The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: You Make an Exception!


Red blood flew out of her mouth. Xiao Lan staggered backward from the impact. With another slap, she was then sent to the floor. Her face had a swollen and bruised palm mark. Her eyes were frozen, shocked.

With the clear sound of the slap, the crowd was also stunned.

“If you weren’t a lady, you would have been a cripple by now,” Su Yi said without any emotions. He was the one who had slapped Xiao Lan.

Su Jiao was also stunned. Her face which was filled with hostility became dumbfounded. She had never thought that Su Yi would actually dare to hit her maid.

This was not even about hitting her maid, it was plainly obvious that he did this to embarrass her. He thought nothing of her.

“Su Yi, how dare you touch my servant?! You are courting death-"

In a few moments, Su Jiao recovered from her shock. Her face twisted with rage. She slammed her hand into her chair and stood up, glaring at Su Yi with open hostility.


Before Su Jiao was finished shouting out her words angrily, another clear sound of a slap broke her fury filled words.


Fresh red blood and teeth were spat out of Su Jiao’s mouth who had just slammed the chair and had not even stood up properly. Her body was sent flying backward from the impact. She fell to the floor heavily together with the chair behind her.

The entire Demonstration Ground was dead silent. It was so silent that you could even hear a pin drop.

Everyone stared at Su Yi with their eyes wide open. Before this, when Su Yi had slapped Xiao Lan, everyone was shocked. But they were shocked at the fact that Su Yi’s temper had not changed over the past three years.

But when this slap landed on Su Jiao’s face, everyone was completely appalled.

This was the sister-in-law of the Acting Head of the House, the daughter of the Ninth High Elder. If one was talking according to the seniority in the family, she was even considered Su Yi’s paternal aunt.

More importantly, everyone in the Su Family was clear that in the past three years, Su Jiao’s position in the family was skyrocketing. A considerable amount of authority was in her hands.

And now, Su Yi had just slapped right on Su Jiao’s face.

This scene had caused Su Bai Han, the High Elders and the other elders of the family to change expressions.

Even the middle-aged man’s face had changed and was also not completely calm anymore.


An old man around 60 years old who was beside Su Jiao slammed his hand down on the chair in a fit of rage and stood up. His eyes full of animosity.

But for some reason, the look in the old man’s eyes suddenly changed greatly. His body which had just stood up, sank back into the chair like it had grown soft. His eyes had a tinge of fear and shock.

The faces of a few High Elders and elders in the surrounding had also changed at the same time. Their faces were all shocked and scared like as if they had seen a ghost.

“Ninth High Elder, if you still want to live, I advise you to seat yourself there quietly. If not, I will not be responsible for anything that’s gonna happen!”

Su Yi glanced at the old man calmly. He raised his foot and kicked the chair which had toppled over together with Su Jiao to the side and in a few strides, he arrived in front of Su Jiao who had not gotten back up.

Su Jiao’s eyes were full of shock. Blood dripped from the corner of her mouth. The bloody teeth that she spat out were in front of her. The burning hot pain on her cheek told her clearly that she was indeed slapped in front of the whole crowd, she had been slapped by the brat mercilessly in front of everyone.

“Su Yi, are you looking for–”

The horror and shock in her eyes which followed Su Yi who was walking towards her, in an instant had changed into rage and hatred. Su Jiao hollered out coldly, her eyes filled with bloodlust. If this brat was courting death, then she would definitely not let him off.

But soon after, the eyes of Su Jiao who was getting up had a 180-degree change instantly.

She had felt that her entire body had gone soft. The Yuan Qi in her was as if it had turned solid.

Even with her Yuan Soul Realm cultivation level, she could not muster any strength at all at this moment.


Once again, before Su Jiao finished her words, her stomach was kicked mercilessly.

“I don’t hit women, but for you, I’ll make an exception!”


“I had warned you before, do not come and provoke me!”


“I could not have imagined that you even involved Wan Er in this feud. Do you really think that you call the shots in the Su Family!”


Su Yi’s eyes turned colder and colder, fiercer and fiercer. He landed blow after blow on Su Jiao’s stomach.

“You little brat, you dare do this to me. I will never let you off!”


“Su Yi, this is heresy. I am your Aunt, how dare you do this to me!”

“You only have the surname of Su. My grandfather had only one biological son which was my father! Where in the world did an aunt spring out from and even took advantage of me!?”

Bang! Bang!


“Brother-in-law, save me!”

The pitiful cries of pain had changed from cries of rage to cries of fear. Su Jiao kept spitting out blood as she was kicked continuously by Su Yi.

The people in the surroundings were all overwhelmed and frozen. Only that pitiful cry of pain reverberated in the air. Everyone was dumbfounded. They could not believe anything which was happening right in front of their eyes.

“Someone hurry up and apprehend that jinx now!”

The Ninth High Elder was full of rage but at the same time, he was fearful as well. As he was paralyzed in his seat, he said to the middle-aged man among them, “Jing Ting, hurry up and apprehend that jinx. He has used poison.”

“If you have the ability, just come after me! but no, you went after Wan Er. Did you really think I am a nice target to bully?!” Su Yi did not stop his feet. He continued landing kick after kick on Su Jiao’s body.

With every kick of Su Yi, Su Jiao would spit out a mouthful of blood as she howled in pain.

After Su Yi had kicked her a few dozen times, Su Jiao’s cry was already slowly becoming weaker and weaker.


The middle-aged man opened his mouth, his voice sounded through the Martial Demonstration Ground. His voice was not mad but one which intimidated others.

“What if I do not think that this is enough!”

Su Yi looked up slightly at the middle-aged man who was sitting down, eye-to-eye, showing no intentions of stopping as he continued ruthlessly kicking Su Jiao.


Hearing Su Yi’s words, the disciples of the Su Family involuntarily gasped. That was the Acting Head of the House he was talking to. Su Yi actually did not even care about the Head of the House anymore.

Su Jing Ting forehead wrinkled ever so slightly at this moment. His eyes filled with surprise as he looked upon the youth. His ink-black hair swayed gently. His skinny body was unexpectedly straight and upright like a sharp blade and for reasons unknown, even taking a few more looks at him would make one feel some sort of pressure.

“Su Yi, that is enough. We can just talk about this,” Su Jing Ting said as he lowered his volume. The expression in his eyes changed without anyone noticing. It was as if something in the youth had changed over the past three years.

“I call you Uncle that is me showing you respect, but if your sister-in-law dares to come and provoke me in the future, dares to provoke Wan Er, then do not blame me for not respecting anyone at all.”

Su Yi looked at his uncle and said coolly. His feet landing a final ruthless kick on Su Jiao. He lowered his head and said, “Women who have married out of the Su Family should just stay in their husband’s home quietly! All that you have taken from the Su Family, return them every single last one of them. If not, you shall face the consequences! Remember, no matter what happens, I am still Su Yun Tian’s grandson. You are still not qualified to go head-to-head with me!”

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