The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Who Gave You the Gall?

Some old men and the man with an air of authority had their heads lowered and were discussing something. All of them had a smile on their faces.

Beside the man, Su Wei stood silently. His eyes not showing any interest in the match down below. From time to time, he looked outside the Demonstration Ground. It felt like he was waiting for something. His eyes showed some disappointment and disdain.

At the back of the seats, there was a gorgeous woman sitting. Her eyes looking at the sparring youths. Sometimes she would turn to her side and speak to the old person besides her who looked about 60. Both their heads were lowered and appeared to be very happy. A smile was continuously shown on her face.

Su Yi pulled Wan Er to the Martial Demonstration Ground. The two youths who were sparring on the grounds and the crowds around the place were livelier than ever. The sounds of activities filled the air.

“Su Yi? why did he come?”

“It really is him. Why did he come here for?”

“Eh, he does not seem to be the pathetic person he was in the rumors.”

Those who saw Su Yi and Wan Er were surprised. Afterward, the gazes of others seemed to have been guided by something and all shifted to Su Yi, looking at him curiously and surprised.

Su Yi had returned to his room and had changed into a fresh set of robes. His face was calm and determined with an air of coldness around him.

Wan Er was a bit nervous. She used her strength to hold onto Su Yi’s rough hand tightly.

“He is as daring as always!”

Su Wei raised his eyes slightly and looked at the youth walking towards him. The disappointment in his eyes was replaced with a cold smile but the look of disdain still flashed in his eyes.


The gazes of everyone present shifted towards Su Yi and Su Wan Er one after another.

Even the youths on the stage gradually stopped sparring due to the weird atmosphere in the air and looked towards Su Yi curiously.

In a flash, the originally lively and noisy Demonstration Ground with the arrival of Su Yi, became silent.

On the highest seats, the eyes of the upper echelon of the Su Family all fell upon Su Yi and examined him. Their eyes showed complex emotions.

The man in the center of the upper echelon sat upright and looked at the Su Yi who was walking towards them. His eyes showed no signs of surprise.

Instead, it was the gorgeous woman at the back of the seats who showed signs of hostility when she looked at Su Yi.

Behind the gorgeous woman was a girl about 27 or 28 years old. Though she was in a maid’s attire, the clothes were fresh and striking. Looking at Wan Er who was pulled along by Su Yi, she lowered her head and looked at the expression of the gorgeous woman beside her. She wanted to speak but then stopped, the expression in her eyes changed.

The atmosphere at the venue was very weird but Su Yi seemed to have not felt anything. He walked to the front row of the seats for the upper echelon. The black eyes under his crescent-shaped eyebrows casually looked at the big man standing in front of him. He raised his eyes very slightly and said nonchalantly, “Su Bai Han, what is your identity in the Su Family currently?”

For this important occasion in the Su Family, naturally, Su Bai Han was also present. Even though he was not allowed to seat at the top, but he had the right to stand in the front row of the upper seats.

Su Yi’s words made Su Bai Han stunned for a moment. From his eyes, he could feel endless fierceness.

On that determined face, he had an air of maturity unsuited for his age. But it did not make him seem old, rather it was like a sense of ferociousness which made Su Bai Han want to tremble at his spot.

Su Bai Han was shocked. After all these years living, he had seen many things, but the feeling that this youth gave him just now was a feeling that he would get only when he met an extremely dangerous people outside. The feeling which made him want to tremble with fear.

This feeling was like facing a sleeping beast. Once awakened and out searching for blood, it would be terrifying beyond measure.

What made Su Bai Han even more surprised was that the Young Master had always been mischievous and caused a lot of trouble since young, but he had always treated him with the utmost respect and called him Uncle Han. It was the same for the past two days even after being gone for three whole years.

But now, the Young Master had called his name directly with his eyes fierce, this made Su Bai Han even more confused and suspicious.

“Answering Young Master Su Yi, Bai Han is currently the head of the Su Family’s guards!” Su Bai Han bowed and answered.

Su Yi looked straight at Su Bai Han and said, “Then you should do your job well. If you do not have the ability to, I shall change it with a person who is able to do so!”

Hearing the words, the people present were frozen for a moment. No one had imagined that Su Yi would actually say such words to Su Bai Han.

You must know that even though Su Bai Han may only be the head of the guards, but his identity in the Su Family was not normal and he was the trusted aide of the Old Master. Unofficially, his position in the family was not lower than the average High Elder.

In the center of the upper seats, the stern man looked at the scene in front of him. His eyes still calm and not showing any change. He only watched quietly.

Su Bai Han was also slightly shocked. Looking at the Wan Er who Su Yi was pulling beside him, there was movement in his eyes which disappeared without a trace as if he understood something. His eyes shook slightly. He bent his waist and said, “I understand Young Master Su Yi.”

“Humph! A piece of trash! After returning back here, not only does he not choose to live out his days in peace, but even dares to come here and flaunt his authority,” The gorgeous woman at the back of the seats stared at Su Yi and said. Her voice wasn’t that loud, but as if on purpose, it was just loud enough for the surrounding High Elders and the elders of the Su Family to hear each word clearly.

Su Yi did not bother with Su Bai Han and he had also seemed to not have heard the words of the woman. He turned his head and asked the slightly nervous Wan Er who was standing behind him and asked, “Come, tell me. Who was it who chased you out of the estate?”

“Young – Big Brother, let’s just go back,” Wan Er was very nervous. The Acting Head of the House, the High Elders and many elders of the Su Family were all there at that moment. She knew Su Yi’s personality and she knew that Su Yi hated losing.

“It’s fine. Come, just tell me,” Su Yi asked, his eyes showing determination which did not allow a "no" for an answer.

“It was Madam Su Jiao’s personal maid Xiao Lan,” Su Yi’s eyes did not allow Wan Er to reject him. She extended her hand and pointed to the maid beside the woman nervously.

That maid was already secretly nervous from the start, but with Wan Er pointing at her now, she was even more nervous.

“Give me a moment.”

Su Yi smiled. Letting go of Wan Er’s hand and slowly walked towards the maid.


Seeing Su Yi walking towards her, Xiao Lan was trembling inside. Her body involuntarily leaned towards Su Jiao’s back and called out very softly. She was very nervous.

“What is there to be afraid of? What can he do to you!” Su Jiao scolded quietly. Her eyes continued staring coldly at Su Yi who was walking nearer and nearer.

She did not believe this little kid would dare do anything extreme. If he dared, then it would be a perfect chance to get rid of this kid.

Among the complex gazes of the spectators, Su Yi walked to the maid.

Su Yi stood beside Su Jiao. Staring at Xiao Lan, he said, “Who gave you the gall to chase Wan Er out of the Su Estate?”

Looking at Su Yi in front of her, Xiao Lan was already shaking endlessly.

The so-called good-for-nothing Young Master who was in front of her made her heart palpitate wildly. Cold sweat filled her forehead. She did not dare to look at him eye to eye.

Hearing Su Yi’s words, Xiao Lan’s increased heartbeat seemed to have been struck by lightning and stopped suddenly. It was like there was a huge boulder crushing her chest. It became hard to even breathe. She opened her mouth, but it was difficult to say anything.


Before Xiao Lan even spoke, a crisp clear sound of a slap came from her face.

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