for the High Elders and the rest.

A middle-aged man was sitting in the middle of the upper echelon. He was around 40 years old. He had an average figure and broad shoulders with bright eyes while having an air of authority around him.

“Good job! Keep it up!”

“Su Bai that little kid is not bad. Completing the Foundation Building Stage at the age of 16 and his understanding of the “Purple Yuan Technique” is also not bad.”

“Su Ning does not pale in comparison. He has not let his opponent gain the upper hand.”

The crowd was going wild. On top of the Martial Demonstration Ground, there were two youths sparring with one another, following each other closely, causing the Yuan Qi around them to move. Their bodies fit and swift.

The two youths were young, but they already had quite the presence around them, causing some High Elders to nod their heads and praise them in their hearts.

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