The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: My Luck Is Way Too Good

He may have cultivated using the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” for three whole years but he has not entered the Foundation Building Stage. Most of the three years were used in reforging the body.

But for these three years, Su Yi knew from experience that this cultivation technique was definitely not normal. Even though the difficulty in using it to cultivate was slightly more extreme than other techniques, but the fighting capability that he could gain from it was definitely enough to wipe the floor clean with someone of the same cultivation level as him.

And for the next two days, everything had been prepared and the time was ripe. Su Yi finally decided to try entering the Foundation Building Stage.

The Su Estate was not a suitable place to try and build the Foundation Building. Hence, Su Yi decided to come to this hidden and isolated cave instead.

In the past, when he was in the Su Estate, every time Su Yi entered this mysterious space, he would also come to this cave secretly.

In the mysterious space, Su Yi was still sitting down. He felt that the conditions have been met and prepared to enter the Foundation Building Stage.

But Su Yi did not dare to let his guard down. If he fails to enter the stage, best case scenario- he would lose all his progress in cultivation and be unable to cultivate anymore. Worst case scenario- he would experience Qi Deviation and may even die straight away.

Swish! Swoosh!

The Yuan Qi inside the body was moving along the Meridians, giving out the quivering sound of running water.

If there was someone else present there, he would be astonished. How condensed and violent does the Yuan Qi have to be in order to give out such sounds of convulsions?

Not counting that the Yuan Qi in Su Yi’s body was indeed a lot more condensed than other people of the same cultivation level, more importantly, under the refining and expansion of the Meridians inside of him for these years, the Meridians in his body were far thicker than the people of the same cultivation level. Hence, when the Yuan Qi moves in his body, it moves even faster than normal and surges through the Meridians causing such sounds.

Guide the Qi through the body. From the core of the body to the surface and expand the Qi further and further. Repeat this for 72 times and stop. For a day, gather all the Qi back. From the surface to the core and compress the Qi. Do this for another 72 times.

Refining God back into the Void, Refining the Void and forming your Path and then you shall enter the Foundation Building Stage.

The Foundation Building Stage, from the physical body to the spiritual soul, from what can be seen to what that is unseen. In the process of changing the physical body to a spiritual one capable of true cultivation, there are specific steps to follow.

For cultivators, Foundation Building Stage is the start and the foundation of everything.

A skyscraper reaching the skies must always be built starting from the flat ground. Though the Foundation Building Stage is very minor, it is the critical stage of transition. It decides how much you will succeed in the future. One cannot lower their guard even for a fraction of a second.

In the big families, the younger generation disciples entering the Foundation Building Stage was also a matter of extreme importance.

As time passed, unclear about when it started, Su Yi started radiating blinding light. Waves of Qi rippled through the body and like a fire burning with rage. He gave off an air of majesty, supreme authority.

The light on Su Yi’s body became even more blinding as the moments passed. The sound of vibrations in the body was also slowly replaced by the sounds of explosions, like the sounds of wind and thunder.

It was as if there was something in the body suppressing the violent outburst. It gave off howls after howls.

With Su Yi as the center, the waves of Qi raged. He became even more blinding. It was like a rain of light was pouring out, causing that small space to become lit up.

The commotion was huge. Luckily, that small space was separated from the outside world, and nothing was let out.

Su Yi’s hand seals changed periodically. The aura of his body became more and more violent. It was like the roars of wind and thunder was coming out from his body, so loud that it would horrify others. Even the space itself seemed to tremble under its might!

If there was someone else present there, they would definitely quiver violently with fear. How would stepping into the Foundation Building Stage cause such a horrifying movement?


Under the intimidating aura, the clothes which Su Yi had just changed into ripped apart, showing his scar-riddled body.

An envelope of light encased him, flowing within was an unknown power!


Suddenly, the entire space shook like it had received a signal. A light descended upon Su Yi and encased him even more.

The light moved continuously like the constellations in the sky changing as seasons passed. It brought with it a godly radiating light, emanating waves of movement. It was as if an unknown power had transcended time and space, descending from the times of the Ancients.

Under the envelope of light, inside Su Yi’s body, there was a black fog coming out of him, nearly invisible to the naked eye. It seems to be some sort of impurity.

As the black fog rushed out, his body became even more radiant. The scars on his body were fading away due to the mysterious power. His entire body had light scattering all over him. It was like a purification ritual.

The space became even more glaring and gradually gave out roars of thunder. An unknown power constantly surged towards Su Yi.

Su Yi was still sitting down, not moving a muscle. His entire body was shining. His pores started relaxing and opening, absorbing the unknown power into the body, converting it into strength and giving off a godly light.

The Su Yi now was completely in a special trance. It was like he was isolated from the outside world.

Everything which was happening was very mysterious. If someone saw this occurrence now, they would definitely be stunned. Who in the world would make such a huge commotion when they were just entering the Foundation Building Stage?

One day and night had already passed. The news of Su Yi returning home had already spread through the entire city and instantly became a hot topic.

Mo Bu Fan, He San, Song Wu Qiu, the three of them along with the numerous other young masters of the city were surrounding the main gate of the Su Estate, but when they could not see Su Yi, then all they could do in the end was leave.

But Mo Bu Fan and the others had said, unless Su Yi never walks out the door, they will show him hell.

Inside the Su Estate, there was also no one who wanted to interact with Su Yi.

So, Su Yi leaving the estate quietly was also known by none. Everyone thought that Su Yi was hiding on purpose.

After a whole 2 days and nights, the black impurities finally stopped coming out of Su Yi’s body.

The mysterious power did not stop entering Su Yi’s body. It was like cleaning his physical body from the inside out.


At a certain moment, Su Yi’s body gave out such sounds one after another. It was like a resonance between the internal organs and the outer body. The sounds were like a heavenly orchestra.

Su Yi’s body at this moment gave off glaring light.

The entire process lasted for around half a quarter of an hour. Finally, everything was peaceful. Su Yi’s tightly closed eyes started opening with the slight trembling of his eyelashes.


A blinding light surged out of his eyes like a streak of lightning. Then, it stopped and his eyes looked sharp and deep.

“That’s all? This doesn’t seem all that difficult.”

Feeling everything in his body, Su Yi’s forehead wrinkled. People all said that the Foundation Building Stage was extremely dangerous and risky. Its difficulty was incomparable. But he did not feel that it was anything much. He even prepared so much in vain for such a long time.

Su Yi felt that it was like he built a fake Foundation Building. But after a thorough check, he found out that he had indeed succeeded in entering the Foundation Building Stage.

“No. Something’s not right. This is not only the Foundation Building Stage.”

Suddenly, Su Yi found out something unimaginable. His face full of shock. In his own Dantian, there was actually a whirlpool in his Qi Ocean and it was full of Yuan Qi moving.

“Have I jumped straight into the Yuan Soul Realm?!”

Su Yi was stunned. Qi Refining Period was the beginning of cultivation. Foundation Building Stage was where one had laid the foundations well for the cultivation ahead.

But whether it was the Refining Qi Period or the Foundation Building Stage, all of that was just the entrance. Only when one has reached the Yuan Soul Realm, then he could be considered as a true cultivator.

A Qi Ocean inside the Dantian was the sign of the Yuan Soul Realm.

And at this very moment, there was actually a Qi Ocean in his Dantian. After careful and thorough examination by Su Yi, he was very shocked to find out that he had jumped straight into the Yuan Soul Realm when all he wanted to do was just enter the Foundation Building Stage.

“My luck has exploded.”

After the shock, Su Yi’s face was beaming with happiness.

This was a good thing. His luck must have exploded. Such a good thing can actually happen to him. Then, it looks to him that he has moved a step nearer to the days of marrying beauties and standing at the peak of humanity.

But, although the Foundation Building Stage was completed easily and even went straight into the Yuan Soul Realm, Su Yi was also confused.

Only Su Yi knew what he had experienced when he was entering the Foundation Building Stage. He was just laying down the foundations, but he did not know what happened to this space. A sudden unknown power just descended upon him and rushed into his body like it was purifying and refining his body.

That unknown power was very tyrannical though. If not for the 3 years of training the body causing his Meridians and the physical body to be much stronger than the average cultivator of the same level, he was afraid that there was no way he could have survived that tyrannical purification process and his body would have been ripped to shreds in a moment.

Su Yi guessed that it was the unknown power which allowed him to enter the Yuan Soul Realm as he was laying down the Foundations.

“Seems like it has been strengthened quite a bit!”

Checking his body, Su Yi surprisingly found out that his body now was incomparably stronger than before and he did not know whether it was because of him completing the Foundation Building Stage or was it because of the mysterious power.


Afterward, Su Yi had also discovered that all the scars on his body had actually disappeared as if the body had shed its old skin. It had become so radiant, like a piece of jade.

Su Yi did not know how this happened, but he could guess that it was probably due to this space. At least, on the surface, it seemed to be a good thing.

Well, no matter what, he had succeeded in completing the Foundation Building Stage and has even entered the Yuan Soul Realm.

Su Yi stood up and realized that the once abundant spiritual energy in this space had already faded away quite a bit.

But the space did not shrink in size though. It remained around three feet in radius.

Su Yi did not feel that this was a weird occurrence. He knew that with him completing his Foundation Building Stage and entering the Yuan Soul Realm, he had taken in a lot of spiritual energy in this space. He believed that after a while, the energy in the place should recover.

Afterward, the Su Yi who had decided to leave was embarrassed. Currently, there was not a strand of cloth on his body. His clothes have already been torn to shreds due to the outburst of energy.

Helplessly, Su Yi could only piece the cloths together and make a simple pant, similar to clothes which a barbarian would wear. Then he kept the mysterious space.

Outside the cave, the sky was already bright.

The mountain stream was calm. The pale blue water flowing from the top gradually turned crystal clear and became one with the horizon Then turning into a fluffy soft fog.

The mountaintop was green with vegetation. Above a brown cliff, Su Yi did a stretch.

“The Heavens surely do not disappoint those who persevere. Finally, I have become a true cultivator. Torturing myself in the Forest of Demons for three years was not for nothing.”

There was a wide smile on his face. Su Yi jumped off the cliff. He felt that his body was as light as a swallow. There seemed to be endless strength in his body.

This feeling was incomparable with that during the Qi Refining Period.

The Su Estate. Though it was early in the morning, it was unusually lively.

Today was not like any other day as the strong cultivators came from the Sacred Mountain. A few would be chosen from the younger generation disciples of the Su Family to go and participate in the Sacred Mountain’s disciple selection.

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